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Full text of "Crosby records. Blundell's diary, comprising selections from the diary of Nicholas Blundell, esq., from 1702 to 1728"

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Cornell University Library 
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Crosby records. 

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Crosby IRecorbs 




FROM 1702 TO 1728. 



Author of '^Lydiate Hall and its Associations," "A Cavalier's Note Book,' 
&c., &c. 


Gilbert G. Walmsley, 50, Lord Street. 



""PHE late Archbishop Whately is credited with the saying, 
that if he had to write a daily record of his life, he 
would soon wish his Hfe at an end. Many a person 
begins a Diary, but few persevere with it for any length of 
time. The fidelity of Mr. Nicholas Blundell* to this self- 
imposed task is very remarkable. His Diary extends over 
a quarter of a century and no single day has been left 
unnoticed. It is very legibly written, entirely by his own 
hand, and is contained in three long narrow Volumes number- 
ing altogether nearly nine hundred pages. The spelling is 
eccentric but no attempt has been made to correct even 
very obvious blunders. In so lengthy a record, there is, as 
may be imagined, much that would be of no interest to the 
general reader. On the other hand, many entries are of 
value, more especially in the absence of other local records 
of which that particular period is singularly barren. 

The Diarist had neither the ability nor the learning of 
his grandfather, the "CavaHer," but he filled very worthily 
his position as a resident landlord. A lover of country life, 

*For a full account of the ancient family of Blundell of Crosby, see the 
Introduction to "A Cavalier's Note Book." Also, ^'■Crosby Records" Chetham 
Society No. 12 new series. 

his interests were centred in the pursuits and pleasures of 
his neighbours and tenants. It is manifest that much more 
social enjoyment was got out of life in those days than is 
the case at present. Railways and the spread of education, 
have made a striking change in the condition of the rural 
population — a change not altogether to its advantage. 
Material comforts have been brought within its reach, but 
the close bond of companionship which formerly held society 
together has been rent asunder. Certainly the numerous 
festivities and amusements which he records as shared by 
friends and neighbours have totally disappeared. 

In religion, Mr. Blundell adhered to the faith of his 
Ancestors. For this privilege he paid double taxes and felt 
in various ways the pressure of the severe penal laws then 
in force. Still, the great heat of persecution which some 
of his race endured* had, in his time, sensibly abated. 
Happily, he was not drawn into the rebellion of 1715, which 
wrecked the fortunes of so many of his co-religionists but 
his house was frequently visited and searched at that eventful 
period. On one occasion, he says "I set in a streat place 
for a fat man" which shows that he must have had recourse 
to the family hiding-place, contrived, no doubt, on a scale 

"-"Richard Blundell, of Crosby, died in Lancaster Castle, 1591-2, a prisoner 
for the faith, having been committed there for harbouring a priest. William 
Blundell, his son, suifered many imprisonments and much loss of goods. Two- 
thirds of his lands were seized upon for recusancy and given to Court favourites, 
two of the number being Queen Elizabeth's cooks. He was fined ;f2ooo for 
making a burial ground for his Catholic tenants and neighbours, who were denied 
burial at Sefton Church. His wife, though in a delicate state of health, was 
dragged to prison by the Bishop of Chester when her husband could not be 
found. She suckled her infant in Chester Castle and was only set free after a 
long imprisonment, through the friendly remonstrance of two powerful Protestant 

more befitting the dimensions of a lean curate. As soon as 
he could get away, he withdrew to the Continent till the 
trouble blew over. 

Such a record as the one before us comes Hke a revelation 
from the tomb. It brings to light events hitherto shrouded 
in oblivion. It repeoples the land with its old inhabitants 
and introduces us to their homes, their occupations, their 
amusements and social life. We follow them in their daily 
path until the final summons, when the squire's Coach- 
carriage which was at the service of rich and poor alike, 
conveys them to their last resting-place. 

Mr. Blundell's Diary covers the period when the Commerce 
of Liverpool was beginning to expand and its borders to 
need enlargement. He witnessed the opening of the first 
dock, and in his frequent neighbourly visits meets those who 
were then in a modest way laying the foundation of its future 
greatness. The Houghtons, Tyrers, Claytons, Clevelands, 
Johnsons, Pooles, Earles, Gildarts, Williamsons, and many 
others — names long associated with its fortunes — occasionally 
cross his path. 

The last few pages of the Diary show indications of a 
failure of eyesight and this growing infirmity no doubt, 
led Mr. Blundell to abandon his task nine years previous 
to his death, which occurred on the 2ist April, 1737, at 
the age of 68*. 

*There are two inscriptions to the Diarist in the Blundell Chapel, Sefton 
Church. In one, he is said to have died "on aist April, 1736, aged 66;" in 
the other "on 21st April, 1737, aged 68." His daughter Mary Coppinger is 
also twice commemorated and, in one place, her age is incorrectly given. The 
uncertainty of monumental inscriptions has been frequently remarked upon. 


For whatever pleasure or information he may derive from 
a perusal of these pages, the reader is indebted to Colonel 
Nicholas Blundell, of Crosby Hall, who has kindly permitted 
the publication of these transcripts of the Diary of his 



The above introduction was written by the Rev. T. E. 
Gibson, shortly before his death, which occurred on January 
26, i8gi. Some time afterwards, I was asked to see the 
Diary through the Press, and I have done so. Colonel 
Blundell died on July 12, 1894, and was thus deprived of 
the pleasure of seeing in print a diary in which he was 
much interested. 


Liverpool, August, 1:895. 

Facsimile Extract from Diary. 

AvvuA IKniSf an Sfox^y oA-f-er '^n-n >„ u^ 

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Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

1702 — 1728. 


My Father went after diner to wate of my Lord Molineux juiy 27th. 
at y* New Stand, where he was sodanly taken so very ill, that 
he sent for me to wate of him home and bring y' Coach for 

I sent for Dr. Farington to come to my Father, but he juiyjsth. 
was not to be found. 

I went to Wigan and brought Doctor Frances Worthing- juiyjgth. 
ton along with me to Crosby. 

Coll : Edm : Butler came to Crosby from Durham in his Aug. ist. 
Way to Ireland, he sent to Wigan for Doctor Tho: Wor: who 
came late that night. I sent Tho : Howard to Whit-Church 
for Doctor Bostock but he came not. 

Valentine Partington, M.D., a younger brother of Wm. Farrington, 
of Worden, Esq., resided at Preston. Dr. Thos. Worthington is 
mentioned in A Cavalier's Note Book, p. 247. He died November 
27, 1702. He was still practising at Wigan in conjunction with 
his son Francis. Dr. Bostock of Whitchurch had a considerable 
local reputation. 

Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 


Aug. sad. I sent to Dungen-hall to acquaint Coz : John Gelibrond 

of my Fathers danger. About half an Hour after Tenn in 
y^ morning being Sunday, many People in the Roome hearing 
Mass, and Mass just almost finished. My Dearest Father 
departed this life being much lamented by all; as his Life 
was virtuous and edifying so was his Death. Sweet Jesus 
Receive his Sole. 

Aug. 5th. My Father Wm. Blu : Esq. was layed in his Mothers 

Grave at Sephton it being her Weding Day. Wm. Arnold 
who had been a Faithfull good Servant and brought up from 
a Child at this hous departed this Life, he was Groome 
Coachman and Butcher. 

Aug. nth. M" Blundell of Ince came to see my Mother, so did 
Mrs. Walmesley of Moss-halk and her Son. 

Aug. 13th. Coz : Rich : Butler went towards Mr. Fleetwoods of y^ 

Aug. 15th. I went to Leverp : with Coz : Edm : Butler, we hailed 
y" Mary with a Hand-Karchaf but she answered not, he 
went on Bord y^ Harington for Dublin. 

Aug. i8th. Mr. MuUins came in y^ Morning to pray and stayed till 
next day, Mr. Tasburgh and Little Man came hither in 
y* Afternoone. 

Mr. Mullins was priest at Mossock Hall, in Bickerstaife, a 
secluded spot a few hundred yards behind St. Mary's Chapel, 
Aughton. It had fallen to the Walmsley's by the marriage of the 
heiress, Elizabeth Mossock, with Thomas, third son of Richd. 
Walmsley, of Showley, Esq. The estate has since been sold by 
that family, and the old Hall having disappeared, a farm-house 
now occupies the site. 

The Rev. Henry Tasburgh, S.J., lived at the New House, at 
Ince Blundell, built shortly before with the view of its being used 
as a school. It was never so used, but became the home of aged 
and infirm priests of the Society. It was given up after the death 
of Rev. W. Clifton, S.J., 1749. 

of Crosby. 3 


By "Little Man" is meant his cousin, Rev. Wm. Gelibrond or 
Gillibrand, S.J., who was throughout his life a confidential friend 
and adviser. He was then doing duty as Chaplain at Crosby, but 
soon after went to Liverpool, and seems to have been the first 
priest settled there since the Reformation. He was of the family 
of Gillibrands, of Chorley, and died April i, 1722, aged 60. 

I delt Almes at 3d. p. Person myself to y® Poore of Aug. 24ih. 
this Parish. 

I sold my Fathers pad to Mr. Tasb : for ;^io. Aug, 23*. 

I writ to Coz : Standley at Preston to get my Brother Aug. jsth. 
Rich : made a Freeman at y^ Gild. 

Held every 10 years. 

I hired Hen : Bilsbury for my Groome, am to give him sept. ist. 
50^- p. annum and one Livery Sute. 

Cap: Rob: Faz : had been at y^ Gild and came hither sept.6Ui. 

I went to Leverp: to y" Buriall of Mr. Hewston. sept.8th. 

" 1695, Oct. 18. — Levinus Heustoun Gentleman is elected 
Towns Baylive for the Year Ensueing." — City Records, iv., 706. 

Wat Thelwall sayes he found Caterer of Formby on sept.i2th. 
y" Sands and carryed him to Bank-hall. 

Coz: Scarisbrick y^ Widow came to lodg here, her sept.i7ih. 
Coach was brocken here by y" Horses running away when 
y^ Coachman had left them. 

I sold Codlings at 6^' p. cent and other Apples at 2^- sept.zsnd. 
p. Buss. 

I came to Prescot where I bought Fine Muggs of Mr. sept.34tb. 
Cubben, thence I came to Leverpoole where I discoursed 
Mr. Houghton Merchant and so came home. 

Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 


Sept. 30th. I went to Mosburgh to wish Coz: Molineux Joy and 
to welcom her into y^ Country. I met S' James Poole &c 
as they were going to y^ Wood. 

William Molineux of Mosborough Hall, near St. Helens, born 
September 4, 1669, had just married Anne, daughter of Sir James 
Poole, of Poole, Co. Chester. He was buried at Melling, 24th 
January, 1727-8, but his wife survived till 1751. Their son William 
married Frances, daughter of James Gorsuch, of Gorsuch, Esq., 
and died March 11, 1744, leaving an only daughter and heiress, 
Frances, wife of Sir Edward Blount, of Sodington, Co. Worcester, 
Bart. The estate was afterwards purchased by the Earl of Derby. 
A modern house occupies the site of the ancient Hall, but the 
moat may still be traced. 

The Wood, in Melling, was then the property of this branch of 
the Molyneux family. They had left it for Mosborough, but a priest 
was kept there. Rev. Simon Bordley was the last Chaplain, and 
went to Moor Hall, August 28, 1746. The estate was sold about 
1785. Thornton was originally the family seat, and the removal 
to Melling took place tempore Edward 3rd. 

oct.i2th. Goos-Feast Munday. 

A Club still flourishing at Great Crosby. 

Oct. 15th. I peesed again with John Lunt till Christmas upon my 

Mothers Request. 

A servant-man whom he had discharged. 

Oct. 17th. I was at y^ Buriall of Doctor Tarltons Wife. 

Oct. 23th. Mr. Christopher Anderton dined here. I swaped with 

him for a Bay Hors I call Swap, and gave him Bay 
Butler and my watch &c in exchange. 

Nov. 3rd. Mr. Jamson Kept a Court for me at Margery Howerds. 

Nov. 5th. I sent Henry Bilsb : to Croxtath for a Pot of Venyson. 

Nov. 7th. I went after dinner to Leve : with Pat: Gelib: I found 

Coz : Harington at y*^ Woolpack, I heard Lord Darby dyed 
sodenly at Chester. 

of Crosby. 5 

I sent eight Beasts to Leverp: Fair and sold one for Nov.ioth. 

:^3 • 5 • o. 

I went to Ormskirk and discoursed Mr. Howet concerning Nov. 12th. 
Mr. Risley his Hunter. 

Mr. Rich: Molineux of y" Grang and I set a Meer-Stone Nov.ism. 
to be y" bondery between his Cunny Warand and mine, 
it was set about half-way between a great Sandhill and 
Blansherds lain end upon a Hill called Tenn-penny Hill and 
linable with y" two Meer-Stons at each end of Blansherds 
Lain, in presence of Pat: GeUbrond and Walter Thelwall 
and my two Waranders Thorn : Kerfoot and Wm. Wignold. 
S"^ James Pool and his son James came to lodg here, I 
sent my Grewhound Hector to be kept at Lidiat by Mr. 

The Grange, a well-known farm near the Altcar Shooting Ranges, 
was long the residence of a branch of the Molyneux family. It 
had been originally given by the Blundells of Ince to the monks 
of Stanlawe (afterwards Whalley), and was purchased at the dis- 
solution by an ancestor of Lord Sefton. A priest resided here 
during the last century and in the early part of the present. Mass 
was occasionally said in the house. Rev. Joseph Draper, S.J., was 
priest at Lydiate Hall, and his tombstone may be seen in the 
ruined Chapel of St. Katharine. 

Coz : James Poole went in y" Morning to y^ New Nov. 30th. 
Stand to meet Mr. Molineux of Croxtath a Shooting, S' 
James Poole and I went to y'= Stand towards Noone. Mr. 
Molineux treated us there with Wine and Aile. 

I went after Dinner to Leverp: I saw Mrs. Bootle and Nov. 23rd. 
her Doughter Lidiat at Mr. Houghtons. I condoled with 
them y Death of Mr. Ja: Lidiat, 

Mr, Jamson Kept a Court for me at Margery Howerds Nov. 24th. 
w"*" was Aiourned to this day. The Joyner and Painter 
came hither to Look at my Brothers clock Kace. Collo : 

6 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

Butler came hither from Ireland after his great Escape 
at Sea. Eliz : Sumner Dary-Maid left my Service and 
was suckseeded by Mary Formby. 

Nov.jgth. I went after diner with Collo : Butler to Croxtath and 

suped there, we found Mr. Perce Moston and his Family 

Dec. 4th. I sent Rich : Ainsworth to Leverp : with a Load of 

Barly to be Malted it was toled by order of y^ Maior. 

Dec. 7th. I went after diner to Leverp : Walt : Thelwall discoursed 

y^ Maior concerning y^ Toling of my Barly. Coming home 
I met Mr. Peeters on y'= Sands he told me that y" Great 
Crosby Men refused to Appear or Answer to y'= Court 
called then by him. 

Decioth. I payed Mrs. Pluckington for Frute Trees. 

Mr. Ralph Peters was Town Clerk to the Corporation of Liver- 
pool, 20 August, 1707-1742. From the City Records we find rated 

Mr. \Vm. Pluckington, house, bowling green, and 2 

fields in the Comon 3s. 46. 

VVm. PI: more a acres 24 Perch 2S. id. 

„ more 6 acres and L. of Comon 6s. 6d. 

Dec. igih. I went to Dungen-Hall by Chorley where I found Coz : 

Jo : Gelibrond at his own house. 

Dec. 2ist. His son and I went by Mr. Ashtons of Curedale to 

Lower Hall we dined there.' 

Dec. 22nd. Coz : John Gelibrond and I went to Town-ley to 

welcom young Mr. Townley home at his return from Gant. 

Dec. 23rd. There was Very Much Snow. Mr. Lovell came from 
Stony-Hurst, he a Carrier and two Horses were lost for 
some time on y" Moore. 

of Crosby. 7 

Rev. George Lovell, S.J., was Chaplain at Dunkeahalgh [Dun- ' 
gen-hall] , where Mr. John Gelibrond then resided. He was skilful 
in mathematics, but losing his memory became a child before his 
death. He retired to New House, and dying there December 12, 
1720, was buried at the Harkirke December 14. 

I went with Pat : Gelib : in y^ after Noone to Mr. Dec 30th. 
Wairings. I ordered Walt: Thelw: to see Running Horses 
entered at He : Heskeths, Lord Molineux sent for me home 
from Mr. Wairings, he and his Son entered each of them 
a Running hors before me at my own hous by telling me 

their Names and describing them. 

Coz: Tho: Gelibrond and I went to great Crosby with jan^rd 
an Intension to see Mr. Wairing, but we were sent for 
home to wate of Mr. Ralph Tildesley, Mr. Edmund 
Traflford &c. Coze: John Culcheth came to lodg here. 

I was at Great Crosby Race where Mr. Massys Gelding jan.4th. 
Limber hamm wone a Plate from Pedler, &c. 

Pedler belonged to Sir James Poole, Bart. Wm. Massey, of 
Puddington, Co. Chester, the owner of Limberhamm, died 1716, 
and left his estates to his Godson, Thomas Stanley, who died 1740, 
having taken the name of Massey. He bequeathed his property to 
his elder brother John, who, succeeding to the baronetcy 1792, 
retook the name of Stanley, and died 1794. From him Puddington 
descended to Sir John Stanley Massey Errington, who died 1893, 
and was the last male representative of the Stanleys of Hooton, 
and chief of the great house of Stanley. 

I met Mr. Blund : acoursing, and saw two Hairs Runn Jan. 15th. 
that were found set, he went to Andertons, and Pat : 
Gelib: and I went home to writ a Letter to Mr. Philmot 
'twas not well taken by Bl: Mr. Cataway a Missioner for 
Mary-Land and Mr. Draper came to lodg here. 

I went to Dine at Mosholk with Coz: Tho: Gelib: jan.i8th. 
I Dined at y^ Grang w"" Lord Molineux &c-. S' Will: jan.aoth. 
Gerard (fee. 

8 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

jan.ajnd. Mr. Gowcr Pitched y^ Crow and threw y^ Hammer 

at James Farers. 

jan.a4th. I Writ to my Brother Richard into Virginia. 

His brother, Richard Blundell, had gone out to Virginia to 
establish himself as a merchant. He had business connections 
with Mr. Houghton, a very prominent Liverpool merchant, whose 
factor he was to be. He married a widow and died shortly after, 
leaving a posthumous son, who did not long survive. 

Jan. 26th. I sent my Brothers Goods to Mr. Houghton at Leverp: 

in order to have them Shiped on Bord y^ Loyalty for 

Jan. 27th. Pat: Rich: Lathom had his weding Dinner at this 


Rev. Richard Lathom, alias Kirkham, S.J., was made a Spiritual 
Coadjutor February 2, 1703, which would be the occasion of his 
Wedding Dinner. He was about to sail for the Maryland Mission, 
then in the hands of the Jesuits. He died on the return voyage 
in 1708, aged 37. — See Foley's Collectanea, part L 

Jan. 29th. I went to Leverp : with Pat : Rich : Lathom and helped 

him to buy goods, we discoursed Mr. Sharpies at Swarb : 

Feb. 3rd. Mr. Smith, Mr. Ric: Lathom and I went to Carr-Hall 

we eat Eggs and Collops &c. 

This would be Shrove or Collop Monday. Mr. Smith was the 
Jesuit Chaplain at Scarisbrick Hall. 

Feb. nth. Mr. Worthington Jun"^ of Blanscow desired to see me 
at my Mill, he would not come to Crosby Hall, he dis- 
coursed me concerning sending Joseph Wadsworth to Sea. 

Feb. t2th. I went to Leverp : to assist Mr. Worthington in Bind- 
ing Jos : Wads : to Sea. I discoursed Mr. Houghton, Mr. 
Sharpies &c., about it. 

of Crosby. g 

I discoursed Mr. Blackbourn at Moor Hall concerning Feb. 14* 

Betty Blund: 

The Rev. John Blackburne was a secular priest, then serving 
Moor Hall, the residence of Mr. Wolfall. He died 1728, aged 74, 
and is buried in the ruined Chapel of St. Katharine at Lydiate, 
where the stone may still be seen, but the name has disappeared. 

I went with Pat: Gelib : to Croxtath to wish my Lord Feb. 20th. 
a good Journey to London, thence I went to Low-hill 
where Mr. Harington, Mr. Hind &c. were come to meet 
my Lord, they had a Feast of Sturgeon ; we drank 
Fountineack &c. 

Mr. Liborn fetched a Boat from hence w""" I had taken Feb. 23rd. 
up as a Wreck it was by Orders of my Lord Molin: but 
not delivered to him by me or my Steward Walt: Thelw: 

This and other entries shew that Lord Molyneux was very 
tenacious of his right of wreck, ceded to his father by the Crown 
in a previous reign. Mr. Blundell, of Ince, had in 1683 procured 
from Caryll Viscount Molyneux a grant of title to wreck at 
Formby, Ainsdale, and Birkdale, for the yearly consideration 
of I2d. 

I sealed a Bond of £^0 to Coz: Wm. Houghton of Feb. 26th. 

William Houghton of Park Hall married Elizabeth, daughter 
and heiress of Robert Dalton of Thurnham, in 1683. His son John 
assumed in 1710 the name of Dalton, and joined the rebels in 
1715. His estates were forfeited, but purchased for himself by 
friends at a cost of ^^7,298 is. 6^d. He himself was with Sir 
Francis Anderton and others taken to London, tried, convicted, 
and pardoned. 

I went to Leverp : shewed two Horses to the Post to Mar. 5th. 
sell him one of them. I Payed 7' to Ri: Woods for 
making a Duble brested coat. 

I went to Chorley and discoursed James Nicolson con- Mar.sth. 
cerning a Mourning Saddle and boulters. 

lo Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

1703. ~ " ~ 

Mar. 15th. I gave 2°' t^- to Brother Christopher towards y* Repaire 

of y' Cover over Holly-well, He came hither to begg for 

y^ Repare of it. Dr. Lathom came hither to shew y" 

Petission w''"' was presented to y^ Queen by Mr. Bannerd 

Howerd in behalf of y^ said Dr. Lathom, Mr. Haggerston 


St. Winifred's Well was then, as now, under the care of the 
Jesuit Fathers. Dr. Lathom had practised Surgery in Liverpool, 
and his wife Judith had kept a School, but the penal laws being 
against them as Catholics, they were persecuted by the Town 
Officials. In 1686 a Royal naandate was issued in their favor, 
which may be seen in Picton's Memorials, vol. i, p. 132. It does not 
appear what was the nature of the present petition. Dr. Lathom 
retired to Aintree, and his death is noticed later. 

Mar.sist. The Churchwardcn Henry Williamson Acquainted me 
that Parson Richmond wished that he had pulled down 
more of the Parsonidg of Sephton. 

Mar.amd. I opened a Barrell of Apples w'''' had layn in very dry 
Sea-Sand since they were gathered, they were very firm 
and sound, tho many had a little Speck of faided, and a 
very few were Rotten. 

Mar.sBth. I wrlt to Lord Langdale, inclosed it to Coz: Eyre y^ 

Lawyer and sent it to the Post by Pat : Gelib : 

April 6th. Aunt Frances had Account from Mrs. Bloore by orders 

of Lady Webb that I might wate of Mrs. Fr : Langdall 
as soone as I pleased. 

April 7th. Pat: Gelib: went to Lev: to buy Cloth for a Black 


April 8th. Tho: Howerd brought me Mr. Wingats Pistolls w'''' he 

had borrowed of him for my Journey to Hathrop, they are 
Rather too Larg and so extraordinary fine I will not take 
them along with me. 

of Crosby. ii 

Mr. Edw: Molineux came to wish me a good Journey to April mii. 

Hathrop. I sent Ri: Jump to Burdikin at Wigan for my 

Black Coat, but not being made he brought y" Cloth back. 

I went to Leverp: to have a Black Coat made by Edw: April .^th. 
Porter for my Journey to Hath : 

I began my Journey towards Hathrop, dined at Waring- Apriusth. 
ton, and lodged at Hoomes Chapell. 

I went from Hoomes Chapell dined at Stone and Lodged Apni 14th. 
at Aldridg. 

I went from Aldridg bated at Birmidgham and Witch Apriiisth. 
and Lodged at Wooster. 

I went from Woster dined at Winshcomb and lodged Apruisth. 
at North Leech. 

I came from North Leech to Hathrop found y"" Family April 17th. 
all there, and also my Lord Langdale. 

Heythrop Park, near Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, then the 
residence of Sir John Webb, belonged to the Earl of Shrewsbury, 
who in 1695 had entertained there King William the Third. 
Charles, 15th Earl, buih a Catholic Church, completed in 1826, 
but the estate having fallen into Protestant hands, it was closed 
after the death, on February 8, 1858, of the first and only priest. 
Rev. Patrick Hefferman. It has since been pulled down by the 
present owner, Albert Brassey, Esq., and the materials used in the 
construction of a Protestant Church. The altar was purchased 
from the builder by Rev. S. Sole of Chipping Norton, who in 1882 
transferred to that Church the bodies of Charles, Earl of Shrews- 
bury, and of the above priest, previously interred at Heythrop. 

I went in y* Coach with Lord Langdale and S' John April .sth. 
Webb to wate of CoUo : Ireton but he was not at home. 

I discoursed Lord Langdale in his Chamber and Lady April igth. 
Webb in y" Dining Roome. I made my first adress to 
Mrs. Fr: Langdale. 

12 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

Apriuoth. Coll Ireton came to Hathrop in y® afternoone. 

Lady Webb discoursed me in y^ Garden, I discoursed 
April aist. Mrs. Langdale in y^ Kitchen Garden. 

April 22nd. Lady Dowager Webb Read y® Heds of Agreement of 
Marriage to be between Mrs. Fr: Langdale and me N. Bl: 
in Presence of Lord Langdale and S" John Webb. 

April J3rd. Mr. Tryndcr y^ Lawyer came to Hathrop for Instruc- 
sions to draw Artickleys of Marriage. 

April 28th. I presented my Dimond Ring to Mrs. Fr : Langdale. 

April 29th. S' John Waters and his Lady, Mr. Sheldon of Weston 
and his Son &c dined at Hathrop. 

May 4th. I sent George Howerd, S' John Cursons Servant to 

Oxford to take a place in y^ Coach for me to London. 

May 5th. I wHt at Watcr-Pcrry to Mrs. Fr: Langd: and sent it 

by Oxford Post. 

Sir John Curzon, of Waterperry, Co. Oxon, registered his estate 
in 1718 as a non-juror for £203 los. 2d, He died 1727, and his 
son Francis died without issue 1750, when the title became extinct. 

May 7th. I dlncd w*^ Coz: Henry Eyre, Mr. Lewson &c in Fullers 

Rant. I saw the Silent Woman acted. 

Maystb. I met Mr. Rich: Norris in y^ Mall. 

May 9th. I made my first visit to Mrs. Norris my Cozen, she is 

I think Sister to Coz H. Eyre. 

May nth. I Walked to Westminster and saw y" Tombs. Went 

at Night to Wills Coflfy-Hous where I heard Mr. Lawson 
talk of Calculating Nativitys. 

Mayi2th. I dined at y'= Blew posts in Deverax Court. 

of Crosby. 13 

I came from London towards Water-Perry with a dis- May 13th. 

puting Parson. 

I came to Hathrop from Water-perry with Pat: Gelib: May 15th. 

I walked with Mrs. Fr: Langdale to Fairford. Morris Mayi7ih. 
dansers came to Hathrop. 

I rid out with Lord Gerard and S' John Webb. I saw Mayisth. 
Sink Foyle grow. I saw three of Lord Whartons Horses, 
I suppose they were Runners. 

I went in y* Coach with Lord Gerard and S"" John May 19th. 
Webb to see Mr. Green-wood at Bryes-Norton. 

The Lords and Ladys of May came to dance at Hath- Mayjoth. 
rop. I presented my Guilt Coffy Spoones. 

We dansed after y" Taber and Pipe. May 28th. 

I writ to Biss: GifFord by Request of F.L. May 29*. 

Right Reverend Bonaventure Giffard, of the family of Giffard of 
Chillington, was Bishop of Madaura, and became V.A. of the Lon- 
don District, March 14, 1703. He died March 12, 1733-4, aged 92. 

I went a second time to London, lodged at Oxford with May 31st. 
Mr. Trinder. I wated of Doctor Bayly President of 

I payed Mr. Person for a Weding Ring, junesrd. 

I rid out of my own Horses with Coz : Jo : Eyre behind june4th. 
Hampton to see Mrs. Hubbard, she was Doughter to Cap : 

I viseted Biss : Gifford. jonegth. 

I dined with Lady Curson, tryed on my Weding Sute jonenth. 
there and in other Places. 

14 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

1703. " 

June 15th. Lord Langdale Lady Webb S' Jo: Webb &c heard y'= 

Marriage Deeds read, all we at Hathrop concerned therein 

subscribed them before Four Witnesses. 

juneisth. Lady Dowager Webb acquainted me y^ Marriage was to 
be y® day following. 

June 17th. I was Married to Lord Langdales Doughter by Mr. 
Sloughter a Clergy-man. 

junezist. I went with S" John Webb to Parson Burcher's and 

gave him half a Guiny as Marriage Dues. 

June 25th. My Charriot came to Hathrop to carry my Wife home 
to Crosby. 

June 28th. I began my Journey from Hathrop towards Crosby with 
my Wife, we lodged at Oster. 

July and. I Came from Colebrook bated at Warington, was met 

by Dr. Lathom and treated by him in y° Road. I brought 
my Wife home to Crosby. 

July 8th. S' Wm. Gerard Merchant Houghton and Dr. Tarlton 

dined here. 

July 9th. Mr. Peter Mourton came to wish me Joy. 

July 20th. Coz: Eyre of Hasop and his Son and my Uncle 

Laurence Eyre came to Lodg here. 

July 27th. I wated of my Lord Darby at Lathom I found his 

Brother and Mr. Scaresbrick there, we played at Bowles. 

July 29th. I went to Whitlidg green to see the Match bowled 

between Mr. Molineux of Croxtath, Mr. Jo: Gerard and 
Mr. Massy Mr. Hugh Diconson, I joyned for a bottle 
with Mr. Bold and Mr. Atherton. I lodged at Mosburgh. 

of Crosby. 15 

I went with Coz: James Poole to hunt with Lord Aug. 4th. 

Molin : in y= New Park we killed a Buck. 

I went with my Wife to meet Coz : Scaresb : Mrs. Aug. 5*. 
Hesketh of RufFord &c at Lathom Spaw, we dansed with 
Young Mr. Hesket of Oughton Mrs. Entwistley, Mrs. Ann 
Bold &c. 

Lathom Spaw, which was destroyed by the sinking of coal shafts 
early in the present century, was situate opposite the entrance of 
what is now called Spaw Farm in Lathom. This the Editor 
ventures to say on the authority of one of the Wilbraham family. 
It was in good repute during the last two centuries, but the accom- 
modation seems always to have been deficient. Dr. Borlase of 
Chester wrote two treatises in its praise, "which are now scarce 
books. He sent copies of both to Mr. Blundell the " Cavalier," who 
in acknowledging the later one, published 1672, remarks — " To 
these waters next under God I do certainly owe my life. 'Tis now 
above four or five weeks since I gave them another visit by reason 
of our old acquaintance. I was pretty well when I went; I drank 
them eleven or twelve days and returned perfectly well home. Yet 
I find them somewhat costly, for my stomach is so good that I eat 
all before me." 

I went with my Wife &c towards Holy- well we dined Aug. 7th. 
at Leverp: and Lodged at Chester. 

I went to Preston, y* Staff Quarrell with Mr. J. Ander- Aug.i6th. 
ton &c : from Preston I went by Curdeley to Lodg at Showley. 

I carted over y^ Ford with Mrs. Walmes: &c we went Aug..8th. 
to Rib-Chester. 

I came from Showley by Mrs. Blackburns of y' Hill Aug. .9th. 
to Lankaster. 

I heard y* Tryall between John Heys Atturney at Ormsk: Aug.«st. 
and Mr. Ashton. 

Coz : Culcheth and his Mother &c dined here. Two of Aug. a4th. 
S' Rowland Standleys Doughters came. 

1 6 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

sept.xst. I went with my Wife to Garswood dined there and 

thence went to Burchley, we found not y^ Laydis at home. 

Sept. 4th. I dined at Croxtath found there S" Roger Bradshaw 

and his Brother, Mr. Standlay of Preston, &c. 

Sept. 7th. I went by Croxtath and Ditton to Dutton-Lodg where 

I lodged. 

Button Lodge, the seat of Charles, 6th Baron Gerard, of 
Bromley. He was son of Richard Gerard, Esq., of Wilderstone, 
Co. Stafford, who came up to London to give evidence at the time 
of the Titus Gates plot, but being himself accused was committed 
to Newgate and died in a few days of gaol fever. The last and 
7th Baron Gerard was Rev. Philip Gerard, S.J., who succeeded his 
brother Charles in 1707, and died March 4, 1733, aged 68. Sir 
Harris Nicolas makes no reference to these two Lords in his 
Synopsis of the British Peerage. 

Sept. 8th. Lord Gerard I &c went to y" Bowling Green we found 

Fox hunters there viz S' George Warberton Mr. Ashton &c. 

Sept. loth. Lord Gerard, Pat : Gelib : and I went to see y' great 
Tree in y* Park. There was a Whit Buck Killed in Button Park. 

sept.i8th. Mr. Wairing came hither and made his Complaint to 
me that he might not keep Pigeons. 

Sept. 2ist. I went to Ormsk : with Coz : Scaresb : where he met 
Mr. Sudall, Mr. Jamson, Mr. Thornton &c at y" Wheat 
Sheaf and I think Mr. Scaresb : swore to y® Bill and Answer 
relating to y* Parsonage of Oughton. 

sept.a3rd. Mr. Houghton and Mr. Ashurst dined at Scaresb: we 
had Musick at Night. 

Oct. isth. I went to Ormsk : Race, five horses run and Mr. Edm : 

Traffords woone. 

of Crosby. ly 

I came in y* Coach with my Wife from Ormsk : betimes oct. lea. 

in y° Morning, we got home before seaven of y' Clock. 

I went in y° Coach with my Wife Mother &c to Wm: oct.isth. 
Thelw: and Mr. Wairings it being y° Goosfeast. 

Mr. Alban Butler came to me with a Letter from Lord oot.aoth. 

I went to Leverp: discoursed y" Gunner of y* Elizab: oct.23rd. 
Viseted Mr. Pool's Wife of Leve: 

I went to Leverp: with Coz: Th: Geli: I bought Solvers Nov. 5th. 
of Mr. Sheelds. 

I met my Lord Molin: at y" Breck a Hunting. Nov.eth. 

I met Lord Molin: a Hunting we found no Hair, we Nov.sth. 
dined at y^ Sun at Low-hill, a larg Shot, ill drunk. 

I met Lord Molin : &c Mr. Trafford and Mr. Blund : a Nov. 15th. 
Hunting at Low hill. 

I sent Wal : Thelw : to More hall to enquire after Lord Nov. 17th. 

I met Lord MoHn: &c a hunting at y* Breck we run Nov. 22nd. 
a Hair to Litherland. 

Lord Biss: Smith of CaUipoHs in Asia and Mr. Martin, Nov. 26th. 
came to Lodg here. 

Right Rev. James Smith, Bishop of Callipolis, V.A. of Northern 
District May 13, 1688. Died May 13, 1711, aged 66. He confirmed 
no at Crosby. 

Lord Biss : went to ye Grang dined there, and confermed Nov. 30th. 
above 100 as tis believed. My Wife walked towards y' 
Grange in disgise. 

1 8 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

1703. ~~ 

Dec. ist. The case heard by Lord Biss : between Mr. Edw : 

MoHneux, Rich : Tickley &c. 

Dec. 2nd. I wated of y* Biss: part of y" way towards Aigburth. 

Mr. Skarboroug from Townley came to lodg here. 

Dec. loth. I received y* Glasses from Chester for y® Great Charriot. 

Dec. nth. I met Lord Mohn : and his Son a hunting at Litherland. 

Dec.i2th. I hunted for Sope and fond a great dele. 

Deo. 14th. I dined at Aigburth, Mr. Harington and his Son were 
gon a Hunting. I Found Mr. Rigmaden, Simpkins, Tho : 
Howerd &c in y^ North-Chamber Carding and Drinking. 

Dec. 15th. A Bedlumber was here and had nothing I think, he 
was rude. 

Dec. 19th. My Wife and I heard Mr. Edw: Molineux hold forth 
at Marg: Howerds. 

Dec. 28th. I went to Ince after dinner to solemnise Mr. Blund: 
Birth-day he being now 40 years of Age. Mr. Ralf, 
Thomas, and John Tildesley were there. 

Dec. 29th, I went with my Wife and Aunt to dine at Moor-Hall, 

we found there Mrs. Hesketh of Rufford, Mrs. Scaresb : 
Mr. Ireland &c. 

Dec. 30th. We came with Mrs. Scaresb: Mrs. Harington, &c to 

Ormsk: to see Mrs. Bold, and so home. 


Jan. 4th. I went to see Parson Richmond, found with him Mr. 

Marsden, Mr. Danvers and Mr. Poole of Leverp: I think 
Parson Rich : had nuly been cut for y° Stone. 

Jan. 9th. I skated on Land-Lake. 

of Crosby. 19 

I walked to Leverp : and dined with Capt° Edw : jan. nth. 


Captain Edward Tarleton had been commander of the Dublin 
man of war, and was Mayor of Liverpool in 1682. He had a 
numerous family, long connected with the fortunes of the city. 
Lived at Church Stile House, a quaint black and white timber 
building near the Church gate, Chapel Street, taken down about 
1850. — Picton's Memorials. 

My Wife went to be God-Mother to Mr. Fazakerleys jan.i4th. 
Doughter Mary, 

My Lady Molineux sent Mr. Butler hither of a How- jan.i6th. 

My Wife sent for Dr. Fabius, he said she was with jan.23rd. 

I hunted about Litherland and Walton w"* Leverp : Feb. 5th. 
Doggs in Company of Mr. Silvester Richmond and Mr. 
Molineux of Leverp: we had a long Chace. 

I hired John Banister to be my cowman, am to give Feb. 7th. 
him 50^ till Christmas and half a crown more is referd to 
me, I gave him one shilling in ernest. 

I went to Ormski : Cocking it being the second days Feb.8th. 
fighting for a Plate, Mr. Blundell of Ince won it. 

I went by Ormsk : thence Mr. Howet and Pat Gelib : Feb. 14th. 
went with me to lodg at Dungenhall. 

I walked with Coz Tho : Gelibrond to Antley, Mr. Feb. 15th. 
Rushton was ill of y^ Gout. 

I went to ye Aile-hous in Rushton with my three Coz: peuieth. 
Gelibronds, Mr. Howet &c we were very merry. 

I saw Ri : Jump married to Cath : Fisher. 

Feb. 19th. 

20 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 


Feb. 20th, 

Feb. S4th. 

She quarrelled with me about her not tacking Phisick 
and my not coming to see and pitty her. 

I went after dinner to Leverp : I saw Mrs. Travis who 
was Sick, and went to wish Dr Tarlton Joy. 

Feb.j7th. My wife and Aunt went in y" Coach to Karr-hall. 

Feb. 29th. Some good Wives came to turn Pan-kakes. 

Mar. 8th. The Huxter women mesured Apples in y'= Hall. 

Mar.ijth. My Wife and I went to Margery Howerds to hear Mr. 
Edw: MoHneux hold forth. 

Mar. 13th. My Lord Molineux and his Son, Mr. Eastcot, Dr. Thos: 
Tildesley, Cap : Rob : Fazakerley came hither whilst I was 
Mesuring and Maping Land in y^ Town Field. 

Mar. i6th. I seut Heury Bilsbu : to my Lord Molineux and Mr. 
Babthrop after their Preservasion from Fier. 

Mar. 20th. I went to Leverp : with my Instruments to Mr. Moss, 
I dined at Mr. Lancasters and drunk at Secombs with 
Mr. Hind, Mr. Harrington &c. 

Mar.2sth. I sent Walt: Thelw: to order my Tennants in y" More- 
houses to sett Starr upon Fryday next. 

April 3rd. I was at y® Race on Crosby Marsh between Mr. Har: 

Mair and a Hors of Mr. Molineux his of Leverp: 

April 7th. I went with Pat Gelib : and his Nephew to Leverp: we 

dined at y" Angell, thence we went to Aigbourth and so back 
to Leverp: I found S' James Poole at Mr. Molineuxes 
where I drunk some time. I heard the Cookow and saw 
one Swallow. 

April 13th. Pat : Gelibrond found a Crosior Growing. 

of Crosby. 21 

Richa : Ainswo : brought my new bed home from Mr. April 25th. 
Aldredg, Uphoulsterer at Lev : 

I went to Leverp: and heard upon y* Sands that Mr. Apniasth. 
Edw: Molin: was found ded on y* Sands. Coz Butler 
went on Bord the Debora for Dublin Sanders Drury Com- 

I went to y* Grange where I found y* Corps of Mr. April 29th. 
Edw: MoHn: layed upon my Carriage in order to be buried. 

Rev, Edward Molyneux resided with his brother, Richard Moly- 
neux, Esq., at the Grange, and was an admirable missionary priest. 
A village tradition, given in the preface to Crosby Records {Chetham 
Society, No. 12) makes his death the result of foul play, but Mr. 
Blundell's entries give no countenance to this story. In the Harkirke 
register {Crosby Records, p. 81), the following entry is in the Diarist's 
handwriting — " Mr. Edw : Mohneux bourn at Alt-Grang was unfor- 
tunately killed by a faule off his horse April y« 28th, 1704, being in 
y^ 65th year of his age. He was a Clergy Priest of Doua and had 
for 38 yeares been a painfull Missioner in Formby, Crosby and 
many other places having under his charg at his death more than 
eight hundred penitents besides Children that depended upon him, 
he was buryed y« 29th of Apr. A.D. 1704 in y* Harkirk about tenn 
of y* Clock at night." 

I saw Th Gerard married at y* Grang to Ailes Sumner. Apriijoth. 

Dr. Shaw and Mr. Edw: Molineux of Formby, shot May and. 
Rooks with Stonbows at I nee. 

I was at y® Marriage of Edw: Tatlock to Ann Bootle. May 7th. 

I went with my Wife and Aunt to dine at Ageburth, Mayioth. 
there was Mr. Holford, Mr. Bretter, Mr. Smallwood &c. 

I went to Ormsk : to y^ Buriall of Dr. Barton. May lath. 

The Miller fidled in y^ Mill-Kill to y= Neighbours. May 25th. 

I went to Wigan and there discoursed with S' Roger May 27th. 
Bradshaw concerning ;^ioo owing by him to Mr. Christo: 


22 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

Bradshaw I drunk with Sir Roger, his brother &c I saw 
y* German Artist. I lodged at Doctor Worthingtons. 

May 30th. I went with my Wife to dine at Mr. Aldridges in Leverp : 

We were at the Buriall of our Landlord Rob : Secomb. 

June 5th. Pat : Tho : Wofold held forth the first time at Winny 

Marrowes, most of my servants went to hear him. 

Rev. T. Wolfall had come to succeed Rev. E. Molyneux at the 
Grange. He was brother to Richard Wolfall, Esq., of Moor Hall, 
and had a brother John a Jesuit. 

June nth. I went to Croxtath to welcome Mr. Carrall Molineux 
into y^ Country, the discourse of y^ Gold Watch, 

June 13th. I went to Low Hill to y® Doctors and to Leverp: I 

drunk w"" Mr. Gleast and Dr, Tarlton, it was a wet night. 

June 14th. I dined at y^ Grange was present at y'= Valewing of 

Books I bought some, Great Gilbert Norris was there. 

June 15th. I discoursed Rich: Tickle of y^ Town concerning his 
Sons Idleness. 

June 19th. I ploughed with a Culter and no Suck in y^ Mossheigh 
to find Stocks. 

Stocks or roots of large trees are still found in ploughing the 
low lands, which show the former abundance of forests. 

June 23rd. I went by Ditton to Chester w*^ Coz: Tho: Gelib: we 
lodged at y" Golden Lion. 

June 24th. I went with Coz: Tho: Gelib: from Chester to Holiwell 
we lodged at y* Cross-Ceyes. 

June 25th. I went into y" Well with severall of y^ Pilgrime Sisters 
&c Smiths by Name in Sropshire. 

of Crosby, 23 

Cap: Rob: Faz : came to borrow a horse to goe to junezsui. 

Leaton Rase on. 

I went to Leverp: brought home a Cradle &c w^"* was juiyist. 
bought at Chester Fair. 

I was at Great Crosby Race between Mr. Silv: Rich- juiyard. 
monds Bay Mair and Mr. Ather: Gray. 

Wal : Thelw : went to Lord Molin : Rase at Leaton jmy 5th. 

I opened a Box of Babby Clothes w** was sent to my juiyrtt. 
Wife by my Lady Webb. 

I went to advise with Dr. Fabius, I dined there, thence juiy 14th. 
went to Leverpoole. 

I rode to Adams Spaw to drink the waters. juiysoth. 

I gave one ShiUing to Coz: Jo: Gelib: for w^** he is to juiyaist. 
give me Five Pound when his Brother is a Biss : 

This was owing to the finding of a Crosier by Rev. W. Gilli- 
brand a short time back. He made a similar bet with the latter. 

Lady Gerard of Bromley came to Lodg here. Aug. 7th. 

I went with Coz : William Gellibrond and Mr. Richard- Aug. sih. 
son to Mr. Fosters we Shot there with Bow and Arrows. 

I went to Leverp: with Lady Gerard, my Wife &c we Aug-gth. 
saw y* New Church and went to Mr. Richmonds. 

I saw Rich : Tickley deliver at the Grange a Challice Aug. mh. 
to Mr. Clark it was left by Mr. Martine to y® Parish of 
St. Patricks Kilkenney. 

Mr. Howett dined here, he brought y* News of a great Aug. 13th. 
Victory got by Lord Marl: and of three Generalls taken. 

24 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

1704. ' 

Aug. 14th. I went to Preston Fair, I dined w"" Mr. Waran Mr. 

Osbadelston at Rich : Jacksons. 

Aug.igth. I went to Croxtath with Coz: Rich: Butler and dined 
there with old Mr. Traflford of Trafford Mr. Wm. Escot &c. 

Aug.2ist. I went to Adams Spaw with Coz: Rich: Butler thence 

we went to Mr. Fosters. 

Aug. 29th. I went w*^ Sister Midleton to Mr. Howets where we 
found S' Tho: Tankerd &c Mr. Scaresb: &c Dr. Traps 
and Mr. Entwistley. S'' Tho: Tankerd &c Mr. Scaresb: &c dined here. 

Marsh and Anderton played. 

William Anderton, the piper, had this year fallen into the hands 
of a press-gang, and Mr. Blundell wrote to Captain Bradshaw on 
his behalf. He says that he had hitherto supported a wife and 
seven children by his industry, and chiefly by playing on the pipes. 

sept.i3th. I Bound John Blund : Apprentice for Virginia before 
Mr. Mair of Leverpoole. 

Sept. ,5th. I went to Leverp: and put John Blund: on Bord y^ 
Lorrell for Virginia, I paid ^5 to Cap: Tarlton for his 

sept.i6th. I went on Bord y"= Lorrell with Cap: Edw: Tarlton to 
see Jo: Blund: whom I was sending to Virginia to my 
Brother Rich : Blu : 

sept.«nd. My Wife was delivered of her first Child called Mary. 
Sept. 34th. We prayed on y" Stayers. 

Sept. .5th. My Eldest Child was Christoned Mary, Coz: Scaresb: 
Godfather, Sister Midleton God-Mother. 

of Crosby. 25 

I went to Leverp: and Drunk with Ben. Branker and sept.z6th. 

Mr. Pryer. 

Coz : Rich : Butler and I took 3 Bottles of Wine and sept. 37th. 
cold Py to Litherland, where we met Lord Molin : and his 
two Sons, they had been hunting. 

Many Crosby Wives came to see my Wife. I showed 
my Black Kattle to my Brother Langd: 

Went to Morehall and found there Mr. Harington his oct.ard. 
Wife &c Coll : John Ashton came after dinner. 

I met Lord Molin : a Coursing behind Crosby Schoole oct. lett. 
he and his Son dined w*^ me. 

Lord Langd : and I met Mr. Blund : in y* Mossess a oct. 17th. 
Coursing thence we went to the Goosfeast Anderton played 
here at Night. 

I went to Leverp : with my Wife and Mrs. Ann Aspinwall oot.23rd. 
we went to see Mrs. Hurst y" Maires. 

CoUon Butler, his Doughter and Lady went hence to oct.aeth. 
Ormsk: I lent them a Pair of my Horses to help their 
Wresty Grays to draw. 

Mr. Char: Harington and his Sister and Mrs. Holdford oot.j8ih. 
dined here. 

Mr, Guildus came to draw out a Tooth for my Wife. Nov. 3rd. 

I visited the Sick in Little Crosby. Nov. 27*. 

I dined at Colic: Butlers thence went towards Dungenhall oecoth. 
but got no further than Park-hall where I Lodged. 

I went to wish good Suckcess to Mr. MoHneux of oecMth- 
Croxtath ere he went a Courting I dined there Mr. Blund : 
of Prescot came to Croxtath. 

26 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

Decrsth. I wciit to Lodg at Dungenhall, 

Dec. 15th. Mr. Charles Townley Junior dined at Dungen : I helped 

to Bar out y^ Childrens Master Mr. Norcross. I went 
w"" Coz: Tho: Gelib: and Tom Walmesley to Antley Mr. 
Rushton was at home but the Doughters were not in the 
house, It snewed. 

Dec.2ist. I came with Mr. Wingate from Dungenhall. 

Decssth. Collon : Butler, Mrs. Hesketh of y" Meales Mrs. Ann 

Entwistley &c dined at Scaresb : and Dansed till next 

Deo. 31st. Mrs. Scaresb : my Wife &c went in the Coach to 

Gorsuch. Mr. Rob : Fazakerley of Ormsk : and I walked 
to Gorsuch, we Men were extreaimly Merry. 


Jan. 6th. I '(^ent after Diner to Ince w"" Coz: Rich: Butler he 

Ran and Cap : Rob : Fazak : hoped for a wager of 5^- 

Jan. loth. I went with Coz : Rich : Butler to see Parson Richmond, 

but he being gon to Leverp : we went to see Parson Marsden 
who we found ill of y'= Gout, coming home we called at 
Parson Wairings and eat an Oat Kake and Butter with 

Jan. .5th. I was at y" Buryall of Mrs. Bootle at Melling there was 

Mr. Poole Merchant, Mr. Houghton Mr. Nich : Fazak: 
Swarbrick &c. From Melling I went to Sefton Church 
Ail-Hous to drink Coz : Rich : Butlers Fairwell there was 
Collo: Butler Mr. Howet &c. 

Jan. 31st. I went to Ormsk: to y« Funerall of Mrs. Ann Bold there 

was Collon Ashton, Parson Sudall, Mr. Jamson &c : I dined 
at CoUonell Butlers thence he and I went to y^ Wheat 
Sheaf where we found y" Trustees of Peter Lathom viz Mr. 

of Crosby. 27 

Scaresb: Mr. Rigby of Harrock, Mr. John Heyes &c. There 

was also Mr. Holland Lord Darbys Servant. 

I went to Leverp : and bought a Hat of Mr. Chorley Feb.jid. 
and discoursed Mr. Aldridge concerning a Bed for my 
Mother. I looked at young Mr. Emerys Clock. 

My Wife and I went to Lidiat, she fell of the Hors Feb. 5th. 
just after her mounting, we took a Fat Goose with us for 
Bess Fazak: 

CoUon: Butler dined here, he brought News of taking reb.6ih. 
Horses in Cheshire. 

I went to Mr. Wairings he spoke much against J a**' Feb. 7th. 

My Wife rode behind me to Ormsk : Feb. igih. 

Pat: Wofold gave Ashes here and spoke to us. Feb.2ist. 

My House was slightly sirched for Armes by Mr. Leigh Feb. sand. 
Capt: in Lord Darbys Regeament and by — Dutton the 
High Cunstable. 

Mr. Plumb and I discoursed Mr. Gleast at his Hous in Feb.a4th. 
Leverp: concerning his Morgage to us. I drunk at y* 
Angell with Mr. Morphoy, Mr. Gunter &c. 

I sold my Rabet Skins viz 4 Doz : and 7 to John Feb. 27th. 
Stewerd for 14'' 

I saw 3 Beggars whiped out of Leverp: Mar. 5th. 

My Wife rid behind me to Leverp : she saw y* Elephant. Mar. eth. 

I dined at Garswood, there was Coz: Jo: Gelib: Mr. Mar.gih. 
Will: Houghton &c: the Children not being at home I 
went after them to Burchley, thence to the Grank and so 

28 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

Mar. 15th. I went to Croxtath to pay my first visit to Mr. Moli- 

neux his Lady, I dined there as did also Mr. Chorley, 
Mr. Wofold &c, Mr. Bowers my Lord Gerards Gentle- 
Man was there, 

Richard, afterward 5th Viscount, Molyneux had just married 
Mary, daughter of Francis, Lord Brudenell. She brought him a 
portion of ;fii,ooo, and there was a settlement made in her favour 
of ;fi,200 per annum. She was 25 years of age at the time of her 
marriage, and lived till 1766. They had no surviving male issue, 
and he was succeeded at his death in 1738 by his brother Caryll, 
of whom the diarist frequently makes mention. 

Mar. 19th. I went with my Wife in y* Coach to Ormsk : to wel- 

come my Lord Mountg : and his Grand-Son Richard into 
this Countrey. 

This was Richard, 5th Viscount Mountgarret, who had married 
for his first wife Emilia, eldest daughter of the " Cavalier," grand- 
father to the Diarist. Edmund, the " Colonel," was their eldest son, 
and he was then living with his wife at Ormskirk, where now his 
son Richard, afterwards 7th Viscount, joined them. Lord Mount- 
garret had been outlawed and his estates forfeited for his adherence 
to James II., but his successor was restored in blood and honors 
1721. The latter had three sons who successively held the title, 
and the youngest, Edmund, conformed to the Established Church 
November 7, 1736. In 1749 he took his seat in the House of Peers, 
and was ancestor to the present Henry Edmund, 13th Viscount 
Mountgarret. This house stands next in rank to the Ormond 
family as head of the Butlers. 

Mar.s4th. I Sent Rich : Cartwrit to see Mrs. Scaresb: who was 
Lying in of a Doughter. 

April 4th. Mr. Plumb and I met at Mr. Jamsons and discoursed 

him concerning Gleasts Hous and his Morgage thence we 
went to Mr. Peter Ashtons and he showed us Gleasts 
Hous and Garden. 

April 6th. I Stated Accounts w* Mr. Jos: Hawley for Mesuring 

and Maping of y« Township of Little Crosby, I gave him 
one Guiney and am to give him two more if he be living 

of Crosby. 29 


this day two years, he received Something formally in part 
of payment. 

My Wife and I went to eat a Tansy at Char : Howerds, April sth. 
Mr. Molineux of y° Grange &c came to us. 

I went with my Wife to Dr. Fabius. April mb. 

Dr. Daniel Fabius was a Baptist, and gave to that body a 
Cemetery at Everton, where he was buried in 1718. — Pidon's Memo- 
rials. His name is perpetuated in Fabius Chapel, Everton Road. 

Pat : Hesketh of Mosbourgh suped here. 

April z6th. 

I appeared in y* Bishops Court at Chester upon Account Apm 19th. 
of a Sitation procured against me by John Hurst, I dined 
at y" Golden Lyon w* Mr. Egerton, Mr. Wm. Massy &c 
thence I went to Poole to wish Joy to S' James, when I 
came S' James Poole, his Lady &c were just gone to 

Sir James Poole had just married his third wife, Frances, 
daughter and co-heir of Major-General Randolph Egerton of Bettey, 
Co. Stafford, and widow of Sir John Corbet, Bart. Stanlaw was 
the spot which the monks had formerly exchanged for the more 
pleasant abode of Whalley. 

I dansed and Played at Bragg with y* Ladys &c at April soth, 
Poole. Mrs. Mary and An Standley came to Poole. I 
saw the three Women that were said to be Bewitched. 

I came from Poole by y* Rock Boat so to Leverpoole April aist. 
and then home. 

I sent Henr: Bilsb: to Croston w* Bess and got her May 5th. 
covered with Dogg-Lad. 

An inscription at Myerscough Lodge, "Old Dog Lad 1714," 
has puzzled antiquaries. It is supposed to have been a nick-name 
of Thomas Tyldesley who lived there, and who in his curious diary 
calls Mr. Winder "my brother Dog- Lad." Here we find it to be 
the name of a stallion which belonged to old Isaac Lightbourne of 

30 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

May nth. Waltcr Thel : left y" hous in a fret upon Account of a 

falst Story told him by his Wife relaiting to my Wife. 

May uth. My Wife and I discoursed Ann Thel : she owned her 

fault, in raising a lye of my Wife. 

May 14th. Rich : Falshaw Postilion to my Lord Gerard came hither, 

he sayed Mr. Jo: Gerard was dead. 

May28ih. My Wife and I went in y' Coach to Wigan, we were at 

Mrs. Aspinw: Dr. Worth: Mr. Langtons and Mrs, Heskeths 
we light at Diconsons, coming home Rowbothem y" Taylor 
stayed us at Hollond to take mesure of my Wife. 

June and. I Went after dinner to Leverp : I drunk with Parson 

Wairing, Edw: Tarlton and Thomas Brownbill. I also 
drunk with Major Broadknax. 

June 6th. Rougbotham brought a Silk Mantue and Peticoat he 

had made for my Wife, y^ Silk was bought at Leverp : of 
Mr. Shaw. 

junestb. Severall Carts fetched Brick from my Brick Kill for Mr. 

Tasburgh but without my leave. 

June ijih. I went to Leverp : and Received Harkerk Prints of Mr. 

Aldridg which he got printed for me at London of y" Money 
found in y" Harkerk. I drunk w*^ Mr. Becket a Parson, 
Hunter the Tanner. 

For a full account of the Harkirke see Crosby Records, which 
contains an engraving from this copper plate, still preserved at 
Crosby Hall. 

June 22nd. I tryed an experiment w* eleven living Miss in a 
Hot Pot. 


of Crosby. 31 

I went to Leverp : with my Wife she Rode single on june 23th. 

Button, I bought a Livery of Mr. Maior for Watty, we 

were treated by Mr. Leadbeter with Anchovys and by Mrs. 

Secomb with Botled Punch. 

Uncle and Aunt Gerard &c Lodged here. juiyioui. 

Dr. Gerard had settled as a physician in Durham, and married 
Bridget, youngest daughter of the " Cavalier." He was of the Gars- 
wood family. Mrs. Gerard died June 27, 1707, 

Lady Molineux was God-Mother to Mr. Blundells Dough- Aug. 6th. 
ter Ann, I Stood as God-Father for Coz : Francis Anderton, 
I dined at Ince with Lady Molin: Lady Gormonstown and 
my Wife. 

I went to Speak to wish Joy to Mr. Norris, I dined Aug. 711.. 
there and called at Aigbourth. 

This was on occasion of the marriage of Dr. Norris, July 12, 
to Anne, sole daughter and heir of Peter Gerard, of Crewood, Co. 
Chester. Of Dr. Norris, so long connected with the fortunes of 
Liverpool, something will be found in the Norris Papers. 

Mr. Hen: and Rob: Witherington Presb: Lodged here. Aug. uth. 
I gave 6^ in presence of y^ two Mr. Witheringtons to Mrs. 
Aspinwall y^ Midwife for w'^'' she is to give me six Guineys 
whensoever she is Married to any one. 

My Songoars in y^ Flat Sung to me and I gave them Aug. 17th. 
Billets and Apples. 

Songoars. — A songle is a handful of gleaned corn after it has 
been tied up. — Wright's Prov. Glos. 

I went after dinner to Leverp: and bought something Aug. 22nd. 
for a Coat for Mally. A Souldier and his Wife was set in 
y^ Stocks at Leverp: 

32 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

Aug. 26th. The News of a Battle twixt Vandosmey and Prince 

Eugeane was read in y^ Buttery by Pat: Gelibrond. 

Sept. 6th. I was at ChildoU Rase where two Mr. Molineuxes his 

Horses and two Mr. Haringtons Horses Ran, Mr. Char: 
Haringtons wan. 

sept.ioih. I Woun Pat GeHb: hat of him at Tables and lost it 

Sept. nth. I had a great Breaking, they were found with Meat and 
had a Fidler and Anderton at Night and four Garlands 
were brought to some Great Crosby Women after Supper 
into y* Halle. 

The breaking of flax was done by passing the stalks between 
ground rollers, and the broken shives were beaten out by revolving 
blades. The fibre being thus freed from its wooden CQie, was 
rendered fit for the market. As this process corresponded with the 
harvesting of corn, it was always an occasion of a festive gathering. 

sept.soth. I heard y* first time of y^ death of my Brot : Rich: 
Bl: he dyed in Mary-Land Nov. 30, 1704. 

Sept. 25th. Mr. Hurst Maior of Liverp : his Wife and Doughter 
came hither. 

Sept. j6th. Going to Leverp : Ri : Cartw : was stopt upon my Mare 
Harper with a Rope that Came cross y= way from y* Ship 
the Hope-well. 

Sept. 30th. Mr. Wairing told me whot Gests he was to have at the 
Goos-feast and invited me thither. 

Oct. 2nd. I went to Leverp: to Enquire after the death of my 

Brother I discoursed Mr. Worthington Mr. Houghtons 
Factor about him and his Widow. I drunk w* Mr. 

of Crosby. 33 

I went to Leverp : to enquire after the death of my oci. 7th. 

Broth : Rich : from Mr. Lancaster and Mr. Cattaway, I 

gave Mr. Cataw : my Swourd. 

Mr. Cattaway had been a Missionary Priest in Maryland. Prob- 
ably the gift would be in recognition of some service rendered to 
his late brother. The Rev. Henry Cattaway, S.J., died March 13, 
1718, aged 43. 

I went to y* Rase on Oughton Moss where Mr. Darey's oct.9th. 
Kricket beat y^ famous London Dimple and two others. 

I went to Leverp: to discourse Mr. Houghton about ocuath. 
my Broth : Rich : but he had not time, so I discoursed 
Cap : Edw : Tarlton and Captain Brown. 

Mr. Worthington and I drunk at Tho : Heskeths w"" oct..5th. 
Parson Richmond, Sudall, Brookbanks Parson Wairing &c. 

I went a Coursing to Holsold, I dined there at Seath oct.3oth. 
Bibbys w*^ Parson Brownhill Cap: Hambleton, Mr. Pet: 
Ashton, Mr. Scarisbrick Mr. Howet &c. 

I went to Leverp : and drunk at y" Talbot with Collo : Nov. ist. 
White, Collo: Butler, Mr. Sheelds &c. 

I was at Charls Howerds where Mr. Plumb kept my Nov.iaih. 
Court this day, he Lodged here as also did Mr. Clayton of 

My Wife rode behind me towards the Meales to see a Nov.zstu. 
Ship that was cast away but finding the way farther than 
we expected and hearing the Ship was broack to peeces we 
turned back homwards Re infecta. My Servants Joyned 
and had a Snap-Dragon. 

Marga: Oughton dined here she told us of S' James Dec. 2nd. 
Pooles goods being seased. 

34 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

Dec. 6th. Wal: Thelwall bought me 10 Beas at Ormsk: very cheap 

viz for /ii . 15=. o. 

Dec. 8th. Pat : Gelib : went to Ormsk : my Wife and I went along 

with him to see him safe over Sefton Water. 

Dec. ijth. I went to Leverp : and made a viset to Mr. Houghton. 

I drunk at Mr. Smiths with him Coll : Butler, Sandiford, 
Mr. Sheelds, Mr. Howet, Mr. Wofold and Mr. Ince, some 
talk about Taxing Merchants. 

Dec. 16th. Pat : Gelib : came not to Calves Feet. 

Dec. i8ih. I sent Ri : Cartw : to Scaresb : with Oring CouUerd 
Ribbans, I sent Watty to Leverp : for some fine Edging. 

Deciznd. I paycd Mr. Morecroft for Aurora Riban. 

Dec. 30th. I went with my Wife in y* Coach to Ormskirk I dined 

at Collon: Butlers w* Mr. Pet: Ashton Dr. Lancaster &c. 
Mr. H. Tyarer Caligula, Mr. Howet &c were there. 


Jan. 3rd. Mrs. Standley and Mrs. Trafford came w"" Mrs. Blund: 

of Ince to make a Viset to my Wife, Anderton played here 
at Night there was little dansing but great Carding. 

jan.4th. I went in y^ Coach to Leverp:, we were at Mrs. 

Sweetings, I drunk with Mr. Sheelds and Swarberick at 

Jan. 6th. I lent my Carriage to carry the Corps of Ellen Speak- 

man to Alker. 

Jan. «th. I came from Preston Fair to Bank where I dined at Mr. 

Fleetwoods w* him, his Lady, the Parson, Mr. Hesketh 
Junior of the Meales &c. 

Jan. .4th. Mrs. Mohneux of Croxtath was brought to Bed of her 

first Child tis to be called Mary. 

of Crosby. 35 

I dined at Croxtath w*^ Coll: Butler, S' Wm. Gerard jan.rsth. 

Mr. Wm. Molineux &c. Anderton was here at Night. 

I Received at Leverp: ^^20 from Wm. Clough the Elder Jan. 19th. 
for Rent. Leadbeter y" Groser gave me a Pint of Claret 
in y* Talbot. 

I went to Lever : to take leave of Coll : Butl : ere he jan. 29th. 
went towards Ireland, I Suped at y'= Talbot with him Capt : 
Pywell, Mr. Peter Ashton &c : we set up drinking till Morning, 
we had y^ Drum beat whilst we drank healths. 

My Wife and I went to the Race at Childol, Mr. Feb. 4*. 
Charles Haringtons Mare wone all the three Heats we came 
home through Lev : and Mr. Plumb treated us with wine 
and Sweetmeats. 

I went to Ormsk: to fetch my Lord Mountg: hither Feb.eth. 
to Lodg for some time but he was not able to ride on 

Coz : Scaresb : dined here there came alog with him Feb. sih. 
Coz: Mary Bradshaw of Midlom, one Mrs. Ingleby and 
Mr. Peketh Presb : 

Mary Bradshaw belonged to a branch of the Bradshaighs of 
Haigh, settled at Middleham, Co. York. 

Mr. Tho: Gorsuch dined here. Mr. Charls Harington Feb.,oth. 
came hither from Ince after dinner we played at Tick-tack. 

A kind of backgammon, played both with men and pegs.— 

Webster's Dictionary. 

Lord Mountg: had a Letter from my Ant Fr : Bl : to Mar. 4*. 
advise him to keep in private, 

Francis Blundell, sister of the "Cavalier," a woman of rare 
courage and ability, had devoted herself to the fortunes of Lord 


Mar. 12th. 

36 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

Mountgarret and his family from the day of his marriage with her 
niece, and had rendered them invaluable service. Now, in her 
extreme old age, we find her still watchful for his security. In the 
time of the Civil Wars, when her brother had to seek refuge else- 
where, she kept his house at Crosby, and had to endure the frequent 
visits of rude troopers, whose plundering propensities obliged her to 
bury her bread from meal to meal. 

Cap: Rob: Faz: brought us good News about the Bill 
against Papists. 

CoUo : Butlers Servant Thomas came from Dublin and 
told us of the Death of y^ Collonells Lady. 

Mar. joth. I was w*^ Mr. Molin : of y^ Grange and Ralph Low my 

Lord Molineux his Steward in y* Sand-hills, we order'd 
Stakes to be set to divide y* Grange Warand from some 
of my Tenants Land. 

Mar. 23rd. Mr. Wairing introduced me to see Mr. Coopers Flower 
Garden at Leverpoole. 

April ist. Mr. Babthrop dined here. I discoursed him concerning 

an Exchange for Mr. E. S. 

Rev. Albert Babthorpe, S.J., fifth son of Sir Ralph Babthorpe, of 
Babthorpe, Co, York, was the last survivor of an eminent knightly 
family that had existed for twenty generations. Its staunch adher- 
ence to the ancient faith had exposed its members to the severest 
persecutions, in which all its once ample possessions melted away. 
(See Foley's Records, vol. 3, p. 192). Father Babthorpe was then 
Chaplain at Croxteth and Provincial S.J. He died April 13, 1720, 
aged 74. He is frequently mentioned in the diary of Bishop Cart- 
wright, with whom he was on intimate terms while Chaplain to Sir 
James Poole, of Poole, near Chester. The priest designated by 
the initials E.S. was probably Rev. Edward Scaresbrick, S.J., uncle 
to the Squire of Scaresbrick, who had been Chaplain and Preacher 
to James II. His prominent position at Court rendered him 
obnoxious to the new Government, and he was now in his old age 
living very quietly at Crosby. He died February 19, 1709. Some 
of his Court sermons were published, notably one. Catholic Loyalty, 
which was printed by order of King James. He wrote also the 
Life of Lady Warner, printed 1692, and several unpublished letters 

of Crosby. 37 

of the "Cavalier" are addressed to him. He probably retired to 
Scarisbrick Hall, as we find him later on bringing Father Aldred 
to Crosby. 

My Wife I &c dined at y^ Wool-pack. I bought some April 3rd. 
things at a Sale at Mr. Brooksbys. I bought some new 
Puter of Mr. Halsold. 

Ellen Nelson had her Wages payed with orders to be Aprii^th. 
gon, on account of, some words that past, but she went not. 

I went to y* Hall of Kerkby to see Edw: Webster, I April 12th. 
found there Mr. Sharpies, Mrs. Webster the Maiores of 
Leverp: Mrs. Hartley, &c. 

My Mother bid adue to Crosby, most of the neighbours April 21st. 
came to take leave of her. I went in my Coach to 
Waring : w*^ my Mother and Wife. We Lodged at Mat : 
Pages in Warington. 

My Mother and her Maid Mar: Wins: &c. took Coach Apriiajnd. 
at Waring: for London. My Wife and I Dined and 
Lodged at Southward. 

Mrs. Blundell went to the Benedictine Convent at Ghent, where 
she had two daughters nuns. Here she ended her days piously 
on December 2, 1707, having made the vows of religion on her 

Southward is Southworth Hall, then tenanted by Mr. Golding, 
a Catholic lawyer. It was long owned by the Jesuit Fathers, who 
sold it in 1828. Some years ago the writer saw within it the room 
formerly used as a Chapel, with decorated panels, &c. The Hall 
itself has been re-fronted and modernised. AH tradition of "Dobs 
Font" seems to have died out in the neighbourhood. 

I bought a Little very fine Muslin for Ruffles at Mr. April 30th. 
Morecrofts, he drank w* me at y= Wool-Pack. 

Collonell Butler and his Son James came hither out of May 3rd. 
Ireland after y'' death of his Lady. 

38 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

May 8ih. I subscribed to contribute to Leverp : Plate for a Hors 


May 13th. My Wife and I went to Leverp: and saw Acted the 
Earl of Essex. Mr. Plumb and his Wife, Mr. R. Norris 
&c was there, we came home about two of y" Clock in 
y" Morning. 

Mayisth. I was at y® Great Plate at Lev: where Lord Molineux 
his Hors beat Mr. Sil: Richmonds Maor, I drunk a hors 
back with Alderman Tyarer &c. 

Mayieth. I was at y^ little Plate at Leverp: where five Horses 

run for it, a Chesnut Horse belonging to one Robinson in 
Wales wan it. Col: Butler, Mr. Tute, Mr. Shields my 
Wife and I saw y^ Gaimster acted at Leverp: 

Mayjist. Mr. Babthorp sent to Pat: Gelibrond not to leave us 

till farther orders. 

May 28th. Coz: Dick Butler and I went to Leverp: we drunk w* 
Mr. Leadbeter at y" Golden Fleece. I bought stuff &c 
of Mr. Hurst for a Coat for Mally. Coming home we saw 
a great many Purposes between Bank hall and Leverp: 
rouling in y^ Sea. 

Mayjgth. Coz : Dlck Butlcr and I went to Bank-hall to see Mr. 
Rob: Moore. 

June 6th. I sent Mally to stay at More-hall. My Wife and I 

began our Journey in our Coach for York Shire, we called 
at Collo: Butlers in Ormsk: we made a small Stay at y" 
Ancker in Eckleston. I left y" Coach and Rid to Rushton 
More where I found Coz: Tho: Gehbrond. We Lodged 
at y" Blew Bell in Whaley. 

of Crosby. 39 

From Whaley we went to Gisbourn thence to y^ Lamb junerth. 

at Skipton where we Lodged. 

From Skipton we went towards Bluver-houses and were junesih. 
overturned a Little Short of Hasle-wood where we were 
assisted as I take it by one Mr. Knip, thence we came to 
Harragate and so to Stockhild. 

My Brother Midi: shewed me his Fishponds and my junegth. 
Sister Shewed me outhousing. 

My Wife and I went w* my Sister in her Coach to junemh. 
Ribston S" Henry Goodricks Fine Hous. Mr. Witham 
formerly of y* Bass suped at Stockhild. 

My Brother and Sister took my Wife and me in their juneisth. 
Coach to Haslewood S' Walt : Vavasors where we dined 
w* Sir Wal: and his Lady. 

Coz: Michaill Ann, his Wife, Mr. Marmaduke Ann junesih. 
and Mrs. Carlton dined at Stockh : 

My Sister Midi : took my Wife and me in her Coach june 17th. 
to Brammam Coz : Mick : Anns where we dined w"" S' 
Walter Vavasor, his Lady, two Mr. Charltons &c. 

My Brother Midleton took Coz : Mick : Ann and me in june isth. 
his Coach to see the Droping Well at Knesbrough, thence 
we wet to Harrogate where I taisted both y" Sweet and 
Stinking Spaw Water, I saw there Morrison y^ Riming 
Musition, he played very well. 

Morrison had played there 70 years at the time of his death, in 
1732. He lived 102 years, and was succeeded by Metcalf, who 
died in 1810, aged 93. For an account of this extraordinary 
character, "Blind Jack of Knaresborough," see Yorkshire Oddities, 
by Baring Gould. 

My Wife and I came from Stockhild, my Sister Midi: juneigth. 
brought us in her Coach to York, we dined at y" Falcon, 

40 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 


my Sister went home and my Brother Midi : went with us 
in our Coach to Holme where we Lodged. 

June 20th. I went with my Lord Langd: and my Brother Midi: to 
5^ Bowling-Green at Lansburrough my Lord Burlingtons, 
we found their S' Tho : Rudston of Heaton and his Son, 
Mr. Rob : Doleman of Pocklington, Mr. Edw : Fenwick &c. 

junsjist. My Lord Langdale my Brother Midlet: and I went to 

Cliff Mr. Philip Langdales, he not being at home we staid 
till he came and then drunk and afterwards we took 
Bumpers on Horsback. 

June 22nd. My Lord Langd: hunted a Buck w* S' Marmaduke 
Constable they killed him. My Lord Langd : went to y' 
Buriall of Mrs. Metham. 

June 23rd. Mr. Peter Vavisor of Willitoft, Mr. Langdale of Haugh- 
ton, Mr. Doleman &c dined at Holme. 

June 24th. We dined at Evringham S' Marmaduke Constables, there 
was Mr. Edw: Hales of Byland Abbey, Mr. Charlton Jun' 
of York &c. 

June 25th. My Lord Langd: my Brother Midi: and I went to 
PockHngton and dined at Mr. Dolemans w* Mr. George 
Palmer of Neybourn and his Broth : Will : Mr. Lauson of 
Moorby, Mr. Medcalf S"^ Marmad : Constable, &c. 

June 27th. Parson Savage came to my Lord Langdales, we went 
together to Launsbr : Green where we bouled w*^ S"' Marm : 
Constable, Mr. Edw Fenwick, Mr. Best of South Dalton, &c. 

June 28th Went to Reswick Castle where we saw the Widdow 

Lawder and a Son and Doughter of hers. 

June 29th. Mrs. Lawder &c came to Holme, S' Marm: Constable, 
Mr. Fenwick and Mr. Charlton came we drunk hard in 
y* Summerhous. 

of Crosby. 41 

My Wife and I came from Holme to York in order to junesoth. 

goe towards Durham, we dined and Lodged at y" Black 

Swan. I went w"" Coz : Tho : Gelib : to Mrs. Pastons. 

We came in y^ Stage Coach from Darhngton to Durham juiy2nd. 
where we Lodged at my Uncle Gerards, we had in y* 
Coach with us one who passed for a great Fortune, 
but we suppose she is not, we think her name is Wright. 

Mr. Kennet of Coxoe, Mr. Bradshaw of Midleholme juiy4th. 
and his Doughter Mary dined w* us. 

We dansed at Mr. Wood his School and afterwards we juiy 5*. 
drank together and went with our Musick about the Streets. 

My Wife &c went in Mr. Fosers Coach to Coxoe. juiysth. 

Mr. Foser, Mr. Pudsye &c dined with us at Dr. Gerards. juiysih. 
My Wife and I began our Journey in y^ Stage Coach from 
Durham to York. 

My Lord Lang : Mr. Savage and I went to Launsburroug juiy mh. 
Green where we bouled with S' Marma : Const : Mr. Jourden 
Langdale, Mr. Faux, Mr. Best &c. 

We Stired not from Holme I gather'd Goosberrys in juiyuth. 
y^ Garden w* Mrs. Errington. 

My Wife and I came from Holme, we Passed over Booth juiy 13th. 
Ferry y^ River Vese, we came to my Uncle Anns of 

Vese = Ouse. 

Mr. Tho : Percy of Stubs Walden and his Uncle suped juiy istb. 
at Burgwallis, 

We went to Stubs Walden. juiyigth. 

My Aunt Ann took my Wife and me in her Coach to juiyaisi. 
old Mr. Anns of Frickley, we suped there, there was old 

42 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 


Mr. Ann, Mr. George Ann and his Wife, Mr. More of 
Bamburrow and his Doughter. 

July 84th. Went to see Robbin-Hud Well and to Tho : Horncastles. 

July 23th. Went to Bamborrow Mr. Mores. 

Many of the names above enumerated are to be found in 
Cosin's List, amongst the Yorkshire Catholics who registered their 
estates 1719- Lord Langdale of Holme, £599 8s. 8d. ; Robt. Dolman 
of PockHngton, £582 is. gd. ; Mr. Peter Vavasour of WiUitofts, 
;£"i35 los. ; Mr. Philip Langdale of Houghton, £697 4s. 4d. ; Sir 
Marmaduke Constable of Everingham, ,^778 ids. 6d. ; Mr. Geo. 
Palmer of Nabourne, ;f3oi 13s. 7d. ; Hon. Ann Ann of Burghwallis, 
widow, £139 9s. 8d. ; Marmaduke Ann of Frickley, jf 191 5s. ; Mr. 
Geo. Ann of Doncaster, ^183 3s. ; Mr. Thos. Percy of Stubs Walden, 
^265 i6s. 6d. ; Cris. Cresacre More of Barnburrow, £351 15s. 5^d. ; 
Marmaduke Langdale, estate at Holme, ;f 118 12s. 4d. ; William 
Palmer of Nabourne, gent, £40 ; John Forcer of Old Elvet, Durham, 
£325 gs. oid. 

July 28th. Mr. Savill of Norton Priory and his Brother Came. 

juiyagth. Came over Blackstone Edge to Rachdale where we 

lodged at the George. 

juiysoih. At Wiggane I discoursed Mr. Graddall concerning y^ 

Commissioners who were siting upon y* Estate of Mr. 
Diconson of Rightington. 

Aug. 3rd. My Brother Langdale was Marryed. 

Marmaduke, who became in 1718 4th Baron Langdale, married 
Elizabeth, youngest daughter of William, Lord Widdrington. 

Aug.i2ih. I Dined at y^ Wheat Sheafe in Ormsk: with my Lord 
Molin: and his two Sons, S' W" Gerard Mr. Chorley and 
his Son &c. I was at y^ Rase on Oughton Moss where 
Lord Molin: his Gray Mare beat Mr. Haringtons Bay 
Mare three Heats. 

Aug.i3ih. My Wife and I went to Croxtath to wate of my Lord 
and Lady Gerard of Brombley. 

of Crosby. 43 

] 1706. 

I went to Parson Wairings he Entertained me with y° Aug. 17th. 

discourse of his Sons being taken by the French. 

Mrs. Walmesley of Showley and Mr, Gerard her Presb: Aug. 19th. 
dined here. 

I went with my Wife &c to Button Lodg. Aug-aand. 

S' Tho: Aston of Aston, his Lady and Brother came Aug. 23rd. 
to Button Lodg. 

We Hunted and killed a very Fat Whit Buck in my Aug. 24th. 
Lord Gerards Park, after diner we went to Bartington 
Bowling Green, we found there Mr. Bromfield &c. 

We Biscoursed of Learning and Salved Enigmas. Aug. 25th. 

Pat Gelib: went with Coz: Bick Butler towards Mr. Aug. 26th. 
Woods his Schoole near Winchester. My Lady Gerard 
and my Wife went to Rock-Savage to wate of my Lady 
Eliz: Savage. 

I went to Button Lodg to fetch my Wife home, I tooke 
y* Coachhorses along with me, y® Waters at Warington 
were so high out that tho it was Sunday I saw them 
leading of Corn. 

My Lady Gerard took me and my Wife in her Coach sept.and. 
to y* Out-side where we dined at Mr. Billingtons. 

My Lady Eliza : Savage came to Button Lodg. sept. 3rd. 

I Played at Tables with my Lord Gerard. John my sept.4th. 
Lords Brewer played on his Pips in y^ Kitchen and some 
of y' Servance dansed. 

My Lord Gerard and I went to S' Tho: Astons we sept.5th. 
bouled there with S' Tho: Ast: Boctor Norris &c. 

My Lord and Lady Gerard took my Wife and me in sept.6th. 
their Coach to see y" Park and the great Tree. 

44 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

Sept. 25th. My Doughter Frances was born. 

Sept. 29th. My Doughter Frances was Christoned, CoUo : Butler 
stood Godfather for my Brother Lang: and Mrs. Mills 
stood for my Lady Gerard. 

Oct. 2nd. I walked with Mrs. Mills and Mrs. Woods to see 

Tho : Marrows Breaking. 

Oct. 5th. Mr. Brownbill tought me to Cercle three Poynts. 

oct.gth. I went to Croxtath to wate of my Lord Cardigan and 

his Brother Brugenald, there was Parson Copley and his 
Brother, Mr. Rowly, Mr. Wm. Tunstall, Mr. Webber, &c. 

oct.ioih. The Scoulding bout between Ails Davy and Darby's 

Wife about carrying away some wood. 

Oct. 28th. I sold my Wives Silver triming to Ben: Branker and 

saw it burned. 

Nov. 3rd. I discoursed w* Mr. Foynes he held fourth to his 

Auditory y= first time. 

Father Poyntz, S.J., had come the day before as Mr. Blundell's 
Chaplain. This was his first Sunday. 

Nov. 5th. Tis said Leverp: Hounds hunted a Fox this day from 

Bank-hall to Knowsley Park. 

Nov. 7th. My Wife and I dined at CoUo: Butlers, Coz: Ann 

Tildesley, Mrs. Ellen Entwistley &c. 

I sent Rich: Cartw: to Farnworth to pull y* Doars off 
my Formes which he tells me the Clark and he did doe. 

The Dispute in my Chamber between Pat: Gelib: and 
Mr. Poyns about y" hight of King David. 

We Dined in y« Parlor it being the first time it was 
uesed as a Parlor. We had two Fidlers at Night and 
dansed Country Danses in y= Halle. 

Nov, X4th. 

Nov. 25th. 

of Crosby. 45 

Mr. Charls Harington and Mr. Jo: Chantrell dined Decisth. 

here. They dansed Country Danses with us and Lodged 

here, we had two Fidlers Gerard Holsold and Marsh we 

dansed till towards two in the Morning. 

I Lent Horses to Nancy Gorsuch and Jane Harrison to Dec. 31st. 

goe to Leverp : It was a day of Thanks giving and great 

reioysing for a Victory obtained by y^ Duke of Marlbourgh. 

Mr. Poynes and I went to Mr. Wairings we had some jan.2nd. 

Disputations, we stayed there pritty late. 

This being y" Twentith day of Christmas we had jan.i3th. 
Anderton at Night. 

My Wife went to Mrs. Bootle of the Peele to shew her jan.34th. 
her Finger that was Burned. 

My Wife Mr. Mills and I went to see y^ Seller at jan.3oth. 

I sold my Hors Buck to Wm. Anderton for one dayes jan.3ist. 
playing of y^ Pips p Ann: as long as he lives in Lancashire 
and for 25' to be payed by Parcells as he can get it, if 
the Horse prove ill I promiss to bate him 5^- 

I writ a fowl drought of a Letter to the Provinci : Feb. and. 

This letter, a copy of which has been preserved, was to request 
the Provincial S.J. to send him another priest in the place of Father 
Poyntz, who did not suit him. "We desire a Mail of Wit and 
Conversation, one that can Preach well and is willing to take Pains 
among y^ Poore Catholicks of w'='' we have a great many, and one 
that is of a good Humour and will be easy and contented with 
Tollerable good Fair &c &c." He does not name the salary, but 
the account books shew that ^8 was given yearly to the Chaplain 
as long as he lived in the house. 

Mr. Poynes went quite away from hence. Feb. 8*. 

My Wife and I dined at Mrs. Plumbs in Leverp: I Feb..ith 
Payed y' Scotch Shopkeeper for Cloth, I bought a Hat of 


46 Diary of Nicholas Bhmdell, 

Mr. Chorley. I exchanged some Silver Spoones with Mr. 

Feb. 13th. My Wife and I went to Lidiat to see Bess Fazak: 

Feb. 17th. When the Maids got up to wash they heard Knocking 
and Laughing at the Gates and Windowes. 

Feb. 20th. I went to see Lord Mount : who was Sick. I dined at 
CoUo : Butlers it being my Aunt Frances' Birth day she. 
is now 76 years of Age. 

Feb. 22nd. I went to Leverp : and drunk Punch at Mr. Tarltons. 

Feb. 23rd. Mr. Moston held forth here. My Wife and I went to 
Wm Thelwalls to eat Pankakes. 

Feb. 24th. Severall of y^ Tenants Wives came hither to eat Pan- 

kakes and be merry I was amongst them. 

Feb. 25th. My Wife Mrs. Mills and I went to Ni : Johnsons and 

eat Pankakes. Thence we went to Parson Wairings and 
took a Fidler with us, 

Feb. 27th. Collo: Butler sent his Servant hither to let me know 
his Father dyed this Morning. 

Feb. 28th. I went to Ormsk: to Condole with Coll: Butler for y* 

Death of my Lord his Father Mr. Peter Ashton was there, 
I saw Mr. Wofold, Mr. Howet, Mrs. Ann Tildesley &c 
there at Prayers. Mr. La Grote showed me some Pictures 
of his Painting at Mr. Fazakerleys. Mr. Blund: lent me his Net to draw for some Fish for 

my Lord Mountg: Funerall. 

Mar. 3rd. I was at y" Funerall of my Lord Mountg: 

The funeral seems to have been as private as possible, and the 
burial took place at Sefton, no doubt in the Blundell Chapel. 
The Sefton Register records : " 1706. The Hon"^ Richard Lord 

of Crosby. 47 

Mungarrett, papist from Ormskirke, March 3." The late worthy 
Rector, Rev. E. Horley, told the writer that in no other year (or 
almost so) had he found the addition of the opprobrious term here 

I went to Leverp: Mr. Plumb shewed me his Tackley Mar. 4th. 
for Fishing, he came with me to y^ Woolpack where I 
shewed him some tricks on y® Dise &c. 

Mr. Brown formerly the Master of y' Loyalty dyned here, nar.eth. 

I made Coz: W. Ge: Salve alias Captain Midletons Mar.ioth. 
for a Bruse or Cut. 

I dined at Croxtath, we drunk in the Cupula and saw war.aist. 
y* Servants Airing y" Horses. 

I bought some Flower sets at Leverp: I drunk with Mat.a^nd. 
Ben : Brank : he talked as if he would be good. 

I took Ellen Riding sworne concerning stealing of Mar. 27th. 
Turves before Mr. Mayor of Leverp: he was on horsback 
going to Lancaster Assizes. Mr. William Tarlton went 
with me to Mr. Gibbones, he shewed me his Garden. 

Mr. Wm Tarleton and Tho : Carter dined here. I April ist. 
gave Mr. Wm Tarleton some Flower sets. They went to 
Cha: Howerds and there I found them with Rich: Tickley 
Mr. Darcy Chantrells wife, Mrs. Betty Baumber &c James 
Brown came to us with his Fiddle and we were very merry. 

Dr. Fabius came to see Tho: Gower he let him Blood. April 3rd, 

My Wife, Mrs. Mills and I heard Mass at Mr. Fosters. April eth. 

Pat : Wofold brought Mrs. Mills her snufF Box that April 7th. 
she had lost. 

I put up some Escutcheons in y* Hall, Lord Mount- April 8th. 
garrets was one of them. 

48 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

April loth. I went to Mr. Moston to shew him Mr. Babthrops orders 

to come hither on Monday or Tuesday in Easter Week. 

April 14th. I went to Catherin Sargants in Farnworth where there 
was a meeting upon Account of choosing y* Chapell 
Wardens, I shewed there my Order from y" Bishops Court 
for my Seat in y* Chapell of Farnw: to Mr. Ainscow y^ 
Parson, to Mr. John Corleys ye Schoolmaster &c, thence 
I went to Mr. Hardings and so to Wm. Cloughs y' Bank 
hous in Ditton where I Lodged. 

April 15th. I was at prayers at Mr. Hardings, thence I went to 
Mr. Rights to a Sale of goods and thence to Wm. Cloughs 
to dinner. After diner I was at y* Townes meeting where 
there was Wm. Kennion, Jos. Bolton, H. Hey, &c. We 
chose a Maior and Drunk Anall Seed Water. 

This was Mr. Hawarden's in Widnes, where Rev. Wm. Maire 
Vera Hawarden was then priest. The latter was educated at 
Douay, which he left in 1693, and died 1728. The Diarist had 
property at Ditton, Bankhall, &c., still held by the family. Hence 
his claim for a seat in Farnworth Chapel, which occasioned him 
much trouble and litigation. 

April i6th. I called at Eckleston to see Mrs. Eckleston who had 
brock her Arme thence I went to Leverp: and Received a 
Hollow Cross Reliquary from Ben: Brankhurst. 

April 17th. Pat: Gelib: went with me to Coz: Tho: Gelib: this 
being y" first time I had seen eather of them since they 
were Married, we met on y« Road Coz: Jo: Gelib: and 
Mr. Gradell. 

April 18th. Coz: Jo: Gelib: came to lodg at his Sons. 

April rgth. Coz : Jo: Gelib: his Son Tho:, Mr. Wm. Holywell and 
I went to Chorley to meet Mr. Brooks of Astley, we drunk 
at Ned Luckases there was with us Mr. Brooks, his Son- 
in-Law, Wm. Low, &c. 

of Crosby. 49 

\ 1707- 

I came home from Coz: Th: Geli: I called to see Dol: April »th. 

Fisher and looked where they had been sinking for a Brine 

Spring near He : Fishers. I called at my Lord Mount : 

Mr. Rob: Fazakerley was there. 

Mr. Plumb dined here, he and I played at Cross and Pile. April 22nd. 

I went to Eckleshall to meet y^ Corps of my Lord Gerard April 25th. 
there was S"" John Crew, S'- Fra^- Lester, Mr. Berrington, 
Mr. King the undertaker, Mr. Fowler, &c. I attended y* 
Corps to Ashley where it was layed in a Vault. 

I went from Bromley to Dutton where I Lodged two April 26th. 

I was admitted to see my Lady Gera: I walked in y^ April 27111. 
Gardens and read most of y^ day. 

Charles, 6th Baron Gerard, of Gerard, Bromley, married Mary, 
daughter of Sir John Webb, of Odstock, Co. Wilts. The widowed 
Lady Gerard was residing in Bruges in 1716, when the Diarist 
met her at Lord Waldegrave's. Her chaplain, Rev. Richard 
Richardson, S.J., was with her. 

Mr. Foster was buried. Mayioth. 

Rev. Richard Foster, S.J. born March 11, 1672, ordained priest 
at Prague, 1701, is thus noticed in the Harkirke Register: "Mr. 
Rich : Foster was born in Sutton, came from Prage to be a 
Missioner in these Parts, chieily at Formby, he lived at y® New- 
house in y® Car houses in Ince and dyed y^ gth of May An. 1707, 
and was buried y' day following in y^ Harkerk next to Mr. 
Ed: M." 

I paid Easterdews and Clarks wages &c. to Wm. Mayuth. 

I went to Leverp: I was in y" Town Hall or Chamber May 17th. 
when a debate was argued before Mr. Morecroft y^ Maior, 
Mr. Clayton &c. relating to Henry Wainwright who was 
bound Prentice to James Harrison a Weaver. I drunk w"* 
Mr. Clayton and his Uncle Mr. Tho Clayton at Mr. Tuts. 

50 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 


May2ist. S' James Poole and his Son Frances lodged here. 

In a letter to his mother of July 12, 1707, the Diarist says : 
" Sir James Poole goes from one good house to another, among 
the rest has been to mine, but his headquarters is at Mosburgh and 
Burchley and I hear that his son has proferd very Kind things, 
yet the Father cannot be prevaled with to do any thing for his 
own good, neither do I know that he has one penny but what his 
son Fran : gives him." 

Sir James Poole was thrice married, his first wife being Anne, 
daughter of Thos. Eyre, Esq., of Hassop, Co. Derby, which 
brought him into connection with the squire. His eldest son, 
James, married, but died s.p. October 8, 1706. Sir James was a 
Catholic, as his family had always been, but his son and successor, 
Francis, conformed, and was M.P. for Lewes in 1743. The 
Baronetcy expired in 1821. 

Mayaeth. Madam Molineux of Croxtath and her Sisters-in-Law 

Mrs. Mary Molin: and Mrs. Betty made a Viset here. 

May 27th. Coming from Leverp : we called at Bank-hall and y° 

old Woman shewed the House. 

June 2nd. My Wife and I went to prayers to Lidiat we dined 

there with Mr. Moston. 

June 3rd. I dined at Ince w"" Mr Harington, his Wife Son and 


junesih. I dined at Mr. Plumb's w*^ Mr. Chars Harington, I 

Looked at some of Mr. Eatons Books that he designs 
for his Aucktion. I drunk with him Ralph Tyrer &c. 

June 6th. My Wife came home, she had seen Blanscow, Parkhall, 

Rightington &c. 

June 8th. Mr. Moston went hence away in hast being called by 

Mr. Wilson y= Atturney to Marry him. Mrs. Blund: of 
Ince and one Mrs. Osboldeston made a Viset here. 

June 9th. My Wife went w*^ an Intention to goe by Ruck-horn to 

y^ Outside, I went w"" her as far as Leverp : and there I 

of Crosby. 51 

- J707_ 
stayed Mr. Eatons Aucktion of Books till towards nine of 
y* Clock, there was Parson Marsden Mr. AUanson, Browbill, 
Mr. Brankhurst, &c. 

1695. Mr. Josh. Eaton, Bookseller, admitted free. — Ciiy Records. 

I was at y° second dayes Auxion of Mr. Eatons Books jmeioth. 
at y* Woolpack in Leverpoole. There was Parson Alanson, 
Mr. Brankhurst, Brownbill &c. 

I went to welcome home my Lord Mount : after dinner june mh. 
we went to wish Mr. Wilson Joy, thence we went to y' 
Black Bull, I lay at my Lord Mountgarrets. 

Alderman Clayton, Mr. Tyrer Junior, Mr. Tute and juneigth. 
their Wives made a Viset here. 

At Leverp: I drank at Mr. Brankhursts with Mr. Hurst, june«st. 
and at y^ Post Office with Mr. Molin: of y" Grang. 

My Wife and I began our joyrney towards Holly- well June 23rd. 
we went over in Eastom Boat. Lodged at Mr. Taylors 
y^ signe of y* Golden Lyon in Chester. 

Went from Chester to Holly Well. Lodged at y^ Starr, juneattt. 

My Wife, Mr. Plumb and I came from Holly well over junezeth. 
Shotwigg Ford, it was very deep, thence we came to y^ 
Wood-side where we got over. 

Wm Clough Junior payed me some Money, we counted juneasth. 
part of it upon y^ hors-stone when it was duskish. 

Mr. Wm. Clough was tenant at Bankhall, Ditton. 

I went to Dungen-hall to advise with Coz: John Gelib: juneaoth. 
I called at Coz : Tho : Gelibronds where I dined. I found 
there his Mother-in-Law, Mrs. Wesby. Mrs. Hesk: of y^ 
Maines came as did also Dr Fran: Worto : 

52 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 


juiyist. Mr. Livesley and one of his Doughters came to Dungen- 

hall. Mr. Clifton of Lithom and his Lady and 4 or 5 of 

their Children came to Lodg there as did also Mr. 

Walmesley of the Lower-hall and his Lady. 

July and. We Dined in the Great Dining Roome at Dungen : I 

walked in y* Stone Gallery with Pat Tho : Gerard &c. 

July 3rd. Coming home I stayed at Whitley Hills where I saw 

them rase up a Millstone. 

July 5th. Mr. Blundell of Ince and Mr. Thomas Standley of 

Preston made a Viset here. I Received a Letter from 
Doctor Gerard with advice of my Aunts Death. 

juiyioih. My Wife rid single to Mosburg. 

July 14th. Mrs. Bootle of y*= Peel came to Blood me for my fall. 

He had fallen from his horse on his return from Liverpool on 
the twelfth. 

July 33rd. My Wife rid behind me to y" Grange but Mrs. Molin: 

not being at home we went to y° North end but neather 
Richard nor his Wife were at home. 

July 24th. I went to Ince with an Intention to goe to y" Flowering 

of Ince Cross with Mr. Blund: if he went, but he not 
being at home I came back, Some of y* Servants went. 

This pleasing village custom, held on the Feast of the Nativity 
of St. John the Baptist, has long since fallen into desuetude. 

July 25th. My Wife, Mally and I went to Leverp: Fair. We eat 

some Cold Salmon &c at Mr. Plumbs. 

July 28th. I dined at my Lord Mountg: w* Coz: Selbys two Sons. 

July 31st. I went to Leverp: to take leave of my Lord Mountg: 

when he went over y^ Water in order to goe for Ireland, 
he gave me his Will to keep. 

of Crosby. 53 

When Mr. Moston was to goe hence his Mare was Aug. 3rd, 

wanting so I sent him home on my horses, but his Mare 

being found soon after, I sent Charles Howerd with her to 

Lidiat, also to Scarisbrick Ormskerk and More hall. 

It was the custom of Mr. Blundell to celebrate his father's 
anniversary in a religious manner. With this object he procured 
the services of as many priests as possible. On this occasion he 
had six, viz. : — Rev. Tho. Scarisbrick, S.J., brother of the squire ; 
Tho. "Wolfall of the Grange; John Mostyn, S.J., of Lydiate; Gerard 
Barton of the Granke ; John Blackburne of More Hall, and another. 

Coz : Edw : Scarisb : Senior came hither and brought Aug. eth. 
Mr. Aldred along with him to live here. 

Mr. Aldreds Portmantle was brought hither from Aug. 7th. 

My Wife, Coz: Edw: Scarisb: Mr. Aldred and I went Aug. sth. 
to y* Grange we found there one Mr. Brockalds Pat : Tho : 
Wofold treated us w* Punch. 

I walked with Mr. Aldred into y° Fields and showed Aug. gth. 
him some Pits he might fish in. 

Mary Molineux went away in a Passion and Stayed Aug. 15th. 
away all night. 

My Wife stood Godmother for Mrs. Eckleston to Mrs. Aug. 17*. 
Blundells fifth Doughter. 

I heard Rob: Blund: swear very much in the Town Aug.2i!nd. 
Medow as he was Shearing Beans. Jo: Banister got y^ 
Clanaboyes and Batchler Apples. 

Mary Brown would needs have gon away in a fret at Aug. 29th. 
Night tho y" Doars were Lock'd Nan Skinner was scouring 
Puter then. 

Mary Brown left her Service. Aug. aoit 

54 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

1707. — I sent W. Thel: to Hooton to congratulate y" Birth of 

Mr. Standleys first Child it being a Son. 

Sept. 6th. I sent a Present of Apples &c to Mr. Clayton and Mr. 


Sept. 7th. A Servant of Wm Cloughs y" Younger came to Acquaint 

me that his Master was dead. 

Sept. 20th. At Leverp: I drunk with Dr Tarlton, James Houghton 
and Wm Atherton. I payed 20' at y^ Exchange Coflfy- 
hous for a Periwig. 

Sept. 29th. Mr. Aldred dined at Lidiat with Mr. Andrew Moston &c, 

Sept. 30th. W" Fisher went along y'= Laines with me to seek for 
Run Sand. 

oct.fitb. I Lead some Run-Sand from y'' Ford for my Flower 

Knot. The Jury met in the Townfield about seting out 
some wayes, we discoursed about ye Doostone thats set in 
Ri : Harrisons But. 

Oct. 7th. Mr. Aid: and I dined at Mr. Plumbs in Lever: thence 

we went to lodg at Hooton. 

Oct. 8th. S'^ Rowland Standley, his Son and I went to Poole 

town and drunk Claret at Sams. 

Oct. 9th. Mr. Standley, Mr. Aldred and I went to Poole Hall to 

see y* Widdow. 

oct.ioth. Mr. Aldred and I came from Hooton, Dr. Tarlton 

treated us with Wine at his own house, Mr. Plumb tryed 
his Lamp with two Weaks. 

oct.i3th. ' Mr. Aldred and I went to Wm Thelwalls it being 
Crosby Goosfeast. 

Oct. 13th. Mr. Plumb and Dr Tarlton came to Cource with me. 

Mr. Bixter and Mr. Syer of y"= Ford came to us. Mr. 

of Crosby. 55 

Hurst and his Wife dined here. Jo : Banister got a 

Pumpion that grew here 32 lbs weight (4ft. ain. by 3ft. Sfin.). 

Mr. Plumb kept my Court at Charles Howerds. oot.i4th. 

I went to Bold to wate of Mr. Molin : but he was gon a oct. 15th. 
hunting, I dined there, Mrs. Molin : of Mosburgh was there. 

I sent my Cart to Leverp : with Apples w"''' I sold for oct. 17th. 
2^ 6** per Buss : 

Mr. Aldred and I went a Coursing thence to Mr. Wairings oct.2oth. 
and eat some of his Goosfeast Cheer. 

I sent Thelwall to Garswood to Congratulate the Bearth oct.2ist. 
of their third Son. 

My Wife and I went to Querks to see a Stage-Play oct.28th. 
acted, we called at y^ Hall of Ince and Mr. Blund : went 
along with us, we onely stayed part of it ; there was Rich : 
Tickley, Mr. Molin: of y" Grange, Mr. Rob: Chantrell 
and their Wives &c. 

My Wife, Mr. Richardson and I went to Leverp: I Nov.sth. 
bought some Brandy at Mr. Earls for Coz : Scarisb : and 
myself, a Woman demanded tole for it, I brought her before 
Mr. Maior who said I was not to pay any thing. 

We had 217 at Prayers. Nov. 9th. 

My Wife, Mr. Aldred and I went to Leve : Fair, I tasted Nov. mh. 
some Wine and Brandy at Swarbericks, he gave us a treat 
of Sturgeon. 

I went to Ormsk: to see my Aunt, I dined there with Nov. 13th. 
Mr. Wofold, Mrs. Hesketh of Rufford &c. Mr. Fazak : and 
his Wife gave me an Account of Cha: Howerd. I payed 
for a pair of Spit-Boots, Rich: Robinson was present at 
the Eagle and Child. 

56 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

Nov.isth. Mr. Thorn. Wofold told Mr. Aldr: that Mr. Babthrop 

was comne to y® New-house. 

Nov. 24th. Mr. Darcy Chantrell and his Brother Rob: came hither 

Mr. Aldred and I went to the Chappell where Jo : Jackson 
was teaching to writ. 

John Jackson of Little Crosby A Teacher of the Mathematics 
and Writeing Master . . . has a Wife and 4 Children . . . 
Peticons to be free. — City Records. 

Nov. 25th. My Wife and I went to Scarisb : to Christon Frances 
their third Doughter, my Wife was God-Mother and I stood 
for my Lord Mountg: My Wife fell of her Hors Coming 
home and hurt her Arme. 

Nov. 25th. I went to Leverp : and gave to Mr. Morecroft and Mr. 
Alanson each of them a Hare, I paid Mr. Alanson for 
Nailes, Tooles &c I paid Swarberick for Brandy and Vinegar. 
I drunk with Mr. Morecroft, Mr. Sandiford Parson Wairing 
&c. I think it was at Smiths near y^ Exchange. 

Thos. Alanson was an ironmonger in Liverpool in 1686. John 
Sandiford, Town Clerk, was suspended on July 11, 1708, "for high 
Omissions and irregular transactions." He was subsequently dis- 
charged and £40 per annum allowed him for life. Sylvester Morecroft 
had been M^yor in 1706. 

Dec. 2nd. Pat: Gelibrond went hence, I could not prevale with 

him to hear y' discourse about Leige. 

Dec. 3rd. Mr. Aldr: and I got y" Schoolboys at Great Crosby 

leave to play. We took Parson Wair : to Nich : Johnsons 
and treated him, some little discours about Priests not 

Dec. 9th. I went to the Moorehouses and ordered most of y* 

Tenants to Bring some Boone Hens. 

of Crosby. 57 

- ^^^^ 

Mr. Plumb, Mr. Aid: and I took down the Bed and Dec. 15th. 
Most of the Hangings in y* Parlor Cham:. we looked about 
then for Rats and Kill'd two. 

Doctor Tarlton came to Great-Crosby and sent to borrow Dec. isth. 
my Grewhounds. 

I received an account of my Mothers death. Dec. 19th. 

My Wife and I went to Leverp : to buy Mourning for Deo. 20th. 
my Mother, we bought it at Mr. Hursts and some Mushne 
&c at Mr. Morecrofts. 

Coz: Tho: Gelib : I and our Wives went in y* Coach Dec. 30th. 
to Leverp : Mr. Aid : went along with us, we shewed our 
Wives the Sugar house. Mr. Plumb and Cap: Rob: 
Fazak : came to us at y^ Woolpack. 

Wm Anderton and Rich: Tatlock played here we had Dec. 31st. 

a Merry-Night, severall of Ince Servants were here. 

Most of my Servants if not all went to Ince to y^ 


My Wife went to prayers to Leverp: to Pat: Gelib: Jan. 4th. 
at Mr. Lancasters. 

I had prayers for my Mother with five Sacerd : Mr. jan.,4th. 
Hunter from Stony-hurst dined here. Richard Jackson y" 
Innkeeper in Preston came along with him. 

Rev. Thomas Hunter, S.J., born in Northumberland June 6, 
1666, died February 21, 1725. While Chaplain to the Sherburn's, 
of Stonyhurst, he wrote in reply to Dodd, A Modest Defence of the 
Clergy and Religions, &c. 

I made a Viset to Widdow Blundell and Mrs. Standley jan.irth. 
at Preston. 

I went to Rich: Molin: and acquainted him that I had jan..8Lh. 
bought Mrs. Blackburns Estate, he told me that he would 

58 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

1708. \ 

not goe off it till Candlemas come twelve Months. Jo: 

Kerpy and Eliz: Py came to be Married but Mr. Aldred 

being gon to Lidiat to see S' Pierce Mostons Son, they 

stay'd till he came after Super and then they were Marryed. 

Jan. 27ih. Mr. Aid : shot a Bittern &c. 

j!i...3'st. I drunk w* Mr. Chorley y^ Haberdasher at y'' Woolpack, 

we discoursed about Shearing &c. 

Feb. 3rd. Mr. Aid: and I made up a Shod-Sledg or Tronow, my 

Wife, Bradley &c went with us to Formos-poole and rid in 
it. Mr. Aldred and I decided the difference between 
Henry Bridg and Wm. Davy y^ Skinner. 

Feb. 6ih. Mr. Aid : fixed a back to ye Sledg or Trenow. 

Feb. 7th. My Wife and three Servants walked to Lev: I walked 

after them and shot at y'' Sea side. I called to look at y^ 
Oyl mill. We all dined at y^ Woolpack. Ere we came 
out of Town Mr. Plumb came to us and profered us a 
horse but we did not accept of it. 

Feb. 8th. Mr. Plumb lodged here he tryed to goe on Skates on 

the Carthous Pit. 

Fob. 9th. My Wife played at Whisk with us after Supper. 

Feb. 17th. My Wife and I saw them throw at y'= Cock in y^ Town- 


Feb. 23rd. Leversage the Haberdasher brought a Hat hither for 

Mr. Aid: 

Feb. 24th. We went with Pat: Gelib: to Ned Howerds and shewed 
him the Chappell. 

Mar. and. Mr. Walring told us his Son was in danger to lose his 

Passage for Ireland, y" Ship being gon and he was fourced 
to ride after her on Shore and so get on Borde if he could. 

of Crosby. 59 

We called to see Parson Wairing, he was trobled with Mar.sth. 

y* Stone and Gravell. 

Mr. Aldred red to me y° Prognostications of Esq' nar.gth. 

In the following year, 1709, Swift was amusing himself and the 
readers of the Tatler with an account of the death and funeral of 
Patridge, one of these pretended astrologers. 

We went to see Lord Molineux his Captain y* Runner, Mar. 15th. 

I went to y^ Funerall of old Widdow Culche: there was Mar. 17th. 
Mr. Blackbourn of Orford, Cap: Will: Bradshaw &c she 
was buried at Winwick. 

My Hous was Serched for myself Horses and Armes Mar. 19th. 
&c by Ed: Willoby Esq"^, Lievetennant Tomp: — Orme y" 
High Cunstable &c: they seazed upon two of my Coach 
Horses viz: Jack and Robin and they are to be sent to 
them tomorrow. 

I sent my two Horses according to Promis they were Mar.aoth. 
returned to be forth coming when called for. 

I took a Wheel down out of the Fals Roof and mended Mar.2and. 
it to Spin Gersy with. 

The false roof would be a hiding place. He had probably seen 
the wheel when occupying it during the search. 

Most of my Servants went to see a Play at Mr. Smiths April 5th. 
in Sefton. 

Mr. Aid: shaved my head. Apriiioth. 

Mr. Rich : Molineux of the Grange and his Wife dined April mh. 

I Dined at Mr. Plumbs he and Doctor Tarlton drunk April i7it. 
with me at y^ Woolpack. I stated accounts with Halsold 

6o Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 


y^ Brasier. I went to Mr. Coopers and saw his Flower 

Garden and also saw Mr. Danvers his Garden. I sent 

4 or 500 Eggs to be sold in y" Market at Leverp : I think 

they were all sold by two of my Maids. 

April 20th. I sent Henry Sum : to Fetch home my two Horses 
Hob and Buck and sent Rob Tompson for Bess and her 
Fole, I had sent them abroad to be secured. 

April 24th. I went to Leverp : and drunk at Dr Tarlt : w"" him 
Parson Stith and Mr. Walsh. I drunk at a Little Hous 
w"' Merchant Poole and Mr. Plumbe. 

Rev. Robert Stythe, one of the two Rectors of Liverpool 1699. 
He died 1719. Rev. Henry Richmond was the other (1700), and 
died 1721. Mr. Welsh was the Curate. 

April 38th. Mr. Jo: Sherbourn and I went to Showley we Lodg'd 
there as did also Mr. Houghton of Thurnhom. 

May 3rd. I invited Parson Wairing to Dinner it was chiefly on 

account of a Dispute formerly between him and Mr. Aid: 
but he could not come. 

Mayieth. Mr. Plumb sent an Express to give me Notice con- 

cerning an Information made against Mr. Blundell of Ince 
by Parson Ellison. I went to Ince to acquaint M. Blund : 
therewith and writ from thence to Mr. Plumb. 

The Rev. Timothy Ellison was of Formby, and seems to have 
been the only parson in the neighbourhood disposed to invoke the 
Penal Law against the Catholics. His name occurs very rarely in 
the Diary. 

Mayisth. My Wife dined at Bold she went on horsback and came 

y^ same day back, it was very wet and windy. 

May 22nd. I brought y^ Bowles down and showed them to Mr. 
Aldred he and I bowled a Httle in the Great-Courts. 

of Crosby. 6i 

My Wife, Mrs. Plumb, I &c went to Great Crosby and May 24th. 

saw the Recruting Officer Acted, we drunk at Margarit 

Athertons with Parson Wairing, Mr. Bixter &c Mr. Syer 

of the Ford and his Wife, Mr. Lathom the Landlord of 

the Wool-pack and his Wife Suped here and after Super 

we went to Great Crosby and heard part of the Gigg. 

My Wife and I went to Ormskirk Fair. My Lord May 25th. 
Mountg: was come home out of Ireland after his Confine- 
ment in the Castle. My Lord Mountg : Coz : Scaresb : 
and his Lady, Mr. Wofold &c Rafted for a Tay-Table at 
Mr. Howets, all we that Rafted suped there. 

I sent 30 Pair of Pigeons or more to Bold of a Present May 31st. 
to Mr. Molineux. 

They were sent on horseback in a pair of panniers covered with 

My Wife and I walked to Lidiat, coming back we called June 3rd. 
to see James Lidiats Wife, we lost our way in y^ Medowes 
coming home and was directed right by John Lunt. 

I went to Leverp : and had Rich : Ainsw : examined June 5th. 
(for Robing me) before Mr. Rich : Norris y^ Maior, S' 
Tho: Johnson, Mr. Maydit, Mr. Morecroft &c. 

Lord Mountg: came hither to heare Mr. Aid: jnnewh. 

I went after dinner to Ormsk: to wate of my Lord junemh. 
Mountg: I found Mr. Syer of y^ Ford at my Lords he 
was about swaping his Running Hors with my Lord 
Mountg: but they did not bargan, I Bowled w*"" my Lord 
Moutgarret, Mr. Leigh, Mr. Peter Ashton, Caligula &c from 
y* Bowing Green we went to the Black-bull to drink. 

Lord Mountg: Coz: Scaresb: and his Wife I and my juneieth. 
Wife went to Leverp : we made several Visets there viz : 
to S' Tho: Johnson, to Mr. Clayton, &c. 

62 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

June 17th. My Lord Mountg : Coz : Scarisb : and his Lady, I and 

my Wife dined at Agebourth. Mrs. Ann Harring: came 

hither with my Wife in the Coach. 

June 19th. Lady Anderton, Mr. Blund and his Wife and Mr. Charls 
Harington dined here with y" Rest of my Guests. One 
and twenty Adders were taken on my Midings. 

june2ist. I sent Mrs. Ann Rothwell with a Present of 22 Adders 

to y" Doctors of y^ Low. 

This would be Dr. Fabius. 

June 23rd. Mrs. Bootle blodyed my Wife. I gathered some 
Flowers for Flowering Great-Crosby Cross to-morrow. 

junenth. My Wife and I were at the Flowering of Great Crosby 

Cross. I Steeped my Feet in hot Whey for about two 
Hours to make my Comes come out by y* Roots but I 
think 'twill doe no good. 

June 26th. My Wife and I went to Lodg at Coz: Tho : Gelib : 

June 27th. Mr. Anderton of Euxton and his Wife, Mrs. Traps y^ 
Widdow and Mr. John Farnworth came after dinner. 

june^sih. Mr. Brooks of Astley came to us. Pat: Gelib:, Coz: 
Tho : Gelib : Mr. Howet and I shot with Bow and Arrows 
and when we had done we went to Ned Luckases to pay 
our loosings in Aile. 

June 30th. Coz: Tho Gelib: and I went to Yarrow Bridg, we 
bowled there with S' Tho: Standish, Mr. Rob: Leigh, 
Parson Shaw, Mr. Allison, James Nicholson, &c. 

July 2nd. My Wife and I came from Chorley, I called at Blanscow, 

thence to Wigan and dined at Dr Worthi: 

July 7th. My Wife and I were at y* Funerall of Mr. Bootle 

of y^ Peele, there were there Parson Dain, Parson 

of Crosby. 63 

Fleetwood, Mr. Nich: Fazaker: Mr. Carroll Bootle, Mr. juiyioth. 

Bixter &c. 

Darby Wife brought a Picture for Mr. Aldr: Alter-peece juiy^th. 
from Dr Lathoms which he had lent me. 

I went to y^ BowUng-Green (at Liverpool) w* Mr. juiyieth. 
Morcroft there was on y* Green Mr. Rich : Norris, Dr 
Tarlton Mr. Sheelds &c : Mr. Sheelds kicked y* Bowl. 

I dined at my Lord Mountgarrets, I was at y* Funerall juiyi7ih. 
of old Mrs. Welsh, there was Coz: Rob: Scaresb: Mr. 
Hesketh of Oughton and his Son &c. 

Coz : Mun : Butler went with me to Lev : I bought lu'y 'q*- 
some Wine in Lanslets Hey. 

I went to Ormsk: Sessions where Mr. Molin: of Bold, ]uiy26th. 
Mr. Traflford, Mr. Harington I &c compounded to prevent 
conviction, we Appeared in Court before S' Tho : Standley 
Dr Norris and Mr. Case all Justises of y"" Peace, We 
Catholicks that got of our Convictions dined alltogether at 
Rich : Woodses, after dinner we went to y^ New-Club-hous 
and thence came back to Rich : Woodses and drunk Punch 
with S' Tho : Standley. 

Mr. Blundell of Ince was one of the party, and this step was 
perhaps the result of the information laid against him by Parson 
ElHson, and which might at any moment have been lodged against 
the rest. A composition at sessions freed them from the higher 
penalties which would have followed a conviction in the Superior 

I saw y* Souldiers Fortune Acted in Ri: Harris: Barn, juiyagth. 
Mr. Aldred went hence to live in y* Town. 

I served Mr. Aldr: y" first time he Sayed in his New juiyjoth. 

My Wife came home from Burchley, she had been juiysist. 
some time at Wigan drinking Hilton Spaw water. 

64 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 


Aug. ^th. I Bowled at Ince Green with old Rob : Bootle, Edw : 

Trustrom &c. Gill y" Excise-man and y* Inquisitor over 

him came to y® Aile-hous whilst we were drinking. 

Aug. 6th. Cap: Rob: Faz: and I v/ent to Mr. Aldreds, we found 

him in y* Cross-field, he had been taking young Bitterns. 

Aug. 7th. The Souldiers Fortune was Acted in my Hall, Wm 

Marser did not Act. 

Aug. tath. Mrs. Ann Rothw : and some Children of y^ Town Songoed 
Wheat for me in y° Cross Field. 

Aug. 13th. The Actors of y* Souldiers Fortune came hither and 
sung the Gigg. 

Aug. .4th. I saw my Lord Darby the Maior of Leverp : make his 

Entry into the Town, 

Aug. i8th. I went to Lancaster to prosecute Rich : Ainsw : for 

Robery, Mr. Plumb overtook me in Maile. We dined 
together at Coolings y^ Miter in Preston, thence I went to 
Marshalls the Queens Arms in Lancaster where I lodged. 

Aug. 20th. Rich : Ainsworth was found guilty of Robery before 

Judge Trecy. 

Aug. 3ist. Rich : Ainsw : and two others were burned in y^ 

hand. I dined at my Inn with Mr. Parker of Brusam. 

Brusam — Browsholme. 

Aug. 22nd. I made a Viset to Coz: Blundells from thence I went 
to Coz: Standleys, Coz: Tho : Culcheth went with me, 
we found there his brother John Cul : Mr. Blund : of Ince, 
Dr Farington &c. 

Aug. 24th. Most of my Servants went to Charls Howers to see 

y^ Souldiers Fortune Acted. 

of Crosby, 65 

I made a Viset to Mr. Hollands of Sutton, thence I Aug. 25th. 

went to y" Hall of Wofold. 

I gave Mr. Norris y^ Maior of Leverp : a Bottle of Wine Aug. «7'i> 
at Proctors. Mr. Plumb was with us. 

I went to Croxtath to welcome my Lord Molin: home Aug. 29th. 
from Bardsey. 

Bardsea, three miles from Ulverston, had been then recently 
purchased from the Andertons, of Clayton, by Lord Molyneux for a 
hunting seat. 

I began y* first time to make Milk Punch. Aug. 30th. 

I stood Godfather with Coz: Bridg: Blund: to Mr. septmh. 
Blundells sixth Doughter viz Eliz: 

I went to Ormsk: to see Dr Gerard. sept.i3th. 

I went to wish S' Fracis Anderton and his Lady Joy, sept.i6th. 
they were gone to Culcheth but they came home to Lostock 
where I Lodged. 

Sir Francis Anderton had at that period no right to the title of 
baronet, his elder brother, Lawrence, being a monk abroad. He 
had just married Frances, daughter of Sir Henry Bedingfield, of 
Oxburgh, Co. Norfolk, Bart., but his wife did not live long, nor 
had they any issue. 

S' Nicho: Sherbourn, S' W" Gerard, Mr. Thomas sept.i7th. 
Culsheth &c dined at Lostock. 

S' Fran : Ander : and his Lady went to Shaw-place to sept. isth. 
wate of Lord Willoby, I went with them and Carryed 
Mrs. Ann Harington behind me. 

Coz: Bacon and I saw y* Souldiers Fortune Acted or 
at least most of it at Mrs. Ann Rothwells. My Wife 
walked to Ince but came back to see part of y* Play and 
all y" Gigg. 

66 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

Sept. said. I helped John Farer and others to find out whether 

Mrs. Ann was cozened in her Shot at y° Play. 

Sept. 30th. I sent Coz: Bacon back to Standish. I made Wax of 
y° Combes I had, it was extreamly Bad. 

oei.i3ih. My Wife and I went to Aigbourth to wish Mr. Charls 
Harington Joy he had then brought his Wife thither. We 
dined there with S' James Poole, Mr. Molineux of Mos- 
bourgh his Wife, Brother William, one Jolly a Scotch 
Taylor &c. 

Mr. Charles Harrington, eldest son of John Harrington, Esq., 
of Aigburth (buried at Huyion Church, April 14, 1714), had just 
married Anne, daughter of Sir Rowland Stanley, of Hooton, Co. 
Cheshire, Bart. They took up their abode at Scholes Hall, where 
he died, and was buried at Huyton, March 12, 1719. She was 
buried at Huyton, October 14, 1722. Mr. John Harrington had 
acquired Aigburth by marriage with the heiress, Dorothy Tarleton. 
In 1713 John Harrington, of Aigburth, petitions the Lords for a Bill 
to sell his wife's property in Liverpool — 43 tenements, Harrington 

oct.i3tii. My Wife and I was at y® Buriall of Bryan Bryanson 

Rich: Tickley, Mr. MoHneux of the Grange and their Wives 
were at y° house. 

oct.i6th. I drunk at y* Woolpack in Leverp: with Mr. Plumb 

and Ben Brankhurst I settled accounts with Holsold y^ 

Brasior. I and Rob: Sutton endeavoured to make John 
Aindow to goe home with his Wife. 

oct.i8th. It being Crosby Goosfeast I dined at Mr. Wairings with 

him, his two sons, one WiUiamson y" Schoolmaster of 
Formby, Tho: Syer of y= Ford &c. The Maids stayed 
late and were locked out. 

oot.i9th. It being Crosby Goosfeast my Wife and I went to Wm 
Tarltons, thence we went to Nich: Johnsons, Wm Tarlton 
and his Wife were with us, thence we went to Ned 

of Crosby. 67 

Peggy Thelw: and I songowed for Apples in my Orcherds. octant. 

I went to Leverpoole and made a Viset to Mr. Brownbill octntd. 
in his New hous in John Street. I brought my Weding 
Coat to Mr. Plumb for him to take with him into Ireland, 
but he took it not. 

I went to Leverp: and found Mr. Houghton at his oct.27th. 
Bowling Green, I drunk w"" Mr. More of Manchester at 
my own Inn. 

I made up some Doses of Powder for y" Falling Sick- oct.»9th. 
ness for Mary Pilkingtons Sister. 

Going to Dungen hall I called at Seath Woodcocks and Nov. 3rd. 
saw Mr. Barlows Water Engin. 

I went from Dungen to Showley to wish young Mr. Nov. 5th. 
Walmesley Joy of his London Wife. 

Thomas Walmesley, son and heir of Richard Walmesley, of 
Showley, Esq., and his wife, Jane, sister of William Houghton, Esq., 
of Park Hall, was born October 21, 1685. He had recently married 
Mary, daughter of William Colgreave, Esq. In 1870, the Showley 
estate was sold by Thos. George Walmesley, Esq., to the late Mr. 
James Eden. — Abram's History of Blackburn, p. 459. 

I dined at Preston with Coz: Jo: Gelibrond Mr. Nov.eth. 
Gradall &c. 

I dined at Mr. Aldreds with Mr. Moston, Mr. Thornton Nov.gth. 
and Dr Worthington, it being y* Doctors birth day he gave 
us a bole of Punsh, whilst we were at dinner Mr. Babthrop 
and Mr. Manock Came to us and dined. 

I Began to make a dose of Phisick for Wm. Tompson Nov.ieth. 
for y° Dropsy. 

My Wife was going towards Leverp: but Harper would Ncv.soth. 
not carry her, so she was fourced to light and walk back, 
I went with her single to Leverp: 

Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 


Nov. 22nd. 
Nov. 25th. 

Nov. 29tb. 

Nov. 30th. 

I Strained my Ink which I have ben long in making. 

I walked to see Parson Letus but he was gon to Walton, 
his Landlord Mr. Lucas was at home. 

My Wife went to lodge at Neston at Mr. Darcy 

Mr. Aldred, Parson Wairing, and Parson Letus dined 

I was going to Ince to see Mr. Tasburg but hearing 
he was not at home I turn'd back and found Grace 
Pilkington endeavouring to open y^ Dining Roome dore 
with some Keys she had got to get Apples to give to 
Ince Servants. 

Dec. 1st. Mr. Aldred and I dined at Mr. Thorntons at y* New- 


Deo. 7th. Lord Mountgar : and Pat : Gelib : went to Leverp : to 

meet S" W" Gerard and S" Rowland Standley about Mr. 
Chantrells business of Noctorum. 

Decgih. My Wife went to see Mrs. Scarisb: who was lying in 

of her son Joseph. 

Decioth. Mr. Gilbert Sail of Hopkar gave consent (to a sale of 
land by S' Roger Bradshaigh) he being one of Sir Rogers 

Dec. .6th. I endeavourd to cast up part of y^ Slating and Flaging 
at Ditton but was so long blundering about it that I 
dozed my self. 

Dec. 20th. Mr. Aldr: gave my Wife a very fine Pair of Ivory 
tenns of his own making. 

Decant. I heard Mass at Lidiat thence I went to Lord Mount- 

garrets I dined there whilst I was there Mrs. Hesketh of 

of Crosby. 69 

^ 1708. 

Rufford went past, she was going to Thurnom. I went 

awhile to y" Club to y* Golden-Lyon there was there 

Lord Mountga: Mr. Tho: Leigh, Mr. Peter Ashton, Mr. 

Howet, &c. 

Mr. Faza: Mr. Howet and I went to Ince to wate of oecasth. 
S' Francis Anderton and Mr. Harington &c it being Mr. 
Blundells Birthday we had a Bowl of Punch there. Our 
Wives went in y* Coach to Parson Richmonds of Walton. 
We had Musick at Night. 

My Wife Mrs. Faza: and Mrs. Howet went in our cecsg*. 

Coach to Ince to wate of y° Young Lady Anderton. S' 

Francis Anderton drove y" home. He had been here 

before with Mr. Ch : Harington and his Brother John we 

drunk 3^ Butlers health in my Seller. We had two Fidlers 
Tatlock and Wassail. 

S" Fran: Anderton Mr. Blund: Mr. Charls Harington Dec. 30th. 

and their Ladys Made a Viset here, old Mr. Haring: &c 

was also here, the Gentlemen drunk in y" Gallery. Mr. 

Plumb lodged here, he I, &c dansed country danses after 


My Wife, Mrs. Fazak: Mrs. Howet and Mr. Faza: 

went in y^ Coach to see a Rase on y^ Sands between one 

Hors of S' Fran : Anderton one of old Mr. Haringtons 

and two of Mr. Chs Har: it was cheefly for diversion and 

for some few shillings which was layed out in a Treat at 

Mr. Aid: Mr. Faz: his Wife and my Wife went to Ince 

a Maskarading. 

Mr. Fazak: and I went to the Grange, there was there ]an.snd. 
S' Fra: Ander: Mr. Blund: Mr. Char: Haring: and their 
Ladys &c Pat: Wofold treated us men with very good 

70 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

Jan. 4th. I cupled Hector and Speed together and led them 

thorough y^ Town to teach them to goe quietly cupled. 

Jan. 5th. Mr. Fazak: went hence Mr. Aldred and I went with 

him to Ormsk: we dined at his hous thence we went to 
Lord Mountgar: we were at y' Club y* Golden Lyon with 
Mr. Howet &c. 

Jan. 8th. My Wife and I went to Leverp : Bradley went along 

with us in order to make an End one way or other with her 
Preston Spark. My Wife and I got a Snap of a dinner 
at Mrs. Lancasters we bought some lofe Sugar there. 

Jan. nth. Mr. Aldr : and I had a deal of discourse about Fatoning 

of Kattle and Sheep after y^ Beyond-Sea manner. 

Jan. 13th. Mr. Walmesley the Elder of Showley lodged here. 

Wassal y* Fidler played here at night. I played at Cut 
in y« Hall. 

Jan. 14th. I went with Mr. Walmes : to Th : Syers of the Ford, 

Mr. Wal : sold some land to him I played some tricks 
there of Leger de Mesney. 

Jan. 15th. Mr. Walm: went to Leverp: he Mr. Aid: and I drunk 

wine at Mr. Morphews I bought some Brandy of him Mr. 
Pryer drunk at y^ Woolpack with me. 

jan.23nd. My Wifc Went with me to Leverp: Mrs. Allison treated 
us with Jocolet. 

Jan. 23rd. I went to Lidiat and heard Mr. Moston hold forth, I 

dined there. My Wife heard Mr. Burton hold forth at 

Rev. Christopher Burton, S.J., had succeeded Rev. Richard 
Forster at Formby. He ended his days at Watten, July 23, 1744, 
aged 73. His sister Catherine, a Carmelite Nun at Antwerp, was 
eminent for piety, and her life by Rev. Thomas Hunter was edited 
m 1876 by Father Coleridge, S.J.— See Foley's Records. 

of Crosby. 71 

In y' Evening Mr. Plumb and I went to y" flight at jan.24ti>. 

Formospoole but we Shot nothing. 

Holme shaped a Pair of Breeches for me of Norway Fekioth. 

I went to Leverp : I drunk in y' Woolpack with Mr. Feb. 12th. 
Plumb, Mr. Secomb y' Maior, Mr. Pryor &c I sold a 
Gold Ring and some Silver Lase to Mr. Branker. Mr. 
Aid : Ch : How : and Wm Anderton shot among them 
three Swans the largest of them weighed above 27 Pound 
5ft. 4Jin. long and 8ft. sin. across. Ch: How: gave me 
one which I sent to Mr. Plumb. 

I gave Jo: Blundell severall peeses of Parchment to be Feb.isth. 
Taylors mesures. I mended a Smoothing Iron. 

Mr. Trafibrd of Croston, Mr. Blund: of Ince and their Feb. 20th. 
Wives made a Viset here. 

I went to y^ Aile-hous at Sefton Church to consult Feb. 21st. 
about scouring y^ River Alt. I met there Mr, Blund: of 
Ince, Mr. Maile, Mr. Tatlock, Mr. Fazakerley of Prescot, 
Yeomor of y* Gore, Ro : Bootle, &c. 

I went to Ormskerk to wate of my Lord Mountgarrets Feb. 24th. 
Eldest Son Coz : Richar : Butler who was come home 
from Schoole. 

I fetched a load of Malt from Mr. Houghtons Kill at Feb. 26th. 
Leverp: it being y* first I have had made there. 

A Grand falling out with Bradley upon which she went Mar. 4*. 
out of y" Hous with an intention to goe quite away but 
she came back againe. 

I took y* CofFy Mill in peeses to see what was y* fait Mar. 5th. 
with it. 

72 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

Mar. 7th. Lord Mouiitg : and his Son, Coz: Scaresbrick and his 

Lady dined here. 

Mar. sth. We eat Pankakes at Ri : Newhouses and Ra : Nel : 

thence we went to Ni : Johnsons and eat Pancakes we 
saw part of a Cock fight in Great Crosby. 

Mar.ioih. My Wife and I made a Viset to Parson Letus and his 
Wife it being y" first time we had ben there to see them 
since they were married. 

Rev. Wm. Latus, Curate of Sefton, had married Anne, daughter 
of John Crosse, of Crosse Hall, Chorley, and his wife Ann, daughter 
of Mr. Samuel Yate, of Middle Cheney, Co. Northampton. He 
died 1719. 

Mar.i2th. I drunk at y^ Woolpack w* James Williamson and his 
Son Henry, with Rich : Plumpton, James Duxbury &c. 

Mar. 14th. I dined at Carr Hall with Mr. Burton and Mr. Moston. 
Mr. Tho : Gorsuch and Mr. Mainard came hither. 

Mar.isth. I went to Mr. Ropers and discoursed him about y^ 

Management of Clover Grass, thense I went to Leverp : 
and discoursed Mr. Secomb y* Maior about buying some 
Clover Seed for me. 

Mar. 19th. I went to y^ Funerall of Mr. Howet of Ormsk. Lord 
Mountg: Mr. MoHn: of Mosby: Mr. Scarisb: Parson Siddall, 
Mr. Jo: Heyes &c were there. 

From this array of names it is evident that Thos. Howet or 
Hawett, Esq., held a very respectable position in life. His daughter 
Mary married, 1709, John Westby, of White Hall, near Garstang, Esq. 

Mar.2ist. I payed W° Harrison, Clark of Sefton, 2^ instead of 

Paist Eggs. 

Mar. 25th. Walter Thelwall left my Service he has been Servat 
here about 35 years. 

of Crosby. 73 

I was at y® Funerall of Edm : Trustroms Wife. This Mar.seih. 

was y' Fiveteenth Buriall that has ben out of Ince- 

Township since about a week before Christmas and y 

Sexton told me he thought there had not been above six 

more in that time out of all other parts of y^ Parish. 

I went after Mr. Blu: when he was going towards y^ Mar. 28th. 
Rase at Leton Heys. 

I Counted y" holes in y* Dove Court there was 689. I Aptuist. 
went to Leverp : and sold my Rabet Skins to Leversage. 
Mr. Scofild y" Apothecary gave me some Jue Jubs and 
Date Stones. 

Lord Mountg: and his Son Rich: and S' James Poole Apnieth. 

dine here, after dinner I went with them to Dukes we 

druk a Bowl of Punch there and looked at y^ three 
Running Horses. 

Marmaduke Maltus, of Great Crosby, Innkeeper, was at this 
time trainer for Lord Molyneux. 

S' Jam : Poo : went hence I went w* him as far as y° Apru toth. 
Hall of Magull where I became acquainted w'^ Mr. Smith 
and his Wife. 

Mr. Faz : of y' Hill house dined here. April nth. 

My Wife had y' first certain Account of my Grand- April 15U.. 
Mother Webs death from my Brother Langdale. 

Rich: Harrison dyed about 3 in y* Morning he had Apriiisih. 
been servant 18 years to my Grandfather he was a truly 
Honest Man and of very sound Judgment. W" Starkey 
dyed about eleven of y= Clock at Noone he was my 
Cow-Man and had ben Servant to y= Family about 
years and I think never a meniall Servant in my Fathers 
time nor of a great will of mine but towards y' latter 


74 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

end of his time I mantained him at my own hous with 
Apparell and all things necessary. 

April igth. Ri : Harrison and W" Starkey were buried, they (were) 
met at y" Cross by Watkinsons, my Wife, I and Mally 
were at their Funerall as were all my Men Servants. 

April S4th. I went to Ditton and lodged at y° Bank. 

April 25tii. I heard Mr. Mair pray, James Hough: Hen: Roson 
&c were there. I was at Farnworth in y* Chappell when 
y* Chappell Wardens brought in their accounts, there was 
present Parson Ainscow, Mr. John Write, Mr. Nich : Bold 
of Marsh Hall, Samuell Williamson, John Holden, Peter 
Slinhead &c I did there declare I would not pay by way of 
a Church Ley towards mantaining y° Parson and tho Six 
Church Leys had ben gathered I got mine back againe, 
then I gave 6^ 6** to Parson Ainscow as a free Giuft. 

April 2sth. I Went to Southward and heard prayers at Ralph 
Keyes. I dined at Southward. Mr. Golding came home 
after dinner. 

Mayist. Duke Bluddyed my Wife, Nich: Johnson Wm Gray, 

I &c were present. 

May 4th. I was at y^ Funerall of Mr. MaguU of MaguU there 

was at y" Hous Mr. Blund : Parsons Brownbill, Walker, 
and Letus, Mr. Carrold Bootle, Mr. Pe: Morton, &c. 

May7ih. I wcnt to Lcverp : I set a great while w*^ Mr. Sil : 

Richmond at his Hous, we discoursed about Planting, 
sowing Cole Seed and improving Groud. 

May nth. My Wife went to Leverp: with an Intention to have 

gon to Hooton, but y' Sea being very rough she did not 
venture over. Parson Bruce Lodg'd here. 

of Crosby. 75 

I sowed one Buss: of Barley in y° Cowhey dresed Mnyi3th. 

with Oyle and other Ingredients as Powder of Coleseed 

&c but it did not answer expectation. 

I went to Leverp : I bought a new half Buss : and saw May 14th. 
it Cut and sealed in y^ Exchange. I drunk with Mr. Tute 
Captain Tarlton, Mr. Molin: of y^ Grange &c at y^ 
Kings Armes. 

Mr. Silv: Richmond came hither, I went out with May 17th. 
him to look at some Ground to see if it was proper for 

W" Ainsw: went to Burchley of a How-doe-you to Mayjist. 
Mrs. Poole who was Lying in. 

I was at y^ Sale of Timber at Mr. Booties in Melling May 25th. 
it belongs to Thomas Hurst Ship Carpinder of Leverp : 

My Wife went to Burchley to see Mrs. Poole who was May 26th. 
lying in. 

The She-Gallats was Acted Imperfectly in y^ Hall. May 27th. 

Bradley, W™ Ainsw: Dorothy Blundell &c were con- May 29th. 
firmed at More Hall. My Wife and Mrs. Howet went to 
prayer to Lidiat they dined there. 

I came home through Leverp : and went to y" Castle May 31SI. 
to see what alteration was made. 

Most of my Servants were at I nee to heare the Bish : juneana. 
Lord Bish: and his Companion Mr. Riding made a Viset 

This would be Bishop Smith, who did not give confirmations 
at Crosby on this occasion. His Chaplain, Mr. Royden, born 1662, 
ordained priest at Douay, 1692, was Vicar General. 

My Wife went to Croxtath to welcome home my Lady junemh. 
Molin : from Bardsy. I met her at Leverp : and came 

76 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

junei2th, home in y® Coach, we made a Viset to Mrs. Clayton. I 

was some time with Little Mr. Kelly. 

June i4ih. Mr. Aid : and I made a Viset to Ince, we set some 

time with Mr. Tasb : in his Chamber. 

June 17th. I Acquainted Tho : Blansh : that Will Tompson and 
others complained he did not do Neighbourly things. 

juneisth. I dined at Garswood and signed some writings for 
selling Knoctorum to Mr. Chantrell, he came with me as 
far as Knowsley where we called and drunk at the Gates. 

June rath. I druuk at y^ Wole-pack with Mr. Hurst, Mr. Plumb, 
Mr. Poole of Low-hill &c. 

June 22nd. I played some tricks of Legar demesne before some of 
my Marlers. 

I went to Leverpoole it being the first Market that was 
on a Wednesday. I druk at y^ Woolpack w"" Mr. Tandy 
S" Cleave Mores Ingeneer for his Water, w* Mr. Hurst, 
Mr. More-Croft, Mr. Alanson &c. 

June 27th. Tomkins a Hater of Leverp : Came to looke at my 
Wool he bought it not. 

June 28th. Coz: Scarisb: and I were at y° Funerall of old Mrs. 
Blundell of Ince, oure Wives also met y^ Corps there was 
at y^ Funerall Lord Mountg: and his Son, Mr. Standley 
of Preston and his Son &c, as we were coming out of y^ 
Church Mr. Clayton of Leverpoole and Mr. Hurst just 

Mrs. Blundell was Bridget, daughter of the famous cavalier, Sir 
Thomas Tildesley, Knight, who fell at Wigan Lane in 1651. Henry 
Blundell, her husband, had died in 1687, and she died at Preston, 
where she had resided during the latter years of her widowhood. 

of Crosby. yy 

Coz : Scarisb : and I were at Wigan Cocking, we dined line 29th. 

at Twotalls with S' Fr: Anderton, Mr. Hesketh y" High 

Sheriff, Mr. Dodd, Mr. Cheetom Mr. Brathord &c I Joyned 

with y^ Sheriff for a Bottle of Wine at Dinner, when y^ 

Cocking was over I drunk above Stayres with S' W" 

Gerard, Mr. Townley, Mr. Lancton, Mr. Hu: Anderton &c. 

Lord Mountg: and his Son and Mr. Tho: Leigh dined June 30th. 
and Suped at Scarisbrick. I saw Mr. Smith of Croston 
doing somthing at Coz: Scarisbricks great Diall. 

The Rev. John Smith, S.J., had been Chaplain at Scarisbrick, 
but was now with the Traffords, of Croston. He died 1754, aged 
85. Rev. John Maynard, S.J., succeeded him at Scarisbrick. 

Coz: Scarisb: I and oure Wives dined at my Lord J^iyist- 

Mountgarrets, we dansed at Houghtons with my Lord 

Mountg: and his Son and Doughter Emilia who was 

lately come from York and with Mr. Thomas Legh. 

Ince Gardiner helped Jo: Banister to Innoculate. juiyiuh. 

My Wife and I went to Leverp : I drunk a while at J"'? 'S*- 
Mr. Sil: Richmods with his Brother Henry and I think 
Mr. Brooks of Norton, Mr. Waintworth &c. 

Coz: Dick Butler went in y* Coach with my Wife and jaiyjist. 
me to Leverpoole, Coz Dick Butler and I drunk Wine 
with Mr. Rolins at his Hous. Mrs. Sheelds Son played 
to us of y" Violin at the Woole Pack. 

Mary Winstanley told me the Business was quite of Juiyj4th. 
with her Warick-Shire Spark. 

My Wife, Mrs. Howet, and I went to Wigan, we juiyzsth. 
dined at y^ Leggs of Man. I met the Duke of Norfolk 
and his Dutches behind Ashton in their way towards 
Stonyhurst. I drunk at Ashton with the Duke, his two 

78 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 


Brothers, Sir Nicholas Sherbourn, S"' W" Gerard &c, I 

Wated of y^ Duck and Dutches &c to Wigan and supped 

at Tootalls with the Duke of Norfolk and his two Brothers, 

S' Nicholas Sherbourn, S"^ Fran : Anderton, My Lady 

Dutches of Norfolk, Lady Savell, Lady Howerd &c. 

July 29th. I Wated of y^ Duke and Dutches of Norfolk &c out of 

Wigan part of their way towards Preston. 

Thomas, 8th Duke of Norfolk, had just married Mary, only 
daughter and heiress of Sir Nicholas Sherburne, Bart., of Stonyhurst, 
Lancashire. The Duke died without issue, December 23, 1732, but 
the Duchess survived him till September 24, 1754. She spent her 
widowhood at Stonyhurst, but took a second husband in the person 
of the Hon. Peregrine Widdrington, belonging to a noble Northum- 
brian family, whose fortunes were shipwrecked in the disasters of 
1715. The monument to him in Mitton Church is one of three 
erected by his lady, all sufficiently prolix, and yet the fact of their 
marriage is not recorded. Dr. Whittaker says that she had no 
mercy on the stonecutter. 

July 31st. I went to Ince to wish Mr. Blund: welcome home from 

York-Shire Spaws. 

Aug. and. He (Mr. Aldred) began to gather Pins for one year. 

Aug. 7th, I went to Dr. Lathoms and asked him for a Receipt 

for one at York Schoole. 

Aug. .3th. Going to Leverp: I called at Bank-Hall, Mr. More 
shewed me part of a Sluce which Tandy had made for 
his Waterwork. 

Aug. 15th. Mr. Worthington of Blans: came to us, coming home 
(to Coz: Tho: Gellibronds) Coz: Tho: Gelibrond I &c 
Stormed Bark Stack Castle. 

Aug.ieth. I went to Preston Faire, I dined at Coz: Walm: Mr. 
Houghton y^ Elder came. I drunk at Dick Jacksons with 
Mr. Barlow of Barton Mr. Leomond &c. 

of Crosby. 79 

My Wife and I began our Journey toward Whit-Chourch, Aug.i8th. 

we came too late for y" Boats at Leverp : so we went over 

at Runkhorne after w'^'' we lost our way and went to 

Windy Weston where we got a Guide that brought us to 


We went from John Websters the Signe of y^ Bears Aug. .9th. 
Paw at Fradsom to Whit-Church to Mr. Benbows y® Signe 
of y* Red Lyon where we dined and discoursed Dr. 
Bostock about my Wives Paine in her back, from Whit- 
Church we went to Chester where we lodged at Mr. 
Taylors y° Signe of y® Golden Lyon. 

We saw several of y^ Paletines in the Wool-hall &c. Aug. 20th. 
We dined at Chester and thence went to y^ Rock hous, 
but the Boat was gon, so we got a Smoke made, but no 
Boat coming to us we went to y^ Wood-Side where Mr. 
Darcy Chantrell came to us and got a Boat for us, so we 
came home. 

Jo : Banist : and I clensed some of the Windows with Aug. 33rd. 
Chalk but it did not do well. 

There came an express from Croston to enquire for Aug.!5th- 
Wall Frute &c for S' Nicho: Sherbourne. 

Jo: Banister went to Leverp: and sold some Pigeons Aug. 26th. 

that y* Croston Express would not take with her. I went 

to my Burners in the Winterheys and gave them a 

Coz: Dick Butler dined here. Mr. Aid: and I went Aug. 29th. 
with him to y* New-hous from thence Mr. Burton came 
with us to Ince Greene, we four Played at Bowles Mr. 
Molin: of y" Grange was there. 

8o Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

Aug. 31st. I Transcribed my Grandfathers Song to y^ Tune of 

Roger o' Coverley, tis to be sent to Mr. Townley of 


This lively song of the "Cavalier's" will be found in A Cavalier's 
Note Book, p. 233. Mr. Charles Townley, brother to Richard 
Townley, of Townley, Esq., was a literary as well as a very amiable 
man. A short account of him is given in the Palatine Note Book, 
vol. I, p. 125, and at p. 134 some correspondence between him and 
the "CavaHer" is inserted. Mr. Townley died at York in 1712, 
and was buried April 29, at All Saints' Church. 

Sept. 3rd. I wated of Dr. Clayton at his Brothers. 

Sept. 7th. I went to Grange Bowling Green, there was Mr. 

Fazak: of y^ Hill hous, Mr. Formby, Parson Letus, Rob: 
Bootle y" Elder, Mr. Burton &c. Mrs. Poole of Burchley 
lodged here. 

Sept. 9th. I went in y^ Coach to Leverp : w* my Wife and 

Mrs. Poole of Burchley, we went to Mr. Hursts then to 
Mrs. Letonbys, then to y"" New Church thence to Mr. 
Scarisbricks, thence to Mr. Dones, next to Mr. Claytons 
and so home. 

sept.ioth. My Wife, Mrs. Poole, Mr. Aid: and I went in y^ Coach 
to Lidiat to see Mr. Moston. 

Sept. nth. We dined at Ince ; there dined there Mr. Wofold of 
Morehall his Wife, his Sister Wall and brother William. 
Mr. Scofield y^ Appothecary from Leverp : came hither. 

Sept. 22nd. Pat: Wofold, Brother Formby and Mr. Aid: called here. 

Sept. 26th. I payed Mr. Tasb: 15^ for a Medall of King Charles. 

Oct. 13th. At Ince we found Dominick Sherbourn. 

Oct. 14th. Coz: Dick Butler and I Coursed a Hare that Jo: Blund: 

Write found set, they were breaking at his Hous and 
lifted me. 

of Crosby. 8i 

~ 1709. 
Lord Mountg: and his Son dined here I went with oct.isth. 
them to Great Crosby Goos-feast, we eat at W° Tarltons, 
we went to a Rase on Crosby Marsh between a Black 
Mare of Jo: Gerards of Garswood, and a Bay Mare of 

Went to Ince to wate of S' W" Gerard and my Lady, oct.2oth. 
we found there Lord MoUneux, Mr. Scaresb : Mr. Harington, 
Young Mr. Gerard of Highfield, &c. 

I set up a good new Dyall Post in the Bleaching yard. oct.8ist. 

Wassail played here, we had a Merry Night. oct.28th. 

I sent Jo: Banister with a Brace of Hares to Alderman Nov. 2nd. 

I went to Bootle to see how S' Clave Mors Waterwork Nov. 7th. 
went forward. 

Mr. Aldred went with me to Mosb: we dined there Nov. 8th. 
with S' James Poole, Mrs. Mary Standley of Hooton &c. 
Mr. Molin : of Mosburg gave me some Carp Fray &c which 
we took to day with drawing and draining part of his 

Darby's Wife brought me from Mosbu: 138 Carp Fray, Nov. 9th. 
8 Tensh Carp or Mungrills and 22 Loaches. 

The old Man Tho: Kirklington who sells Picturs and Nov..«h, 
Tenns was here. 

I Hiered Cha: Howerd to be my Ploughman, Coachman Nov. 17th. 
&c and am to give him 50* p Ann : 

Mr. More of Bank-hall and one Mr. Fitz Gerald dined Nov, 23rd. 

Leverpoole Hounds hunted near the hous. Nov. 25th. 

82 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

Nov. 27th. I sent Jos: Massy to Leverp: for a Pennance becaus 

he refused to fetch a Mugg of Butter out of y^ Town. 

Nov. 29th. I went to Leverp: and made a Viset to Mr. Plumb 
who was not very well. I drunk Mr. Chorley's farewell with 
Mr. Alanson, I saw S' Clave More at y* Post Office. 

Nov. 30th. I went to Warington Fair and sold my Mare Harper 
she is designed for one Mr. Bradshaw of Manchester for a 
Hunter; there was one Mare sold at five farthings p 
Pound. I dined at D' Booths in Waring: with Mr. Maior 
alias Hard : 

Decith. We made some Math, a mistake both in y' .Quantity 

of Hunny and Water. 

Dec. 6th. I hung up my Paletine Church in the hall. 

Dec.i4ih. I went to see Parson Letus who was ill of a brocken 

Legg, I found there Mr. Walker, Curat of Male. I found 
Darby and Skinner Blundell playing at Tables at Ailes 
Davys after eleven of y^ Clock at Noon they had been 
playing all y^ Night. 

Deo. 27th. Mr. Blund : and his two Sisters Bridget and Dorot : 
suped here. Wassell was here we had a Merri night we 
dansed Country Danses. 

Dec. 28th. Wassell was here we had a Merri night and Fyered 
y^ Gunns. 

Dec. 29th. Lord Mountg:, Mr. James Tildesley, and Cap: Rob: 

Faza: dined and lodged here. Coz: Doro: Blundell and 

Mrs. Holland from Leverp: Lodg'd here, we dansed 

Country Danses after Super. 
Jan. 9th. Dr Smithson came to see me and let me blood. 

Jan. 23nd. I scHt Joh : Banist : to y^ Funerall of Lord Mountgarrets 

youngest Doughter, but it seems she was buryed last night. 

of Crosby. 83 

Mr. Ri: Wairing came to take leave of me, he designs jan.3ist. 
to goe to Bristold. 

I Rosted my Steeped Wheat to make Coflfy on but it Feb.eth. 
did not doe well. 

Mrs. Brid: Blund: and her Sister Dorothy came to take Feb. 7th. 
leave of my Wife being they were going away from Ince. 

Jo: Banist: sowed some Tobacco Seed. Some of it Feb. isth. 
came up but he brought it not to any perfection. 

My Wife and I dined at my Lord Mountg: it being y= Feb. 20th. 
first time we had eather of us ben there since his Son 
and Doughter had the small Pox. Young Mr. Tyrer sent 
hither for some Pigeons. 

The Boys of this Town flung at a Mallard in a Tub Feb. 21st. 
of Water. 

I called at Darbys and discoursed him and his Wife Mar. 2nd. 
about their Son Katching Rabets. 

I payed W" Harrison 2^ instead of Paist Eggs. Peter Mar.isth. 
Whit read Masinellows Revolution at Naples to me. 

My Wife and I went to see Peter Whits Ship that Mar. 30th. 
lyes in Farcloughs Lake, he dined with us at John Rimers 
in y* Meales and after dinner he went on bord his Ship 
the Betty with us. 

Faircloughs Lake is set down on a chart in the Liverpool Library, 
published by Samuel Fearon and John Eyes (1738), entitled A Chart 
of the Sea Coast from the Harbour of Wyer to Black Comb, &c. It 
was a gut or fret in the bank opposite "The Sugar Houses" near 
North Meols, and was apparently two miles long by about half a mile 
broad, nearest the sea, narrowing landwards. (Communicated by Mr. 
P. Cowell, Librarian). 

Peter Whit : was going in his Ship from Farcloughs April 5th. 
Lake towards Leverp : but he himself landed near y* 

84 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 


Grange, he sent his Ship forwards and Walked hither on 
foot, I lent him a Hors to ride on to Leverpoole. I sent 
John Banister to Leverp: with a present of Apples to Mr. 
Houghton, Mr. Clayton &c. 

April loth. Went to Farnworth, to the Cocking at Giligants y^ 
Signe of the Naggs Head. I drunk with Mr. Hardig of 
y" Lougher house, Mr. Harding of the Hook Hous, Jam : 
Houghton, &c. 

April .3th. Pat : Wofold gave me 10° th6 not to be known from 
whom it came. 

This was a case of restitution through the confessional. 

April 14th. I went to Leverp : in Expectation to have seen a great 
meeting of Quaickers but most of them were gon. Mr. 
Plumb acquaited me with a discovery how he had been 
robed and otherways abuesed by a Woman, he shewed me 
severall Letters from Oliver Lime. 

April .5th. I went to Leverp : with my Lord Mountg and his Son 
Richard and saw them take boat in order to goe over y^ 
Water and so to goe to Holy Head. 

April i6ih. Mr. Boyer of Aintry and his Wife dined here. I went 
to my Lord Mountgarrets to take leave of his Son James 
who was going for Blandick. 

Blandyke is St. Omer's College, the famous Jesuit place of 

April 20th. I went to Scarisb : to take leave of Coz : Scarisb : two 
Elder Sons who were for going to Blandick. I dined with 
old Mr. Harington, he came homwards with me, we 
called at Mr. Irelands in Maile. 

April 25th. Parson Wairing and his Son Gerard Wairing made me 
a Viset. 

of Crosby. 85 

I went to Leverp: and drunk at Mr. Silv: Richmonds April ^gih. 
with him and Parson Foxcroft who was formerly Curate 
of Sefton. 

I payed two Grats to W" Crisp my Lord Molin: his May 3rd. 
Bayly for two years Customary " Rent. The Young People 
of this Town had Musick at Night and a Bone Fire. 

I sent a Present of Young Pigeons to Coz: MoHn: of Maymh. 
Mosbourgh for storing his Dove-Court. 

I went to Leverp: James Halsold y* Braysior treated Mayiath. 
me with Pickled Oysters. I met Mrs. Allison and her 
three Sons walking towards Litherland. 

Went to Ince Green and bowled with Parson Letus, May 17*. 
Mr. Burton and Rob: Bootle, Mr. Nich : Fazak: was 
there and bowled. 

My Wife and I saw y^ Strange Starr it appeard about Ma,isth. 
y^ East and Shot downwards towards y^ North the Streamer 
of it seemed to be fully four yards long, it appeared about 
half an hour after Nine at night and lasted about y^ Space 
of half an Ave Maria. 

There were about 64 Young People playing in a Ring May 28th. 
on my Green and about 20 Spectators. 

The first Swarme of Bees I had y^ year Knit upon Jo : May 30th. 
Banisters hat when he had it on his head. 

We met Mr. Blund: coming home from Dr. Bostock. junesth. 

My Wife took up Coz: Emelia Butler and my Aunt june^th. 
Frances in y* Coach, we all went to Oughton Moss and 
saw a Plate Runn for by five Galawayes, a Hors of my 
Lord Chulmundeleys wane it. 

Went to Leverp: and saw y° Play acted called juneisth. 
Sephonisba or Haniballs Overthrow. I discoursed Dr 


86 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

Smithson about his Ordering too much Lodinum for Mr. 

juneieth. I began to still some Eye-bright. 

June 24th. Dr Cawood the Oculist from Dublin came to look at 
my Eyes, he Lodged here. 

junessth. I went with Doctor Cawood to Leverpoole to assist 
him in geting Acquaintance and to procure a Chamber for 
him where his Pasients may Come to him, we drunk at 
the Post Office with Doctor Smithson, Doctor Person &c. 

June 29th. My Wife went to Ince to take Leave of Mr. Blundell 
and his Lady ere they went to Harragate Spawes. 

July 5th. Pat: Parker y" Provins : Mr. Babthrop &c came hither. 

Pat : Smith of Croston lodged here. 

July 14th, 

I began to learne of Dr Cawood to play at Picket. 

July 17th. Dr Cawood and I went to Prescot, I went to Mr. 

Oliver Lime to know whether he would venture with Dr 
Cawood for his Eyes, we light at y" Signe of y^ Ship and 
discoursed our Land-Lord, Tho : Moss. 

juiyaoih. I Began by Orders of Dr Cawood to take Drops, Eye 

Bright Tea and to put Clary Seeds into my Eyes. 

July 22nd. Dr Caw: and I went to Leverp: we Looked at y* 
Dock that is in making, we went to see y" make White- 
Mettle Muggs. 

July 24th. 

Dr Caw: went to y" Flowering of Ince Cross. 

Aug. 2nd. I gathered 11 63 since this day twelve Month. 

This entry is explained by one made August 2 in the previous 
year, viz. : " He began to gather Pins for one year." There was 
probably a bet on this subject between the squire and his chaplain. 

of Crosby. 87 

I Waited 24* in Chinea in my Hale for my Wife. Mr. Aug. wth. 

Aid : Dr Cawo : and I went to the Grange Greene and 

saw a Match Bowled there between two young Men of 

Ince and two old Fellows of Formby, a Slave come from 

Turkey was on the Green. 

Mr. Aid: Dr. Cawood and I went to Ince Green to Aug. 15th. 
see y* Match Bowled between the same two Formby and 
two Ince Men; Ince Green was so wet 'that the Spectators 
would not goe on it, there was there Mr. Formby, Parson 
Letus, Rob: Bootle and his Son &c. 

My Wife, Aunt Frances, Coz: Emi: But: &c., dined Aug. is*. 
at Eckleston, there was there Mr. Molineux of Bold, his 
Lady and abundance of Company. 

The Stone Cross in y* Town was set up unknown to Aug. 23rd. 
me by y* Order chiefly of W™ Gray the Overseear of y* 
High Wayes. 

I began to pull down y° end of the Chappell in order Aug. 29*- 
to build it up with Brick. 

I went to Leverp : and drunk at y® Mariners Armes Aug. 31st. 
with Tho: Brownbill &c. I bought a fancifuU Ring of 
Mugg Mettle to drink out of and brock it ere I got it home. 

Young Mr. Tyrer and Mr. James Tildesley called here, 
they had ben a Parleamenteering. 

My Ditchers found a Basket Hilted Sword and a Lock sept.9th. 
of a Gun or PistoU as they were ditching between y^ Long 
Garden and y^ Bleaching Yard, tis probable they had laine 
there since the time of y* sivell Wars. 

One from Leverp: I suppose y* Huntsman was here sept.i3th. 
to enquire for some of Leverpo: Hounds as were strayed 
here away. 

Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 


Sept. i8th. I went to Formoss-Poole Gutter expecting to have found 

8 Men at work but tho it was past four of y* Clock I 

onely found one man there y^ rest 'not as yet being comm 

from their Dinners or Rather from y" Ailehouse. 

Sept. 19th. Coz : Richard Butler dined at the Stand with my Lord 
Molineux, Mr. Molineux of Mosburgh &c. 

Sept. 20th. Coz: Rich: Butler of Bristold went hece. I went with 
him to Leverpoole but being they could not get his Horses 
into y^ Boat he Stayed at Leverpoole all Night. We 
drunk a Bowie of Punsh at Mr. Tates. Grays Brandy 
and Toste. 

Sept. 26th. I went in y® evening to Ince Green there was there Mr. 
Formby, Lightbown of Formby &c. 

Oct. 3rd. I went to Grange Green with Mr. Aid: we bowled 

there before dinner with Parson Letus &c it was y® finishing 
day of Ince Green for this Season. 

Oct. 9th. I sent W" Ainsw: to Culcheth to wish Mr. Culsh: Joy. 

Mr. Thomas Culcheth was then newly married, but died s.p., 
and was buried at Winwick, October 8, 1747. His estates passed to 
his cousin, Thomas Stanley, Esq., of Eccleston-in-the-Fylde, whose 
daughter and heiress, Meliora, married William Dicconson. Esq., 
and died s.p., when the property went to the Traffords, who sold it 
early in this century. 

oot.i6th. It being Crosby Goosefeast I dined at Parson Wairings 

with Mrs. Cross, Parson Letus' Sister in Law, Wm. 
Harrison y* Clark and his Wife &c. 

Oct. 17th. My Wife went to see Coz: Scarisb: who was lying in 

of her son Henry. 

oct.i8th. John Adulph Castalier a German shewed here a Coach 
and Four Horses with People in it made all of Ivory that 
did not weigh two Graines. 

of Crosby. 89 

Widdow Bolton a Chirurganess came hither to dress a oct.soth. 

Cut that Fanny has got over her Eye. 

I lent Darby my Lottery for two Dice being he was to oct.2ist. 
have a Cake play to night. 

Cap: Rob: Faza: went with my Wife and me in y' nov.isi. 
Coach to Formby. 

I Went to Chorley Town to meet Young Mr. Gerard of not. 30th. 

Highfield and Pothecary Gerards Son. 

My Brother Langdale Mr. Ald:^ and I went in y^ Coach jan.snd. 

to Leverp : we drank at Swarbricks and at y^ Talbot. 

We had a Merry-Night. Tatlock played of his Pipes jan.3rd. 
and Fiddle. 

Brother Langdale my Wife and I dined at Ince, Mr. jan.?*. 
W" Gibson was there. 

Mr. Aid: and I went a Skaiting to y" Old Moss there jan.2ist. 
was there Mr. Taylor of Orms: y^ Watchmaker. 

I went to Leverpoole with my Wife &c. We saw y^ jan.27th. 
great Saxon Maxemilian Christofer Miller I drunk at y* 
Wool-pack, with Mr. Plumb Mr. Allison and Dr. Fabius 
and with Mr. Ford y* Putear, Dr. Traps &c. 

Mr. Aid: and I went to Mr. Ni: Fazakerley of y"* 
Hill hous. 

Mr. Burton and Mr. Green of Hooton came hither. Feb. 7th. 

Rev. Stanislaus Green, S.J., was chaplain to the Stanley family 
of Hooton, Cheshire. He died 1722. 

The Push Ploughers began to Push in y* Winter heys. Feb.joth. 

Ra: Peters pay'd me £5 from Mr. Wilding 'tis put out Mar. 3rd. 
to Interest for y" Poore of Little Crosby. 

go Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

Mar. 8th. Mr. Aldred gave me a Paire of Ivory Tenns which he 

made on purpose for my own use, Mr. Blund: Mr. Ra: Tildesleys Widdow and Mrs. Ann 
Harington made a Viset here. 

Mar.Kth. I cut a good deale of Eye-bright for me to smoke. 

Mar. 13th. I Began to draw out some Pictures w''' my Pensall for 
my Rugg work and to try to finish one of them with cut 
Woosted but it did not doe right. 

Mar. aoth. Cap : Rob : Fazak : brought us word that y" Family of 
St. Germans was privately gon away in y* Night. 

Mar. 24th. I went to Leverp : and gave directions to Norton y^ 
Sadler to make me a Hammer-Cloath. I spoke to Mr. 
Low for some Glass-bottles. 

Mar. 29th. I went to Leverpo: I drunk at y* Woolpack w* Mr. 
Alanson and Samwell Edwards. I proposed a Swap with 
Samw: Edw: between my Button and his Gray Galloway. 

Mar. 30th. Rich : Cartwrit let my Wife blood in y^ Foot. 

April 3rd. Coz: Scarisb: I and our Wives went to a Race on 

Oughton Moss, when the Race was past Mr. Scarisb: 
and I went to Lancets the Signe of Queens Head in 
Ormsk: where we drunk Wine with S" Tho: Standley, his 
Son, Capt: Standish, Parson Hindley of Oughton, Mr. 
Ashurst of Ashurst &c. 

April 4tii. Mr. Scaresb: and I dined at Burchley with S' W" 

Gerard and his Brother John, Mr. Banks of Winstanley 
and his Brother y" Parson, Mr. Leigh of Lime &c. 

April asrd. I tought ]o '. Sumner, W° Marrow, Rob: Tompson &c 
to play at Penny prick w"* y^ Foot balle. I sent W" 
Ains: to Hooton to see Coz: Standley, she is ill of y^ 
Small Pox. 

of Crosby. 91 

My Wife rid behind Mr. Aid: to D' Lathoms to April a4th. 

prayers, they dined there. 

Dr. Lathom, being old and infirm, had a private chapel at his 
house in Aintree. 

I went to Preston to wate of my Coze: Eyre and his April 30th. 
Lady. I suped with them at their New Lodging and 
with Mr. Standley and his Grand-Mother Patton, Parson 
Young &c. I Lodged at Rich : Jacksons y^ Signe of y^ 
whit Bull in Preston. 

I Dined at Coz : Eyres with Mr. Standley of Bigarstaff May ist. 
his two Aunts, Mrs. Whithead and one of her Sons, 
Parson Young &c. I made a Viset to Mrs. Ann and 
Bridget Blundell, to Mr. Walmesley Junior and Mrs. 
Walmesley Senior. I was at y° New Coflfy hous with 
Coz: Eyre where he, young Mr. Standley, Mr. Walles 
&c played at Passage; Cap Sidall D"" Farrington &c 
played at Inn and inn. 

"'Passage' is a game of dice to be played at but by two, and 
it is performed with three dice. The caster throws continually till 
he hath thrown doublets under ten, and then he is out and loseth; 
or doublets above ten, and then he passeth and wins." — The Complete 
Gamester, 1680. 

"'In' signified that there was a doublet or two dice alike out of 
the four ; ' In and in ' that there were either two doublets or that 
all of the four dice were alike ; which swept all the stake. ' He 
is a merchant still, adventurer at in and in.' " — Ben Jonson, Webster's 
Dictionary. (Communicated by J. W. Bone, Esq., F.S.A.) 

Then to Chorley to y^ Funerall of Mr. Walmesley of May 2nd. 
Dungen-hall there was there S' Thorn : Standleys Son, 
Mr. Rob : Leigh, Mr. Brooks of Astley, the four Trustees, 
viz S' Ni : Sherb : S' W" Gerard &c I went with y^ Corps 
as far as Rodbourn towards Blackbourn. 

Francis, only son of Bartholomew Walmesley, of Dunkenhalgh, 
Esq., who died January 7, 1701-a, had followed his father to the 


92 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

grave at the early age of 14. His sister Catherine was now sole 
heiress of the family estates, and married, when only 15, on March i, 
1712-3, Robert, 7th Lord Petre, who died of smallpox early the 
following year. She gave birth to a posthumous son, Robert James, 
the adventurous baron of Pope, in the Rape of the Lock. Lady Petre 
re-married, in 1733, Charles, Lord Stourton, and died in 1785, aged 
88. Her descendant, Henry Petre, Esq., now holds the property. 

May 3rd. The young people of this Town had a Merry -night at 

y° four Lain ends. Tatlock was their Musition. 

Mayi6th. Mr, Aid: went with me to Ince Green where I Bowled 
y* Match w"* Mr. Rob : Blund : which we made yester night 
viz one Game hand to Fist and after that single ends for 
an hour. 

May 19th, I sent Cha : Howerd to y* Buriall of Hen : Livesley. 

May 30th. Speed was severely whiped for taking a Shoulder of 
Mutton off y^ Spit. 

June 3rd. Mr. Aid: and I went to Ince to welcome home Mr. 

Blundell from Whit-Chourch. 

He had been to consult Dr. Bostock, and must have died very 
shortly after this visit. 

June 4th. I went in y^ morning to my Burners in the North hey 

and gave those leave that had a Mind to goe to Ince to 
Prayers being Mr. Blund : was newly dead. I also went 
thither to prayers. 

June 7th. I was at y* Funerall of Mr. Blundell of Ince, there 

was Mr. Tyrer y' Maior of Leverp: Alderman Clayton, 
Mr. Tyrer the Atturney &c. 

June 14th. I went to Great Crosby Court, I drunk with Mr. Ford 
y" Steward &c, I shewed there some tricks of Legerde- 
mesney to Parson Wairing, James Williamson, Mr. Thomas 
y^ Officer &c. 

jiinei7ih. I Killed three of my Kats for eating y^ Cheeses. 

of Crosby. 93 

My Wife went to Mrs. Booties of y° Peele to shew her juneisih. 

a Soar place she has in her Legg. 

My Wife and Pat Gelib : made a Viset to my Lady June ast. 
Anderton at Ince. Mr.- Aid: and I Bowled at Great 
Crosby Green w**' Parson Letus, Mr. Gerard Wairing and 
Mr. Thomas. 

My Children and the Maids went to Formby Fair. junesgth. 

Pat: Turbervile prayed here and preached, he dined juiyist. 

Rev. John Turberville, S.J., a relative of Lady Anderton, was 
her chaplain at Lostock, and had come to Ince with her. In 
Lydiate Hall and its Associations may be seen some letters of this 
father, relating to the curious complications that arose from her 
disposition of her Lydiate estate. 

Coz: Dick Butler sent to invite me to his Ball at juiyard. 
Ormsk: this Night but I went not. 

Went to y^ New-house to make Mr. Tasburgh a Viset juiyioth. 
he being comn thither yester day to live there. 

I went to Leverp : and drunk w* Cap : Clayton at his juiy 14th. 
own house. 

Mrs. Scarisb: and Mrs. Ellin Entwisley dined here, juiyieth. 
Mrs. Moline: of y^ Grange and her Sister Betty Blund: 
Suped here. 

Coz: Dick Butler and his Sister EmiHa went hence juiyxgth. 
towards Ireland, they went over y' Water and designed 
to goe to Parke Gate. 

I saw Peter Slinhead stand in -f Pillery at Leverp: juiy«st. 
for writing against Dr. Secheverall and the Church of 
England. I discoursed Mr. Houghton Merchant about 
Husbandry but chiefly about improving of Land. 

94 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

July 22nd. I went to Croxtath to welcome home my Lord Molin : 

I found there old Mr. Harington and Will: Nelson. 

July 27th. Ned Hawkseye began to make a peece of a Wall in 

y^ Harkerk of some of y' Chappel Chamber stones. 

Aug. 5th. Lady Anderton and Mr. Turvile came hither, t'was 

the first time he has ben here. 

Rev. Charles Turville, S.J., had just come to be chaplain at 
Ince. He was born March 10, 1683; son of Wm. Turville, of 
Aston Flamville, Co. Leicester, Esq., and his second wife Isabella, 
daughter and co-heiress of Sir Aston Cokayne, Knight, of Pooley, 
Co. Warwick. In 1722, when Mrs. Blundell left Ince, he accom- 
panied her abroad as her chaplain. He was with her till her 
death in 1753. He then retired to Watten, and died there 1757, 
aged 74. 

Aug. 8th. I went to Ince Bowling Green there was there Mr. 

Nich: Faza: Mr. Formby &c I went of y* Green to 
help to pull a Mare of Rich: Whitheads out of y* Ditch. 
I was sent for home of y' Green because Cap: Clayton 
of Leverp: his Wife and Sister were come hither. 

AuB.3«st. I Began again to work at my Rug-work-Paint th6 I 
once had an unsuckcesfuU tryall at it before. 

Sept. 2nd. My Wife and I dined at Scarisb: we went to wate of 
Madam Walmes: of Dungen-hall, Dr Lancast: and Mrs. 
Fazake: dined with us there, we brought Mrs. Fazak: 
home to Ormsk : in our Coach. 

Sept. 8th. I went to Leverpoole to have met Mr. John Hurst of 

y" Scouls but he came not. 

Sept. 15th. I met Mr. Hurst of y* Scoules at y* Wool-pack in 
Leverp: I drunk there with Cap: Rob: Fazak: &c., I 
saw at Leverp: a Shew of a Little Woman. Hen: 
Williamson told me he would not stand to y^ Arbitration 

of Crosby. 95 

between him and y^ Waranders if old Rob: Bootle were 

an Arbitrator. 

This dispute was concerning rabbits taken by Williamson. 

I went to Ormsk: and drunk at y" Talbot with Mr. sepi.i7th. 
Walmesley y^ Watch-maker, coming home I called of John 
Sedon and discoursed him about sowing Malt-dust upon 

I went to Garswood and dined there with Mrs. Walmes- sept.3oth. 
ley, Mr. Scaresb:, Mr. Jo: Gelibrond &c. Mounsuer 
La Abbe tought Mrs. Walmesley &c to Dance at Garswood. 

I went to Leverp : designing to have ben at y' Funerall sept. 22nd. 
of Mr. Evans but he was not buried to day. 

Mr. Evans, a dancing master, had taught his art to the Diarist's 

I went to Leverp: to desire Mr. Tyarer the Maior of sept.sgth. 
Leverp : or Mr. Clayton to meet Mr. Nicho : Faza : and 
Mr. Brooks upon Wednesday at Charls Howerds. 

The business was to view Formospoole Gutter and other water 
courses, which were troubling the squire and his neighbours not a 
little. Mr. Tyrer met the party as desired. Mr, Molineux, of the 
Grange, Mr. Blundell, and others were present at the inspection. 


I put some Peach Stones &c to Infuse in Brandy to oct.i2th. 
make Ratefia on. 

I drove a Pin at Jo: Tickley's Rearing. oct.r3th. 

My Children went to Great Crosby Goos-feast they oct.t4th. 
Lodged in Great Crosby. 

It being Great Crosby Goosfeast I dined at Parson oct.i5th, 
Wairings with him, Parson Letus and his Wife and Sister- 
in-Law, Parson Marsden, Parson Mount, Mr. Williamson 


96 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

and Mr. Whithead Shool - Masters of Formby, Dr 
Tarlton &c. 

Oct. 17th. We began to Hatchell and Spinn this years Flax. My 

Wife sent Jo : Banis : to Scarisb : of a How-do-you to my 
Lady Tankerd. 

oct.jsth I found Rob: To: and Hen: Kerf: playing of Reed 

Pips when they should have been geting Potatows. 

oct.joih. I fetched home 4 Piggs and one Speaning from Ormsk: 

Oct 22nd. I went to Ja : Brows in expectation to have seen a 
Match of Shooting w* Bowes and Arrows but y® Formby 
Archers came not. I found at James Browns Pat: 
Wofold, Mr. Aldred, Mr. Burton, Mr. Edw^ Molineux of 
Formby &c. 

Oct. 28th. I went to see Parson Wairing, he being very ill; his 

Brother y® School-Master of Prescot was there, I signed a 
Petission to y^ Company of Merchant-Taylors of London 
in behalf of Mr, Gerard Wairing that he might Suckseed 
his Father. 

This petition had the desired effect. The Grammar School at 
Great Crosby is still flourishing, and an elegant building has been 
recently erected to replace the old structure. 

Oct. 31st. I attended y"= Corps of Parson Wairing to Sefton there 

was Parson Letus, Mr, Peter Morton, Alderman Webster, 
Alderman Hurst, Mr. Allanson &c there was also at Parson 
Wairings, Parson Becket, Parson Mount &c., y' Corps 
was carried on my Coach Carriage. My Wife went to condole Mrs. Ann Wairing for y® 

death of her Father. My Children went in y° Coach to 
Formby Allotide. 

Nov. nth. I stood God-father with Mrs. Howet to Coz : Tho : 
Gelibronds Son John. 

of Crosby. 97 

My Wife and Children went to Leverpoo: Fair. Nov.Kth. 

I sold my Mare Punsh to Rich: Westhead for £4 in Nov. 13th. 
hand and eleven pound more to be paid upon y^ Birth of 
my first Son by my now Wife. I Lent my Coach Carriage 
to carry the Corps of Elizab: Farclough to Sefton. 

Ned Hatton came to me to Petission I wold be off Nov. 15th. 
y® bargan I had made with Ri: Westhead but I would 
not consent to it. 

I sent W" Ainsw: to Rich: Westhead with my Mare nov.2isi. 
Punsh being he had bought her of me some time agoe, but 
he sent her back in hopes I would come upon a new 
Bargan but we stuck to y^ first bargain. 

My Aunt Frances Blu : being dead I went to Ormsk: Dec and. 
to see who was to be her Executors, Coz: Jo: Gelibrond 
being one. 

I went to Ormsk: and brought y* Corps of my Aunt Dec. 3rd. 
Frances Blu : thence on my Coach Carriage and buried 
her in y^ Harkerk ; Coz : Jo : Gelib : Pat : Geli : Doctor 
Lancaster, Mrs. Ann Gorsuch &c came along with y* 

Frances Blundell, sister of the "Cavalier," of whom some 
account has already been given, was 80 years of age at the time 
of her death. 

I sent my Mare Punch to Rich: Westheads he was Deo. 4th. 
not at home but after some time his Wife took charg 
of her. 

Mrs. Blundell and her Kinsman Mr. Steven Anderton oeceth. 
made a Viset here. 

I found S' Francis Anderton and Mrs. Blund: at Mr. Decsm. 
Aldreds but he was gone to help Ginnet Arnold to die. 

Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

Decgth. My Wife went to see Mrs. Poole of Burchley who was 

lying in of her son Richard. 

Dec. loth. S' Fran : Ande : I &c Rid down to y* Sea Side and 
saw them take Flooks. I layed the Wager with Mr. 
Steven Anderton about the Number of Holes in a Flagelet. 

Dec. J3th. Rich : Webster came hither at Night and brought along 
with him y* Foolish Fellow Will: Speakman that played 
upon an EUer Pipe. 

Dec. 15th. Gabriall Norris Wife sent a Present to my Children of 
a Pack of Frensh Cards. 

Dec. 19th. My Eyes being not very well I spent most of the after 
Noone in sourting the printed Sheets of y* Book entickled 
Quid me perscsqueris and in laying as many Sheets together 
as made up bookes a peece. 

This was a treatise on the Penal Laws, but there does not appear 
to be any printed copies now in existence. It was written by the 
" Cavalier," who says — " In the year 1661 I printed a small book on 
that subject, which I have shewed to few, and 1 think it was never 
exposed to sale." — A Cavalier's Note Book, p. 150. 

Dec. 20th. I began to make some Aqua Celestis a new way viz: 

to whicken it with East lick Aile but it did not answer 

Dec.2cth. We had a Merry Night, Tatlock played here of his 
Pips and Fiddle, there was pritty throng Carding, one 
Company played at 6"* p Cut till after Nine next Morning. 

Dec. 31st. My Wife &c went to Leverp: in the Coach, they 
brought Betty Secomb my Landladys Doughter of the 
Wool-pack back with them to lodg here. 


Jan. 3rd. Coz: Tho: Gelib: and I &c. dined at Lanslets y* Queens 

Head in Ormsk : w* Cap : Brown, our Wives dined at 

of Crosby. gg 

^ 1712. 

Mrs. Howets. I saw Mrs. Walmesley going from Scarisb : 

to Garswood to solemnize her Birth-day to-morrow being 

then 14 years of Age. S' W° Ger: and his Doughter 

Mary, Coz : Scarisb : and his Lady, Coz : Jo : Gelib : &c 

were along with her. I was at Mr. Houghtons where y" 

privy Sestions were held by S' Tho : Standley Mr. Brooks, 

and Mr. Nicho: Fazak: Little Crosby had a Tryall w* 

Ince Town there, concerning y* Settlement of Rich: Swift 

&c, we lost y^ Sute. 

Mr. Aid : and I went to Leverp : I went to see Mr. Jan. 15*. 
Houghton y' Merchant who was so ill I could not be 
admitted to speak to him. 

I went to Aintry and looked at Doctor Lathoms Housing jan. leth. 
called Aintry Hous to see in what repair it was in. 

I went to see Parson Richmond of Walton who was jan-isth. 
sick, I found there Parson Marsden and I think Parson 

Mr. Ri: Molin: of y' Grange came hither and paid me jM.sist. 
his 10 Penny Rent. 

My Wife and I went to Leverp : and heard Mr. Manock jan. 27th. 
Preach. Mr. Tute and Mr. Morphew &c were there, we 
dined at Mrs. Brownbills with her and Mr. Manock. 

A room in the house would then serve as a chapel — ^the first 
building of this character dating about 1736. This was destroyed 
by the mob after the defeat of the Jacobites in 1745. Rev. Francis 
Mannock, S.J., was second son of Sir Francis Mannock, Bart., by 
Mary Heneage, born October 18, 1670, died at York, December 21, 
1748. — Foley's Records, vol. 5, p. 367. 

I bought Lining Silk &c at Mr. Hursts to make up a Feb..aii., 
Sute of Clothes for myself y* Outside was of our own 
spilling. I went to y* Buriall Place to see Hu : Bullen 

loo Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

1712. ~~ 

goe past as he was removing hous into Darby, he had 

fourteen carts 'and mine was one of them. 

The burial place (Harkirke), though now enclosed within the 
walls of Crosby Park, formerly adjoined the public road; near it 
are the remains of a very ancient wayside cross. 

Feb. 23rd. I drunk at Mr. Hursts with him, Parson Richmond, 
Mr. Silvester Richmond, Mr. Brenan, &c. 

Feb.s4th. Mr. Taylor of Ormsk: Watchmaker dined here, he gave 
my Wife a pair of Silver Clasps for her Necklases. 

Ftb.25th. The Souldiers Fortune was Acted at Mrs. Ann Roth- 
wells in this Town. My Wife went with me both to y^ 
Play and Gigg. The Actors of y" Play were Thos Farer 
S' Davyd Dunce, W" Marrow Captain Bewgard, Watty 
Thelw: S"^ Jolly jumble &c. 

Mar. 3rd. Mr. Gera: Wairing made a Viset here. Young James 

Williamson y^ Saylor came with him. I went with S'' Jas 
Poole to y* Hall of Maile, thence we went to Parson 
Daines of Melling. 

Mar. 4th. Severall of y° Neighbours turned the Pan-Kakes here 

after supper and dansed in y' Hall, Hen: Kerfoot played 
to yem. 

Mar. nth. Winuy Scot was here to Consult about y' misunder- 
standing as is between her and her Husband, I gave 
her my advice and let W" Weedow help to make them 

Mar. 15th. I went to see Mr. Hurst who was ill of y° Gout and 
Gravell, I think old Mr. Poole was with him. 

Mar. 18th. Toping y^ Parriter was here a beging for Corn, I gave 
him some. As I was going to my Setters of Star to hinder 
y'= Sand from recking up my Grand Water-Course I met 

of Crosby. loi 

in y' Town W" Harrison y* Clark of Sefton I gave him 

2* instead of 12 Paist Eggs. 

Rich: Cartw: let me blood. Mai-.27tb. 

I gave my Coz : Tho : Gelibrond a Bowl made of Mar. 29th. 
Tobacco. I sent Jo : Banister to y^ Funeral of Nich : 

Being extreamly ill of a continuall Fit of Hekoping Mar. 30th. 
which lasted for about 15 Hours without ever any Long 
intermission both Dr Will: Lancaster and Dr Andrews 
came to me. 

Doctor Lane: camfe to see me. I got up being on y" April ist. 
mending hand. 

They sent from Mosb: Morehall and Ince to see me. April 2nd. 
Edw: Hatton, Tho: Blansh: and severall of my Neigh- 
bours came to see me. 

Mr. Aid: prayed here and preached a Passion Sermon. April isth. 

This was Good Friday. 

My Wife and I saw part of y'' Play called y° Schoole Aprfi2ist. 
of Complements Acted at He: Bushels by a Company as 
came from towards Scarisb: 

I went with Mally to y^ Whit-Mettle houses (Liverpool) Aprii23rd. 
and bought a Punsh Bowl. 

I went to Leverp: and gave Mr. Clayton a Receipt for April 26th. 
^100 from S' Roger Brad : owing by Bond from his Grand- 
father to Mr. Christopher Bradshaw. 

Mr. Christopher Bradshaw died in 1678, and left the "Cavalier," 
who could never recover this sum in his own lifetime, one of his 

I02 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

May 3rd. I went to Leverp : and fetched Mally home behind me, 

we saw the Drummers Wife of Leverp : whipt for Stealing. 

I drunk at y^ Woolpack with Mr. Plumb and Whit y* 

Barber, I payed Whit 25^ for a Perrywig. The young 

people of this Town had a Merry-night Tatlock played to 

them my Wife and I went to see them dance. 

May 6th. I Went to Ormsk ! Sessions in order to have got a 

Hunderd Bridge made over Formospoole Gutter but could 
not. I dined at Lancets with Mr. Faz: of y* Hill-hous, 
Lawyer Blundell, Atturney Green &c there was at y* other 
Table Mr. Clayton of Leverp : Merchant, Mr. Brooks of 
Ormsk: Lawyer Starkey &c I drunk at y* Talbot with 
Mr. Rob: Fazakerley and Doctor Lancaster. 

May 13th. I went to Ormsk : Rase with my Wife and Mally in 

y" Coach but I rid upon y" Ground, there was my Lord 
Peters and his Lady, Lawyer Starkey, Parson Letus &c 
the Rase was won by an Iron Gray hors of one Mr. 
Batters he run against my Lord Molineux his Darcy &c. 
I bought a Hat of Quaker Holme. 

Mayseth. Mr, Aid: shewed me how to take y* Meridion. 

May 20th. They began to spin some of y^ years woole to make 

me a Sute of Cloths on. 

Mayzist. I dined at Garswood with S' Will: Gerard, Lord 

Peters, Mr. Culcheth and their Ladys, S" Francis Andrews 
&c. I went in y° Evening with S"^ Will : Gerard and S'' 
Fra: And: to Burchley and so home. 

M.iy sand. Tho : KerkHngton was here, I went out with him a 
Simpling to y* Sand Hills. 

May 23rd. My Wife went to y* Peele to shew her foot to Mrs. 

Bootle which was soar with being Bluddied. 

of Crosby. 103 

I was at Ince Green but did not bowl, there was uayagth. 

Parson Letus, Parson Wairing, Parson Darbyshire of 

Formby, Rob: Bootle &c. 

My Wife, I and my children were at the Funerall of junesth. 
John Bryanson of the Morehouses, there was Mr. Molineux 
of the Grange, Rich : Tickley &c. 

I took Tho: Hartley and Geo: Nailer of Leverp: janegth. 
hunting Wild Ducks in the Cowhey, they had one Gun 
but wood not deliver it. 

I went to Ince Green, there was Parson Sherley of y° junewth. 
Meales, Mr. Lancet of Ormsk : &c. 

My Wife rid behind me to Leve: we saw y° Play juneigth. 
Acted called y° Earle of Essex there was present Mr, 
Heskaine, Mr. Jams Gleast., Will: Rollins &c. My Wife and 
I came home in y* Wet between 4 and 5 next Morning. 

When I came home I found Parson Gerard Wairing jnneaoth. 
and John Dugdale &c who were comne along with Geo: 
Nayler to petission for him he being one of them as I 
prosecuted for Shooting a Wild Duck in y* Cowhey. 

My Wife began her Journey towards Holywell she Rid junesist. 
to Leverp: and designes to walk the rest. 

1 went to Leverp: and saw Acted in y* Castle the juneaard. 
Play called y' Yeoman of Kent, there was at y" Play Mr. 
Sandeford Junior, Will: RoUins, James Gleast &c. 

I made a Sword Dance ^gainst my Marlpit is flower'd. juiyard. 

I went to Leverp: and to the Printhous tis y* first jaiyju,. 
time I was to see it. 

I was very busy most of y' after-noone shaping Tinsall juiy^th. 
&c for the Garland for my New Marl-pit and after Supper 

I04 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 


y'' Women helped to Paste some things for it. I began to 

teach the 8 Sword Dancers their Dance vf"^ they are to 
Dance at y^ Flowering of my Marl-pit. Dr Cawood played 
to them, 

July 8th. I was very busy making Kaps &c for my Marlers and 

Dansers, severall of Great Crosby Lasses helped me. The 
Young Women of this Town, Morehouses and Great Crosby 
dressed y* Garlands in my Barne. I tought my 8 Sword 
Dancers their Dance, they had Musick and Danced it in 
my Barn. 

juiygth. I was extreamly busy all Morning making some things 

to adorn my Marlers Heads. My Marl-pit was flowered 
very much to y* Satisfaction of y" Spectators, all the 14 
Marlers had a Particular Dress upon their Heads and 
Carried each of them a Musket or Gun. The Six Garlands 
&c were carried by young Women in Prosestion, the 8 
Sword Dancers went along with them to y^ Marlpit where 
they Dansed, the Musick was Gerald Holsold and his 
Son and Rich: Tatlock, at Night they Danced in y* 
Barne. Tho : Lathord of Leverpoole brought me to y^ 
Marlpit a Dogg CoUer against my Bull Bate as is to be 
in y^ Pit. 

July 15th. I Baited a Large Bull in y* Bottom of ray New Marl- 

pit, he was never baited before as I know of, yet played 
to admiration, there was 8 or g Doggs played y* first Bait 
and onely two y' 3'*^ bait, I think there was not above two 
Doggs but what were very ill hurt, I gave a CoUer to be 
played for but no Dogg could get it fairly, so I gave it to 
Rich : Spencer of Leve : being his Dogg best deserved it. 

July i8th. Mr. Aid : began to make some kaps for some of my 

Sword Dancers against y^ Finishing day. 

of Crosby. 105 

I went to I nee Bowling Green where I found Parson jaiysist. 

Sherley of Meyles, Parson Darbyshire, and Mr. Whithead 

the School-Master of Formby &c. 

I had my Finishing day for my Marling and abundance juiysard. 
of my Neighbours and Tenants eat and drunk with me in 
y^ after noone, severall of them had made presents to my 
Wife of Sugar, Chickens, Butter &c. All my Marlers, 
Spreaders, Water-Baylis and Carters din'd here, we fetched 
home y* Maypowl from the pit and had Sword Dansing 
and a Merry-Night in y' Hall and in y* Barne, Richard 
Tatlock played to them. 

Jo: Tickley told me his Secret and his greatest Troble juiyasth. 
and advised with me about it. 

I went to Mr. Aid: where I found Mr, Tho : Ford 3^ jmyaist. 
Puterar, Jack Whit y® Barber, Doctor Barret and Pothecary 

In his Anecdote Book the Diarist says — "I knew one Thomas Ford 
a Brazier at Leverpoole who could have writ his name upon a wall 
at arms length with half a hundred weight hanging at his little finger." 

I went to Leverp: Dr. Caw: and I made a Viset to Aug. and. 
Mr. Hurst, he shewed us his new hous. 

I walked into 3^ Town with Pat: Jam: Gorsuch, after Aug. 7th. 
dinner he and his Sister Ann made a Viset to Will : 
Williamsons of Litherland. 

My Children buried one of their Babbys with a great Aug.ioth. 
deale of Formallity, they had a Garland of Flowers carried 
before it, and at least twenty of their Playfellows and others 
that they invited were at y* Buriall. 

Mr. Roby breackfasted here, I went with him to Vew Aug. nth. 
Fermospoole Gutter where he considered about making a 
Bridg over it. 

io6 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

Aug. 14th. Mr. Standish, Mr. Rog : Diconson and their Ladys 
dined here. 

Aug. 15th. Dr. Cawood and I made a Viset to Mr. Moston of 
Lidiat, coming home I shewed him Sefton Seller. My 
Children saw part of a Stage Play at Melling. 

Aug. joth. I was searved with y* SherrifFs Writ upon y* Sute of 
Mr. Molineux of y^ Grange, it was about y* Water Courses. 
I went to Prescot and advised w"" Lawyer Blund: about 
this Business. 

Aug. jist. I went to Ormsk : and gave Mr. Tyrer my Note that I 

would stand Sute against Ince. Mr. Hesketh of RyfFord 
spoke to me in behalf of Thomas Hartley about his 
Shooting Wild Ducks in my Demesney. 

Aug. 24th. Mr. John Jackson one of the Masters of Mathematicks 
at Leverpoole made me a Viset. 

Aug.z5th. Doctor Lancaster of Ormskirk and Coz : William 
Walmesley the Watchmaker dined here. 

Aug. 30th. I went to Lever: I drunk at W. Griffys w* Mr. Plumb 

and D'' Caw: I saw y* Little Woman Catherin she 

was a Hanaverian, she was as near one yard and Insh 
high as could be. I attended the Corps of my Landlady 
Secomb as far as into y^ Church Yord, there was at y^ 
Buriall Hous, Mr. Maior, D' Tarlton, Parson Stith, Parson 
Walsh &c. 

Sept. ist. I had a Cradle from Leverpoo: for Mowing Oats I 

shew'd it to Henry Ashcroft but he ues'd it not today. 

Sept. 8th. My Black -Bull was Baited at Mrs. Ann Rothwells 
there played but three right Doggs and two of y° were 
ill hurt. 

of Crosby, 107 

My Wife, Mrs. Scarisb : and Pat Edw : Scarisb : went sept. lath. 
in y^ Coach to Lever: they saw a Play Acted called y* 
Queene of the Scots. 

This Rev. E. Scarisbrick, S.J., was brother to the squire. 

D' Caw: helped me to examain my Simballing things. sepMsth. 

Mr. Plumbe and I went on borde Mr. William Kellys sept^oth. 
Ship the John of Dublin. 

I called at D' Lathoms and chapterd Betty Lathom sept.jist. 
about her unkindness to her Uncle and Aunt. Y* Bet 
between Mr. Aid: and Mall: But: about Mesuring an 

Mrs. Fleetwood Butler Lodged here. sept.a^ad. 

We went to Parson Wairings but he being gon to y° oct.znd. 
Funeral of Mrs. Moreton we went to James Davys. 

My Wife and Mrs. Fleet : Butle : went to Leverp : oct. 4th. 
Ch : How : overturn'd y" Coach upon Lever : Rocks and 
dammadged it very much and hurt my Wife and Mrs. 
Butler, he brock it worse in Great Crosby Field. 

I wore my second homs Made Sute. oct.5th. 

Mr. Golding sent hither for some Young Pigeons to oct.xith. 
stock his Dove-Cort with, I gave him a dozine or more. 

I went to Great Crosby Goosfeast with my Wife &c. oonath. 

I and Mally went in our Coach and six to lodge at oct.i3Ch. 
Mosburgh. The Water in Rainford was very high and 
came into y* Coach and wet some of our things in the 
Male Trunk and Boxes. 

Mr. Ro : Molin : Mr. Aid : and I dined at Garswood. oct. 15th. 

io8 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

Oct. i6th. S' Will : Gerard and his Brother John and Mr. 

Worthington of Blanscow dined at Mosbu : 

Oct. 17th. Mr, Poole of Burchley and his Wife dined at Mosb : 

Mr. Fra : Escot came in the after noone. 

oct.isth. Mr. Molineux of Mosb: and I met Mr. John Gerard 

of Garswood a hunting. 

Oct. 19th. Coz : Molin : and I went on Hors Back to Burchley ; 

our Wives Mrs. F. Butler and Mally went in y^ Coach, 
we dined there with Mrs. Eckleston. 

oct.2ist. Mr. Knight prayed and dined here and then went 

towards Leverp : 

Oct. 23rd. Will : Ainsw : bought me Seven Manks Bullocks at y' 

Hall of Maudsley. 

Oct. 26th. I was at Margery Shepheards at y* Marriage of her 

Doughter Ailes to Roger Oneale. 

Oct. 31st. I gave John Bannister a Quarters warning, but since we 

have peesed againe, so he dose not Leave my Service. 

Nov. 4th. I came to Ja: Bryans : and mesured y® Eshen about 

w'^'' Mr. Aid : had Layed a wager formerly, it held something 
above 19 Quarts. 

Nov. 6th. I Coursed a Hare in Thornton, Parson Mallery, Mr. 

Eckleston y* Brewer, old Rob: Bootle &c was present. 

Nov. 18th. Mr. Manock brought y* News that Duke Hammilton 
and Lord Mooe had killed each other in a Duell. 

Nov. 20th. Went to Leverp : saw a Poppet Show in y* Lord Street. 

Decist. I was at y* Funerall of Mr. Male of Male, there was at 

y" Hous Alderman Clayton and Mr. Shaw of Leverp: Mr. 

of Crosby. log 

Poole of Low Hill, Parson Becket, Parson Letus, Mrs. 

Bootle of y* Peele &c. 

My Wife, Mally and I lodged at Mr. Golding at Dec.«7tii. 
Southward, Mally rode thither behind me, we found there 
Lawyer Johnsons Doughter of Warington and Mr. Booth. 

Mr. Booth went with Mally and me to Dobs Font. Decaeth. 

Mrs. Golding my Wife and I dined at Culsheth, Mr, John Decag*. 
Culsheth was there, Mrs. Gold : Rode thither behind me. 

Mrs. Golding my Wife and I dined at Mr. Langtons Dec. 30th. 
of y* Low with young Mr. GifFord and Mr. Helme. 

Mr. Golding I and our Wives and Mally &c heard Dec. 31st. 

Mass at Mr. Jo: Corleys and dined there. 

Mr. John Corley and his Wife din'd at Southard. 

My Wife I and Mally came home from South : we light jan. and. 
at Winwick and went into y" Chourch to look at Mr. 
Leighs Monumet. 

We had a Merry Night, Rich : Tatlock play'd here we jan. eth. 
had a great many Dansers, they Dansed my Sword Dace, 
I played at Cut in y^ Paintry with Jos : Blansheard of the 
Lady Green, Rob : Massom &c. 

I got my Breakfast at Ell: Harrisons being I had not jaa.ioth. 
eat any Christmass Fair with her. 

They began to spin Gersey. jan. 20th. 

Mr. Molin: of the Grange being dead this Morning my jan. 2701. 
Wife and I went thither to pray but all y^ Masses were 
over ere we came. 

I went to the Grange to pray for Mr. Rich: Molineux jan. 28th. 
I heard 3 Masses and said y^ Office for the Dead with y° 
4 Priests. 

no Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

Jan. 29th. I went to y" Funerall of Mr. Moline: of y^ Grange, there 

was Mr. Wofold of More-hall, Mr. Harington, Coz : Molin : 

of Mosburgh, Parson Letus, Mr. Nicho : Fazak : Mr. Formby 

&c. I lent Cap : Rob : Faz : a Mare to ride on to y^ 


Jan. 31st. I had a New Side-Saddle brought home as Mr. Norton 

made twas of Leather, it was hansoled to night by five 

Feb. 4th. I went to Croxtath and dined there w*^ my Lord his 

two Sons Carroll and Thomas, Mr. Harington &c. 

Feb. 8th. My Wife, Mally, and Coz: Nanny Gorsu: went to y^ 

Grange to condole Mrs. Molin: for y* death of her husband. 

Feb. nth. Mrs. Bridget Alanson and Mrs. Betty Chorley came to 

lodge here, they came hither on my Horses from Leverp: 
I made a Mixture of part of a Legg of rosted Mutton &c., 
to draw Rats togeather tb one Place, I think it kill'd 
none of them. 

Feb.i3th. My Wife and I went in y* Coach w"" our Gests to 

Mr. Smiths of Mail. 

Feb. 13th. Mr. John Simpson and Mr. Nathani : Brown-Sword 

dined here they came to fetch our Gests away. 

Feb. 14th. I sent W° Weedow to Club-More with some Geese &c. 

I helped Ned Farer and Nich: Davy to set out a Cock- 
Clod at the four Lane Ends, 

Feb. 17th. I was at y* Cocking at Mrs. Ann Rothwells at y* Four 

Lane Ends, there was four Battles, a Cock of mine play'd 
one; there was Mr. Aid: Mr. Burton, Lunt y" Schoolmaster 
of Ince &c. We concluded to have a Cocking there upon 
Eeaster Munday, to play eather Battle Victory or Battle 

of Crosby. iii 

John Banister went to Ormsk: of a howdoe-you to Feb. 19th. 

Mrs. Fazak: who was Lying in. 

My Wife tryed to make some Red Ginger-Bread after Feb, 23rd. 
y® York Fassion. I went in y* Morning to y° Saile of 
goods at the Grange, I bought some small Casks and 
some Pewter. 

I went to Wigan and discoursed Doctor Tho : Worthing- Feb. 24th. 
ton about seting his Hous ready Furnished, it was for my 
Brother Langdale. 

Mr. Shepheard was here and Acquainted me that those Feb. 27th. 
of Ince were willing to have y^ Sute refer'd but will not 
own that they desire it. 

Mr. Scarisb: and his Lady dined here, they brought 
their Son Robert, he is for going to Blandick. 

I went to Leverp: and discoursed Mr. Plumb about y* Mar.2iid. 
Sute depending betweene Ince and me, Mr. Simpson 
treated me at his Hous. I drunk at y* Woolpack with 
Mr. Alanson and Dr Tarlton. 

I went to Prescot and light at Tho: Moss'es y* Signe Mar. 3rd. 
of y*= Ship, I sent for Lawyer Blund: and discoursed him 
about y* Water-Cours Sute, I made a Viset to Oliver Lime. 

There were some Hunters in y^ North-Hey and Little Mar.gth. 
Eases, I heard it was Mr. Molin: of Wooton hunting y" 
Fox, my Wife I &c went up into y* Leads to look at 

I went to Leverp: and made Mrs, Holiwell a Viset Mar. 13th 
and wished her Joy. Parson Stith shewed me his Garden. 

There were 186 People at Prayers at Mr, Aldreds this Mar. 15th. 
after noone. 

112 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

Mar.aoih. I Weighed my Cock and some others as are up in my 


Mar.2ist. I spard four Cocks that are up in my Pens to feed. 

Mar. 22nd. Jo: Whitley brought me a Cock w""" he lent me against 
my Cocking on Easter Munday. 

Mar.25ih. I made a Match with John Rose to play my Ditton 
Cock Clumsy agaist one of his. I sent a Chess-bord 
and Men of a Present to S' Will : Gerard. 

Mar. 27th. Four of y" Coks in my Pens were spar'd. 

Mar. 28th. Now y" Sute depending seems to be at an end between 
I nee and me about y° Water Courses. 

Mar. 29th. I began my Journey towards Lancas: in Order to try 
Tho : Hartley for destroying y* Game within y° Lord-ship, 
I dined at Mr. Ri : Walmesleys in Preston, I made a Viset 
to Mrs. Fleetw: Butler and then went towards Lane: 
with Mr. Tarlton y^ Maior of Leverpoole and Lodged at 
Marshalls the Signe of the Queens Arms, I suped there 
w'^ Mr. Darcy Chantrell. 

Mar. 30th. I dined at my Lodgings w"" Mr. Parker of Broosom 
Mr. Lister, Mr. Darcy Chantrell &c. 

Mar. 31st. I dined at my Lodging in a by Roome with Mr. 

Winter Parson of Cockrom. I had my Tryall w*^ Tho: 
Hartley and cast him. 

I dined at my Inn with Cap : Parker of Broosom. My 
Fighting Cocks were spared y^ third and last time. 

I called at Parson Winters at Cockrom. I dined 
at Rich: Jacksons in Preston, I went with Mr. Rich: 
Walmesley to look at Mr. Husons Hous to see if it would 

April I St. 

April 2iid. 

of Crosby. 113 

be proper for my Brot : Langdale. I made a Viset to my 
Lady Eliz: Eyre and to Mrs. Fleetwood Butler. 

Rowland Eyre, of Hassop, Derbyshire, Esq., had a house outside 
Preston, which was occupied by the King's troops in the siege of that 
town, 1715. His wife. Lady Elizabeth, was a daughter of Luke 
Plunket, Earl of Fingal. They were both buried at St. Wilfred's, 
now St. John's, Preston, Mr. Eyre dying on March 22, aged 72, 
and his wife on August 26 of the same year, 1729. 

Mr. Aid: prayed and preched here a Passion Sermon. April 3rd. 

I broke Lent with Black- Pudings as were made before April 5th. 

This was Easter Sunday. 

We had a great Cocking at Mrs. Ann Rothwells they April eth, 
played Battle Victory I had two Cocks in y* Battles and 
one of y° got two Battles, there were nine Battles played 
this afternoone. Mrs. Blund : and Mr. Turvill made a Viset 
here, but I came not to them from y^ Cocking. 

Toping the Pariter was here abeging Corne I gave April 7tii. 
him some. 

I gave Ned Howerd ^3 towards inlarging his Chappell. April 15th. 

This was the chapel in Little Crosby Village used by Mr. Aldred. 
" Mass was said in the roof or attic of the cottage, and the marks 
of the stone steps leading to it are still visible; the steps themselves 
were, I believe, removed by my father after the death of an old 
woman, Jane Fisher, who lived there upwards of 90 years." (Note 
by Col. N. Blundell.) 

I bought six plate Buttons of Mr. Shields for my Frock. April isth. 

Mr. Smith of Sefton was here, his Landlord Captain Aprii»4th. 
Croston came with him. 

The Crossions went to Great Crosby and y* Antecros- April 26th. 
sions played at y' Cross in the Townfield after Supper. 

114 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

1713- ^ 

April 27th. My Wife had two small Peeces of Searge brought home 

from Leverp : by one that dyed them for her, they were of 

our own spinning of Gersey. 

May 5th. I met y" Corps of my Lady Molin : at Ormsk: and 

attended it to y^ Funerall at Sefton, there was S' W" 
Gerard, Mr. Standish, Mr. Roger Diconson &c. 

This Lady Molyneux was Bridget, daughter of Robert Lucy, of 
Charlecote, Co. Warwick, Esq., buried in linen and the forfeitures 
paid. William, 4th Viscount Molyneux, re-married at Warrington 
on July 22, 1716, Mary Skelton, and was buried at Sefton, March 
12, 1717-8. — Payne's English Catholic Nonjurors, p. 113. 

Mayisth. I was at Sefton Ailhous at a Parish Meeting concerning 

repairing the Steeple, there was Mr. Williamson of Lither- 
land, Mr. Parr, Mr. Shepheard &c. 

Mayigth. Catty Howerd and Nanny Blund : should have set up 

in y^ night with their Sweet-hearts but they were discover'd 
and prevented. 

May 20th. John Blund: came and chaptered his Doughter Nanny 

for her last nights Proiect. 

May 22nd. Parson Wairing and Mr. Peter Morton called here as 
they were going to Ince Green, I went along with them 
and bowl'd there with Parson Letus, Parson Darbyshire, 
young Mr. Butler of Radcliff &c. 

May 25th. I made a Viset to Parson Wairing, there was his Uncle 

Hen : Wairing, Parson Letus, Parson Walsh, Tho : Syer 
of y* Ford &c. 

May27ih. Parson Wairing and his Wife made a Viset here, tis y^ 

first time she has ben here since she was Married. 

Rev. Gerard Wareing had just married Julian Crosse, sister to 
the wife of Parson Letus. He died March 23, 1730, aged 42, as 
his stone in Sefton Church testifies. He left his young children ill 
provided for. Mrs. Letus writes to her brother-in-law, John France, 
begging clothes for John, "who was to go to Dr. Bromfield. She 

of Crosby. 115 

keeps the girl, though more than she can aiford; the other boy is 
with brother Farnworth." — Rawcliffe Papers. The uncle Henry was 
schoolmaster at Prescot, and another uncle, Thomas, was vicar of 
Garstang, and died October 22, 1722. The inscription on his 
tombstone at Churchtown terminates with the CathoUc formula, 
Requiescat in pace. 

I sent Henry Kerfoot to Hooton to see my Cozen juneist. 
Standley who was lying in of her Son Henry. 

I paid Will: Harrison y'= Clark of Sefton my Easter junes*. 
dues and Clarks wages. Will : Ainsworth took a bull of 
mine with him to the Hall of Eckleston as he had sold to 
y* Steward, Mr. Waterworth. 

Will: Ainsw: bought me some Timber at y° Hall of jimegth. 

I took a Drought of Sack and Oyle but found no great junewth. 
good by it. 

I went to Leverp : with my Wife, she showed her Legg june 13th. 
to Mrs. Maginis. 

Mrs. Bootle of y" Peele sent to invite my Wife to dine juneijth. 
with her at y* Peele. Mr. TrafFord of Croston and his 
Son John dined here they went with us to a Hors Rase 
as was on Great Crosby Marsh, there was Mr. Langley, 
Mr. Ford y^ Putarer, Mr. Simpson &c. : y* Mistake of a 
Guiney given to my Servant. 

I being one of D' Lathom's Executors I went to his juneatth. 
Hous to order his Buriall, he was carried on my Coach 
Carriage to Walton Church there was at his Buriall Jo: 
Tyrer, Mr. Bower and his Wife, Mr. Crisp &c there was 
at the Hous Mr. Shaw of Ormsk: John Crew &c. 

Pat Buno Anderton made a Viset here. juneasui. 

Mrs. Molin: of Wooton, her Doughter Mary and her luneagth. 
Sister-in-law Mrs. Mary Molin: dinqd here. 

Ii6 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

1713- T ~7 

June 30th. Old Mr. Walmesley late of Showley came betimes in 

y' Morning, 

July 1st. I went to Ormsk: to Doctor Lancasters, there was Mr. 

Scarisb : Mr. Peter Ashton, Mr. Woodrove, Mr. Harding 
of Sutton &c. 

July 4th. Rob: Bootle and Umphrey Coppold paid me for some 

Paving Stones, they Smoked their pips with me. 

July 5th. My Wife, Mrs. Molin: of y" Grange, Fanny and I went 

in y® Coach to Scarisb : we found Mr. Barlowes Son of 
Barlow there, Mrs. Scaresb : was Lying Inn of her Son 
Thomas. Mr. John Blundells Widdow lodged there. 

July 8th. I met Ri : Tatlock and sold him some of Dr Lathoms 

Chirurgicall Instruments. 

juiyijth. I Lodged at Ditton at y* Bank at W" Athertons, 

Fanny rid behind me. 

July 13th. Hen: Heys went with me to Mr. Writs of Cranton, I 

discoursed him about seeking for Coles in Ditton. Will: 
Weed : had a Reering of one bay of Shipponing all or 
most of my Servants were at it pritty late. 

July 17th. Mr. Plumb kept my Court at Will: Davys before 

dinner. When he was gon I went to John Farers. We 
adiusted the Difference between George Cottom and Jo: 
Tickley about a Tup. 

July 19th. Coz: Tho: Gelib: his Father and I went to Chorley 

to Cowlings, I drunk there w* Mr. Char: Townley and 
Mr. Charls Chorley; Coz: Jo: Gelib: and Mr. Chorley 
met there upon the Townes Business. 

In Battles' Lancashire, vol. 2, p. 126, the following inscription is 
given from a gravestone in Chorley Churchyard: — "Hie jacet 
Corpus Thomce Gillibrand de Chorley Hall, Gen. Qui obiit 19° die 

of Crosby. 117 

Octobrs A.D. 1733." Within three years of the Diarist's visit, both 
Mr. Charles Chorley and his father had perished in the Jacobite 
rebellion. Mr. Richard Chorley was executed at Preston, February 
9, 1715-6, whilst his son Charles died in a Liverpool prison. Their 
estate was forfeited, and sold to Mr. Abraham Crompton, a banker, 
of Derby, for 3^5,653 i8s. id. Mr. John Gillibrand, an upright 
and conscientious lawyer, lived at Astley Hall. 

Coz: Tho: Gelib: I and oure Wives went to Preston, juiyzoth. 
dined w* my Lady Eliz*' Eyre, after dinner I went to the 
Bowling Green at y* Signe of y® Whit-Hors. I drunk at 
y^ whit Bull with Coz: Tho Gelib: Mr. Tho: Singleton 
Mr. Edm Ashton &c. I made a Viset to y" two Mrs. 
Blundells Ann and Bridg: and to old Mrs. Walmesley. 

Mrs. Bradley and Betty Wastley played on the Vir- jiiiy2and. 
ginells at my Coz: Gelibronds. 

S' Will : Gerard, Mr. Swinbourn, Mr. Rob : Fazak : Aug. 19th. 
and his Wife dined here. 

" Rev. John Swinburne, S.J., alias or veve Savage, born in 
Derbyshire, March 21, 1660-1. Served the Lancashire district, 
where he died September ii, 1716." — Foley's Collectanea. 

I went to Lever: and saw S' Thomas Johnson come Aug.2and. 
into Town from London his Party had Tobacco Gilded in 
their Hats and the opposit Party viz : Mr. Clayton and 
Mr. Cleaveland had the Myter, there was great squabling 
about the Election of some of them for Parleament Men. 

The members returned on this occasion were Sir Thomas 
Johnson and Mr. Clayton. 

I went to y" Hall of Sefton to y' Buriall of W" Aug.a6th. 
Thelwall there was Mr. Smith the Malster, Mr. Peter 
Morton, Mr. Bower, Mr. Crisp &c. 

William Thelwall had broken his leg, and died in consequence 
of his hurt, after making a verbal will in presence of the squire^ 
who says that Rev. Thomas Wolfall of the Grange attended him. 

Coz: Molineux of Mosburgh, his Lady and Brother septjod, 
lodged here. 

ii8 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

1713. ~ ~ 

Sept. 4th. Mr. W" Moline: being this day 44 years old I gave a 

Bowl of Punsh to solemnize his Birth day. 

Sept. 15th. I was at Ince Green when y^ six Matches every one 
different were bowled by Mr. Burton, Mr. Formby and 
Parson Darbyshire, against Mr. Aid: Parson Letus and 
Parson Wairing, Mr. Nich: Fazakerley was there. 

sept.iBth. I Bowled at Ince Green against Parson Letus &c there 
was Mr. Nich: Fazak: Mr. Formby, Mr. Tatlock of y' 
Bank and his Brother &c. 

sept.»th. I gave Hen: Sefton a Note to shew to y® Parish that 
it was agreed that he and his Partners should have Aile 
allowed them when they poynted y® Steeple. 

Sept. 23rd. Samuel Clark, Jo: Cooper and Mr. Jo: Fletcher had 
ben in Great Crosby about an exchange of Part of Taylors 
Teneament, they are Trustees for y' Poore of Windle it 
being left to them, they came hither and discourced me 
about it and about a mistake as is in that Surrender. 

Sept. 26th. I sent three Cart Load of Beanes to Lev: they are to 
goe to Guinea. 

Mr. Gildas was the merchant who bought the beans. 
Sept. 27th. I sent W" Ainsw: towards Preston to Mrs. Walmesley 
the Younger of Showley who was Lying in of her Doughter 

Sept. 28th. I helped to set some Tulop Roots as were dresed with 

Ink after different manners and some as were order'd 

otherwayes in hops to change their cuUor but to no good 

effect. The rich Posy sent from hence to Will: Weedows 


It may be folly to "paint the lily," but an experimentalist has 
steeped white hyacinth plants in water tinged with aniline dyes, and 
some beautiful flowers, of colours not yet produced by the gardener, 
have been the result. — See Cassdl's Magazine, vol. 8, p. 639. 

of Crosby. iig 

Coz: Scarisb: I and oure Wives dined at Croston, old oot.8ih. 

Mr. Standley of Preston was there. 

Coz: Scarisb: and I made a Viset to Gorsuch, our oot.9th. 
Wives made a Viset to Parson Brownhills of Holsold. 

I began my Journey towards Stockhild with Mally. oct.i3th. 
Called at Runshaw to see Miss Farnworth, bated at 
Fletchers y^ Signe of the Bucks Heads in Brindle. I there 
discoursed Geor : Abb : about being my Steward, we lost our 
way and went to Rushton where we got a Guide towards 
Great Harwood, we lodged there at Christo: Fieldings the 
Signe of the three Pigeons. 

Went to Gisbourn where we dined at y^ Signe of y" oot.i6th. 
Dove, thence to Skipton and Lodged at Gilbe: Johnsons 
y" Signe of y® Black Horse. 

Called at y* George in Long Adington, thence to oct.i7th. 

Mr. Witham formerly of the Bass and his two Sons oct.i8Ui, 
dined at Stockhild. 

My Brother Midleton took me in his Coach to Wetherby oct. 19th. 
where we dined at y' Talbot with y^ Fox Hunters viz : Mr. 
Henry Stapleton, Mr. Plaxton, Mr. Ned Tompson &c. My 
Brother Joseph came. 

Rev. Joseph Blundell, S.J., a jounger brother of the Diarist, 
born May 2, 1686, entered the Society of Jesus 1703, and was then 
serving the Yorkshire Missions. He was afterwards at Spinkhill, 
Derbyshire, and died at Watten, July 27, 1759, aged 73. 

Made a Viset to Mr. Plumpton. oct.aist. 

I left Mally at Stockhild and began my Journey Horn- oct.«nd. 
wards. I lodged at Will: Heaks y* Red Lyon in Yellom. 

Came through Berry, Bolton &c and so to Wigan. oct-aard. 

Hen: Kerfoot shot a Herron. oot.3otb. 

I20 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

Nov. 5th. Mr. Tho: Walm: I and our Wives went in y^ Coach 

to Leverp: saw y" new Church and made a Viset to Mr. 


Nov. 13th. Mr. Worthing: Doughter Ursula came to be my Wives 

Nov, 14th. Mr. Aid: went out a Coursing with me, we went to 
Whartons in Ince to drink where we found Pat : Tasburgh, 
Pat : Barton and Chattering John Rimer. 

Nov. i6th. Rich : Webster took possession of my new Smithy. 

Nov.i7tii. I took some of y* Picturs as were Dr Lathoms to Ned 
Howerds, some of them I hung up there in y^ Chappell. 

Nov.soth. Coz : Scarisb: his Lady and Mr. Traps the Younger 
&c dined here. Geor: Abbot came to be my Steward. 

George Abbott had been in the service of the famous Cavalier, 
Caryll, Viscount Molyneux, and on attempting a passage to Ireland 
in 1689 was taken prisoner at Liverpool, and carried to London. 
The narrative of his imprisonment, called Abbott's Journal, was 
edited for the Chetham Society by the late Bishop Goss. (No. 61). 

Nov 24th. A Rat ran up Jo : Banisters Coat Sleeve, we killed it. 

Dec. si. I found Mary Holme and Hen: Bridge in y° Gatehouse 

Chamber about four in the morning for which I turned 
her out of my Service. 

Dec. 9th. Nutty's (Ursula's) Brother Mr. Will; Worthington came 
hither to see her. 

Decs4th. I Painted a Pair of Little Wheels for y* Coach. 

Dec 29th. Mr. Tho: Worthington y* Saylor dined here. 

]^2Mi My Wife and I Lodged at W" Athertons at Ditton. 

I played some tricks of Legerdemesney to his Gests and 

Jan. 3rd. My Wife and I went to Mr. Maiers to Prayers. 

of Crosby. 121 


I Removed y^ Ship in y" Hall and charg'd y^ Gunns jansth. 
against tomorrow. 

Mr. Plumb, Doctor Lancaster and I &c. was at Mrs. jan.6th. 
Anns Cocking, there were three Battles. Tatlock was here, 
we had a Merry-Night and Fier'd y^ Gunns of my Ship. 

Mr. Tatlock, Mr. Smith of Maile, Mr. Aspinwall &c jan.nth. 
were a Hunting this way. I invited them hither and made 
y" drink at y' Gates. I took in hand to cure Ginnet 
Blundells Legg but she did not long continew my Pasient. 

Came to Ch : Howerds where I found Mr. Tatlock of jan. 27*. 
y* Bank, his Brother Thomas, Tatlock y° Dier, Parson 
Becket of Kerkby, Mr. Smith of Maile, Mr. Aspinwall &c. 
We went a Coursing. 

I sent Geor: Abb: to y" Saile at Peele but he bought Feb. 2nd. 
nothing. I met Parson Wairing, Mr. Crisp, Thomas Syer, 
Ned Hatton &c at Thomas Heskeths to consider about y' 
Inclosing of Great Crosby Marsh, then I went to a Cocking 
as was in y® Pinfold. 

Lord Molin : his Sons Carroll and Tho : and Doughters Feb. 4*. 
Ann and Bridget dined here, so did Coz: Scarisb: and 
his Lady. 

I was at a Cocking at Mrs. An Rothwells there were Feb.9th. 
four Battles Play'd and this Town lost every one of them. 

I went part of y^ Way towards Formby with Mr. Brana : Feb. isth. 
and Patrick Norris to look at y^ Road as Walt: Thai: has 
set out over Ince Mosses for Mr. Branagans Gallaway that 
is to Run 3 times between Formby and Leverp : in 4 Hours 
Time, which he performed ; and finished his Course in less 
time by above a quarter of an Hour, I was at y* Race and 
Rid with Mr. Branagan from y' Town to Formby and from 


122 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

thence back to Lever: Sands. Duke Maltus, Walt: Thel- 
wall, Mr. James Tildesley &c Rid part of y° Rase a long 

Mar. 23rd. I went to Leverp : and heard Prayers at Mrs. Brownbills 
thence I went to Mrs. Ladys with Mr. Branagan &c I 
bought a Hat of Widdow Leversage. 

Mar. 25th. I went to Charles Howerds and drunk with Mr. W" 
Clayton the Master of the Suckcess Brigantine as had 
suffered Ship-rack. 

Mar. 29th. I went in the forenoone to Edm: Lathoms in Speak 
Town in hopes to have heard Prayers, I found Mr. Maor 
there but he had done ere I came. 

Mar. 30th. I came from Ditton to Lever: where I served Mr. 
Phillipson at Mrs. Browbills. Came home and then went 
to Sefton to y^ Parish meeting but all business was over 
and found y® Parish had chosen me to be their Church 

April ist. Went to Ormskirk and advised with Mr. Brooks about 

my being Chosen a Church-Warden of Sefton Parish. I 
drunk at y* GrifFan with D' Lancaster. Pat: Aid: broke 
his Collar Bone with a Fawl of his Horse. 

April 2nd. Went to Sefton and told Parson Letus, I would not 
Stand as Church- Warden. 

April 5th. 

I lodged in Chester at Mr. Pantons y' Signe of the 
Whit-Bull out of Norgate. 

April mh. My Wife and I went to Eckleston we heard Mr. Swin- 
bourn hold forth, there was present Mr. Holland of Sutton, 
Mr. CompUn &c. 

April i2th. Cha : Howerd, Will : Wignold and I devided some 
Timber amongst us, it was Part of y* Suckcess Brigantine, 

of Crosby. 123 

we cast Lots and I had two very large Load to my Share 

for 2o°' 

I drunk at Mrs. Lady's (Liverpool) with Parson Walsh, April 17th. 
Parson Orme, Parson Wairing and his Uncle &c. 

I met Tho: Syer at Harsnops, 'tis the first time we met Apriuist. 
to consult of y* Parish Affaires, since we were Church- 
Wardens, we caused a Chest over y^ Church Pourch to be 
brock open as had not ben open'd of very many years. 

My Wife rid part of y* way behind me towards Leverp: April aard. 
but the Hors flung her so she walked home on foot, and I 
went to Leverp : but Mr. Plumb being Just ready to goe to 
Bank-hall to shoot young Rooks I had very little discours 
with him. 

Cap : Rob : Faz : called here as he was going from April 27*. 
Leverp: towards Formby to shoot Dotterell. 

Tho^ Syer and I looked at y* Legasy Table in y* Old April 30th. 
Church in Leverpoole. 

Tho' Syer and I looked to see in what Repaire y^ Leads May ist. 
were in and y® Windows (at Sefton Church). 

I dined at Scarisb: to take leave of Mr. Scarisbricks May 3rd. 
Son William who was going to Blandike. I smoked in 
Maynards Chamber with Mr, Gorsuch. 

I went to Wigan to y* Funerall of my old Lady Maysth. 
Bradshaw, there was at y^ Funerall or at least in the 
Roome, S' Tho: Standish Mr. Banks of Winstanley, Mr. 
Standish, Mr. Scarisb : Mr. John Gerard, D' Tho : Worth- 
ington &c. 

I was at y° Bishops Court in Ormskerk, the Chancellor May 13th. 
gave me leave in y^ Presence of Mr. Roberts and Mr. 

124 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 


Sankey to put Doars without Locks, to my Pew in 
Farnworth Chappell. Being Tho : Syer and I are y* 
Church- Wardens we dined at y^ Talbot in Ormsk: w* 
Parson Letus, Parson Wairing &c. 

May 17th. My Wife went to Aigbourth to Condole y® Death of 
Mr. Harington, she dined there. Richard Westhead and 
Wil: Tarlton told me they had taken seaven Young Foxes 
to day in a Denn in the Warand, I think they will bring 
them all alive to Wooton to Mr. Molin: 

Mayisth. I was at Ch: Howerds where there was a Battle 
Victory fought for a Saddle by eight Cocks, t'was wone by 
a Leverp: Cock as belong'd I think to Jack Whit. 

May 22nd. Pat: Aid: lodged here upon Account of a fals Allarum 
that there were some People Searching at y° Grange for 
Pat: Wofold. 

Maysgih. W" Tarfton wcut with me to Southard to y® Funerall 
of Mr. Golding, he was buried at Winick there was at 
his Buriall Mr. Gerard of Highfild, Mr. Culcheth, Mr. 
Johnson of Warington, Parson Alanson, Mr. Blackbourn 
of Orford &c. 

June .St. I went to Orrell to W" Tarltons Marlers and made 

them shout. 

June 17th. My Wife, I and Fanny began our Journey towards 
Stockhild, we called at Tho : Places in Ormsk : his Wife 
gave us a drink at the doar, we bated at Fletchers, y* 
Signe of y^ Bucks Heads in Brindle, thence to Gisbourn 
where we lodged at John Yates y" Spoted Hind. 

June 19th. Walked with my Lord Langd: to my Brother Midle- 
tofls Bath. 

of Crosby. 125 

Mally began to drink the Sulfure Spaw- Water. Went jane«st, 
to York where we Lodged at Mrs. Hawksworths in Little 
Blake Street. 

Mrs. Naper dined with us at our Lodgings and then juneaand. 
made a Viset with us by Coach to Mrs. Pastons, to Mrs. 
Eringtons &c. 

Made a Viset to my Coz: Tho: Selby thence we went juneasrd. 
to y' Whit- Bear Cofify-Hous where we drunk with Pat: 
Bostock and one Mr. Brigham. 

My Wife and I made a Viset to my Lady Smithson juneatth. 
thence she went with us to Viset Mrs. Ferfax. Went to 
Coggrave or St Mungoes. I lodged there but my Wife 
went back to Loftus-Hill to Mr. Hodgsons. 

Sir Hugh Smithson, of Stanwick, Bart., married Elizabeth, 
daughter of Marmaduke, Lord Langdale. Their grandson, Sir Hugh, 
son of Langdale Smithson and his wife Philadelphia, daughter of 
Wm. Reveley, Esq., of Newby-Wisk, Co. York, married, in 1740, 
Lady Elizabeth, daughter of the Duke of Somerset, and eventually 
sole heiress of the Percies, Earls of Northumberland. In 1749-50 he 
became Earl of Northumberland, of which title he was in remainder 
by the letters patent obtained by his father-in-law a few months 
before his death. From this marriage the present duke traces his 

Dr Craythorne and I went into y" Baith or St Mungows juneasth. 
Well, after dinner he and I played at Cards with my 
Wife, Mrs. Doleman of Pocklington and the two Sisters 
Mrs. Dolmans. 

Dined at Coggrave w*^ y^ three Mrs. Dolman, Mr. jimeaeth. 
Wilks and his Wife, Mrs. Bullock &c. 

Young Mr. Plumton, Mr. Chumley of Bransby and Pat: junea7th. 
Phisipson dined at Stockhild. 

Mr. Hammond and Pat: Cass dined at Stockhild. iane28th. 

126 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

June 29th. Mr. Cha: Ferfax, S' Tho: Tankerds eldest son, Pat: 

Medcalf and Pat W"" Fenwick dined at Stock : 

June 30th. Pat: Graves, Pat: Smith and Mr. Plumton Senior dined 
at Stockh : Sister Midleton took my Wife and me in her 
Coach to Harragate or Knesburrow Spawes, I went chiefly 
to see my Coz : Joe Ingleby who was at y® Royall Oak, 
thence to the Green Dragon, then to the Sulfure Spaw. 

July 1st. My Wife I and my Children came to Burghwallice 

where we lodged. 

July 2nd. Coz Ann of Frickley and his Wife dined at Burg- 

wallice. My Lady Smithson lodged at Burgwallice, 

July 3rd. Edw: Fletcher the Fidler played to us. Lady Smithson 

I &c danced Country Daces &c. 

July 4th. Cozen Duke Ann of Frickley and his Wife dined at 


July 5th. We came to Henry Nowells in Duesbury where we 

dined, it is an extraordinary dear house, thence to the 
George at Holcroft Head, then to Sampson Sunderlands 
the Black Lyon in Rippondale where we lodged, tiss a 
very Cheap Inn and sivell oblidging People but y* Lodging 
very ordinary. 

July 6th. Came to Bolton where we dined at Hen: Wilkinsons 

the Signe of y^ Swan with two Necks. 

July nth. My Brother Joseph held forth at Mr. Aldreds and then 
went to dine at Ince. 

His brother had returned with him out of Yorkshire. 

juiyijth. My Brother Jos: and Pat Aid: went to dine at Mos- 

burgh thence to goe lodg at Garswood. 

of Croslyy. 127 


My Wife and Brother Joseph and Mally walked to juiyisth. 
Lidiat Hall and the Coach went to Fetch them home. 

I went to Leverp: with my Brother Jos: on Purpose juiyajnd. 
to shew him the Town, we drunk at y* Woolpack w"" Mr. 
Simpson, and then we went to y° Golden Fleece where I 
treated them with Perry. 

I drunk at y° Crown in Water Street with Mr. Morphew, juiy24th. 
Mr. Rob : Faz : I saw the Show of the Waterworks at y* 
Griffan, there was Mr. Dugdale &c. 

I went with S' James Poole to the New Hous to prayers juiyaeth. 
to Pat: Tasb: there was Mr. Crisp, Mr. Shepheard &c. 

Went to Cha: Howerds where we had a Silly-bub. juiy37th 
There came an Express from Stockhild to invite me to 
my Brother Midletons Funerall, I began my Journey 
towards Stockhild about 11 of y" Clock at Night. 

I came to y* Swan with two Necks in Bolton about juiyzsth. 
Six in y* Morning, thence to Bradford where I lodged at 
Geo: Fletchers y^ Signe of y^ Black Swan, I drunk there 
with his Brother who they called Captain Fletcher he had 
ben at St. Omers. 

Came to Stockhild before Dinner, found my Brother juiysgth. 
Langdale. Mr. Plumpton and his wife came, Pat: Graton 
and Pat: Powell Dined here. 

Came to Preston, lodged at Rich: Jacksons. juiyaist. 

Heard Mr. Knights Mass, there was at it old Mr. Aug.xst. 
Walmesley (of Showley) Mr. Standley and their Wives. 

Tho: Kerklington y* old Simpler of Herbs, and Picture Aug.2nd. 
seller lodged here. 

Mr. Gilb: Barrows Pothecary of Leverp: Dined here. Aug. 5*. 

128 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 


Aug. 7th. My Brot: Jos: Married Mich: Mackdaniell to Catherine 


I made a Viset to Mr. Woodrove at Low-Hill. 

Aug. loth, 
Aug. igth. 

I began my Journey with Walt : Thelwall towards Lan- 
caster, Mr. Plumb and we met upon y° Road and went 
together to Garstang, bated at y' Kings Head. 

Aug. 20th. We went to Lawyer Bootle for his Opinion. Judges 
Powell and Trecy. Dined at my Lodging (Kings Armes) 
w'^ Mr. Brockolds. 

Aug. aist. Heard y® Tryall between Williamson and Rushton and 
;^i6o damage given to Williamson. 

Aug. Zand. I Came from Preston to y' Hall of. Boscow where Pat: 
Gorsu: selebrated. 

Aug. 28ih. I went to Leverp : and was at y" Funerall of one Wall 
a Quacker School-Mistress and heard Rob : Hadock Preach, 
coming home I light and let my Mare over goe me, I 
walked home and she was brought to me next Morning, 

Aug. 30th. My Wife, I and Children dined at Mrs. Barkers it 
being Ormsk: Fair, I shewed my Children y" Strange 
Creatures as were to be seen, a Tyger, a Sivet Cat &c. 

Sept. nth. I went to Leverp: with Mally and got a Rotton Tooth 
of hers pulled out by a Mountebank. 

Sept. nth. Mr. Daniel Morphew and Mr. Ward came to prayers 
to Mr. Aldreds, they dined here. 

sept.i4th. I had a great Breaking of Flax, there was 12 Breakers, 
12 Scutchers, 11 Slansers, 4 to tend two Gigs and one to 
take up y^ Flax, in all 40 Persons, I gave a Good Supper 
to my own Breakers and Swinglers. Tatlock played to y" 

of Croshy. 129 

- ^^^^ 

at Night, we had 4 Disgisers and a Garland from Great 
Crosby and a deal of Dansing. 

Mr. Scarisb: Young Mr. Trafford and I played at Cut sept.sist. 
and Trante Carrant at Night. 

Mr. Heskaine and Cap: Rob: Faz: dined here. sept.24th. 

My Wife sent a large Lives of Sants to Lidiat as she sepi.26th. 
had borrowed of Mr. Moston. 

I hung up one Stalk on my Indion -Wheat in y* Hall, it oct.6th. 
grew in my own Garden and was above 9 Feet i Insh long. 

I intercepted a Peece of Beef as Marg: Ridgat was oct.gih. 
sending to her Mother for which I turned her out of my 
hous for this Night, but upon her great Submission I took 
her y* next day. 

I made a Viset to Croxtath where I found Mr. Molin: octioih. 
of Wooton and his Lady, Coz: Molin: of Mosb: and his 
Lady, Mr. Massy of Pudington, S' James Poole &c. 

One from Leverp : brought a Ticket for my Wife of oct. 12th. 
the Play as is to be acted there to-morrow. 

My Wife, Mally and I dined at Wooton, there also oct.i3th. 
dined Mr. Jo : Gerard, My Lady Gerard and her Doughter 
Mary, Mr. W™ Pools Wife &c, then went to y* New- 
Market where we saw a Play Acted called Mackbeth. 

I went to Leverpoole there Tho: Syer and I discoursed oct.i6th. 
Richard Eckleston and made him give us a more moderate 
Bill of work done by him for Sefton Church. 

James Davy y* Cunstable came hither to carry Margarit oct^Md. 
Ridgate before S' Thom : Johnson, but my Wife, beged me 
to pardon^ her. 

130 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

Oct. 25th. Tho: Syer and I had Rich: Eckleston and the Clark 

under examination about the Plumbers Bill before Parson 

Letus at his own Hous. 

Oct. 30th. I met Rob: Tompson at his Mothers in order to make 
them Friends. 

Oct. 31st. I discoursed W" Abbot about making Stayers for y" 

Pulpet of Sefton Church. 

Nov. 9th. I dined at the New-hous it being Pat: Tasburghs 

Solemnizing of his Jubely, there was at Dinner Mr. 
Scarisb: S' Fra : Anderton, Mr. Wofold, Pat Tasburgh, 
Pat Babthrop Pat Gelibrond &c. 

Nov. 14th. I made a Shutle-Cock for my Children but they could 
not play with it. 

Dec. 4th. Coz: Gelibrond sent his Servant to desire my Wife 

would be God-Mother to his Son Tho : who was borne y® 
2* Inst. 

Dec. 6th. I met Lord Molin: his Son Carol, Coz: Rob: Molineux 

of Mosburgh &c at Dukes in Great Crosby, we drunk 
Wine there and a Bowl of Punsh. Pat Aldred treated us 
with five Bottles of Claret. 

Dec. 13th. I went to Leverp : and as I was going I saw a Bote 
coming a Shoar w* y* Keel upwards, I told S' Thos: 
Johnson of it. As I was vewing y* Dock I met Mr. 
Blund: and I think young Mr. Willis they desir'd my 
Interest to vote for Parleament-Men. 

Dec. 22nd. I killed a Hogg as I had fed with Ackhorns but it was 
not very Fat. 

Dec.s4ih. Being Mrs. Molineux died yesterday, I went this Morn- 
ing to y® Grange to pray for her, I heard three Mas: and 

of Crosby. 

helped to say y° Offi: Defunct:. I sent to see Mrs. 
Scarisbrick who was Lying in of her Doughter Mary. 

I went to y* Grange to Mrs. MoHneux his Buriall, Deo. 25th. 
there was Mr. Wofold, Mr. Gorsuch Yeomond of the Goar- 
Houses &c. 

Mrs. Ann Molineux and her Sister Bridget lodged here Dec. 27th. 
so did Mr. Molineux of Mitch Wootons two Doughters. 

Mr. Carroll Moline: and Brother Will: dined and oec^gth. 
Lodged here. 

Mr. Carrol Molyneux became Viscount Molyneux in 1738 on 
the death of his brother Richard, and, dying without issue in 1745, 
was succeeded by the above brother, Rev. William Molyneux, S.J., 
who died in 1750, at Scholes Hall, near Prescot, where he had 
resided many years. 

, ^ 1715- 

I was at a Parish Meeting at Harsnops where we agreed jan.5th. 

there should be twelve Representatives or Consultors Chosen 
for this Parish. There was Parson Letus, Mr. Bower, Tho : 
Syer of y^ Ford, John Tyrer, Anthony Fleetwood &c we 
then chose the 12 Representatives but since that time we 
have waived that affair. 

We had a throng Carding Night at Cut. jan.6th. 

Pat : Wofold was here beging Charity for Lisbon Collage, jan. 12th. 
L gave him some. 

I saw Pat: Aid: set a Hen-Egg upon an end, on a jan.i3th. 
Looking Glass, he shew'd me y* way. 

I set an Egg upon one End tis y* first time I did it. jan.«st. 

I gave a Poore Woman a Doce for y= Falling Sickness. jan.26th. 

There was a most prodigious Wind it did more 
dammage in this Town _than has ever ben knone done 
by Wind here. 

This storm was general. The Diarist says 14 barns were blown 
down in one parish of Lancashire. 

132 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

Feb. 3rd. Mr. Turvill made a Viset here he brought the Cuning 

Purs as was somthing hard to be opened. 

Feb. nth I was very busy most of the afternoone drawing out a 

Table of Fees the first time over, which when approved 
of and Writ Fair over is to be hung up in Sefton Church. 

Feb. sand. Pat I Aldrcd and I dined at Dukes with Mr. Molin: of 
Mosburgh. I gave him my Picture of the Woman and 

Feb. 26th. I went to Leverp: and paid Mr. Plumb ;^28 in presence 

of his Son William, a great part of it was upon Account 
of my Sute with Ince about y* Water courses: I was at 
W" Griffiths Cock-pit I saw some Battles played, there 
was present Rich : Thorp, Mr. Holsold &c. 

Feb.s7th. My Wife and I went to prayers to Lidiat but came 

full late enough. I dined there with Mr. Moston and my 
Wife went to Ormsk: she made a Viset to Mrs. Barker 
and CoUonell Russells Lady. 

Feb.23ih. I put y° Harnish as were fited up and bought for the 
Parish Hears, on two of my Horses and drue them in y" 
Harnish and rectifyed what was a Miss. My Wife made a Viset to Mrs. Wairing who was Lying 

in of her Son John. 

Mar. loth. My Lord Molin : his two Sons Mr. Carroll and Mr. 
William dined here. I bought Mr. Aldreds Sword. 

Mar. 13th. Being Pat: Aid: prayed to day at Leverp: Pat: 
Tasburg supplyed his place in y° Town. John Rose, 
young Rob : Bootle, Jo : Bart : of Ormsk : came hither to 
see my Bottle and Reel. 

Mar. 26th. I drunk at y* Woolpack with Patrick Norriss and Mr. 
Becket the Cork Cutter. 

of Crosby, 133 

Nelly Sergeant came home from Lancast : she had been April ist. 
there, y* time of y' Assizes emproving herself in Cookery, 

From Ditton Mally and I went by Runkhorn Bote April 4*. 
and so by Helsby to Chester where we lodged at Edw"^ 
Parsonidge his y^ Signe of y= Golden Lyon. 

From Chester we came to Eastom and came over in April 5th. 
y' Boat. Mr. Plumb proposed to me to buy S' Cleavs 
Land in y' Morehouses. 

I met Parson Richmond at Sefton Church where he April mh. 
proposed that 12 Representatives should be chosen for y^ 
good of this Parish. 

Tho: Syer and I met at Sefton we order'd how y^ Aprii^th. 
Table of the Benefactors was to be hung and gave the 
Painter orders about it. 

Hen: Kerfoot fought a Cock of mine in Lidiat. My April isth 
Children and the Maids went in y° Coach to Formby 
Faire, there was a Stage Play Acted there. 

Tho: Syer and I deliverd up our Accounts as Church Apriiigth 
Wardens they were read in the Church and severall Stints 
were set for the better Regulating the Affairs of the Parish, 
there was Present Parson Wairing, Thomas Syer of y'' 
Ford, Mr. Williamson of Litherland, Tho: Bradley &c. 
I gave Parson Latus ^5 towards the Augmentation of y^ 
Parish Stock. Hen: Kerfoot fought a Red Cock of mine 
at Alker against Mr. Edw: Molineux. 

Parson Wairing and his Uncle Henry Wairing called April 
here as they were going to Ince Green. I went with them, 
we and Parson Darbyshire bowled three Rubbers. 

Pat: Gelibrond and I &c observed the great Eclips of April 22nd. 
the Sun. 

134 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

April 23rd. I shewed Dr Only my Reel and Bottle and my Little 
Calf and some other of my Curiossitiss. 

April 28th. My Lord Molineux was at Great Crosby and being he 
wanted Licker Pat: Aldred who was w* him sent hither 
for Brandy I lent him two Bottles and some Sugar. 

May 8th. I wettt to Leverp I and contracted w'" Mr. Plumb for 

one Aicker of S' Clave Mores Land. 

May gth. Ann Thclw : was here and had a Sevear Scoulding Bout 

concerning her Doughter Margarits Truth and Honesty. 

May loth. Pat : Norris my Lord Ferfax Sacerd : made a Viset here. 

This seems to have been Rev. Andrew Norris, S.J., belonging 
to a younger branch of the Speke family. Was son of John and 
Elizabeth Norris (Beauvoye), born at Speke, 1656. On entering 
the English College, Rome, 1673, he says — " My parents and rela- 
tions are of the higher class and are all Catholics. I have three 
brothers, but no sister. My father and friends suffered much for 
religion." This must have been before the defection of the chief 
family from the Catholic faith. At the revolution of 1688 he was 
imprisoned for a short time in York Castle. Was at one period 
Superior of his brethren, and died January 26, 1731. — See Foley's 
Records, vol. 5, p. 616. 

May 14th. The Young Folks of this Town had a Merry-Night at 
James Davis, Tatlock played to them ; the Young Weomen 
treated y® Men with a Tandsey as they had lost to them, 
at a Game at Stoole Balle. 

May 22nd. Pat: Holsold and I called at Holsold and went into 
y^ Church, we drunk at y'= Ailes-Hous with the Parson. 

Holsold = Halsall. 

May 28th. I was at y" Bishops Court at Ormsk: I dined at y° 

Angell w* Mr. Prescot of Leverp : Parson Latus, Parson 
Wairing, Mr. Wofold &c. 

May 30th. My Teame and severall of y" Neighbours led Coles for 

Parson Latus from Blay-Gate. 

of Crosby. 135 

After Supper we played at Cards at Loo. ]une4th. 

I went to Ince Green and Bowled there with Mr. junesth. 
Formby, Mr. Tatlock of y* Bank &c. Parson Latus, Parson 
Wairing, Mr. Aspinwall of Leverp :, Pothacary Lathom &c 
were there. 

I went to Leverp: and dined at Alderman Tyrers. I junej4ih. 
was at Mr. Sherlocks Schoole and saw Mally Dance. 

Parson Wairing called here and I went with him to June 15th. 
Ince Green, there was Parson Letus, Wairing, Darbishire, 
Mr. Formby, Mr. Tatlock &c. Young Parson Brownell and 
I bowled against Parson Latus and Mr. Bayron. 

We saw y* Morris Dansers of Sefton as were going juneieth. 
their Round in order to Rear a May-Pole in Sefton. 

I gave a great many Flowers towards y" Flowring of juDe22nd. 
Ince Cross. I was at Ince Bowling Green, there was Mr. 
Nich* Fazak: Mr. Formby, Mr. Tatlock, Mr. Lancelet of 
Ormsk: &c. 

My Children went to y^ Flowering of Ince Cross. juneanh. 

I went to Leverp: with my Brot: Lang: We went to juneartt- 
Low-Hill Bowling Green there was Alderman Tyrer, Mr. 
Danvers, Young Mr. Write, Young Mr. Cleaveland, Dr 
Fabius &c. When my Brother Langdale had done Bowling 
I went with him to the Talbot where we and Mr. Heskaine 
took a Glass of Wine together. 

I went with my Brother Langdale to Croxtath to wate junessih. 
of my Lord Molin : who was newly come from the Bath. 

My Brother Langdale, my Wife and I went to Wooton, juneaoth. 
we dined there w"" my Lord Molineux. 

136 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

July 5th. I was at Harsnops at a Parish Meeting I found Mr. 

Jos : Poole and some others there from Leverp : the Aile 
being very bad we went to Tho : Tickleys. 

July 9th. The Little Boyes and Girles of this Town diverted 

themselves with Rearing a May-pole in the West-Lane 
they had Morrys dansing and a great many came to it 
both old and young chiefly out of y^ end of the Town. 

July 10th. Alderman Tyrer sent to invite me to-morrow to y° 
Buriall of his Father in Law Alderman Clayton. 

July nth. My Children and I went on Bord Mr. Lancasters Ship 
the Planter. I drunk at y" Wooipack with Cap : Lancaster, 
Mr. Sherlock &c. I was at y" Funerall of Cap: Clayton, 
there was in y* Roome with me Parson Richmond, Parson 
Becket, Mr. Green, and Mr. Blundell of Prescot &c. 

July 13th. I went to Ince Greene and Bowled there w* Parson 

Latus, Parson Wairing, Mr. Tatlock &c Mr. Formby, Mr. 
Smith of Maile &c was there. 

July 15th. I went to Mr. Hursts Buriall there was at his Hous 

Alderman Tyrer, Mr. Rich: Norris, Parson Richmond &c. 

Aug.snd. Mrs. Bootle late of Peele sent to see if I would sell 

her any of my goods or Furniture. 

Aug.ioih. The Constables John Sumner and James Scarisb; 
summonsed me to Appear at Ormskerk on Fryday next 
to take y' Oaths. 

Aug. 14th. I dined at Mosburgh w"" Black Dr Lane: and Cap: 
Rob: Faz: Parson Low came to us. 

Aug. 18th, Henry Valentine y^ High Constable serched here for 
Horses, Armes and Gunpowder. 

of Crosby: 137 

— . ^^^^ 

Parson Brownhills Wife and his Doughter Tatlock Aug.,gth. 
made a Viset here. 

I turned some out of the Wheat-hey as were Songoing Aug. soth. 
without Leave and took their Corn from them and gave it 
to those as were there by my Leave. 

I went to Leverp: and saw the Mulbury, the Batchlor Aug. 31st. 
and the Robert all in y^ Dock, they came in this Morning 
and were 5^ first Ships as ever went into it ; the Mulbury 
was y* first. I Breakfasted at Mr. Owens, he went w"* 
me to a Smithy at y° lower end of Red-Cross-Street where 
I saw an Ox Rosting. 

I went to Prescot and gave Lawyer Blund: direcsions sepi.6th. 
to draw a Deed for y'' Farther setling my Estate. I 
drunk at y* Bull w"" Alex: Holland and W" Case, thence 
we went to y° Ship. I made a Viset to Mr. Oliver Lime. 

My Wife went to Leverp : she light at y* Black Horce sept. 8th. 
and heard y* Singing there, she saw y^ Great Ship and 
severall others in y" Dock. 

My Wife and I heard Mr. Hardesty Preach, we dined sept.iith. 
at Mr. Lancasters, I druk at y^ Woolpack with Mr. Lan- 
caster and his Brother y* Doctor &c. 

I dined at Dukes in Great Crosby w'" my Lord Molin : stpt. 14th. 
his Son Carroll, Mr. Laybourn, Cap: Penny &c. 

I went into Rob : Blansherds and there eat some thing, sept. 22nd. 
being they were Breaking. 

I went to Prescot and dined at Lawyer Blundells ; I sept. ar*. 
light at the Ship and drunk there with Mr. Boyer, Mr. 
Golding of Heartshey &c. 

138 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

1715. ; 

Sept. 28th. I Bowled at Ince Greene w* Mr. T^tlock, P&rson 

Wairing &c Mr. Whitley &c was there. 

Sept. 29th. My Wife and I went to the Scones to wish Mr. 
Harington Joy, it was his Birthday, tis the first time we 
have seen them since they were Married. 

Scones = Scholes Hall. 

Oct. 5th. This being the finishing day of Bowling I dined at 

Whartons in Ince with Parson Brownhill Junior Mr. 
Whittle &c. 

Oct. 17th. My Wife and I dined at Thom: Syers. 

oct.x9th. Duke let my Wife blood in her Arme. 

Oct. 29th. We expected the Hors Militia to come Serch here. 

Oct. 31st. I came not in till dark Night expecting a Call. 

Nov. 5th. They began to fortify Leverpool by Kasting up great 

Banks for feer of my Lord Danwinwater. 

Nov.i2th. The Fight at Preston was begun. 

Nov. 13th. This Hous was twice sirched by some Foot as came 
from Leverpoole, I think the fir^t party were about 

Nov.ieth. I set in a Streat place for a fat Man. 

Nov.i7th. I took a Nap between four of y^ clock and five and 
then went to seek my Lodging. 

Nov.isth. I made an End of Reading a Book called Englands 

Nov. 19th. I made an End of Reading the Book callted y* English 
Rogue, This Hous was sirched to day by some from 

of Crosby. 139 

Leverp; Mr. Huspn and Mr. Robinson was amongst 


English Rogue, — -a history of the most eminent cheats of both 
sexes, 4 vols, pubUshed 1665, reprinted 1874. 

I was in the Boys Chamber and heard him talk. I nov.mui. 
had a Bed-Fellow. 

This would probably be his chaplain, Mr. Aldred. 

My Bed-fellow and I parted. I began to read the Nov.sist. 
Upparalled Adventures writ by R, Burton, 

I Rid over in y° Boat at Runkhorn and did not light Nov. 24*. 
till I came to the Ail-hous, where we baited, thence to 
Cole^brook where we lodged at Robert Pickerings y^ Signe 
of y* Cock. 

At Newport I lodged at Justice Stantons the Signe of Nov.asth. 
the White Swan. 

Mr. TuUy Oneall and I came to Wolverhampton where Nov. 26th. 
we bated at Widdow Bembows y* Signe of the Cock, thence 
we went to Bermidgham and lodged at Rob: Corbits the 
Hen and Chickings. 

From Rowington Mr. Stamford went with me to his Nov.ssth. 
Hous Sawford where I Lodg'd. 

From Wickham I came to London and set up my Dec. 2nd. 
Mare at Mr. Ogles the Signe of y* Whit Hors at y" End 
of Little Wild Street. 

I dined at Mr. Aldreds near Lincolns Inn Arch in Dec. 3rd. 
Duke Street. 

This Mr, Aldred was brother to his chaplain. 

140 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

Dec. 5th. I Removed my Horses to y^ Cock and Dolfin in Grays 

Inn Lame. 

Dec. 9th. I saw y* Preston Prisoners come into Town. 

Dec.i2th. I made a Viset to my Lady Darwend-water in Lester 

Dec. 13th. I mended y® Clock upon y® Stayers at my Landladys. 

Decieth. I went to Cliftons the Bull and Gate in Holbourn and 
to other places to sell Ginny but to no purpose. 

Dec. 17th. I saw the Wax work in Fleet Street and the Birds 
and Beace. 

Dec. 19th. I drunk at John a Gaunts with Mr. John Gorsuch 
and Mr. Renolds. I saw y^ English Opera Acted called 

Dec. 23rd, I saw five Men and two Women carted towards Tibourn 
there to be Executed, I was in Smithfield in hopes to sell 
Ginny but could not. 

Dec. 24th. I bought a Gold Laced Hat of Mr. Renolds. 

Dec. 29th. I saw the Antilop and other Beasts in Holbourne. 

Dec. 30th. The Ostler sold Ginny in Smithfield and paid me the 

Money. I saw the moving Picturs in Smithfield. 
Jan. 6th. I made a viset to Mrs. Bridget and Mrs. Dorothy 

Standley at Mr. Ormanbys near Little-burn Stile. 

Jan. 9th. I began to learn French of Mr. George Barton over 

against the Sun in Great Wild-Street. 

Jan. nth. I took y* Clock upon y® Stayers in peeces. 

jan,i2th. I sat in the Chear of State upon the Themes, I danced 

on y^ Themes in a Booth, and at y* Warwick-Shire Booth 

of Crosby. 141 


I got a Dish of Sausages Fryed. I walked over the Themes 
from Temple Stayers to Southerick and back again. 

I put y^ Lock again on my Closet doar and have got jan.i7th. 
a new Key made for it. 

I made a Viset to Mrs. Br: Butler at y^ blew Ball in jan.i8th. 
Little Wild Street. 

I was upon the Themes and there saw an Ox Resting jan-igth. 
I eat a part of it as I saw cut of y^ Spit, they say there 
were two Oxes Rosted on the Themes to day. I was at 
y' New Exchange and there saw a Looking Glass as was 
in one peece 86 Inshes Long and 44 Insh wide Valewed 
at ;^i3o. 

I dined at Mr. Berrys and treated that Family there jan.26th. 
w"" a Shew of Monstures. 

I saw y* Moving Images in Shanlow Street, it was the Feb. 13th. 
first time they were shewed. 

I presented Mr. Plumb with a Snuflf Box. FeKigth. 

Lord Derwinwater and Kenmure were Executed. Feb.a4th. 

There was High -Mass for Lord Derwinwater at y° Feb. 27*. 
French Envoys, severall Persons of Note were there. 

Our Street Doar Lock was picked and y° Doar opened. Feb. 28th. 

I saw a Woman whiped at y* Carts twice round Feb. 290.. 

Red Lyon Squaire. 

I made my first Viset to S John Curson. Mar.»nd. 

Mrs. Ann Aldred helped me to buy a Roclore and a Mar. 3rd 
Tissu Waiscot at Thomas Stevens y* Signe of y" Duke of 
Ormond on Horsback. 

142 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

Mar. 5th. I rcceived my Pass. 

Mar. 6th. I gavc Mrs. Bridget Standley and her Sister Dorothy 

a small collation at their Lodging, they and I went out 
to see the Apparitions in y* Air lick Clouds of Fier and 

Mar. 7th. I drank my Farewell with Counsellor Eyr and his two 

Brothers and Mr. John Culcheth at y' Castle Tayern in 
Holbourn near Fullers Rant. 

Mar 8th. Camc from my Lodging in a Coach to Billing-Gate, 

then in y* Tilt Bote (in about 3 Hours and a half w"*" is 
twenty miles) to Gravesend. 

Mar. .2th. I went on Bord the S' John of Bridges a Smack of 
50 Tunn. 

After being on the sea three nights he lands at Ostend on March 
15, and makes a long stay abroad. He goes from place to place, 
visiting and describing various churches and sights. He meets 
English Jesuit Fathers and other priests, several Catholic families 
living abroad for the quiet practice of their religion. Amongst 
these were many Jacobites, escaped from England after the perils 
of " '15." His wife and children followed him in the summer, 
and the two girls were taken to Gravelines for their education. 
Aug. 3rd. We went on Bord Mr. Galloways Vessell the Betty Yot 

and Sailed out of the Harbour of Callis to Ramsgate where 
we Ancored. 

Aug. 4th. We Sail'd to Braud-Stairs alias Brad-Star where we 

cast Ancor. My Wife and I walked to Margarit where 
we lodged at y^ Whit Hart. 

Aug. 5th. We went from Margarit by Bote on Bord y* Betty 

and came to London. My Wife and I lodged at the 
Cross Keys in Gratius Street. 

Aug.ioth. My Wife bought a Red Satine Sute and I Dove Colour 

of Crosby. 143 

I took my Wife and Mrs. An Aldred to Tatnam Fair Aug. 12th. 

where we saw a Play acted called Jane Shore. 

My Wife and I made a Viset to Mr. Scarisb: in New Aug. 15*. 

I went to make a Viset to S' Tho : Johnson but he was Aug. leth. 
not at home. My Wife and I saw a Play called Titus 
Andronicus acted at y* Play house in Drury Lain. Mary 
Woodcock had her Pockets plucked from her. 

My Wife and I made severall Visets in the Coach viz Aug. sand. 
to the Mrs. Standleys, to Mrs. Dalton, to Mr. Blevin and 
to my Lady Hailes, but my Lady being lately delivered we 
saw her not, onely saw her Mother Mrs. Bagnoll. 

This being Bartholemew Fair I went to Smithfield and Aug.34tii. 
saw a Fars acted which was called Argulus and Parthenia 
and a Poppy Play called Earl of Essex. I met Mr. 
John Culcheth, Mr. Francis Poole, Mr. Thornton, Mr. 
Tompson &c at the Brittish CofFy Hous. 

I went with my Wife to Bartholemew Fair, we saw Aug. 26th. 
a Farce Acted as is called Robin Hudd and Little John, 
and Poppy Play called Patient Grissell and the Babes in 
the Wood. 

Walked thorrow St James Park where we saw some of Aug. 28th. 
the Trees as were Blowed up by the Roots and some as 
were snaped of 7 or 8 Foot from y* Ground by the Great 
Storme of Wind upon 21°' Instant some of y^ Trees were 
about 3 yards in circumference. 

Went to Malburgh Hous, 'tis a pritty little Hous Aug. 29th. 
and some good Pictures drawn by L'Garr, thence to 
Buckingham Hous w^ is really Noble and fine. 

144 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

Aug. 30th. I went to Wills CofFy-hous near Covent Garden. I 

made a visit to Mr. Scarisb : in Newgate and drank there 

with Mr. Blackbourne who has been a Prisoner there as 

I take it above 21 years, Mr. Gregson and Mr. Ashton 

was also with us. 

In Pink's Antiquarian Notes, part i., p. 45, will be found an 
interesting account of the extraordinary case of Robert Blackbume, 
imprisoned for half a century for a political offence. The Editor 
is indebted to the writer (Mr. W. A. Abram) for the following note 
regarding the others: — "1717, July 23 — Robert Scarisbrick, Esq., 
Mr. John Ashton, and Mr. John Gregson, who were said to have 
been engaged in the late Rebellion, and had never been appre- 
hended, surrendered themselves to the Lord Chief Justice Parker, 
who committed them to Newgate." — Historical Register. Mr. 
Scarisbrick was afterwards tried at Lancaster and released on bail. I treated Dr Gerningham, Mr. Sauthcote &c. with 

Wine. There was a Bone Fier and Illuminations in St 
Jamses Squaire for the Victory obtained by Prince Eugaine 
over the Turks. 

septjnd. We began our Journey in y^ Stage Coach from London. 

Sept. 13th. Mr. Harington drove Ince Charriot, he came a Nuting. 

Oct. 1st. I went to Leverp : and made a Viset to Mrs. Clayt6n, 

to Mrs. Houghton and Mrs. Tyarer. I dined at y^ 
Woolpack w* S' Clave Moar &c. I payed ;^i8 to Mr. 
Plumbe for a Purchas of one Aiker of Land from S' 
Clave Moar. 

Oct. 6th. It being near Full Moon I cut my Wives Hair off. 

Oct. 7th. I dined at Dukes in Great Crosby with Lord Molin:, 

Mr. Tho: Whittle, Parson Wairing, Joly Brown of Leverp: 
and layed a Waiger with Mr. Whitley w'''' is not to be 
paid of some time. 

Oct. 13th. It being Crosby Goosfeast I went to Dukes where I 

drunk with Mr. Rodes and Mr. Tatlock of Leverp: 


of Crosby. 145 

I Registered my Reall Estate at the Sestions in the oct.isth. 
Town-Hall (Wigan) before Mr. Case and Mr. Owen. 

This was in pursuance of a recent Act requiring all Recusants 
to register their estates. The annual value of the Diarist's estate 
was given as ^^482 12s. zjd. 

My Wife went to Condole Ailes Tickle for y° loss of oct..6ih. 
her Husband who was found this Morning drowned near 
his own Hous. 

I was at Sefton at y° Buriall of Rich : Tickley, there oct. istb. 
was at his Hous, Yeomon of y® Gore Houses, Mr. Formby, 
Mr. Cottom of Leverp: Mr. Wofold &c. 

Will : Fleetw : of Simons Wood was here to have od. Mth. 
ben Married to his Fourth Wife but was disapointed. 

My wife and I went with Mrs. Blund : &c on Bord the oct. 23rd. 
Barbadas Merchant and dined on Bord her, Capt: Bryan 
Harding is Master, he gave us some Guns. 

We delt Saw -loves to the Poore, it being the first Nov. 2nd. 
time any Saw Loves were given here as I remember ; of 
2 Buss : of Barly we made 420 Loves, but they were too 
little, if three had been made into two they would have 
ben pritty well. Altho it was a fine day and the ways 
very good, yet I believe there was about one third part 
of y* Saw-loves left and very few came as were not 
Inhabitants of this Parish. 

I went to Parson Wairings in y* Morning and got y" Nov.uth. 
Boys leave to play and then went a coursing with Parson 
Letus, Parson Wairing, Mr. Syer of the Ford, &c. 

I went to see y* Iron Forge in Aintry. Mr. Poole of Nov.aoth. 
Burchley and his Son Lodged here. \ 

Ellen Rigby brought me word that there was a Ship Deo. 3th. 
loaded with Butter as had SufFerd dammage y^ last 


146 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

Night, some of it was brought up to Great Crosby, she 
bought us three Muggs of it. 

Dec. igth. I went to Lidiat to see Pat : Moston, I made a Viset 
to Dennats Wife, she told me that for above these 12 
years last past she has not eaten anything but spoone 
Meat, not so much as a peece of Bread or Puding. 

Dec. 23rd. Mr. Burtles of Leverp: and his Friend dined here 
I shewed them my Picture of y* old Man and Candle. 

If this was Hogarth's "Politician" it must have been produced 
early, as he was then only about to finish his apprenticeship with 
Ellis Gamble. 
jan.3rd. Coz I Tho I Gelib :, Mr. Tho: Walmesley and I went 

to Leverp : and dined at y® Wool-pack we went to look 

at the Dock and the Charity Schoole. I tasted some 

very good Wine in Mr. Ginks Seller. 

Jan. nth. I went to Astley to wish Coz : Gelib: joy, its y* first 

time I have ben there since he was maried. 

Jan. isih. Coz : Gelib : and I walked in the Morning to Coz : 

Tho : Gelibronds to prayers. 

jan.i4th. Wc wcnt from Astley to Coz Tho: Gelibronds where 

we dined with Mr. Tho: Walmesley, Will: Low &c. 
Coz : Tho : Gelib : shewed me his Gardens, Fishary, 
Fountain &c. I gave some small Rings and Spaw 
Crosses to my Little Cozens there. 

jan.«nd My Wifc and I were present when Mr. Turvill made 

his Prof: I eat of a very good Chees as was twelve 
years old and made by Tho: Foolers Wife of Great 
Crosby. I drank Punsh in the Hall at Ince w"" Mr. 
Turvill who treated us, Pat : Smith of Culcheth, Pat : W" 
Molineux, Pat: Rich: More &c. 

of Crosby. 147 

My Wife and I went to the New-Hous to pray for jan.a8th. 

Mr. Tasburgh. I was in my Mill w° Mr. Tasb : was 

carried past to be buried. 

Rev. Henry Tasburgh, S.J., a native of Suffolk, born 1641-2, 
entered the Society of Jesus 1664-5, and was sent on the Lanca- 
shire Mission 1673. Was rector in 1701, and died at the New 
house in Ince Blundell, January 27, 1717-8. He was buried the 
following day at the Harkirke. See Foley's Collectanea, where he is 
said to have died February 6th. 

I went to Morehall to attend the Funeral! of Mr. Feb. 5th. 
Wofold there was there S' Edw: Standley, Mr. Brooks 
of Ojrmskerk, Mr. Formby, Mr, Molin: of Wooton, Mr. 
Standley of Hooton &c I did not goe with y* Corps to 
Highton Church. 

I dined at the New-hous w"" Pat : Billinge and Mr. Feb. ml. 
Sail &c I flung a Trash after Mr. Saile. 

I went to Parson Wairings to wish his Sister Kelsey Feb. 27th. 
Joy. Parson Kelsey was there, we had a Bowl of Push. 

I went to y* Hall of Male and got some Cutings or Mar. 3rd. 
Imps of y* Apple Called y^ Summer Queening. 

Mr. Saile of Hopkar came to Tho: Syers. Mar.iuh. 

I was one of the Bearers at the Funerall of my Lord Mar. 12*. 
Molineux, there was then at Croxtath Mr. Case of y" 
Red Hasles, LaAvyer Gibson, Atturney Hulme, Mr. Nich: 
Fazak: &c., Mr. Culcheth came with me from Sefton 

I treated at the Talbot Mr. Hulme the Atturney, Mr. Mar. 13th. 
Byron of the Edge, Yeomon of the Gore Houses &c. 

Talbot, in Ormskirk. 

Pat : Needham held forth at Mr. Aid : Mar. leth. 

148 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

Mar.sgth. Ml. R: Fazak : the Father gave me Bond at the 

Wool-pack for £2yo Principall with Interest. 

April 4th. I went to wish Mr. Scarisbrick wellcome home from 

y* Assizes. 

April 5th. I Bought some Hugaback and Diaper from Mr. Hen: 

Tatlock and some Wine of Mr. Ginks, I dined with them 
at the Wool-pack. 

April nth. I cut Rob. Weedows Hair and his Brother Henrys 

April 15th. Tho : Syer and I went to the Saile of Quick Goods 
at Croxtath. 

April Mnd. Mr. Saile was Married. 

April 25th. Mr. Aid: and I went to Formby w* Coz : Moli: of 
Mosb: and Mr. Tankerd we expected to find Dotterell 
and onely one was seen. 

May 8th. I wcttt to look at Parson Hindleys Garden but he 

being ill of the Gout I could not see him, thence I went 
to Ormsk: and dined at Doctor Lancasters. 

Mayioth. I went to Prescot and light at the Ship Tho: Moss 

his, I went to Mrs. Glovers to look at Mr. Limes 
Quondom Garden. 

May 13th. I went to Leverp: and paid all to Mr. Crumpton the 

Uphoulstarer as I ought him. 

May i6th. I wcnt to Lcvcrp : for a Livery Sute for Rob : 

Weedon at Mr. Cottoms Shop, he treated me at his 
Hous and gave me a dooble SnufF Box. I bought a 
Swine in Daile Street. 

May 29th. Pat Aid : shewed me how to dense or Purify Quick 


of Crosby. 149 

Doctor Gerards Brother William dined here. junesnd. 

I went to wate of my Lord Darby at Knowsley, I junei6th. 
dined there with him, Mr. Windam, Parson Antwistley 
and his Brother, and young Mr. Case; after dinner all of 
us played at Bowls except Mr. Windam. 

I went to y* Sail of Goods at Croxtath and bought junei7th. 
some of Thomas Syer &c. 

I went to Leverp : and bought some open Silver Lace June 21st. 
of Mr. Maior for my Wives Hat. 

My Wife and I went to Leverp: and heard Pat: june22nd. 
Doodell hold forth at Mr. Hardestys, we dined there with 
Mr. Tute and his Nephew Mr. Nugent &c. 

I fixed the Sedar Chest of Drawers as I bought at june^ard. 
Croxtath in my Closet. 

My Broth : Jos : went hence, I went with him as far i-^e 28th. 
as Blind-Leg, where we found Coz : Molin : of Mosb : and 
his Brother, Mr. Percy and Ned Farnworth &c. 

Pat: Gelib: came very late and brought word we juiystb. 
might soone expect a sevear Serch for Priests. 

My Lord Lang: Mr. Aid: and I went a Seting and juiyisni- 
Shooting. There was an impudent disbanded Souldior 
carried hence by the Cunstable to Leverp : where the 
Maior ordered him to be whiped. I had a Merrinight 
Tatlock play'd here. 

My Lord Lang: Sister Midleton &c intended to have juiyisth. 
gon to Leverp : but were prevented by hearing of the 
death of my Nephew Peter Midleton. 

My Lady Molin: her Doughters and Mrs. Mary juiyaard. 
Molin : dined here, I also expected Lord Molin : and 

150 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

1718. ' 

Lord Cardigan. Lord Lang: and I went to Ince 

Greene I bowled there ; there was Parson Darbyshire and 

Wairing Mr. Formby, Mr. Bayron of the Edge, Tho: 

Whitle &c. 

juiy24ih. Lord Langdale and I dined at Mosburgh, we bowled 

there after dinner. Coz : Gelibrond of Astley sent a 
large Salmon hither of a Present. 

July 28th. My Lord Lang: went hence, I went w* him to Astley. 

July 29th. Coz: Jo: Gelibrond and I went with my Lord Langd: 

to Coz: Tho: Gelibronds where we heard three of his 
Doughters play on the Harpiscolls. Coz : Tho : Gelibronds 
Wife and Mr. Rich : Chorley din'd with us at Astley. 

Aug. 5th. Mr. Smarley the Atturney was here I paid him what 

I ough him upon Account of y" Purchas of Jacksons 
Land. My Brother Langdale, Dr. Traps and Mr. 
Heskaine made a Viset here, I gave a Guiney to Mr. 
Heskaine towards Crosby Race. 

Aug. 6th. I went to Ince Green and Bowled with Parson 

Darbyshire, Mr. Formby and Thomas Whitley ; Parson 
Wairing and Mr. Bayron were there. 

Aug. 8th. Tho: Syer and I went to Crosby Marsh to see where 

was proper to set out Ground for a Hors Race. 

Aug. 15th. I went to Great Crosby where I saw a good part of 
Don Quick-sot Acted. 

Aug.i6th. Mr. Carroll Molineux dined here and then I went with 
him to Crosby Marsh and helped to set out the Cours. 

Aug.2ist. My Sister Middleton, my Wife and I dined at 

Mosbourgh with Mr. Harington and his Lady. 

of Crosby. 151 

My Wife and Sister Midleton made a Viset to the Aug.34ti>. 

Ladys of MaguU. 

I went to Crosby Marsh and ordered where the Aug. 26th. 
Distance Post should stand and saw them fixing the 

My Wife Sister Middleton and I dined at the Scous Aug.s7th. 
at Mr. Haringtons with Mr. MoHn : of Mosbourgh and his 
Lady, Ned Ogles &c. Mr. Percy came home with us. 

Scous = Scholes Hall, near Prescot. 

My Lord Molineux sent his Keeper to me with a side Aug. 31st. 
of Venison. 

I was at the Gallaway Race on Crosby Marsh and 
was in the Chear with my Lord Darby and my Lord 
Molineux &c four Horses ran and Mr. Bosloms wan the 

Emb : Blansherd brought us word that Coz : Scarisb : sept. loth. 
was discharged at Lancaster. 

I Rode out in the Morning with my Sister Middleton 
into my Lord Molineux his New Park and looked at the 
Deer and Whit Beasts, thence we went to y" Iron Forge, 
then to Mr. Bowers. 

I went to Scarisbrick to congratulate Mr. Scarisb : for sepi. 15*. 
his good Suckcess at y' Assizes. 

Mr. Nich: Faza: and his London Brother were here. sept.soth. 

We dined at the Scows with Mrs. Cath : Standley and sept,22nd. 
Mrs. Eckleston and lodged at the Red Lyon in Warington 
a very good Inn. 

I went to Leverp; and drank at Mrs. Ladys with oct.sth. 
Mr. Smarley and Berry two Atturneys. 

152 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

1718. " 
Oct. 18th. I Brought home some Withen Stakes for Pat: 

Gelibronds Arbor. 

Nov. and. I madc a Viset to y* Hall of Ince and stayed there 

pritty late expecting the News-paper. 

Nov.atsi. Tho: Syer came home from Hopker after having com- 
posed Matters between the Mother and Son. 

Nov.ssth. I went to y* Mugg-hous and congratulated Capt: 
Fazak: for his Post there, young Mr. Faz: gave me a 
Bowl of Punsh. 

Nov. 27th. Mr. Saile and his Wife came to lodge at Tho : Syers 
they intend to Table with him for some time. 

Dec. 9th. Mr. Bower and John Tyrer met me at my Lords 

Arms in Aintry. Mr, Bower made some proposalls to me 
for the Purchass of D' Lathoms Fifteen Aiker. 

Deo. 13th. I went to Leverp : and drank with Mr. Rech at y* 
Wool-pack he is to be Land-Lord there. Pothecarry Par 
gave Jolly Brown and me a Bottle of Wine at his Hous. 

Dec. 17th. Mr. Turvill Came to Condole my Wife for the Death 

of my Lord Langdale. 
1719. Coz: Tho: Gelibrond and I and our Wives dined at 

Astley. Mr. Willi: Brooks was there. 

Jan. and. I Walked to Coz : Gelibronds Cole Pit. My Wife and 

Coz : Gelibronds met old Coz : Gelibronds Wife at Chorley. 

Jan. 3rd. We came home from my Cozen Gelibronds of Chorley. 

Jan. 23rd. Mrs. Saile was delivered of her first Child, Richard. 

Jan. 27th. Mr. Saile and his Kinsmen made my Workmen in y* 

Ackers to shout. 

of Crosby. 153 

I sent of a how-do-you to Scarisbrick to bid the young 

Master welcome home. 

My Wife and I made a Viset to y" Hall of Ince, it Feb.ioth. 
being Srofe Tuesday we eat Pan kakes there. 

I saw a Man that eat Fier but I did not see him eat it. Feb. 24*. 

My Wife and I went to Ormsk: to meet Dame Standley, Mar.gth. 
Mrs. Fra: Traford came with her, we all dined at the 
Wheat Sheafe. 

John Fletcher told me that he saw y ester Night a Mar. 20th. 
Strang and unusuall Light proceed from y* Moone somthing 
like a Commet and shooting downwards till it disapeered 
it cast an extraordinary light but did not last above one 
Minnet it happened between 8 and 9 of the Clock. 

Mr. Jackson paid me in full for the Purchas of his Mar. 3151. 
Land in Great Crosby. 

Great Crosby Jury and my Jury met Mr. Crisp and April 7111. 
me at the Sea-side where we Staked out y" Bonderys 
between Great Crosby and the Morehouses that each Town 
might know their Liberty to fish in. 

I went to Mr. Hindleys the Parson of Oughton his Apriimh. 
Curate Mr. Loxdale shewed me several od sorts of Flowers, 
he went with me to the Aile-Hous where we smoked a Pipe. 

I was at Great Crosby Race where five Hunters Ran April 15th. 
for a Plate, a Hors of Mr. Cleevelands wan it. 

Mr. Saile, his Wife and Family removed from Tho: April isth. 
Syers and went hence to live at Hopkar. I sent some 
Clay to the Mugg Hous and Pip-Makers to be tryed there. 

Parson Loxdale and John Aspinwall came to see my May 5th. 
Flowers. I showed them my best and also my Cheane Pump. 

154 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 


I went to Mr. Case his, but he was not at home so I 

smoaked a Pipe w*"^ his Son Henry and then went to y* 
New Engin as is to draw up Water from one of y* Cole- 
pits, thence I went to y® New Glass-hous, Mr. Case came 
past whilst I was there so I followed him to his Hous 
where I stayed awhile and desired him to be one of my 

May 7th. The Play of Don Quicksot was Acted at James Davys. 

Mayi3ih. I Went to Crosby Court where I proposed to y* Jury 

to Joyne with them in Prosecuting of those who Fished 
on our Coast but it was not Accepted. 

May 14th. I went to Ormsk: and shoed my Toe to the Mounte- 

bank Dr. Fry, I drank at the Swan with Dr. Lancaster. 

May 13th. I met Mr. Shepperd at the Hall of Sefton and bought 

some old Wainscoting of him. 

Mayi8(h. My Wifc aud I dined at Lidiat with Mr. Moston, 

thence we went to Mickering where we found Mrs. Wofold 
and Mrs. Bridget Blundell, Pat: Blackbourn was there. 

May27ih. Mr. Taylor of Ormsk: brought a New Clock to Tho: 
Syers for Mr. Saile. 

May 3oih. I Went to Leverp : I drank part of a Bowl of Punsh 

at Mr. Cottoms, y* Riding Parson was there. 

junegtb. I fetchcd homc from y^ Hall of Sefton the old Glass 

as I had bought of Mr. Shepperd. 

Jane 14th. W" Davy the Skinner refused to show me his Leas, 
we fell out about his geting Turves. 

June 17th. Went to Whartons in Ince where we had a Meeting 
concerning geting a Rode to be made over the Key at 
Leverp:, and severall Sign'd to a paper for Raising Money 

of Crosby. 155 

-_ ^^^^ 

VIZ, Mr. Formby, Mr. Syer of the Ford, Mr. Will: 
Williamson, Ed : Darwin, Yeomon of the Goar-houses 
myself and others. 

Mr. Formby, Mr. Tho : Whitle, Yeomon of y* Goar- juneaoth. 
houses I &c met at the Woolpack about making a Road 
over the Key at Leverp: I showed the Deputy Mayor 
what we intended to doe in that affair. 

I gave a great many Flowers to two young Women for June 21st. 
Flowering of a May-Powl. 

I went to y'' Golden Hors-Shoe by Darby Chappell. junezznd. 

I was at Mr. Aldreds where he made up a falling out juneaeth. 
as was between Thomas Syer and Edward Hatton. 

I drew out part of a Modell for Mr. Aldreds new Hous. juiyand. 

Mr. James Tildesley and his Wife and Sister with the juiyjid. 
Famoly of Ince made a Viset here. 

I drank a Glass at Mr. Cottoms with him, Mr. John juiy4th. 
Bolton and Captain Fazakerley. 

My God-Son Tho: Syer claped me Blessing, 'tis the juiyjth. 
first time. 

I went to Ince Green and Bowled with Mr. Formby juiysth. 
Whittle and Mr. Oldfield. I gave one Guiney to Mr. 
Whittle upon Account of a second Mart. 

I went to Leverp : and bought a Comicall Drinking juiy 17*. 

I went with my Wife to Leverpool thence she went to juiyigth. 
Wooton to wate of my Lady Westmoreland. I dined at 
Mr. Fazakerleys and drank at y* Woolpack with Dr. 
Tarlton, Mr. Darcy Chantrell &c. 

Mrs. Scaresbrick, her son James and her Doughter juiyaist. 
Frances &c dined here. 

156 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

July 22nd. Pothecary Lathom, Mr. Cottom and his Wife and her 

Sister Mrs. Mary Yates dined here. 

Aug. 2nd. Dorothy Blundell came hither and began to prepair 

against to-morrow, all Hands were as busy as was proper. 

Aug. 3rd. My Lord Mohneux his Keeper brought me a Present 

of a Side of Venison. My Lord and Lady Molineux, my 
Lady Westmoreland, my Lord Belew, the Ladys of 
MaghuU, Mr. Trentham, Mr. Turvill &c. dined here. 
Coz : Gillib : of Chorley, his Wife, his Son John and 
Doughters Margarit and Jane lodged here. 

This Jane, daughter of Thomas Gillibrand, Esq., married John 
Hawarden, gentleman, who held the manor of Widnes — Lower House 
in Widnes, and Lea Green in Sutton. His will is dated January 16, 
1741-2. Their son, Thomas Hawarden, of Liverpool, Esq., took 
the name of Gillibrand, of Gillibrand Hall, and ob. May 28, 1787. 
He sold land in Sutton, August 2, 1768. 

Aug. 7th. Coz: Gillibrands two Doughters played upon y" Organ 

at Leverp : 

Aug. 13th. My Teame brought two Bolster Load of Timber for 
Mr. Aldred out of my Lord Molineux his New Park, there 
were five other Teames. 

Aug. 25th. Mr. Scarisb: and his Son James dined here and then 
we went to Great Crosby Race were six Ran for y* Plate, 
a Croped Hors of my Lord Molineux his wan it ; Coz : 
Rowly Poole, Mr. Henry Tyrer &c. was there. I drank in 
a Booth with my Lord Molineux, Mr. Molin : of Mosb : 
Mr. W" Wofold &c. I gave one Guiney to Mr. Syer 
being what I had Subscribed towards y" Plate. 

Aug. 26th. We went to the Gallaway Race at Great Crosby My 
Lord Molin : his Brack Rowly and a Mare of Mr. Heskeths 
ran for y^ Plate, my Lord Molin: wan it. 

of Crosby. 157 

I sent a Present of young Pigeons to Mr. Plumb to 

stoar his New Dove-Coat in Wartery with. 

This house, which Mr. Plumbe had then recently built, was 
afterwards called Plumbe's Hall; and here resided, at one time, 
Sir Joshua Walmsley, Kt., Mayor of Liverpool, 1839-40. The 
Corporation bought it in 1843, and pulled it down with the view 
of utilising the site for a borough gaol. The site being pronounced 
unsuitable, after the lapse of a few years it was converted into 
ornamental grounds, called Victoria Park. (See Picton's Memorials.) 
Mr. Plumbe was an intimate friend of Mr. Blundell, and kept his 
Court Baron at Crosby, where he was a frequent visitor. He was 
fond of both coursing and fishing, and had many opportunities of 
enjoying these amusements in company with the squire. Mr. 
Plumbe was successful in his profession, and purchased, in 1718, 
Alexander Hesketh's estate, viz., Uplitherland and one-third share 
of Aughton, which is still in possession of the family. At the 
beginning of this century the Plumbes acquired, in marriage, the 
estate of Sir George Tempest, of Tong Hall, Yorkshire, and took 
the name of Tempest. The late Colonel Plumbe Tempest, who died 
July 27, 1881, was succeeded by his sister, Catherine E. P. Tempest. 

Pat: Kannell made a Viset here. sept.3rd. 

Rev. James Cannell, S.J., was a son of Mrs. Cannell, of the Isle of 
Man, who suffered much persecution for religion, as may be seen from 
her letter to WilHam Blundell, Esq. (A Cavalier's Note Book, p. 163.) 
He was born 1649, and chiefly laboured at Wigan, where he is said to 
have been the earliest missioner. He died there in 1722, aged 73. 

I went to Ince to wate of S"^ Lawrence Anderton he sept.eth. 
being come from London. 

Pat : Gillib : my Wife and I rode out to see y^ Land sept. 17th. 
Mark as is building at the Grange. 

Pat: Gillib: went hence, my Wife and I brought him sept.i8th. 
past Maile-Clent. 

Joh : Vose began to build the West Laine Hous, I sept.3oth. 
layed the first Stone w*^ my Coat of Armes and y" first 
Letters of my Wives Name and mine engraved of it, it is 
the Foundation Stone of the most Westerly Corner. 

This house is still the residence of the priest, but has been 
re-fronted, and the stone referred to inserted in the wall on the 
eastern side. 

158 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

1719. . . . 

Oct. nth. I sent William Carefoot to see if he could harken me 

out a Miller but he could not. 

Oct. 19th. I was at the Funerall of Parson Letus but y* Corps 

was carried to y* Church ere I came, so I stayed in y= 
Ailehous till y^ Sermon was over and drank with Mr. 
Crisp, Mr. Bower, Thorn : Fleetwood &c. Parson Becket, 
Mr. Byron &c were at the Funerall. 

Oct. 22nd. I went to Tho: Tickleys and drank there with Mr. 
Molineux of y' Grange, there was some Drunken troble- 
some Company in y* Hous. 

Oct. 26th. My Wife went to condole Mrs. Letus for the death of 

her Husband. 

Oct. 25th. I went to Ditton and lodged at the Bank at Will : 

Athertons, I played them some tricks of Leger-de-mesne, 
and set them upon some Chrismass Tricks, we were 

extreamly Merry. 

Nov.gth. WilHam Carefoot went to the Bare-Bate at Formby. 

Nov.ioth. The West-Lain-Hous was Rear'd. 

Nov. 14th. I dined at the Wool-pack in Lev: with four Strangers, 

I suppose they were Londoners. I saw Matthew Buckinger 
who was born without Hands or Feet, I saw him writ very 
well with his Stumps and tipe very dexterously some nine 
Pins down and play Tricks of Leger-de-Mesne, Mr. Whitley 
and Mr. Bayron went with me to see the Little Man play 
his Tricks. 

Nov. 27th. 

Dec. 8th. 

I sent my Coach Carriage to carry y" Corps of Cicily 
Lea to Sefton. 

Hen: Swift and Roger Marser asked me leave to fish 
on the Sea Cost within my libertyes. 

of Crosby. 159 

I Burned half a Groce of Pipes. Decgth. 

Tho : BigarstrafF came hither w* a Petission for me to Dec. 15*. 
signe to the Barleament to make y* River Wever Navigable, 
I did sign it. 

The first Act for rendering the Weaver navigable from Frodsham 
Bridge to Winsford was passed in 1720. The other Acts were dated 
1759 and 1807. 

I went to y® Buriall of Wm Bawer but came too late Dec. 23rd. 
so that I met y" Corps and went to Sefton, when the 
Buriall was over I stayed drinking at the Aile-Hous with 
Dr. Lancaster, Selsby of Ormskerk, Young John Yates. 

It being Christmas day my Wife and I went in y^ oecasth. 

Night to Mr. Aldreds, we also went thither about tenn 

of the Clock this Morning, my Wife was extreamly ill and 

I was not very well. 

Ned Howerd came to desire I would deside a difference 

between him and Mr. Aldred. 

My Wife dined at Ailes Tickleys. I went into Tho: jan.7th. 
Syers where he gave us a Bowl of Punsh, we were seaven 
in all viz Mr. Syer of y^ Ford, James Berry the Atturney, 
Mr. Byron &c. 

I went to Preston, I set up my Horses at the Miter jau.8th. 
and dined there, they got me lodging in a privat Hous. 
I made a Viset to the three Sisters the Mrs. Blundells. 

It being the Great-Saturday I exchanged my small jan.9th. 
Coach-Hors Jack with Henry Heys for a large Bay 
Gelding not five year old I calle him Stag. I called at 
Gris'es and smoked a Pipe there with Dr. Lancaster. 

My Wife and I went in y' Coach to Ince with my jan.i7th. 
New Hors Stagg he performs extraordinary well. 

i6o Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

Jan. 25th. I went to I nee Green when Parson Wairing flang a 

Lead over y' Green but it not being very fairly done we 

had a small squable about it ; Mr. Cottom came to us 

when the Throw was over. Parson Wairing and I bowled 

against Mr. Aid : and Mr. Bayron. 

They afterwards adjourned to " Ned Wharton's," where Mr. 
Cottom, who had been coursing, entertained the company with the 
following anecdote, related bj^ the Diarist : — " 1719-20, January 25 — 
Mr. Henry Cottom of Leverp : Mr. Turville of Ince, and several 
others were a coursing. The hare being very closely pursued took 
refuge under an ass which was in the lane. When the dogs came 
near the ass, it began to bray and make such an ugly noise that 
the dogs ran away from it and by that means the hare saved its life." 

Feb. 6th. This Town and Thornton had a Tryall before Mr. 

Maior of Leverpoole and Mr. Rich : Norris for y^ Setlement 
of Rich : Webster and his Famoly, our Atturneys were Mr. 
Plumbe and Mr. Peters, Thornton had Mr. Brownsword. I 
drank at y* Wool-pack with Mr. Jenks, Captain Tarlton &c. 

Feb. 20th. I went to Mr. Cottoms and paid him what I ought 

him for Fustion &c for a Frock, I went to Mr. Maior of 
Leverp : and Mr. Norris to y' Bird in y" Hand where I 
discoursed them concerning y'= Setlement of Ri : Webster 
and his Famoly. I drank at y* Wool-pack with Thorn ; 
Hurst, young Rob : Bootle, &c. Rich : Westhead pretended 
to be my Guide home but lost his way and brought me 
thorrow Litherland Town. 

Feb.jist. I was at y* Buriall of Rich: Tristrams Wife and 

Doughter, there was at y^ Buriall Hous Mr. Cottom, Mr. 
Bower, John Tyrer and his Wife &c. 

She died in childbirth. Mrs. Blundell had gone to visit her 
when she heard of her danger. 

Mar. ist. This being Shrove Tuesday I saw Rich : Syer, John 

Ainsworth &c throwing at a Cock before my Gaites in y^ 

of Crosby. i6i 

I went to Mr. Cottoms, I dined there with Mr. Billing Mar. 5th. 

My Lord Molineux his Gentleman. Mr. Peters brought 

me an Order to the Wool-pack for the Setlement of Richard 

Webster and his Famoly in Thornton. Coming home I fell 

upon the Sands and Hurt my Hip very ill and my Hand. 

Rev. Richard Billinge, S.J., was then priest at Croxteth Hall. 
He died 1732-3, aged 58. 

I gay? a Comfortable Drink to my Hors Stagg. I sent Mar. 13th. 
a How-do-you to Mr. Scarisbrick. 

I went to y^ Edge. Mr. Bayron was gon to the Ford Mar.isth. 
but his Wife sent for him he soone came back and Mr. 
Syer along with him, I stayed and Smoaked a pipe with 

Ailes Tickley, Dorothy Blundell and Betty Blund: dined Mar.joth. 
here. I went part of the way towards Sefton w* the 
Corps of Rob: Tompson and then Mr. Rich : Molineux 
the Saylor came back with me. 

My Closet being very unready, I put it into better Order. Mar. 24*. 

I set about one Buss of Rufford Potatows in the April gth. 
Oat-Croft without any Muck or Straw. 

Coz : John Gelibrond went to Leverp : and put in his April 14th. 
Clame for a Debt owing to him by Mr. Earle. 

My Wife and I went to Mathew Withingtons in Derby Apriiisth 
thence we went to Mr. Carters of Blacklow in Roby where 
we called and looked at his pritty Hous and Gardens. 

I sent to the Scous (Scholes Hall) to condole Mrs. .\prii20th. 
Harington for the Death of her husband. 

Charles Harrington, of Huyton Hey, Esq., buried at Huyton 
Church, March 12, 1719-20. 

1 62 Diary of Nicfiolas Blundell, 

April aist. My Wife and I called at Mr. Plumbs new Hous in 

Wartery he was there and shewed it to us, we went to 

Leverp : Sera Ather : went with us, I bought her some 

Whit- Mettle waire at the end of Daile Street and a Hat 

for her at Mrs. Rumsys. We all dined at the Wool-pack 

I drank there with Mr. Rob: Tatlock, Mr. Whitle, Will: 

Hulme the Atturney &c. 

Apvii23rd. My Wife and I walked to Sefton to make a Viset to 
Parson Acton and his Wife, 'tis the first time either of us 
went since they came thither. 

April 26th. I was at the farther end of the Barbary Walk Avith 
Tho : Howerd and his Brother John &c and furnished 
them with two good Kasks. Patrick Norris was here to 
heare what News Thomas Howerd brought out of y^ 

April 27th. Mr. Thomas cerched the West-Lain-Hous and a deale 
of the Out-Housing of this Hous for Brandy as he heard 
was conceiled here. 

April 29th. Rich: Jump came to buy my Black Mare Bess but we 
could not bargan. 

April 30th. Mr. Williamson the Wine-Cooper came hither and 
Ordered two Kasks of Clarret for Tho: Howerd. 

Mayist. My Wife sent Ned Howerd to Wooton to wish my 

Lady well-come-home. 

May 2nd. I dined with Henry Tyrer at Widow Barrows in Orm.s- 

kirk and drank there with Mr. Ashurst, Justis Walmesley 
&c. I was at part of the Tryall between Thornton and our 
Town concerning the setlement of Richard Webster and 
his Famoly there was Mr. Entwisley y= Chancellor, Mr. 
Ric : Norris &c upon the Bensh. 

of Crosby. 163 

Parson Acton Mr. Bayron and young Rob: Bootle were May 3rd. 

here a beging towards the rebuilding of St Johns Church 

in Chester, I gave them something. 

I went to John Aspinwalls and to Parson Hindleys to Mayeth. 
get some Roots of Flowers. 

I set them and the Flowers as Parson Loxley gave me May;*, 

I fetched Mrs. Lettonby hither from Leverp : she is Maysth. 
shortly for going to Madam BagnoUs. Pat: Turvill was 

Mr. Aid: removed from Ned Howerds to live at the May 9*. 
West- Lain Hous. I went thither this afternoon and took 
a pipe with him. 

I Brought Mrs. Letonbys "Will to Lev : as I had drawn May mh. 
for her, she signed it. 

Mr. Aid: said Mass the first time at the West-Lain- May 13th. 
Hous I served him. 

I sent a few old Pigeons and young ones to Mr. Mayisth. 
Plumbe to store his Dovecoat with at Wartery. 

It being Mr. Aldreds Birth-day he gave a Bowl of May 19th. 
Punsh at his hous to Parson Wairing, Mr. Bayron and 
me &c we were seaven of us. 

I Removed the Great Stone as has time out of Mind Mayzsrd. 
stood neare the lower Bark-Gate and fixed it at y' turning 
of the Cawsey in ye West-laine. 

My Wife and I dined at Scarisbrick the three Sister May. 26th. 
Blundells from Preston were there, coming home we made 
a short Viset at Gorsuch. 

164 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

May 28th. It is supposed that Will: Thelwall is run his Country 

becaus 'tis publickly known he had a false Key of my 


May 29th. Mr. Turvill called here and smoaked a Pipe and then 

went to Crosby Marsh to see y^ Runing Horses. 

May 30th. Coz: Scaris: and his Son James dined here, we went 

together to Crosby Race where my Lord Molineux his 
Crop beat a Whit Hors called Crutches. Mr. Plumbe 
and his Son were upon y^ Ground. 

May. 31st. Young Mr, Clifton and Doc: Traps were at Mr. 
• Aldreds. 

juneaud. Being Ni: Davy dyed today my Wife and I went to 

pray by him. 

Jane 5th. I Went to Astley where I Lodged. 

June 6th. Coz : Gilib : and I went to prayers to his Sons, Coz : 

Tho : Gilib : shewed me his Water Engin for Cherning 
with &c. Mr. George Clifton came to Astley. 

June 7th. Wcut to CowHngs to Read y" News. 

juuegth, My Wife and I went to Leverp : we looked at the 

Charrity Schoole. 

June nth. Being Rob: Bootle Junior finished his Marling to day 

I went to his Hous and gave something to his Marlors, I 
drank there with Jo: Rose, Bryon Fleetwood &c. I 
proposed to them to set an Egg on y^ end upon a Looking 
Glass, W" Harrison the Clark did it. 

juneijth. We were as busy as was proper prepairing against 

June 13th. Coz : Scarisb : and her Son James, the three Sister 
Blundells from Preston &c dined here. 

of Crosby. 165 

I went with Pat: Gel: to Lidiat to see Mr. Moston. juness-d. 

Mr. Aid: came hither to borrow some things against juneseth. — 

My Wife and I dined at Mr. Aid: with my Lord and juneiyth. 
Lady Molineux the Famoly of Ince &c : we were eighteen 
in all. 

This was the house-warming given by Father Aldred, now 
settled in his new abode. 

I Bowled at Ince Greene with Will: Harrison the new June 39th. 
Schoole-Master who came thither today. 

Old Mr. Walmesle of Showley dined here. luiyist. 

My Wife and I began our Journey towards York. We juiys*. 
dined at the Leggs of Man in Wigan with Coz : Gelib : of 
Astley and his Brother W" we lodged at the Row Buck 
in Ratchdale. 

At Leeds we lodged at the Queens Armes a very good juiyeih. 
Hous and very oblidging People and very reasonable. 

I saw Mr. Thursbys Collection of Curiositys which are juiyy*. 
very well worth seeing. At York my Wife and I lodged 
at my Sister Middletons, I sent my Men and Horses to 
the Falcon. 

My Lady Smithson dined w*^ us, I bowled with Mr. juiysth. 
Naper &c. 

Mr. Menell of Kilvington dined with us, Mr. Rob: juiyg*. 
Dolman made us a viset. I made a Viset to Mrs. 
Medcalf the Widow. 

My Wife and I heard part of a Sermon at Mrs. juiyioth. 
Pastons. Coz : Barbara Dolman, Mr. Naper and his Wife 
&c dined with us. 

1 66 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

July nth. I went from York to Hallifax where I Lodged at y* 

Signe of the Cross, a large but nasty Hous. 

juiyijth. From Hallyfax I went to Burnley where I dined at 

the Spar Halk it was the worst way I ever rode for so 
long together. 

juiyisth. From Showley I came past the Lower Hall of 

Sambsbury and Curedley Hall and so to Astley, thence to 
Ormskerk where I took a Pipe at y" Swan w* Parson 

July 17th. I shewed Ben : (Brancker) my Picture of y'= Old Man 

and y^ Candle. 

July 19th. I went to Crosby Marsh and saw five of my Lord 

Molineux his Horses sweat, viz. Fox-hunter, Stroaker, 
Sobryety, Crop, and his Black Callaway Darcy. My Lord 
Molin : and his two Brothers Mr. Carroll and Mr. Thomas 
were there, being it rained before the Horses came to the 
Ground we went into the Warand-House where we stayed 
a good while and took a Glass of Wine. 

juiyjoth. I went to Ince Green and Bowled with Mr. Rob: 

Heys, Parson Wairing &c. Mr. Sandford whom they call 
my Lord Mar was there. 

juiyiand. I wcnt to Vlsct the sick in this Town. 

July 25th. I dined at the New-hous with the Famoly of Ince and 

the Ladys of Maile &c. I sent of a How-do-you to my 
Lady Peters and of Business to Mr. John Culcheth. 

The Rev. William Clifton, S.J., had recently come to serve the 
Catholics of Formby, and this was his house-warming. Nearly 
thirty years later he was buried in the Harkirke, and is thus 
registered :— " Mr. William Clifton Pr : of the S J, dyed the 18 
August, 1749, at 5 in y" morning at Newhouse in Ince Blundell, 
was bury'd in the Harkk the 19th between 8 and 9 in the morning." 

of Crosby. 167 

I began my Journey towards York to fetch my Wife juiysgit- 

home, but before I got to y* Bark Gate Stagg flung Hen : 

Curedon off and also my Maile Trunk and Rufler refused 

to goe forwards w* me, w"*" stayed me a good while but all 

things being mended we set forwards and dined at the 

Black Bulls Head in Manchester a very good Inn. 

At Sheffield I lodged at the Golden Crown a very juiysoth. 
good and cheap Inn. 

I heard Mass at Mr. Sherbourns and dined there. juiyaist. 

I came to York and dined at my Cozen Irelands with Aug. ist. 
my Sister Middleton, my Wife and Mrs. Frances Plumpton ; 
at Night we went to the Assembly where I doe believe 
there were above 200 Gentlemen and Ladys and I counted 
in one Roome 15 Cupples in one Company dansing 
Country Dances. 

Mr. Stanfield and I were at Mr. Brighams, we went Aug. 2nd. 
thence to the Black Swan where we drank w* S' Carnaby 
Haggerston, S" John Swinbourne &c. 

Sister Midleton and I &c : dined at Mr. Standfields ; Aug. 3rd. 
after dinner Sir Car: Haggerston, Mr. Solvin Junior &c 
came to us, we Carded by Turnes and sometimes drank. 

S' Carno: Hag: Mr. Solvin Junior and Mr. Fosor Aug. 4th. 
Junior dined here. 

I dined at y' Falcon. I saw the Play acted called the Aug. 5th. 

Sir Carnaby Hag: made his first viset to my Neece Aug. 7th. 
Midleton, S' John Swinbourne was here. 

I was at the Horse Raice where four Ran for the Aug.8tb. 
Kings Golden Cup as they called it, but it was for a Purs 

1 68 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 


of one Hundred Guineys, Mr. Wettys Bay Hors called 
Merry-Man wan it. My Wife and I were at y" Play 
called The Devills to doe about her. Sister Midleton &c 
went to the Assembly. 

Aug. 9th. I went to the Tennis Court and saw Mr. Ireland &c 

play at Tennis. I saw Mr. Dashwoods Gray Hors True- 
blew ride over the Ground by himself for a Silver Soap 
Dish of £30 Vallew. I was at a Puppy Play. 

Aug.ioth. I was at the Hors-race where Foure Horses ran for a 

Silver Tea Cettle Vallew £/[o it was woone by Mr. Dashwoods 
bay Mare Harmeless. 

Aug. nth. We all dined at Mr, Dolmans w*^ Mr. Craythorn and 

his Lady &c I was at the Horse-Race where twelve Ran 
for the Ladys ;^6o Gold Cup it was woon by Mr. Chetwins 
Gray Hors Trout. 

Aug. i2th. I was at the Cock-pit where I think I saw 4 or 5 

Battles. I was at the Hors-Race where nine Gallaways 
Ran for a Silver Cup and Cover for it of ^20 Vallew. 
Mr. Nicholsons Gray Mare Annaka wan it. 

Aug. 15th. Pat : Townley prayed here, he and Mr. Dolman dined 


Aug. 16th. My Wife and I began our Journey homewards. We 
Lodged at y* George in Otley, a very good Inn but noe 
good outside. 

Aug. 17th. We called at Mr. Atkinsons and dined there, then went 
to Gisbourn but there not being a good Inn, we went to 
the Signe of the Boot in Sola (Salley) Abbey but none 
of us went into Bed. 

Aug. 18th. We went to Preston and dined and Lodged at the 
Miter, we made a Viset to the three Sister Blundells and 

of Crosby. 169 

to Mrs. Fleetwood Butler. I saw the Man eat Fier and 

saw a peece of Mill-Stone-Greet about foure Inshes thick 

broke upon his Brest with a Hammer. 

I went to Ormsk : in expectation to have swaped away Aug. 25th. 
my Black Mare Bess, Mr. Traffords Man Mr. More met 
me there with a Bay Gelding but he was not for my 
Purpose. I drak at the Swan with Mr. Smith of Maile 
&c Coming home I called at Parson Hindleys, I walked 
with Parson Loxley into his Flower Garden. 

I went to Leverp : and dined at Mr. Cottoms. I Aug.27tii- 
drank at y' Wool-pack w*^ Mr. Rob : Faz : Senior and at 
Will Rolins his with Mr. Boyer. 

My Wife and Pat: Gillib : went to Ince to condole sept. 1st. 
Mrs. Blund : for the death of my Lady Anderton. 

Mrs. Blundell's son Robert eventually came into possession of 
the Anderton property. See Lydiate Hall for an account of the 
family and of Lady Anderton's will. 

I was at the Buriall of Mr. Fazak : of the Hill-Hous, sept.sid. 
I went with the Corps to Walton Church, there was 
Parson Loxdale, Parson Wairing, Yeomon of the Gore 
Houses, Mr. Whittle &c. 

My Wife and I went to y^ Hall of Maile, Mr. Tho : sepMth. 
Molin : was there, so was Mr. Whittle. 

Pat : Wofold being dead my Wife and I went to y^ sept. 6th. 
Grange to prayers. 

I went to Garswood to wish Esqr: Gerard wel-come- sept.ytu. 
-home from his Travells abroad, I dined there w''' Mr. 
Sturton, Mr. Poole of Burchley &c. 

My Wife and I dined at Mr. Cottoms with Parson sept.i3th. 

170 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

sepi.i4ih. The Famoly of Ince dined here, so did Mr. Plumb and 

Mr. Cottom, Mr. Burton and Pat: Edw: Scarisbrick. 

Sept. 17th. At Leverp : Mrs. Ginks shewed -me her Hous, I drank 
at Mrs. Lady's with Mr. Allonson &c. 

Sept. 27th. I went to look at Tho : Syers New Hous in Crosby. 

Sept. 30th. Nelly Howerd cut my Haire off my Head. 

Oct. ist. My Wife went to the Carr Side to see her God-Doughter 

Frances Blun : who is dangerously ill. 

Oct. 4th. My Wife was at the Labouring of Will : Tarltons 

Doughter when she was Delivered of her first Child. I 
Rode out to Sefton to look at the new Diall-post. 

Oct. 5tii. My Wife overtooke the corps of her God-doughter Fra : 

Blundell and went along with it to y* Church. 

Oct. 6th. I took the Hous-Clock a peeses. 

oct.«th. I Attended the Corps of Mr. William Wofold from 

Leverp : to Highton where he was Buried. I v;as one of 
y" Bearers, so was Mr. Molineux of Mosburgh, Mr. Smarley 
the Atturney &c. 

Oct. 13th. I was at a Race on Crosby Marsh between a Bay 

Mare of Mr. Heskains and a Gray Mare of Mr. Entwistleys, 
Mr. Heskaine wan the Race. 

Oct. 17th. This being Crosby Goos-feast I went to Nicholas 

Johnsons and drank there with Ned Hatton, W" Gray &c 
then I went to Margarit Lurtings and drank there with Mr. 
Cottom, young Mr. Pepper, Mr. John Gerard, Junior &c. 

This is the first mention of Mr. Peppard, who afterwards married 
the Diarist's daughter Frances. 

of Crosby. 171 

This being Crosby Goos-Feast I went to Tho : Heskeths oct. isth. 

and drank there with Mr. Williamson of Litherland, 

Parson Wairing, Mr. Bayron &c. 

I went to wish Mr. Scarisb: welcome home from oct.a4th. 

I took the Jack to peeces and helped to dress it. oct.3i5t. 

This day being my Wives Birthday the Famoly of 
Ince dined here, so did Ailes Tickley and Betty Blun : 
Betty Thomas of Priestons Row in Leverp : came hither 
to sell some Forraine goods. 

Preesons Row, called so from Alderman Preeson. 

Mrs. Blund : came hither in her Charriot and took Nov. 15th. 
my Wife with her to Leverp, they dined at y" Talbot. 

I closed up the Mouths of my Bee Hives and began Nov.igth. 
to feed them with hard Biskets made of Bean Flower 
and sweet Wort, it had not ben amiss if I had don it 
two Months sooner. 

I Rode out to the Sea side to see if there were any Nov.ssrd. 
Rack upon my Coast. John Harrison sent me a long Reed 
as he had found, there being great quantity of them all 
along this Coste. 

I sent my Carriage to Carry the Corps of Bryan Leas Nov. 25th. 
second wife to Sefton. 

My Wife and I went to prayers to the Grange and Nov. 30th. 
heard Pat : Munson preach. 

He had succeeded Rev. T. Wolfall as priest there. 

I went to Garswood to wish Joy to Es'"'' Gerard and Decjih. 
his Lady. 

I 72 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

Dec. 7th. I helped Arthor Wilson to Remove the Jack out of the 

Dary into the old Kitchen but we did not quit fix it right, 

Decioth. Being y^ Jack would not goe well I undertook it and 

made it doe very well. 

Dec.i4ih. I Mr. Lovell being dead at y^ New Hous I went thither 
to prayers and Dined there with Pat : Will : Molyneux, 
Pat : Gelib : &c I came part of the way with the Corps, 
it was Buried in the Har-kerk, 

Dec. 23rd. Owen Mackdanell was here and gave me his Fathers 

Will to Keep. 

Dec.a4th. We went in the Night to Prayers to Mr. Aldreds and 

when we came back we found the Turf Stack in the 
Bake-Hous on Fyer which probably in a very little time 
would have set the Hous on Fyer. 

" That only night in all the year, 
Saw the stoled priest the chalice rear." 

It is no longer customary in country places to celebrate mid- 
night Mass at Christmas. 

Dec. 26th. Mrs. Blundell being this day 42 years old, My Wife 

and I dined at Ince, we carded and supped there. 

Dec. 28th, The Famoly of Ince dined and suped here, so did Betty 

Blundell of the Carrside, we played at Cards both after 
Dinner and Super. 

Jan. 2nd. I fixed up the Jawbone of a Sherk in the Hall. 

Jan. 3rd. My Wife and I dined and suped at the New hous 

with y" Famoly of Ince and Pat: Munson; Ailes Tickley 
and Betty Blund : dined there. Hen: Curedon Killed four 
Misse as were in one of my Bee Hives. 

of Crosby. <( 173 

My Wife and I were at y° Buriall of Mr. Rob : jan. Kth 

Fazakerleys Wife, Mr. Molin : of Mosb : Mr. Scarisb : 

Junior and I &c were Bearers. 

John Tickley y' Overseeor of y* Poore, Qab: Norris, jana^nd. 
John Molin: &c came hither and desired I would hinder 
any Strangers from coming to live in this Town. 

I Scoaped 30 Leomonds, y* Juce of them made one Pint, Feb. 3rd. 
and about the fourth of a Pint, I put to it one pint of Brandy. 

1 also made some Shrub ; the proportion was Brandy 

2 Qts, Crab Vargious ij pt, Leomonds 6, Dubble Refined 
Sugar I lb. The proportion of Mixture for my last Brue of 
Aqua Coelestis was Brandy 2 Qts, Crab Vargeus i Pt 
and Ys* of a Quart, Lime Juce '/s"" of ^ Qt, Lisbon Sugar 
I lb, Leomonds 3, and being the Brandy was very good 
I put to it 4 Qts and i pt of Water, the water was first 
bouled, the outward Rine of the Leomonds was infuesed into 
it, so they were also in the Shrub, but the Brandy and 
Leomond Juce had not any Rine infuesed in it. This Night 
I had a Cargo of 16 Larg ones brought to Whit Hall. 

Out of many entries relating to such compounds this is retained, 
on account of the precise particulars it gives. From the last note 
it appears that the Diarist followed the example of his Liverpool 
neighbours, some of whom had doubtless arranged this contraband 
affair. As James Williamson, the wine cooper of Liverpool, had 
spoken for two casks of claret on behalf of Charles Howerd, he 
must have been well aware of the expected consignment. 

W: Ca: covered the Cargo very well with straw. Feb. 4th. 

Cha : Ho : brought me a good provision for Aqua Feb. loo. 
Coelestis, I shewed him his goods well stowed in Whit 

I went to Pat: Cliftons and Turned my Pancake there, 
I found my Wife Mrs. Margarit and Mrs. Mary Blundell 
&c there, we all played at Cards. 

Feb. iSlli 

174 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

Feb. i8th. Being Dorothy Blundells Son Henry of Ince Town was 

dead I sent my Coach Carriage to carry him to be buried. 

Feb. 19th. Mrs. Margarit and Mrs. Mary Blun : dined here and 

so did Ailes Tickley, Betty Blundell and Ginnet Jump. 

Feb.26ih. My Wife made a Viset to Dorothy Blundell to condole 

y® Death of her son Henry. 

Feb.asth. I dined at Mr. Shepperds in Darby with Mr. Molin : 

of y^ Grange and Rich : Blundell of the Carr-Side. 

Mar. 13th. I went to Leverpoole and drak at Evis'es with the 

Maior, Mr. Taylor, Pothocary Barrows &c and at y* Wool- 
pack with Mr. Cottom and Mr. Plumb Junior. 

Mar. 17th. I went to the Grange to Mr. Molineux his Coppers 

and gave them somthing to make them to shout. 

April 3rd. I was at the Funerall of Widdow Maile of Maile the 

Bearers were Mr. Rigby of Hadolk Mr. Clayton of 
Adlington Junior, Coz : Molineux of Mosburgh &c. My 
Coach carried two of Widdow Mailes Doughters &c: to and 
from the Church. I stayed drinking at y^ Ail-Hous in 
Sefton Church Yard a good while with Doctor Lancaster, 
Richard More &c. 

April 5th. My Lord Langdale sent his Servant hither from my 

Lord Molineux'es of a how-do-you. I began in good earnest 
to spin Hay and made a good part of one Leafe of a 

April 8th. I went to Leverpoole and had Thomas Taylor and his 

Wife before Mr. Mayor of Leverpoole. Mr. William 
Plumbe and Mr. Peters were present. 

April loth. My Wife sent Ned Howerd to Wooton to welcom- 
home my Lady Molineux. My Wife and I dined at 

of Crosby. 175 

Scarisb : with Mr. TrafFord of Croston and his Brother 

Richard, Mr, Nelson of Fairest and Mr. Ashton &c. 

Lady Molineux, after the death of her husband in 1738, spent 
a long widowhood at Woolton Hall, where she died March 20, 1766. 
She was a great benefactress to the Catholic mission there. 

My Lord Langdale and Mr. Th: Heskaine Lodged here. April mh 

I Rode out with my Lord Langdale to look at the April uth. 
Land Mark at the Grange. 

Mr. Carrol Molin : and Mr. Heskaine went to Wallowsy April 15th 
and saw my Lord Molineux his Horses sweat. 

Mr. Taylor the Mayor of Lev: and Mr. Rich: Norris ApriUist. 
came to vew Formoss-poole Plat. Tho : Syer I &c were 
there with them. Mr. Peters swore foure Witneses in 
Order to get a better Bridg there. 

Mr. Hen: Blund : was at Prayers at Mr. Aldreds 'tis April «3rd. 
y* first time I have seen him since he came from beyond 
y' Seas. 

Henry Blundell, a younger brother of the squire of Ince, had 
been to St. Omer's College for education. 

I went to Ormsk: Sessions and dined at the Kings April 24111. 
Armes with Mr. Antwisley the Vice Chancellor, Mr. Case, 
Lawyor Blundell &c, at Night I drank at y" Swan w* 
John Crook, of Scarisb: John Wilm of Martins Croft, 
John Merry &c. 

It being a White-Meat day I dined at a Table by April 25th. 
myself at the Swan. 

I went to the New-Hall and Spoke to Mr. Shepperd &c. May 3rd. 

Went to Oughton where I Light of Parson Loxdale at May 5th. 
the Claks and smoaked a Pipe there. 

I 76 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

May 6th. At Lever: I made a Bargan with Mr. Turner for some 

Lime Stone and Glass-Bottles. I went to look at Mr. 

Willes his Flower Garden and at Mr. James Tildesleys. 

I drank at Night w* Mr. Peters, Mr. Williamson of 

Litherland &c. 

May 8th. I dined at Char: Howerds with Mr. Taylor the Mayor 

of Leverp: Mr. Rich: Norris, Mr. Smith y* Collector, D' 
Diggans &c. Mr. Corleys should have met us there to 
have discoursed about building a Bridg over Formoss-poole 
Gutter but he came not. Mr. Peters was there so was 
Edw: Litherland. 

Mayioth. Esq"^ Gerard and Pat Norris dined here. Pat: Gorsuch 

and his Sister Ann lodged here. I sowed some Cowcomber 
Seeds they had been steeped in New-Milk about twenty 
four Hours. 

May 13th. Mr. Aid : Reared his Stable and Shippon. 

May 15th. My Wife went with Cozen Nanny Gorsuch to make a 

Viset to Mrs. Williamson (of Litherland). 

Mayisth. I Walked to Crosby Hors Rase it was three heats for 

a Sadie Mr. Syer of the Ford wan it. 

May 20th. Mr. Cottom gave me a Bowl of Extraordinary good 

Punsh at his Hous Mr. Hugh Patton was with us. I 
bought some Wine of Mr. Williamson. 

May 25th. Coz : Scarisbricks Son Josep: came to take leave of 
me, he is going to St Omers. 

MaysTth. My Wifc aud I called at the Signe of S"^ William 

Gerards Crest in Ashton, thence to Gravock where we 

Grave Oak Farm may still be found close to Hopcar, near 
Leigh, formerly the seat of the ancient Catholic family of Sale. 

of Crosby. 177 

William, son of Gilbert Sale, of Hopcar, Esq., deceased, lived here, 
having married Jane, daughter of Edmund Tristram, of Ince Blun- 
dell, yeoman. His mother was then residing at Hopcar, which was 
iinally sold by her son, Gilbert Sale, of Liverpool, in 1770. 

My Wife and I went to Hopker, Mr. Colcheth and May 28th. 
Mr. Tompson made us a Viset. 

Mr. Rich: Saile and I went to Leigh and looked at May29ih. 
the Church, I saw there some remarkable Bones. We 
went to Garswood and attended the Funeral! of S'^ W™ 
Gerard to Winwick Church, there was at Garswood, Mr. 
Banks of Winstanley, Mr. Antwisley &c. Went to Cul- 
cheth with Mr. Culcheth and made a Viset to the Laydys. 

My Wife and I came from Gravock we dined with May 30th. 
Pat: Billing at Brinn thence to Mr. Lanctons of the 
Low I drank there with Mr. Bradshaw the three Mr. 
Diconsons then to Holland where we stayed awhile at the 
Agle and Child and so home. 

I went to Ince Green there was Parson Wairing, old junenth. 
Rob : Bootle &c : I bowled hand to fist with Mr. Harington 
each four Bowles. 

I went to Lev: and discoursed Mr. Massy y* Painter junei7th. 
about Painting Benshes in y^ Garden &c. 

Will : Carefoot came home with some Glass Bottles june imd. 
from Thatway Heath. 

I took the Jack in peeces and mended it againe. junesjrd. 

I went to More-hall to wate of my Lord Biss : I dined june mh. 
there with Pat Roydon, Mrs. Barker &c coming home I 
overtook the Morris Dansers as were going to Flower the 
May-Pole in MaguU. 

My Lord Biss: Witham, Pat Roydon &c lodged here. june»6th. 

178 Diary of Nicholas Blwndell, 

juiyist. My Lord Biss: has Confirmed here in all 284. I went 

to I nee with him. 

July 2nd. My Wife and I dined at y' Hall of Eckleston. 

July 3rd. I went to Mr. Bayrons Marlors and made them to 

shout. Pat : Rivers came from Ince and Lodged here. 

The Rt. Rev. George Witham, Bishop of Mareopolis and V.A. 
of Northern District, died April 16, 1725, aged 70, at the family seat, 
Cliffe Hall, in Yorkshire, and was buried at Mansfield Church. 
The Rev. John Savage had been, since 1712, 5th and last Earl 
Rivers. He was living at Liege in 1733, and held a canonry. As 
he was at Douay in 1735, he could not have died as early as 1728, 
the date assigned by Sir Harris Nicolas. Soon after his accession 
to the peerage, in a law contest with a relative, to give himself a 
locus standi, he made a temporary act of conformity. The Duke of 
Shrewsbury urged him to take the oaths and enter the House of 
Lords, where justice would be done to his claims. He replied, 
" My lord, I have already gone too far." " Then," rejoined the 
Duke, " I will not press a tender conscience." 

July 5th. Parson Wairing and I bowled at Ince Green against 

Mr. Heys Junior and Tho : Kennion. 

July 6th. Mr. Bayron had his Finishing day for his Marling, I 

went to his Hous w'' I met severall of my Neighbours 
viz, Parson Acton, Parson Wairing, two Robert Booties, 
Mr. Syer, Yeomon of y* Gorehouses, &c. 

jniysth. My Wife and I began our Journey towards Holy-well 

but no Ferry Bote being on this Side, I hiered the Sower- 
Milk Gallay she carried us and our three Horses over at 
twice and Landed us at y" Wood-Side, thence we went to 
Shotwick, at Holly- Well we Lodged at the Starr. 

juiygth. My Wife and I went into y* Well, I was much out of 

Order after I came out and Continewed so for some 
Hours. I went with my Wife to Mrs. Crews. 

of Crosby. 179 

^[ 1721. 

We came from HoUiwell to Flit, thence to Shotwick juiyioth. 

where I Rode over without a Guide and came back agin 

with one to fetch my Wife over, then to Eastern where I 

left my Servant and Horses, My Wife and I went over 

in the Sower-Milk Galley and Landed about eleaven of y* 

Clock at Night at Leverp : we lodged at the Wool-pack. 

Mrs. Lettonby dined with my Wife and me at the juiynth. 
Wool-pack. Being the Dock was let drye I went to see it 
as also did severall Hundreds of People. 

I sent a How-do-you to Cozen Tho: Gelibronds six juiysjrd. 
Children who were ill of y' Small Pox. 

I was at Ormskerk Race, there was Mr. Molin : of juiys4th. 
Mosbourgh, Old Mr. Walmesley of Showley, Mr. John 
Gorsuch, Mr. Plumb : Mr. Maior of Lever : Wm. Atherton 
&c : there were three Horses ran for the Plate, a Hors 
Called Mr. Listers wan it. 

My Wife and I made a Viset to Mrs. Clinton, Mrs. juiyaeth. 
Wharton and Mrs. Alanson (at Liverpool) I drank at y° 
Wool-Pack with Mr. Branker and Mr. Allonson. 

I went with Pat : Acton to Leverp : and Procured him Aug. 2nd. 
a Place to lodg at and a Conveniency for Baithing in the 

I was at Crosby Race; Crop, Whit-Stockings and a Aug.8th. 
Gray Mare Ran; Whit-Stockings got y" Plate, viz, ^^20. 
I should have desided a Dispute between Pat: Turvill 
and Mr. Cottom but could not doe it. 

I made a Viset to Mr. Taylor the Maior of Lever: Aug. 15th. 
he gave me a Bottle of Wine. I drank at y* Wool-pack 
with Mr. Rob: Fazak: and Mr. Whittle. 

i8o Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

Aug. 24th. My Wife, Mrs. Wilding and I went to Lidiat to 
Prayers, Mr, Blund : was there. 

This was no doubt on occasion of the funeral of Rev, John 
Mostyn, S.J., priest of Lydiate, who was buried within the Abbey 
walls, where part of the tombstone was formerly visible, as men- 
tioned in the first edition of Baines' Lancashire. It is somewhat 
curious that the Diarist makes no allusion to his death. 

Aug. 28th. My Wife and I went to Lodg at Astley, we called at 

Fran : Farers he shewed me a Place in his Ground 
where 'tis supposed there formerly stood a small Castle 
and in takeing up the Foundation (for that was all as was 
left of it) he found a Large Mugg-Bottle which I suppose 
held about three Gallons, the Mouth was large enough for 
a Girle to put her Hand into it, it had two large Bows as 
came from the Mouth of it, to the 'Belly to carry it by; 
it was of Cource brown Clay and seemed not to be nicely 
made nor well burned, 'twas so broke in Digging it up 
that I could onely Judge at the size of it ; he also shewed 
me a peece of a Mug w"*" seemed to be y^ Bottom of a 
Quart Jugg and had Staped upon it in y® inside of y° 
Bottom these Words in this Caracture OF BASSI. 

Francis Farrer seems to have lived at DownhoUand. Close to 
the high road leading through Halsall and Scarisbrick to Southport is 
a very appropriate site for a castle or fort, commanding as it does 
all the adjacent country. Although the Editor lived in the neigh- 
bourhood for many years, he never heard of any discovery of Roman 
remains at DownhoUand. (See Watkin's Roman Lancashire, p. 214). 

Aug. 29th. This being my Coz : Gelibro : Weding day his son 
Thorn: came to Astley and Coz: Tho: his Wife dined at 

Aug. 30th. I went to Yarow Bridg Green and Bowled with Mr. 
Robert Lee, Parson Rawley &c. Young Mr. Trafford was 

of Crosby. i8i 

Coz : Gelibrond and I dined at Coz : Tho : Gelibronds Aug. 31st. 

and then we three went to Mr. George Cliftons. 

Coz : Gelib : and I went to look at Mr. Crumptons New sept. isi. 
Hous, thence we went to Chorley. 

Mr. Crompton's house, built of stone, stood a little to the north 
of Chorley, and was removed in 1817 by R. T. Parker, Esq., of 
Cuerden, to whom his great-grandson had sold it. Crompton's 
house was usually called Higher Chorley Hall. Lower Chorley 
Hall, a fortress-like edifice, was superseded in 1807-8 by the present 
Gillibrand Hall, erected by Thos. Gillibrand, Esq. 

We called at Ormskerk and wished Joy to Dr. Lancaster sept.2nd. 
and his Wife recently married. 

I Bowled at Ince Green with Mr. Blundell Mr. Haring- sept.6ti.. 
ton &c. Parson Wairing Tho: Kennion &c were there. 

I gave Pat : Clifton some Eye-Balsom being one of his sepi. 15111. 
Eyes is very bad. 

I took some Young Pigeons for Parson Acton. My sepiisih. 
Lord Molin : sent me a Side of a Stagg. 

Robert called at Garswood from me to congratulate S' sept.2oth. 
Will : Gerard for the Birth of his Son. 

I was at the Funerall of Parson Richmond of Walton, 
that is I attended the Corps to the Church, there was 
Parson Acton, Clayton and Wairing &c. I drank at the 
Ail-hous with Mr. Yates, Cottom, and Mr. William Nelson, 

I was at y^ Funerall of Cap: Rob: Fazakerley in the sept.«nd. 
New Church Yard. The Bearers were Mr. Will: Holly- 
well, Mr. Jam: Tildesley, myself, &c. 

I went to Prayers to y' Hall of Wood, thence to sepi.^nh. 

1 82 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

sepi.ssih. I was at y* Funerall of Jane Bryanson there was her 

Brother - in - Law Thom : Spensar, Tho : Blanshard, W" 

Weedon &c. as we were going with the Corps (which was 

carried on my Coach Carriage) the Famoly of Scarisb : 

and the 3 Sisters Mrs. Blundells of Preston overtook us. 

Sept. 27th. I bowled at Ince Greene with Mr. Rigby of Cowley- 
Hill, Mr. Yaits of Maile, &c. 

Oct. 4th. My Wife went to Rich: Moss to wish Joy to Mrs. Molin: 

of the Grange. Pat Bartlet went hence. 

Oct. 5th. I attended y^ Corps of old Rob: Bootle to y* Church, 

there was at y* Buriall Hous, Mr. Byron, Mr. Cottom, 
Yeomon of the Goar-houses &c. 

oct.6ti.. I dined at Dr. Lancasters (at Ormskirk) and went to 

Mr. Tyrers and wished his Wife Joy. I set up my horses 
at the Seaven Starrs. 

oct.i2th. Being Pat: Gelib : took Phisick to-day we dined with 

him in his Roome. 

oct.i6th. It being the Goosfeast I went to Parson Wairings where 

we had a very good Bowl of Punsh, there was Parson 
Acton, Parson Bell, Parson Balden, Mr. Rigby of Cowley 
Hill &c. 

Oct. i8ih. I met Parson Wairing, Mr. Tho : Whittle and his 

Brother, two Tho: Syer, Mr. MoHneux y" Groser of Leverp: 
Mr. Byron &c at Tho: Heskeths. 

Oct. 25th. I made up my Bee-hives and poynted them well to keep 

out Mice. Rob: Weedow went to Alker to his Sisters 
Braiking, and W™ Carefoot to his Fathers Braiking. 

oct.»6tL. Mrs. Allonson and her two Sons dined here. 

Nov. 26th. Pat: Aid: perceived that y" Hall Chimney was on Fire 
and came to tell us but no dammage was done. 

of Crosby. 183 

I was at Tho: Farers and heard the Quarrell between Dec. 4th. 

him and Mr. Sadler. Mr. Sadler dined here. 

Pat: Gorsuch lodged here, he came to help my Wife pecigth. 
for the Jubyly. 

My Wife and I dined at Mrs. Parrs (it being her Dec. 27th. 
Doughters Birth-day) with Mr. Plumbe of Heskaine, Rich: 
More, Mr. Molineux of y* Grange and their Wives &c. 

Mr. Dugdell y' Painter came to see if I would employ Dec. 28th. 

him to paint for me. 

My Wife and Mrs. Wilding went to Mrs. Lettonby's, jan.m. 

they Lodged there. My Servants all went to y* Hall of 
Ince there being Musick there. 

I Played at Cards at Rob: Booties with Parson Acton, jan.eth. 
Parson Wairing Mr. Byron &c, we were invited thither. 

Mr. Blundell, his Brother Henry, Pat: Turvill and Mr. jan.gti.. 
Harington dined here. Mr. Hardesty Marryed a Cupple in 
my Chappel as came from Leverp: George-and Jane . 

The Rev. John Hardesty vere Tempest, S.J., was then priest 
at Liverpool, and had walked to Crosby the previous day. Some 
account of him is given in Lydiate Hall and its Associations. 

Two men who said they came from Coventry left each jan.isth. 
a very Rich Pack here to be kept for them till tomorrow. 

I saw young Mr. Yats and Doctor Orme set WiUiam jM..i6th. 
Marrows Thigh, he broke it yesterday coming from Preston 

Humphrey Darwin shewed me Jane Bryansons last Will ]in.«st. 
concerning five pounds left to the Poore of the More- 

I helped John Vose to shape out my Coate of Armes jan-sard. 
with Brick and to contrive how it is to be made at the 
Higher End of the Gravell Walk. 

184 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

Jan. J7th. I Lent my Carriage to carry the Corps of Ned Blansherd 

to Sefton. 

Feb. 5th. Being Ellin Harrison dyed to day I went in the Even- 

ing to pray by her Corps. 

Feb. 6th. My Wif and I were at the Funerall of Ellin Harrison, 

her Corps was carried on my Coach Carriage. 

Feb.ioth. Mr. Dugdale and his Son began to Paint the Back- 

Parlor they did it over with Clear- Cole the first time. The 
Punsh Bowl being fixed in the middle of y* Arch over my 
Coat of Armes and it and the two Pine Apples being 
Plaistered I gave the Brick-men a Drink upon the Scaffold. 

Feb.uth. I saw Mr. Dugdall draw out a Lyon Rampand for Will: 
Thelwall to cut out for part of my Crest. 

Feb. .8th. This being the first time Mr. Hardesty began to pray 

Monthly at Lidiat my Wife and I went thither we dined 
there ; Mr. Molineux of the Grange and his Wife were at 
Prayers there. 

Feb. 19th. My Wife and I dined at y* Grange with Mrs. Parr, 
Rich: More &c. 

Mar.7ih. I was in Sefton Church where there should have ben a 

Tryall between Parson Egerton and Parson Hartley but 
Parson Hartley soone gave it up. Lawyer Blund : and 
Lawyer Starkey were there ; there were Nine Clergy Men 
and nine Lay-Men on the Jury, they gave the cause to 
Parson Egerton, so that he is now to be the Rector of 

The cause was decided in favour of the claim of the Earl of 
Cardigan, but the right of presentation was subsequently sold to 
the Rothwells, who still possess it. Rev. Richard Rothwell and 
his son, Rev. Richard Rainshaw Rothwell, held the living for the 
unprecedented term of 100 years, viz. : from 1763 to 1863. 

of Crosby. 185 

. 1722. 

I attended the Corps of Tho: Bradley to the Church Mar. .9th. 
there was Parson Walker, Mr. Smith of Maile, Mr. Byron &c. 

I Grafted the Leomond Apple the highest Miss Dimple Mar. jo*. 
next and y* Blossom Russet the Lowest all between the 
Wood and Bark on the Hodg-podg Tree in the New- 

I fixed a Sun Dyall upon the Wall at y" End of y* Mar. 23rd. 
West Laine. 

I went after my Wife and Pat : Gorsuch to Henry Mar. 29th. 
Norrys'es where we had a Formby Sod. 

The Editor has tried in vain to discover the meaning of this 
term, but apparently no inhabitant of Formby can now explain it. 
It occurs nowhere else in the Diary. 

Coz: GiUibrond and I walked along y^ Division Ditch Apriieth. 
from the Bridg to Orill-Hill-Plat where we met old John 
Sumner and William Weedon they went with us to look 
at Gabriell Norris his Plat &c. Rich: Molin : and John 
Molineux went with us to what is Called Lady-Green 
Water-Cours, we followed it from Orill-Hill Laine almost 
all along, to y* Plat in Ince Braud Laine. 

I drank at y^ Wool-pack with Rigby the Glass Grinder, Apnirtu. 
young Hadock the Quaieker, Tho: Hurst &c: the Dispute 
about the Word Synonimus. 

I made an Agreement between Rich: Jump and Bryan April mh. 
Lea for what Trespas shall be done by Rich : Jumps Rabets 
during his Terme of 4 years at y* Grange. 

Hen: Gray and all my Servants were merry at April .ath. 
Margarit Lurtings, 

I Bought a Druget Sute of Mr. Cottom, I dined at his At>rii.4ih. 
Hous with Mr. Pepper &c. I drank at Mrs. Ladys w* 
Mr. Plumbe &c. 

1 86 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

April i8th. Mr. Cottom, Mrs. Acton, Mrs. Byron &c dined here. 

I Bowled at Crosby Green with Parson Wairing, Mr. 

Byron, &c. 

April aoth. I gave Mr. Peters Orders to get a Warant for Ann 
Ballard for Cuting the Starr. 

Starr grass is of great use to keep the sand from drifting, and 
in the old leases days were specified for the planting of starr. 

May 2nd. I Bowled at Crosby with Parson Wairing; Pothocary 

Lathom &c Mr. Formby, Mr. Cottom &c were there. 

luaysih. I Went to Leverp : and payed Edmud Gee for Daile- 


ikray7th. I began my Journey towards Ashburne Faire in Darby- 

Shire. I dined at Starkeys the Agle and Child in War- 
ington, I called at Barbington Bowling Green Hous but 
did not light. 

May 8th. I weut from Congleton to Leek then to Jeromy Groves 

y* Talbot in Ashburne in the Peak in Darby- Shire where I 
dined w*^ HoUys of Moss-lee in Staffordshire and Mr. 
Burhall who came along with me for some Miles, they 
shewed me where the River Jurnet sinks under the Ground 
and continews to run under Ground for about three Miles. 

May 9th. I wcut to See Mr. Blundell's four Black Mares as he 

had bought for his Coach. 

Black horses were then the fashion, and the squire had gone 
to Ashbourne Fair to buy some. He only succeeded in getting 
one black and one bay. 

May :5th. I went to Prayers to Stony-Hurst, I saw y® Hous and 

Gardens, I dined there with Pat: Brinkhurst, I came from 
thence to Ribchester where I saw two Remarkable Stones 
for Antiquity the one is the Corner-Stone of a Building 
and supposed to have ben part of a Roman Alter on 

of Crosby. 187 

_ _ . - 1722. 

which they Offerd up Sacrifize, &c. I light at y* Unicorns 
Head and drank there w"* Mr, Walmesley of Showley and 
his Son Thomas. 

See Watkin's Roman Lancashire, p. 128. 

As we came home from Preston we called at Dr. Mayieth. 
Lancasters in Orms:. 

I sent two Doz: yong Pigeons to Mr. Plumbe to Store Mayajnd. 
his Dove-Coat. 

Mat: Morris the Germon came from Leverp: and May 28th. 
mended my Jack. 

I Bowled with Parson Richmond, Mr. Formby, &c. at May 30th. 
Crosby I drank at Heskeths with Pothecary Lathom, Mr. 
Green the Atturney &c. 

Tho: Marrow, Junior shewed Betty Bolton his Thumb junesth. 
and Rob: Weedow his Foot, I had them both in Cuar. 

I drank part of a Bowl of Punsh at Tho : Hesk : w"* ju„e ,uh. 
Mr. George Tyrer, Young Mr. Case, Old Mr. Stokes, Mr. 
Jackson, &c. I Bowled with Mr. Williamson who married 
Mrs. Hurst, Parson Wairing, &c. I drank with Parson 
Acton, Mr. Thomas, &c. 

I Bowled at Crosby with Parson Wairing, Mr. Barton juneijth. 
of Walton, &c. 

My Wife walked to Mr. Williamson's of Litherland to junei+ih. 
look at their New Parlor. I went to Edw: Rothwells' 
Marlors and made y"" to shout. 

This being Mr. Munson's Birth-day, I went to the june.sth. 
Grange to Solemnize it, we were eleven, viz. : Rich : More 
and his Brother-in-Law John Plumb, Mr. Byron, John 
Rose, &c. 

1 88 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

June 17th. My Wife and I heard Pat: Hardesty hold forth at 

Lidiat we dined there with Mr. James Clinton, his Wife 

and her Sister, we all went to look at Mr. Poole's Hous 

and then to Francis Farers we saw his Doughter Ailes 

who had seen her Angell Gardian. 

Francis Farrer has been spoken of before as living at Down- 
holland. His daughter, Alice, died a few months later, and was 
buried December 9, 1722, on the north side of Halsall Church. 
Her tombstone was seen by the Editor a few years ago, but has 
been removed by the present rector to make room for improvements. 
The inscription describes her as the daughter of Francis Farrer, 
yeoman, and Elizabeth his wife, of Downholland. 

June 20th. Parson Acton, Mr. Syer and Mr. Byron the Church- 

Wardens &c. were here abeging upon Account of the 
Great Losses sustained in Lacashire in Dec : An : Do : 
172/0/ by the violent overflowing of y^ Sea ; the Sea had 
overflowed 6600 Aikers of Land, had washed down 157 
Houses, and damnifyed 200 more, the whole loss was 
computed to be more than £io,22'j. 

The Diarist says in his Anecdote Book that this flood did very 
great damage in the Fylde, in Meols, and at Alt-Grange. In the 
Fylde a man got up a tree to save his life," and a hare swam to 
the same tree for refuge while he was in it. In the Meols a swine 
of 40S. value got up to the top of a turf stack, where he lay till 
he was fetched down. 

June 22nd. Will : Carefoot went with my Coach Carriage to Leverp : 
and carried the Corps of Mr, Taylor (late Mayor) to Preston 
where he was Buried. 

June 24th. My Lord Langdale and Mr. Carroll Molineux dined here. 

June 25th. My Wife and I did not goe into Leverp : but went 

directly over in the Rock Boat and so to Chester where 
we Lodged at the Golden Lyon. 

junea6th. My Wife and I made a Viset to Mrs. Blundell of Ince 
at her Lodgings. After dinner we came to Eastern and 

of Crosby. i8g 

Came over in y'' Boat but did not come on Shoar of near 
an Hour after y* Boat ran on Ground, becaus the Horses 
could not be got out. 

My Lord Langdale and Mr, Heskaine Lodged here. juiysrd. 

Mr. Eckleston Gors: dined and Lodged here. ]uij4th. 

I went with my Lord Langdale to the Stand and dined juiys*. 
there with Lord Molineux, Mr. Richard Lee, &c. 

Parson Acton, Mr. Cottom and Pat: Bartlet dined here, juiyeth. 
I went w*^ my Gests to Crosby Green and Bowled with 
my Lord Langdale Hand to Fist, Mr. Thomas, Mr. Byron, 
&c. were there. 

My Lord Langdale went hence. I went with him to juiy?*. 
y" Sea-side and stayed there whilst he was Baithing. Mr. 
Heskaine and I came, to Thomas Heskeths, Parson 
Richmond, Parson Martin, &c. came to us. 

My Wife and I went to I nee to wish Mr. Blundell and juiy«iid. 
his Lady welcom to their own Home. 

Mr. Robert Blundell had just married Katharine, daughter of 
Sir Rowland Stanley, of Hooton, Co. Chester, Bart. Their arms 
may be seen over the entrance to Ince Blundell Hall, which he 

My Wife and I went in -f Coach to Leverp : we took juiy^sth. 
up Mrs. Cottom and then went to Wooton where we dined 
with Dr. Lawson of Chester, Mr. Richard Lee, &c. 

Mr. Blundell and his Lady, Mr. Stanley and his Lady, juiyjoth. 
Widdow Blundell and her two Doughters &c dined here. 

My Wife and I dined at Ince, there was my Lord Aug.Mu 
and Lady Molineux, &c. we were in all about Twenty at 
both Tables. 

I go Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

Aug. 7th. I began to uese Spectacles but not as a Constansy, 

onely when y^ Print is too Small for me or that it is 

rather too dark to see my Letters plaine without y" for 

now they are of advantage to me, tho formerly they were not. 

Aug. 8th. I Bowled at Crosby Greene with Mr. Swettenham Mr. 

Cottom and Alderman Tyrer. 

Aug.ioth. My "Wife went to Lidiat to Prayers and went to Conf: 

She designs now to make use of Pat : Hardesty. 

Aug. 13th. Will : Fleetwood of Simons Wood brought me a Passion 
Flower to look at. 

Aug. 14th. I Bowled at Crosby with Apothecary Lathom &c there 

were severall Great Matches Played and a Deale of Com- 
pany upon y" Greene. Lawyer Booties youngest Brother 
was there so was Mr. Whittle &c. Pat : Al : and Mr. 
Crisp Bowled a Match by Moone Light and one Candle. 
There was present at it Parson Wairing, Young Mr. Swetten- 
ham Mr. Bayron I &c. 

Aug. i5ih. My Wife and I went to Mr. Sheperds. I saw Darby 

Plate run for by seaven Horses, it was wan by one Spensers ; 
Mr. Cottom, Andrew Barton, John Rose &c were there, 

Aug. igih. Widdow Blund : and her two Doughters, Mrs. Blundell 

and her Sister Harington &c made a Viset here. 

Aug. aoih. Mat : Morrison y* Germain Smith came to borrow some 

Money of me, I would lend him none but promised to lay 
out som with him. 

Aug.amd. Mr. Carol Molineux and Mr. Syer were at Tho: Hes- 
keths taking y^ Naimes of the Horses w'*" were to run for 
Crosby Plaite, I drank there with Mr. Whittle Mr. Byron 
&c. The Squabble between And : Barton and Thom ; 
Fleetwood about a Guiney Bet of throwing a Bowl. 

of Crosby. igi 

Pat: Williams pray'd at Mr. Aldreds and din'd here, Aug. 24111. 

its y* first time he has been here since he came to live 

at I nee. 

Father Williams, S.J., had succeeded Rev. C. Turville. He 
was brother to Rt. Rev. T. D. Williams, O.P., consecrated Bishop 
of Tiberiopolis December 30, 1725, who was V.A. of Northern 
District till his death, April 3, 1740, aged 80. 

Miss Jenny Gillib: came to Lodg here, she went with Aug.j8th. 
my Wife to Crosby Race, there were four Ran for the 
Plaite it was wan by Mr. Watkin William's Bay Mare 
Stairing Dolly. I layed a Waiger and Mr. Jo: Poole held 
the stakes. 

My Lady Molin: and her Doughters, Coz: Scarisbrick Aug. 29th. 
and his Son James, Mr. Trafford &c dined here. I saw 
the Match Runn upon Crosby Marsh between my Lord 
Darby's Mare Stockings and Lord Molineux his Black 
Gallaway, Lord Darby wan. Mr. Plumbe and his Son 
&c were there. 

I Burned above one Groce of Pipes in y* Washhous sepuist. 
Grate. I mixed some Ponders togethir for Convultion Fits. 

Nelly Byron came to play with Miss Gellib :, she sept.oth. 
Lodg'd here. 

I Bowled at Crosby with Mr. Hulme the Atturney sept.i9th. 
Hand to Fist, four Bowles out of a Hand. Mr. Whittle, 
Byron and Andrew Barton were there. 

Jane Withington went w"" a Present of Pigeons to y* sept.2ist. 
Ladys at the Scones but they were not at home. 

Mr. Will: Plumbe, Lawyer Radcliff &c made a Viset sept.24th. 

My Wife went to Wigan to see Widdow Harington, sept.z5th. 
she Lodged at y* Legg of Man. 

1 92 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

Oct. 8th. I went to Leverp: and made a Viset to Mrs. HoUywell. 

I pay'd Mr. Ward for Lime Juce and discours'd Mr. Seel 

about the price of Daile Boards. 

oct.ioth. I Bowled at Crosby with Mr. Amory, John Blansherd 

&c. I drak with Apothecary Parr, Mr. Molineux of 
Leverp : the Grosor, Mr. Syer &c : Alexander Lever sold 
two Peeses of Fustion by Auxion. 

Oct. 15th. My Wife went to Ince to wate of Mrs. Townley and to 

Condole Mrs. Blu : for the death of her Sister Harington. 
I saw (at Nich : Johnsons) the Child which was born (as 
I think in Garston) without Legs or Armes. 

Oct. 28th. I went to Leverp : to y* Buriall of Mr. Rensh the 

Land-Lord at the Wool-pack, there were at the Buriall 
Hous Mr. Cottom, Mr. Syer &c I attended y' Corps to 
y* old Church. 

Oct. 31st. John Meadow and And: Bar: played in Hesketh's at 

Breaking y" Seeling. 

Nov.4ih. My Wife went in y' Morning to Lidiat to Mr. Hardesty, 

she dined at Mr. Crisps. 

Nov. 7th. I was at Crosby Green. This is supposed to be the 

finishing day of Bowling this Season, there was Parson 
Wairing, Mr. Whittle, John Rose &c. 

NoT.sist. Mrs. Shepherd, her two Sons and Dorothy Blund : 
dined here. 

Nov. 30th. Mr. Blundell Doctor Molyneux and their Wives &c 
made a Viset here so did Mr. John Haring: and Mr. 

Dec. 4th. I Faulted Mr. Blund : for shooting neare my Wood, 

D*" Moline : and Pat : Bartlet were with him, but they were 
got as far as to the Cross Field ere I spoke to Mr. Blund: 



of Crosby. 193 

I went to Lever : I brought home a Handsome Grate Dec. sth. 

for y" Great Parlor v/"'^ the Germain Smith made me. 

I went to see Coz : MoHneux of Mosburgh, he having Dec. 13111. 
ben ill of the Siatica, I dined there with Mr. Hesketh of 
the Maines, Parson Peplow of Rainford &c. 

I paid Mr. Seele for one Hundred of Daile Bords. Dec. 22nd. 

My Wife and I dined at y" New Hous with Mr. Dec. 26th. 
Blund : and his Lady his two Sisters Margarit and Mary, 
Betty Blund : of y* Car-side &c. 

Mr. Blundell of Ince. 

I met Mr. Bretter at y* Towns Meeting in Ditton we jan.2nd. 

prevented our being put on to be Cunstables, there was 

Mr. Chadock Steward to Mr. Dalton, Daniell Eckleston &c. 

As I came home from Ditton I called at Mr. Plumbs jau.srd. 
in Wavertree and dined there with Mr. Smarlay and his 
Wife &c. Parson Kelsey came to us in the after Noone. 

A Night or two Since, my Hen-hous was Robed of jan.9th. 
about a Dozine Hens. 

I went and wished Joy to Bryan Leas third Wife. jan.ioth. 

My Wife went to Leverp : to shew her Finger to Betty jan. 31st. 

My Wife and I heard Mr. Munson hold forth at Mr. Feb. 2nd. 
Crisps, we dined there. Parson Acton came to Mr. 
Crisps — we took a pipe together. 

My Wife and I were at y' Funerall of Mrs. Rachell Feb. 3rd. 
Smith, she was Carried upon my Coach Carriage and 
buried in Walton Church. 

My Wife and I dined at Ince We heard Pat : Williams Feb. i.ii.. 
hold forth. 

194 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

Feb.iiih. I sent a Servant to Mr. Scarisbrick with a Condoling 

Letter upon Accounts of his Sons Misdemeanour. 

Feb.i2th. My Wife dined at More-hall. I was at y^ Saile of 

Goods at the lait Mrs. Smiths in Aintry. 

Feb. 20th. John Tyrer and I went to my Lords Armes (Aintree) 

and tooke a Pipe. 

Feb. 22nd. I made my Incomperable Salve for a Cut or a Bruse. 

Feb.2ttb. Mrs. Hawley dined here, my Wife went with her to 

Sefton and then she went to Lidiat to Pat : Hardesty. 

Feb. 25th. I fetched home my Irish Chears from Leverp : w"*" were 

in the Custom Hous. 

Feb. 26th. My Wife and I dined at Mr. Actons with Mr. Syer, 

Ben Branker, and their Wives &c : after dinner we were 
twelve of us who drank there, the Occation was y'' 
Christening of Mr. Actons Son Robert. 

Mar. 2nd. I discoursed Mr. Peters concerning removing Will : 

Sumners Doughter out of y^ town ere she be deliver'd. 

Mar. 5th. Mr. Pursell came to us with his Petistion. 

Mar.eih. This being a Saile Day at the Parsonage of Sefton I 

went thither and bought some old Slates of Mr. Pusy. I 
went in with Mr. Acton and took a Pipe with him. 

war.ioth. I dined at Scarisbrick. Mr. Gorsuch and Mr. Wads- 

worth came thither after dinner. 

Mar. i5ih. I weut to Mr. Sheperds with my Wife and Coz : 

Gellibrond they were Gossops to his Doughter Frances. 
Mr. Green y^ Atturney Came thither after Dinner. 

Mar.jgth. My Wife and I &c dined at Mr. Syers with Parson 

Acton and his Wife, Mrs. Wairing &c. I drank part of a 

of Crosby. 195 

Bowl of Punsh there with Mr. Bixter of Leverp: Mr. 
Byron Tatlock the Dyer &c the Occation was y* Christoning 
of Mr. Syers (7th) Doughter Rachell, 

Mr. Plumbe and I dined at the Talbot (Liverpool). Mar. 22nd. 

Mr. Sadler payed me £$0 for y* Purchas of D' Lathoms Mar.jsra. 
late Hous and Teneament. 

My Wife went to y' Wood and proposed Ann Buckleys April 7th. 
Doughter to Mrs. Sadlor for a Servant. 

Yeomond of the Goar was here and Acquainted me April loih. 
that my Lord Molin: desired y* River of Alt might be 
Scour'd as usuall. 

I Counted the Crow-Nests in my Wood — 94, the last April mh. 
year I had but two Nests. 

Mr. Ned MoHneux was here to know whether I should April isth. 
see his Son at Doway. 

My Wife went to see Mr. Williamsons Doughter who MayKih. 
was Married to Tatlock, Son to Tatlock the Dier, she was 
liing In of her first Child. 

My Wife and Mrs. Wilding walked to Lidiate and back Mayisth. 

I Sent my Luggage to y' Carrior at Leverp : to be May. aist. 
carried to London. I gave W" Carefoot full directions 
what to do in my Absence and read my Orders to him. 

We went over from Leaverp : in Eastom Boat and dined May. 26th. 
at Hooton with Doctor Low, thence to Chester. 

My Wife and her Maid Ellen Howerd, Coz: Jane Mays?*. 
Gillib : Lieftenant Barker, Liefte : Sole and I began our 
Journey towards London in y* Stage Coach from Chester. 

196 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

1723. ; 

May 29th. From Coventry we came to Northampton a very pntty 

Town, the Market place large, the Streets broad and a 

very handsom Church. 

May 30th. To the George in Alders Gate London, where Mr. 

Parks met us and brought us to Mr. Haltons Wax 
Chandlor at the Golden Ball in Great Duke-Street where 
we Lodged. 

June 2nd. I drauk with Mr. Hanson at the Holy-Lambe. 

juneard. My Wife, I, Miss Gillib: and Mrs. Aldred saw Cartooch 

Acted at the New Play-Hous. 

June 4th. I madc choice of some Cloth at Mr. Humph: Traffords 

for a sute of Cloths for me. 

June 8th. Mr. John Culcheth lent me fourty Guineys. 

juneioth. Went by Boat to Greenwich where we went on Bord 
the Duke of Charos (Chandos) Captain Knight Master and 
sailed thence to Graivsend. 

juneisth. Landed at Calls about 3 and went to Table Royall. 

The Diarist and his lady made this journey to fetch their 
daughters from school. They visited sundry places, sa^y many 
English priests, and dined at Brussels with the widowed Lady 
Derwentwater, who resided there with her chaplain, Father Wake- 
man, but died very shortly after this visit. Their daughter, Francis 
Blundell, was confirmed by the Bishop of St. Omers. 

Aug. 4th. Went on Bord the Duke of Shandos and set saile 

towards London. 

Aug. 8th. My Luggage was sirched and some Spirituall Books and 

Pictures taken from me to be burned. 

Aug.ssth. I went with my Doughters to Bartholemew Fair, we saw 
a Droll, a Little Man and a Popit Play. I met Lawyer 

of Crosby. 197 

Culcheth, D' Eyre and S"^ Franc: Anderton at the Castle 

Tavern in Drury Laine. 

Pat : Richardson and Mr. Will : Scarisbrick din'd sept.srd. 
with us. 

I was at y^ Lancashire Club in Fleet Street with Mr. sept^th. 
Lee of the Bank, two Mr. Traffords &c. 

My Wife and I saw Humphrey Anger and Joseph sepi.9th. 
Midleton Hanged at Tyburn. 

We four made a Viset to my Lady Westmoreland at sepMoih. 
Twitnam and dined there, coming home we were over- 
turned, Fanny's Arme and my Side was hurt, Surgeon 
Gihee let me blood. 

We saw the Consious Lovers Acted at Drury Laine sepi.^ih. 

Steele's most successful play, " The Conscious Lovers," was first 
acted on November 7th, 1722, and was published by Tonson on 
December ist, with the date 1723 on the title page. — Athenaum, 
5th December, 1891. 

My Doughters and I were at the Quaikers Meeting in sepLijth. 
the Strand. 

Mally and I saw the Corps of Mr. Fetherson carried sepuieth. 
in Forme by y" undertaiker. 

I was at Mrs. Standleys when four Paters said y^ sept.isth. 
Office of the dead for Mrs. Bridget Standley. I was at 
y* Lancashire Clubb at the Legg w* Mr. Nich : Parker, 
Mr. Fleetwood Leigh &c. 

My Wife and I were at Pankarage at the Buriall of sept. 19th. 
Mrs. Bridget Standley, Mally was a Pall Bearer. 

I was at the Jews Sinegogg by Leadon-Hall Market. sept.ji5t. 

igS Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

sept.25tiK I was at y* Cockbit-Bowling Green. I was Chearman 

at y^ Legg Club there was Mr. Parker, two Traffords, &c. 

Sept. 27th. We four went to make my Lady Gerard a Viset then 
we went to see the Duke of Norfolks Fine Hous in St 
James' Squaire. 

sepi.!8th. Mr. Medcalf went with us four to the Play called 
Hamlet Prince of Denmark. 

Oct. 3rd. To Chester where we Lodged at y* Golden Raven a 

very Cheap Hous, my Horses met me there. 

Oct. 4th. Came over in Eastom Boat but there not being 

Roome in it for my Horses, I left them and my Men 
in Chesshire. 

Oct. 14th. Mr. Tho: Standley late of Preston din'd here, 

Oct. 23rd. Mr. Gorsuch and his Son Eckleston lodged here. 

Oct. 29th. Pothecary Livlesley came hither and desired I would 

make use of him being I had made use of Mr. Latham 
his Master for my Apothecary. 

Oct. 30th. The Overseeors of the Parish (Sefton) barganed with 

Mr. Crisp in behalf of my Lord Molineux and with 
Alderman Tyrer for some of their Land to be added to 
y" Road in Arnolds Reanes. 

Nov. 14th. My Wife and I dined at I nee with the Ladys of y^ 

Scones = Scholes Hall. 

Nov. 20th. I drank at John Tarletons with Lawyer Radcliff, Mr. 
Plumbe and his Son. 

Nov. 27th. I shewed my Doughters y^ Glass-hous and Charity 

of Crosby. 199 

Mr. Tho : Whitley called here and discoursed some Nov. 28th. 
little about what is owing by Mr. Rob : Fazak : to me. 

Antony Bulfinsh came to try two Pair of stays wh : he Nov. agth. 
had made for my Doughters. 

Mr. Standley of Hooton and Parson Poole came hither Decut. 
w* Mr. Blund: 

Mr. Plump and Mr. Wittle met me at Lever: we Deceth. 
looked at some of Mr. Fazakerleys Houses in Union 
Street in Order for me to have some of them for what 
Money Mr. Faza: owes me, but I thought them too deare. 
I dined at y* Wool-pack with Mr. Plumbe and Mr. Whitley. 

Mr. Roger Diconson came hither, he discours'd me cecgth. 
concerning Lawyer Culcheth and S" James Standley. 

I pay'd for some Glass Bottles which I had from Decmh. 
Thatway Heath. 

Parson Wairing, Pat Aid: and I made a Viset to Mr. Dec. 23rd. 
Brooks y^ Vicker of Walton, his Curat Parson Davis was 
there and Mr. Whittle. 

There was a Riding for Ann Norris who had beaton Dec. 31st. 

her Husband, they called here in their Round, Henry 

Swift was their Ridor. 

My Wife rode dubble on Jewell to Mrs. Sadlors 'tis Mar.sand. 

the first time he carried Dubble. 

Mrs. Sadlor's at Aintree. 

I was at the Buriall of Mrs. Molin : of the New Hall. Aprugth. 
I met the Corps upon y* Moss behind EUethon Hunters. 
When the Funerall was over I went in and drank with 
Mr. Hulme the Atturney, George Smith, Rich : More &c. 

200 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

April 13th. I went to Leverp : and Attended the Corps of Mr. 

William Cleaveland from his House to y^ Old Church 

there was at the Funerall Hous Lawyer Bootle, Mr. 

Peters &c. 

April «nd. Pat Bartlett let Mally blood. 

April 24th. I went to Mr. Sheperds he helped me to look over 
and valew Mr. Fazakerleys Teneament called the New 
Hous in Fazakerley, thence we went to Walton and drank 
w* Parson Richmond and the School-master. 

May 6th. I wcut wlth Thomas Brownbill and his Kinsman Mr. 

Toping to Sephton, I shewed them y" Seller at y" Hall 
and the Church. I went to Pa : Windles on account of 
a Meeting about Scouring Alt, there was Mr. Tyrer of 
Ormsk : Yeomond of y= Goar-Houses, Mr. Smith of Maile, 
Parson Acton &c. 

May 20th. I bowled at Crosby with Parson Harrison Mr. Byron 

&c Parson Brooks Parson Davis &c were there. 

May 23rd. My Doughters and I dined at the Legs of Man in 

Wigan thence we went to the New-Hall of Atherton w'^'' 
is in Building and then to Manchester where we Lodg'd 
at the Bulls Head a very good Inn. 

May 2411,. We saw the old and New Church, we were at the 

Quaickers Meeting and in Mr. Edwards his Pritty Garden. 
We made a Viset to Mr. Yates. 

Mayjjtb. It being Salford Fair I light of a Paising Gelding 

there, I rode him into Manchester and bought him, I call 
him Pesient Grissell. 

May 27th. I went to Crosby Green there was Parson Egerton 

t'was the first time I was acquainted with him. 

of Crosby. 201 

~ 1724. 
"Went to Crosby Greene, there was Mr. Byron, Mr. juneard. 

Richard MoHn: Rob: Boo: &c. 

I sent to Wooton to welcom home my Lord and junesth. 
Lady Molineux. 

I Bowled at Crosby w"" a younger son of Atturney juneioth. 
Tyrer, Yeomon of y* Goar &c. Mr. Tatlock of y^ Bank 
his Brother Thomas and Tatlock the Dier were on y^ 

Parson Richmond, Parson Davis, Mr. Tho: Tatlock junei2th. 
and Mr. Tho: Whitley made a Viset they Lodged here. 

Dined at Eckleston, coming home Parson Davis and juneuth. 
Tatlock y= Dyer stop'd me a little at Jack Seftons. I 
called at Tatlocks of y^ Pear-Tree, he gave me ^20 for 
his Sons first years Pention and thirty Shillings for his 
Private Expences. 

Rev. Henry Tatlock, S.J., then a student at St. Omers' College, 
was for the most part of his life priest at Lydiate and Fazakerley, 
residing chiefly at the latter place, where he died 1771, aged 62. 

Dined at More-hall, thence went to Oughton Moss and juneieth. 
saw three run for the Great Plate, a Gray Hors of my 
Lord Darbys wann. 

My Wife Dough ters and I dined at Wooton. jun^igth. 

Lodged at the Whit Bull in Preston. juneaoth. 

Walked with my Wife and Doughters to Enom 
(Auenham) Walk and to ye Gardens, We made a Viset 
to the Sister Blundells and to Mrs. Butler. 

I Bowled at Crosby with Parson Harrison, Mr. Byron juneagth. 
&c. Parson Egerton came in the evening, we had a Bowl 
of Punsh upon account of a Waiger lost. 

202 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

luiyist. My Wife Doughters and I went to Mr. Yates of Maile 

who was very oblidging to us. 

jaiyjgth. GeorgB Smith came in the evening to look at my Gar- 
dens. Mr. Livesley the Chirurgeon came along with him. 

July 27th. My Doughters and I went to Knowsley to see the Hous 

and Gardens we met Mr. Sheperd and his Wife there, we 
dined there with Mr. Rich : Norris Mr. Jo Poole and his 
Son David. 

July 28th. I was at the Race on Leverp : Sands, five horses Ran 

for the Plate and Spencers Bay Mare wan it. 

July 30th. Fanny stood God-mother to Mr. Crisp's Doughter 


Aug. 4th. John Voce began to build y^ Summerhous at y" farther 

corner in the New-Grounds. 

Aug.8.h. Mr. Standley of Hooton, Collon : CoUumbine, Mr. 

Blundell and their Ladys and S' Fran : Anderton &c 
made a Viset here. 

Aug. i2th. Went to Crosby Greene where I found S' Fran : 
Anderton, Coll : Columbine &c I Bowled with Apothecary 
Virnon &c : there was Parson Crosby, Parson Kelsey and 
Mr. Cottom. 

Aug. 14th. Before three this Morning I disturmbed two Cupple of 
Woosters Jane Withington, Nelly Howerd and their Sparks. 

Aug. istij. Mat : Withington came to chapter his Doughter for 
Courting in y'' Night. 

Aug.i7ih. Jane Withington and Nelly Howerd left their Service, 
they went to Darby Waikes. 

Aug. 20th. Mr. Eckleston sent his Servant to me with a Letter of 
Grand Apportance but to no Purpose. 

of Crosby. 203 

I was at the Race on Crosby Marsh between a Gray Aug. 27th. 

Gelding of one Stirrops of Warington and a Black Darby- 
shire Mare, the latter wan. When the Race was over I 
went to Heskeths where young Mr. Standish Mr. Harington 
&c Bowled; when we went into y" Hous Mr. Harington 
and I &c played at eaven and od. 

Margarit Gray was seased this Morning very ill after Aug. 30th. 
the same Manner as several of the Neighbours are, and in 
the Evening she took a Vomit. 

My Lady Phillipa Standish, Lady MoHneux &c dined sept.3rd. 

My Wife and Mally went to Ince to wish Mrs. Blundell 
Joy of her Son Henry, he was borne yesterday. 

Mr. Henry Blundell was afterwards a patron of the fine arts, 
and made the collection of statues, etc., which now adorn Ince 
Blundell. He died in 1810, and on the marble entablature erected 
to his memory at Sefton Church by his admirers are some eulogistic 
verses by W. Roscoe, the historian. 

D" Angier came y^ first time to see me. Nov. 2nd. 

Dr. Samuel Angier, an eminent physician, resided in Union 
Street — so called from the union of Sir Cleave More with Ann, 
daughter of Joseph Edmund, Esq. Edmund and Union Streets 
laid out about 1709. — Picton's Memorials. 

A How-do-you sent from Mr. Harington and from Nov. 5th. 

How-do-you's sent from Mr. Standley of Hooton, Widow Nov.eth. 
Eckleston and the Lady's of the Scowes. 

My Wife and Mally went to Mr. Crisps and heard Mr. Nov. 30th. 
Munson Preach. 

Fanny and I went to Wigan to be under D' Francis Dec. 4th. 
Worthing: our health being very bad, the Coach was 

204 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

1724. ' ^ " 

overturned and when we came neare Wigan it was laid 

fast y' Rode being so deep, so we left it in y' Laine all 

Night, and we went with our Horses to Wigan where 

we Lodged at Kendalls the Leggs of Man. 

Dec. 5th. I sent the Horses home but kept the Coach in Wigan. 

We dined at oure Inn and then Fanny and I went to 
D' Fran : Worth : We suped at Mr. Goldings where 
we are to Bord, Fanny Lodges there and I lodg at Mrs. 

Decgth. Mrs. Diconson of Wrightington sent a How-do-you to 


Dec. nth. Coz I GilHbrond of Astley Mr. Standish and his Son 
Howerd came to see us. 

Dec.i6ih. Mr. Ned MoHneux came in y^ Morning to see me. 

Dec. igth. I made a Viset to D"^ Fran : Worton, I found Pat : Mare 

there and his Neece the Widdow Harding (Hawarden). 

Decaist. Mr. Culchcth and Pat: Smith came to see me. 

Dec. 23rd. I came home from Wigan, I baited at y* four Laine 

Ends in BigarstafF. 

jan.Md. Mr. Pursell helped me to cleare and dry severall of my 

Books which were damnified by y= wet in my Closet. 

Jan. 5th. They brought me word that Mr. Pursall was found 

drowned in Thornton. 

Jan. .7th. My Wife and Mally went to Leverpoole with Fanny 

she is to be under the care of D' Bromfield she Lodges 
at Mrs. Williamsons. 

Feb. gth. Mr. Blund : and his Lady, Mr. James Tildesley and 

his Wife, Pat : Curedon &c made a Viset here. 

of Crosby. 205 

Fanny was so ill of y* Convultion Fits that Mr. Aldred Feb. 13th. 

gave her the Holy Oyles. D' Ferniho of Chester met D' 

Dickins here, they had a Consult. 

Pat : Walmesley pray'd here. Feb. igth. 

Mrs. Blund: and Parson Poole's Doughter made a Viset Feb. 21st. 
here, so did Mr. Will : Walmesley and his Wife. 

Mr. Sadlor din'd here I gave him some Plate, for him Mar. isi. 
to Engrave my Coat of Armes on. 

Mr. Cottom came to see Fanny he had ben at the Mar. 4th. 
Christening of Parson Wairing Son Gerard. 

I was at y° Buriall Hous of Ailes Tickley there was Mar. rgth. 
Mr. Shaw of Leverp : Mr. Byron, Mr. Formby Mr. 
Williamsons Son of Litherland &c. I went to W° Davys 
and falted him for seting his Wives Teneament to Tho : 
Johnson without my Consent, his Answer was he cair'd 
not one Pin, he would set that and his other Teneament 
to whom he list and I might doe my Worst. 

Mrs. Blund : desir'd I would ues my Endeavour to Mar. 2Sth. 
prevent her Husband being chosen Church Warden. 

I went to Prayers to Mr. Crisps and then went to y*= Mar. 30th, 
Parish Meeting where Mr. Blund : was design'd to be 
chosen Church- Warden, but we prevented it. 

I gave Mr. Peters a Glass of Wine at y* George and Apriii7th 
discoursed him concerning Skiner Davy, he got me a 
Warant for him &c. 

I try'd Skinner Davy before Mr. Goodwin the Maior of April 24th. 
Lever : for Detracting me and saying severall scurrelous 
things of me, Mr. Peters was my Atturney, Mr. Hulme 
and Mr, Barron were Skinner Davys. 

2o6 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

April 27th. Coz: Tho: Gillib : came to Acquaint his Father with 
Miss Jenys Resolution. Mr, Standish and his Son Ralf 
dined at Astley. Mr. Standish made a Proposall to me. 

May 1st. The young Men of this Town Acted the Commedy 

Called The taiming of the Show in my Hall. Mrs. Blund : 
&c were here, they Suped here. 

May 5th. It being the Opening of Great Crosby Bowling Green 

I went thither, there was Alderman Tyrer Mr. Cottom, 
Mr. Whittle &c. 

May nth. I Bowl'd at lucB Greeu, there was Mr. Chappell, Olton 
and Standle y^ Apothecary all of Ormschurch and Mr. 
Smith of Maile. 

Mayi6th. I met Skiuer Davy in Sephton Church where he pub- 

lickly beged my Pardon for talking Scurrilously of me, I 
drak at Pall Windles with Parson Harrison, John Rose, 
Rob : Bootle &c. 

May .7th. I saw part of y= Play called Taiming the Shrow Acted 

at Robert Blansherds, I drank there with Mr. Ned Moli- 
neux Rich: Tarlton &c : the Players came hither first to 
shew themselves before they went to y^ Stage. 

May 19th. I went to Crosby where I Bowled with Mr. James 

Clenton &c : Alderman Cunlive was there, I drank w"" 
Mr. Everet. 

May 36th. Mr, Nclsou brought a Letter from Lady Molin : to my 

Wife in behalf of Ra: St:. 

June 6th. Fanny had one of her Violent Convultion Fits, it was 

Occasion'd by seeing a Mous in her Roome. 

June 9th. I went with D' Bromfield and Pat: Hardesty to Crosby, 

I Bowled four Bowles out of a Hand against Mr. Crisps 

of Crosby. 207 

three. Mr. Hulme y^ Atturney Bowled a Match with Parson 

Harrison &c. Mr. Warbrick, Mr. Woodard &c : were there. 

I came directly home without going into the Aile-hous. 

I fetched home my Coach which came by the Robert juneuth. 
from London and pay'd Cap : Howerd £5 for bringing it, 
Mr. Chadock was there. 

I went to Crosby Greene and Bowled Hand to fist juneisth. 
with Mr. Ri : Molin : of y* Grange ; Hulme the Atturney 
and Mr. Byron were there. 

Parson Egerton, Parson Acton and his Wife, Mr. junoaist. 
Cottom &c: dined here, After dinner we hansaled the 
New Summer hous. 

To "hansell" — to open, to use for the first time. This word is 
still in common use, and generally implies more or less of festivity 
to celebrate the occasion. 

Mr. Blund: Pat: Burton &c called here as they went juiy7th 
to Crosby Green I went with them and Bowled with 
Parson Brooks, Parson Wairing &c : Mr. James Tildesley 
was there. 

My Wife Doughters and I went to Ormsch : Race juiy 13th, 
there were three that Ran and the Bolton Mair wan, Mr. 
Plumbe and his Son and Mr. Cottom were there. Mr. 
Strickland of Sizargh and Coz : GiUib : of Astley came 
home with me. 

This Famoly and Ince met at Pat : Aldreds. He gave juiy 15th. 
y^ Ladys CofFy and we men had a Bowl of Punsh. 

Mr. Strickland went hence, I went with him to Maile juiyigth. 

I Rode out with Fanny it is the first time she has juiycoth. 
Rode out single this 8 Months as I think. 

2o8 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

Tuiy 2:st. Pat : Turner and three Sons of Mr, Standley of Hooton 

was here, but I was gon to Crosby Green, there was 
young crooked Blaise of Lever: Ashton a Draper of 
Ormschurch &c. 

July 25th. My Wife Doughters and I went in y* Coach to y^ 

Grange, Mrs. Bl : her two Sisters-in-Law and three Sons 
of Mr. Standleys of Hooton came thither, coming home 
most of us prayed by the Corps of Mary Molineux. 

juiyzeth. The Wool-pack being very full Mr. Allonson, Mr. 

Crupton and some others who were drinking w"" me there. 
Adjourned all to Mr. Moss'es and sent for Aile to y= 

July 27th. Mrs. Bravarius came to look at my Wives Legg. 

She was housekeeper at Ince Blundell. 

July 28th. I went to Crosby and Bowl'd with Parson Kelsey, 

Parson Harrison &c : The Maior of Leverp : Mr. Carr, 
Mr. Windsor &c : were there. 

July 29th. Coz Gili: sent an express with a Letter from Lady 


Aug. 2nd. W" Carefoot brought me home two peeces of Timber 

w*"" were Reck. 

Aug. 7>h. I went to Leverp : and drank most extraordinary good 

Aile at Mr. Whawleys with Mr. Plube and his Son Will: 
and Mr. Cottom. 

Aug. nth. Mr. Plumbe dined here I went with him to Crosby 

there was D' Bromfield, James Williamsons Son James 
and I think both their Wives Par: Richmond Parson 
Davis, old Will Rollins Thom: Howerd &c: 

Aug. i6th. Mr. Standish made his 2^ Viset to Mally. 

of Crosby. 209 

Coming back (from Woolton), I looked at Mr. Plumbes Aug. i7ih. 

fine Flowers, then went to Leverp : and bought two Small 

Keggs of Wine of Mr. Williamson. 

My Wife, Mally and I went to Ormschurch Race Aug. 25111. 
where my Lord Molineux his Roan Hors beat Lord 
Darbys Gray Mare. 

Lord Frederick Howerd dined and Lodg'd here. Aug. 26th. 

I sent Mrs. Fleetwood Butler to Scarisbrick. Aug.2811.. 

I went to Ormschurch Horse-Faire. I drank at the Aug. 30th. 
Talbot w*^ Mr. Sanderson, Stewerd to S^ W° Gerard, 
Francis Farer &c. 

My Wife I and Mally din'd at Wooton with Lord 
Frederick, Lady Philippa Standish &c : Coming back we 
called at Leverp : and took Fanny and Mrs. Williamson 
to see the Commody Acted called the Busy Boddy. 

Lady Phillipa Standish, first wife of Ralph Standish, of Standish, 
Esq., was daughter of Henry, 12th Duke of Norfolk, and sister of 
Lord Frederick Howard. She died 173 1, and her husband married 
secondly Mary, daughter and co-heiress of Albert Hodgson, Esq., of 
Leighton Hall. 

S" Francis Anderton being at I nee Pat Aid: and I sep;.5th. 
went thither we Suped there. 

I went to Crosby Greene, there was two of Lawyer sept.sih. 
Bootle's Brothers, Mr. Cottom &c. 

My Wife and I din'd at Ince, there was Lady sept.i3th. 
Molineux and her two Doughters &c : Stewerd the Book- 
Sellor was selling books in the Hall. 

My Lord and Lady Molin : their Doughters, Mr. Tho: sept.i5th. 
Standley, Mr. Washbour &c : dined here. 

2IO Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

sept.2ist. Mr. Standish and I went to Ince Green and bowl'd 

with S' Francis Anderton and Mr. Blundell, Mr. Moli : of 

y^ Grange and his Brother Rich : were there. 

sepi.jjnd. This being Mallys Birthday Mrs. Acton, Mrs. Byron 
&c : dined here. Tatlock played here and we dans'd till 
Morning, S' Francis Anderton dans'd with us in y^ after 

Sept. 25th. It being Fanny's Birth day Tatloc play'd here, we 
danced both before and after Supper. Mr. Hen : Blund 
Sup'd here, we play'd with him at Chaising y^ Whistle. 

sept.J7th, She drank too much Burch Wine. Mr. Tho : Butler 
and his Neece Fleetwood Lodged here. 

Oct. 4th. I was at the Race on Crosby Marsh where four Horses 

Ran for a Sadie, Mr. Lowders Gray Gelding wann. 

Oct. 6th. Being Matters are now lickley to goe forwards Coz : 

Gillib : and I began to Consider what proposalls were 
proper to be made to Mr. Standish. 

Oct. nth. My Doughters Mr. Standish and I went to the Hall of 

Formby, Mr. Formby was not at home. 

oct.isth. It being Crosby Goosfeast Mr. Standish and I dined 

at Parson Wairings, there was Parson Acton, Parson 
Harrison Mr. Cottom &c : 

Oct. igth. Mr. Standish Coz Gillib : and I went to Ormesch : and 

took a Glass of Wine at the Queens Head. 

Oct. 20th. Coz: Gillib: and I din'd at Standish, Mr. John Gerard 

Junior was there ; Old Mr. Stand : I &c : discoursed of 
Proposalls for my Doughter Marys Setlement &c : 

Nov. 2nd. Being Mr. Greene kept Crosby Court at Jacksons, I 

went thither and Order'd Rob : Johnson in Presence of 

of Crosby. 211 

] '. ^725- 

Edw: Hutton, Joh: Banister &c: to open me a Bridle Rode 

thorrow the Bottom of his New Inclosed Field viz: to make 

me a Rode to ride from y^ Scab Laine thorrow his said 

Field along y° Water-cource which runs between it and y* 

Wheat Hey, I claiming a Hors rode that way for my 

Customers to my Mill ; According to my Command Robert 

Johnson himself and his Tenants Son Joseph Newhous 

made me a Rode, so I, young Mr. Standish and his 

Servant James -Hill Rode that way home from Great 


My Wife and Doughters din'd at y'' Talbot in Leverp : Nov. yd. 
Young Mr. Standish went with them to the Play, they 
saw Mary Queen of Scots Acted. 

Pat : Smith the Superior dined here so did Pat : Nov. latu, 
Clifton, Hadesty &c : We toosed William Roostich in a 

Mr. Standish and I rode out to the Sea-Side in Nov.isth. 
Expectation of Meeting Mr. Clifton and his Lady in their 
way home to Lithom they being Married upon y® 16. 

Mr. Standish went hence, this was his last Viset. Nov. 20th. 

Mr. Ralph Standish had not succeeded in winning the affections 
of Mr. Blundell's daughter Mary. He subsequently married Mary, 
daughter of George Butler, Esq., of Ballyraggat, Ireland. 

Mr. Molin: of the Grang being dead, my Doughters Nov.asnd. 
and I went thither to pray, I heard three Mas: Mr. 
Blund: and his Lady, Mr. Molin: of Mosburgh, Mr. 
Rob : Chantrell &c : were there. 

I was a Bearer at the Funerall of Mr. Molin: of y^ Nov. 23rd. 
Grange there was at the Grange Mr. Formby, Mr. Cottom, 
Mr. Tho : Heskaine Apothecary Livesley &c : 

212 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

Nov. 25th. Mally discoursed seriously and told me her Mind. 

Dm. 4th. The Miller being uneasy upon some things which he 

heard were said of him told me he would leave my Service 
unless I would come upon a New Bargan with him. 

Dec. 7th. Mrs. Blundell being brought to Bed my Wife Stood 

God-mother to Miss Anna-Maria. 

Dec. 4th. I Began to make a Church of Pallatine Work and 
almost finished it. Pat: Roydon Lodged here. 

Dec.aist. I was at the Funerall of Mr. Gorsuch of Gorsuch, I 

was a Bearer so was Mr. Molineux of Mosb : &c : he was 
Buried at Ormschurch. Pat : Curedons old Woman in y^ 
Straw Hat. 

Dec. 25th. My Wife sent a Present to Mrs. Acton against y^ 

Christening tomorrow of her Son Tho : . My Wife went 
to y^ Hall of Lidiat and spoke to Jane Heys about her 
coming to be Chamber-Maide here, but they did not 

Dec.2;th. My Wife and Doughters made a Viset to Mrs. Molineux 

of y^ Grange to Condole the Death of her Husband. 

Dec. 31st. I Hir'd Rich: Prescot to be my Millor am to give him 

£1 1 5/- f ann : and he to find Lite and Licker. 

The Diarist remarks that owing to the wet summer the roads 

were extremely bad, and coals had to be fetched on horseback in 

winter, a thing never before known. A horse-load sold in Liverpool 

for 2S. 6d., which was formerly yd. 


Jan. 2nd. I went towards Ditton but y® Snow being so deep and 

the Rodes bad I got no farther than Childol where I 
Lodg'd at Longworths I made a Viset to Parson Kelsey 
and eat some Christmas Faire with him, I gave his 
Doughters some Span Rings. 

of Crosby. 213 

I went to the Bank in Ditton where I Lodged. We jan.3rd. 

hunted the Whistle after Supper. 

Pat Bartlet Lanced Mary Molineux in her Gumbs jan.uth. 
for the Tooth- Aich, and mixed some Powder of Roman 
Vitriall with her Blood. 

Will : Davy Skinner came in a submissive Manner and jan. 19th. 
desir'd I would be Friends with him. 

Parson Poole's Doughter of Cheshire came hither w'" jan.aoth. 
Mr Blund: &c: 

W" Davy y* Skiner gave me ;^io at Leverp : for which jan.22nd. 
I engaig'd not to prosecute him by Law and promised to 
forgive him all Misdemainors past which I knew of. 

Mr Livlesley sent his Brother hither with some Phisick jan.23rd. 
he fell in Rimrose as he came. 

Two Men were here who say'd they had ben jan.24th. 
Transported out of Scotland into Maryland and were now 
returning homewards. 

Roscow went to Ince to shew her lame Arme to Mrs. ja.,.3oth. 

Mr. Strikland lodg'd here. 

I was at the Buriall of Mr. Robo : Fazak: at Walton, i-ebi^th. 
so was Mr. Smarley, Mr. Cottom, Mr. W" Plumbe &c: 
I was a Bearer so was Mr. Standley of Hooton, Old Mr. 
Trafford of Croston &c. 

My Wife and Doughters made their first Viset to young Feb. 21st. 
Mrs. Williamson of Litherland. 

The Little Boys of y' Town rann Blindfold after an Feb. 22nd. 
other who had a Bell, for a Cock; when that Sport was 

214 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 


over, they ran with their Hands ty'd on their Backs after 

y^ Cock and took him in their Mouth. 

Mar. 2nd. I bought half a doz : small Silver-Hafted Knives and as 

many Forks for a Desets, of a Rich Pedlor. 

Mar. 13th. Mr. Francis Walmesley came to see me he being for 
going to Sea in a few days. 

Mar. 22nd. I was at the Buriall of Henry Blund : of Ince that is 
to say I was at the Buriall Hous but not at the Church, 
onely went part of the way with the Corps. 

Mar. 23rd. I was a Bearer at the Funerall of Widdow Eckleston, 
so was Mr. John Gerard Junior, Mr. Culcheth &c: she 
was buried at Prescot, there was at Eckleston Mr. Cubbon, 
Mr. Bretton, Tho : Hurst the Ship Carpinder &c : When 
y* Funerall was over most of us went into Lauransons. 

Mar. 26th. Mally Rode behind me to Lever : 

April ist. We Began to make some Wine of 60 Sivell Oringes 

and 30 Leomons they cost 6^- - S**- four doz : Pound of 
Lisbon Sugar cost £1. 4^- It made six dozen Bottles w"*" 
comes to 5=- il^- f Doz. 

April 7tii. I Visited the Chappell at y^ New-Hous and at Ince 

for the Jubily, coming home I met Mrs. Blundell &c: who 
had ben upon the licke Viset at Mr. Aldreds. 

A Jubilee in the Catholic Church is a larger indulgence, or the 
plenary remission of temporal punishment due to sin, to be gained 
by the performance of prescribed penitential works. A certain 
number of visits to neighbouring churches are usually enjoined. 

April 14th. Mally play'd at Picket w"" Coz : Butler. 

April 19th. Mr. Blu : made a Viset here and took a Snap of Cold 
Meat with me. 

of Crosby. 215 

~~ 1726. 

I walked with Coz: Butler to the Dock, the Charity 

Schoole &c (at Liverpool). 

I sowed Cowcumber Seed which had ben steeped six April 35th. 
Hours in New Milk. 

I went with Coz: Butler to Mr. Brooks'es the Vicker Apriueth. 
of Walton. 

Pat: Roydon dined here, I went with Coz; Butler to Apriij;*. 
Crosby Green, I Bowled Hand to Fist with Mr. Cottom, 
there was Pars: Brooks, Mr. Jaimes Tildeslay &c. 

I Began my Journey towards Astley with Fanny we Apriisoth. 
Lodg'd, at the Queens Head in Ormeschurch I found Mr. 
Nelson of Fairest there. 

From Orms : I went with Fanny to Coz Gillib of May ist. 
Astley where she is to stay for some time for change of 
Aire in hopes to Cure her Ague-Fits. 

I came from Astley to Ormsc : I light at Billing'es at May md. 
his new Hous. 

I Began my Journey towards Asburne Faire. Mayeth, 

I went with Mr. Taylor Steward to Mr. Eckleston to May 7111. 
the Cock in Leek, thence to Ashburne, I light at the 
Talbot and Lodged at a Privat Hous. 

I Heard Mr. Laybours Mass at Madam Peggs the Hall Maysth. 
of Hildersley. I dined at the Ordinary at the Talbot. 

The Diarist went to Asburne to buy black horses for his coach, 
which were then all the rage. He could only find two to suit him. 

I began my Journey homewards, we baited at New- Mayioth. 
Haven a Hous upon a Large Common in Derby-Shire very 
famous for a Sheep Faire ; I observed their Fences in those 

2i6 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 


parts were all Walls from three Foot high to five Foot, built 

of dry Cobling Stones and layed at such a distance, they 

loock in some places like Lettises (? Lattices) and a Child 

very readily may put his Arme through them, there are 

few or no Gates into the Fields onely a Gap left in the 

Wall w""" they fill up and pull down as they have Occasion; 

then we went to Buckston where I saw y^ Warme Spring 

and some of y^ Baths, then went to Disley where we 

Lodged at Swindals the Signe of y'= Rams-Head, good 

entertainment and not dear. 

Mayisih. Mr. Plumbe of Down-holland brought a Black Gelding 

for me to look at but I bought him not. Coz : Butler 
and I went to Crosby Green we drank Punsh with Parson 
Egerton, Brooks, Parson Harrison, Mr. Cottom &c : 

May 20th. Coz: Butlcr and I went to Whit-Otter Mair in Holsold 

a fishing where we met Mr. Rob: Fazak: Mr. Swettenham 
&c : we dined and some of us Lodged at Wm Rigbys in 

Mayzist. Coz: Butler and I went with Mr. Heskaine to his 

Hous where we dined and then came home. 

May 23rd. Parson Egerton, Brooks and four other Parsons Suped 


May25tii. I Bowled at Crosby with Parson Brooks, Parson 

Harrison, Dr. Bromfield. 

May 25th. Mr. Stlckland came but stayed not long being he had 

received a Positive Denighall. 

Mr. Strickland of Sizergh, another suitor for the hand of Miss 

May 2Sth, Coz : Butler help'd me to choose some Wine at Mr. 

Williamsons Seller. 

of Crosby. 217 

__ 1726. 

Coming home we stay'd at a Barn in Thornton and May 30th. 
Watched the Country People dance. 

Coz : Butler dined at Parson Wairings, I went thither june 5th. 
in y' evening there was Parson Brooks, Egerton and 
Davys ; Mr. Heskaine, Cottom &c. W™ Carefoot came 
home from Derby- Faire with 3 Colts each 2 years old, 
I call them Buck, Buty, and Lovely. 

Coz: Butler and I went with Mr. Blund: to Crosby junesth. 
Green, I bowled with Parson Wairing &c : Mr. Cragg 
was there. Dandy brought my New Coat and Waiscot 
and tryed it on, but it did not fit. 

I went in the Coach with four Blacks in y* same order junesth. 
w""" hereafter they are to goe in. 

Coz : Butler and I dined at Tho : Howards in Crosby i^ne io">. 
with Mr. Heskaine and Young Mr. HoUywell. 

Coz: Butler went in my Coach with my Wife and Mally June 13th. 
to Orms : Race, the chief divertion was between S' Ralph 
Ashtons and Mr. Egertons, the latter wan. I drank in 
Rigbys Booth with Mr. Heskaine, Mr. W" Poole of 
Leverp : &c then went to y" Wheat Sheaf in Ormschurch 
where I drank with young Mr. Entwisley, Mr. Heskaine &c: 

Coz : Butler and I dined at the Wheat Sheafe with my June 14th. 
Lord Darby S"" Edw : Standley S' Ralph Ashton, Mr. 
Rich : Norris &c : I was at y^ Race on Oughton Moss, 
where Lord Darbys Ruflor beat Mr. Pilson's Bay. 

Hen: Ascroft gave me the Jaw-Bone of a Beast which june.eth. 
he had found in y* Growing Moss 5 Foot and a half 
deep ; I take it to be the Jaw Bone of a Young Swine. 

My Teame and 13 others Lead coles for Mr. Aldred. juueiisi. 

2i8 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

June 25th. I went to Leverp : I went with Mr. Molineux to look 

at some Lansskips which he has drawn. 

junejeth. My Wife and I dined at Eckleston tis y" first time we 

have seen Mr. Eckl : since he was Marryed. 

June 29th. I drank at Tho : Howerds with Parson Jackson, 

Egerton, Brooks and Lawyor RadcHff &c. 

jimcjoih. Coz : Butler and I dined at Knowsley with Mr. 

Scarisb : Will : Brownhill &c : 

juiyi2th. Sister Midleton my Wife Doughters and I went to 

Leverp : we went on Bord my Lord Droughadays Yatch 
the Old England. 

July 22nd. Mr. Holton come to invite my Sister Midleton to 

More-Hall. Pat: Edw : Scarisb: dined here. Mr. Sadlor 
drew out a Pattrom from Sister Midletons Apron. 

July 23rd: Coz: Butlers Servant brought a Side of Venison from 

Rock-savage. Mr. Heskaine sent a Present of Venison. 

July 27th. I was at the Race w'='' Parson Wairing, Mr. Byron and 

Rob : Bootle Ran, for 3 Load of my Turves, Rob : Bootle 
wan them. 

Tuiy29ih. I had a Merry-Night we Danced in the Dining Roome 

viz: Mr. Faz : Young Mr. Holywell Mr. Heskaine &c : 
The Country People danced in y'' Hall; my Musick was 
Anderton and Marsh. 

juiysoih. We danced after dinner, and at Evening I discharg'd 

my Musick. 

Aug.2ud. Apothecary Livsey and his Brother the Churcheon who 

is lately come out of France made me a Viset. 

of Crosby. 2ig 

Coz: Butler Sister Midleton my Wife, Mally and I Aug.^th. 

dined at Mrs. Hollywells in Leverp : and then went to 

the Assembly after that to the Talbot where we sup'd 

and so home the next Morning. 

I went to Bank-Hall with Coz : Butler, Sister Midleton, Aug. nth. 
my Wife and Mally; Mr. Heskaine was there, he went 
with us to my Lords Fountaine and New-Summer-hous. 

The Earl of Derby had just purchased Bank Hall, the ancient 
seat of the Moores, who had fallen into difficulties. 

Mr. Blundells two Sisters and his Aunt Bridg: and Aug. 17th. 
Dorot: made a Viset to Fanny. 

I went to Crosby Race there were five start for y" Aug. 29th. 
Plate, a Mare of Maikins of Prescot wan it. 

I fixed the Hous Bell better than it was and put a Aug. 30th 
New Rope to it. 

Coz : Butler and I dined at the Leggs of Man in sepi. ist. 
Prescot with Mr. Cubbom, Mr. Windsor, Alderman Goodin 
&c : thence we went to Knowsley Park where we saw three 
Horses Run, Makings Mare of Prescot wan. I waited of 
my Lord Darby at his Summer-Hous. When the Race 
was over. We went to Mr. John Chantrells Standing and 
drank a Glass of Wine w"" Mr. Hesketh of Rufford, young 
Mr. Trafford &c : 

We went with Mr. Eckleston to Knowsley Park where sept.2nd. 
we saw a Gallaway Race, Lord Darby's Munkey wann, 
there was at the Race, S' Edw: Standley, Lawyer Standle 
Brother to S' James Standle. 

The Wind being very high in y^ Night I got up towards sept.4th. 
Morning and went to look at my Mill. 

220 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

Sept. 7th. Coz: Butler and I dined and Lodg'd at Mr. Heskeths 

of Rufford, Old Mr. Standish, Mr. Rigby of Harrock and 

his Son made a Viset there. 

Sept. 8th. 

I Left Coz : Butler at Rufford and came to Pat : 
Gorsuch to the Hall of Boscol (Burscough), but being too 
late I stay'd but a small while and then came thorrow 
Ormschurch home. 

sept.iatu. D' Clayton, son to Daine Clayton in Ireland and 
Lawyer Radcliff dined here. Pat : Curedon went hence to 
live at Sefton and to help at Croxtath, he has ben a Gest 
here, I think neare one Yeare. 

Sept. 15th. Pat : Turbervill the Provin : dined here. 

Sept. i8th. Tho : Brown Servant to Mr. Houghton came to see if 
I would let his Master have two Thousand Thornes. 

Sept. igih. I was at Crosby Race where Maikins Bay Mare beat 
Rob : Rigbys Black Mare, 'tis the third Race I have seen 
her win since y* 28 of last Month. I drank w* Mr. 
Standley of Cross-Hall, Mr. Heskaine, Mr. Berry y" 
Atturney &c : there was at y" Race Mr. Halsold of 
Leverp : Mr. W" Plumbe, W" Kennion &c : 

sept.2i5t. Coz: Butl : and I went with my Wife and Doughters 
to Low-Hill where we dined at Widdow Dailes and bought 
some things of a Scotchman who had a Chaimber there 
of Rich goods. 

Sept, 27th. I made Mr. James Clinton a Viset and drank there 
with Mr. Sherlock &c : 

sept.asth. Cozen Butler met my Lord Molineux a Fox Hunting, 
they killed one Brace of Foxes in Ince. 

Sept. 29th. Coz: Butler dined at y^ Stand w"' my Lord Molin : 

of Crosby. 221 

Coz : Butler and I went a Fox-hunting with Lord- sepi. 30th. 

Molin : there was Surgeon Livsey D' Rice &c : 

Coz : Butler and I met my Lord Molineux a Fox- oci. 3rd. 
hunting there was Mr. Heskaine, Mr. Syer &c : we found 
noe Fox. We din'd at the Stand with my Lord Molineux, 
Molin : of Mosburgh, Mr. Molin : of the Grange, &c. 

I Bowled Hand to Fist at Crosby with Tho: Fleetwood, oct.jth. 
I drank there with Parson Wairing, Mr. Whitley &c : 

I saw my five Black Coach-Horses docked very Short, oct. loth. 

James Marrow took a Cock in my dead this morning, oct.27ih. 
'tis y" first I have taken this Season. 

I had seaven Lads of this Town beaton at my Gate- oct.26th. 
Hous with a Sterrop-Leather, some by their Fathers, 
others by their Masters and some by other Persons for 
Stealing my Apples and for other Peevish tricks. 

I dined at Mr. Plumbs at Wever-Tree. 

Oct. 29th. 

Prescot Post came with a Post- Letter to me w'''' was Nov. 7th. 
rong directed. 

Finsh a London Chimney-Sweeper swept some of my Nov.gth. 

Cozen Butler sent his Servat from Rock-Savage with Nov. 17th. 
a Present of a Doe. 

I went in my Coach to Th : Howerds where I found Nov. 19th. 
Mr. Heskaine Mr. Jos. Poole Mr. Atherton the Wine- 
merchant &c : 

I Attended the Corps of Tho : Syer of the Ford from Nov. 24th. 
his Hous to Sefton Church there was Parson Brooks, 

222 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 


Harrison and Wairing, Mr. Tho : Whitle &c. Mr. Green 
kept the Court at y® Ailhous by Sefton Church. 

Nov. 27th. My Wife and Doughters made a Viset to Mrs. Syer 

of the Ford to condole the death of her Husband. 

Decist. Bryan Leas Son Richard being dead he was carried 

to Sefton on my Coach Carriage, I attended the Corps 
from the Hous into Ince Town. 

Dec. 2nd. I was at y" Saile of goods at the Ford, the Sellors 

were Mr. Whittle and Tatlock the Dyar, there was Mr. 
Williamson of Litherland, Mr. Byron &c: 

Dec. 5th. Jos: Rigby brought Barnaby Hargrave to be my Butler 

but he is too Little. 

Dec.j3ih. I began to lead y° Chappell Chamber Stones from the 
side of y" Terras and lay'd them in the Buriall Place. 

Dec. 38th. My Wife and Doughters went to y" Funerall of Mr. 

Blundells Son Robert. 

Dec.29ih. I was at the Town Meeting at Ditton, there was Parson 

Langford of Haile, Atturney Halsold John Tarbolk, &c. 
Jan. 5th. I din'd at y^ Edg with Parson Acton young Williamson 

of Litherton and their Wives, Widdow Tatlock of y" Bank 
&c: after diner I drank there with young Pluckington 
Parson Harrison &c. 

jan.ioth. Tho: Marron's Corps was carried to Sefton Church 

on my Coach Bottom. 

Ian. i6th. Coz : Butler dined at y'' Grange with Mr. Rob : Fazak : 

Jemmy Singleton, Tom: Heskaine &c. 

Jan. i8th. Coz : Butler and I went to Bank-hall where we sat 

awhile with my Lord Darby, Mr. Standley of Cross Hall, 

of Crosby. 223 

Mr. Wall from towards Preston, Mr. Eckleston of Eckles : 

and then we went to Lord Darbys Race Ground where 

a Gray Gelding of Mr. Gills bet a Bay one of Mr. 

Heskaines, there was upon the ground App : Lathom, 

Tom Whitley. 

I went to Leverp : and made Major Broadnax a viset, jan.2jst. 
he told me that in March next he will be 108 years of 
Aige, he has his Memory perfectly well, and talks 
extreamly strongly and heartally without any seeming 
decay of his Spirrits. 

He died in the following January and was buried at St. 
Nicholas' Church. 

I went part of the way with the Corps of Mr. Thomas jan.24th. 
towards Sefton, I was entertained upon y'= Funerall 
Account at Tho : Syors where there was Parson Wairing, 
Parson Harrison, Old Mr. WiUiamson late of Litherland, 
Mr. Sharrock of Formby, Mr. Byron &c. 

Dined at Ince, there was at Dinner Alderman Tyrer ian.26th. 
Mr. James Tildesley, Henry Cottom, Mr. Heskaine and 
several others. 

Hen: Swift went to Major Broadnax with a Swine w""" Feb. 4th. 
he had bought and killed for him. 

Coz : Butler went to Wallosy Race where S' Rich : Feb. eth. 
Grannors Hors beat a Black Hors of my Lord Molineuxes. 
My Wife Doughters and I saw the Play called Loves 
Contrivance acted at Leverp : we Sup'd and Lodg'd at 
the Talbot. 

Tho: Syerwas here, we discoursed concerning Inclosing 
Crosby Marsh. 

224 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

Feb. 14th. Mr. Sherlock din'd here, he began to Improve my 

Doughters in their Dansing. 

Feb. i7ih. Mr. Molineux of the Grange, Mr. Crisp and I marked 

out the Seperation between Grange Warant and mine. 

Feb. 25th. I tryed John RadclifF before Mr. Jos: Poole for Breaking 

Windows and fourcing open Ailes Davys Doar, he was 
order'd to be set in y" Stocks. 

Mar. 5th. I found two Lettcrs in a Clift stick (in the Great 

Courts) which I suppose were from W. Roo :. 

Mar. 7th. I bought some Wine of Captain Burch and took a 

Snap of a Dinner with him (at Liverpool). 

Mar. utii. I made a Viset to my C02 : Eyre (at Preston). I 

went and wished Mr. W" Plumbe and his Wife Joy. I 
din'd at y= Whit Bull with Coz : Gillibrond &c. 

Mar.ieth. W" Carefoot bought me a White-Hors Jack at Orms- 
church for a Thilar. 

?.iar. 20th. Rob : Weedow, Tho : Marrow and Edward Pinington 

beged my Pardon for a Misdemaynor, I made them pay 
some Money which was y' Day distributed to y' Poore. 

Mar. 25th. I Order'd John Radcliff to be set in y'= Stocks in 

this Town according to Mr. Pooles Warant for breaking 
Windows &c : in y^ Night. 

Mar.jGih. I wcnt to Leverpoole and saw Pat: Pinington distribute 
256 Palms, then I went to Rock-savage where I Lodg'd, 
there was Briggadeer Moncall, Parson Hurt, Mr. Ross &c. 

Mar. 27th. Lord Barrymore went abroad upon Business. Old Sil: 
Richmond and his Doughter dined at Rocksavage. 

of Crosby. 225 

I din'd at Mr. Actons with Parson Egerton, Parson April 4th. 

Waiting, Robert Whittle &c : 

I went to Crosby Greene there was Parson Brooks April mh. 
Parson Davys, Bannion of Ormschurch, Mr. Haymar, 
Doctor Bromfield &c : there were several Cocks brought 
from Leverp : and Ormsch : w"** fought upon the Green, 
I saw three or four Battles. 

A promising subject for the pencil of some local artist. 

Mr. Williams not being at home Cap: Henry and his April 3oih. 
Sister Margarit came to prayers to Mr. Aldreds. 

Mr. Houghton sent his Servant for some young Pigeons Mayjnd. 
to Store his Dove-Coat, I gave him almost 3 dozen. 

I went to Crosby Green but did not Bowl, there was May 3rd. 
Parson Jackson, Parson Kelsey, Mr. Tatlock the Draper 
&c : Mr. Cottom gave me my Gold Watch w"'' he has 
got mended at London. 

Coz : Butler and I went to Crosby Green, I Bowled Mayioth. 
Hand to Fist w'^ Thom : Fleetwood there was Mr. John 
Traflford Junior D"^ Bromfield, Will : Rollins &c : 

I went to John Blansherds Reareing and drove a Pin, May 17th. 
there was Mr. Molin : of y" Grange and I think Will : 
Blansherd and Nicho : Plumbe. 

Cap: Hen: Bl : came to invate Coz: Butl : and me May 21st. 
to com tomorrow to Ince to Solemnise Mr. Blun: birth, 
he being then 27 years old. 

Pat: Walmesley the Monk din'd here. May 24th. 

My Doughters and I began our Journey towards York, junes*. 

226 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

junesih. From Leeds we went to y^ Whit Hors in Todcaster 

where we dined Sister Midleton came to us in a Coach 

and took my Doughters with her to her Hous in York ; 

I left my Horses at the Sighne of y* Wind-Mill out of 


junegth. We all weut to Couz : Selbys to Prayers, he shewed 

my Doughters and me his fine CoUecsion of English 
Coynes. Mr. Maior of Lartington made a Viset here. 

The Maires of Lartington, which is in the neighbourhood of 
scenery commemorated in Rokeby, are now represented by the 
Rev. Thos. Witham. 

juneioth. I left my Doughters w* their Aunt Midleton and 

came from York to Todcaster. 

]uaeiith. I was at Prayers at Mr. Tempests of Broughton D"' 

Traps was there. 

June 15th. Pat : Turner came to take leave of me he is going 

beyond the Seas. 

juneisth. I went to W° Tarletons Marlors and made them Shout. 

June 26th. Mr. Write of Cronton shew'd me his Proposall for 

geting an Act of Parleament for Enclosing the Commons 
of Ditton. 

June 28th. I put the Leaves of Whit Lillys into two Glass-Bottles, 

they are to make Oyl on for a Burn or Scald. 

juiyist. I fetched y® old Hous-Clock from Ince, Coz: Blu : had 

given it to me. 

July 5th. I Bowled at Crosby Green w* Parson Egerton, Wairing 

&c : it being Prescot race there was little Company, Parson 
Balden was there. 

of Crosby. 227 

I sent to Wooton to see Mrs. Clifton who was lying in juiynth. 

of her first Child. 

Mr. Rodger Diconson and Apothecary Gerard &c: were juiyieth. 
at Prayers at Mr. Aldreds. 

Going to Crosby Green I met Toping y" Parritor I juiy.gth. 
gave him something, I Bowl'd with Mr. Byron Rob : 
Bootle &c : there was Tatlock the Dior, Young Mr. Blase, 
Pat: Harper &c. Parson Acton was beging there for a 
Lame Son of W" Bushells. 

Will Hull pay'd me some Money to be sent to Grav- juiysist. 
ling for his Sister Mary, he also gave half a Guiney for 
Mrs. Bridget Clifton from her Brother Cudbert. 

My Maids went to y" Flowering of Ince Cross. juiyj4th. 

I went to Leverp : and drank with Cap: Anderton and juiyzeth. 
Peter Wilkinson. 

My Wife began her Journey towards York to fetch my juiyaist. 
Doughters home, I went with her to RufFord where we 
baited at y'= Spred Agle, thence to Preston where we Lodg'd 
at y* Whit-Bull. 

I went in y" Evening to Crosby Green but did not Aug.gth. 
bowl there was Mr. Danvers, Pemerton and Wilcock all 
from Leverp : as I suppose. 

I went pritty late to Crosby Green, I Payed Mr. Aug.ieth. 
Egerton two Guineys w''*' I had lost to him, he gave a 
Bowl of Punsh out of it, there was at y" drinking of 
it Parson Wairing, Mr. Th : Whittle, Tho Syer Mr. 
Brownsword y" Atturney &c: we were very Merry about 
Tho: Fleetwoods Wiggs. 

228 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 

1727- \ 

Aug. 36th. Nathaniall Buck came to see if I would subscribe to 

his Proposalls for Publishing the perspective vews of some 

old Abbies and Castles &c : in Lancash : Cheshire and 


Aug. 30th. I went to Crosby Green there was Alderman Goodin, 

Alderman Tyrer Parson Standley &c : 

Sept. 8th. Pat Aid: not being well my Wife walked to y' NeW- 

Hous to Prayers my Doughters and I went to Mr. Crisps 
to prayers. 

Sept. 19th. There was a Purs of thirty Pound run for on Crosby 
Marsh, 'twas won by Miss Nusom a Bay-Mare of York- 
Shire, Lord Darbys Roger oCawverley, Roan and Pall 
ran against her. 

Sept. 20th. Three ran on Crosby Marsh for a Plate of ;^io Maikings 
Mare wan it. 

Sept. J.St. Three ran on Crosby Marsh for a Plate of ^^5 one 
Hunts of Darby wan it. 

Sept. 28th. I sent a Present to Mrs. Traflford in Ormsch : of a 
Pigg and three Turkeys. 

ocust. Widow Molineux late of y^ Grange sent a How-do- You 


Oct. 2nd. Being Lord Molin : Hounds ran a Fox past here which 

took over Alt I follow'd them to Formby but not finding 
eather the Gentlemen or y= Hounds I came home again; 
Lord Molineux, Mr. Clifton, Mr. Pigeon &c : called here 
as they were going home from Hunting, they did not light, 
onely took a Glass at y° Gates. 

Oct. 6th. Coz : Butler dined at y^ Stand with Lord Molin and 

went with him to Mr. Crisps to take a Glass. 

of Crosby. 229 

Coz : Butler and I dined at Parson Wairings it being oct. leth. 

Goosfeast Monday w* Parson Balden, Davis, Acton and 

their Wives. 

I was at y" Buriall of Mrs. Marge: Michelson and was octigth. 
a Bearor with Mr. Blund : a son of Ewen Leas &c. 

I went part of the way with the Corps of Tho : Bootle, oct.2oth. 
I was entertain'd at Henry Williamsons w"* one Molineux 
who Married a Doughter of Mr. Boltons of Eusom 
(? Newsham) Robert Bootle, Parson Wairing &c : 

Mary Wogden left her Service obruptly and without Nov.gih. 
any Occasion and took no Leave. 

Old Mr. Walmsley of Showley lodg'd here. Nov.ioth. 

Henry Williamson was here and insisted upon his Son Nov. 15th. 
James his Coming to be my Servant. 

I attended y® Corps of Parson Acton from his Hous to Dec. 2nd. 
the Church there was Parson Balding, Harrison, Wairing, 
Davis and Parson Mont, Mr. Moss, Ben : Branker &c. 

My Wife sent to Condole Mrs. Acton for the Death Dec. 3rd. 
of her Husband. 

My Wife went to Mrs. Blundells Labouring she was Dec. isth. 

delivered of her Son Rowland. 

James Williamson came to be my Groom and jan.znd. 


Mr. Aid : not being at home my Wife I and Mally lan. 14th. 
went to Mr. Crisps and heard Mr. Curedon hold forth, 
'tis the first time any of us heard him. 

I attended y^ Corps of Mr. Mohn : of Mosburgh from jan.s4th. 
thence to Melling I was a Bearor so was Mr. Cubbon 

230 Diary of Nicholas Blundell, 


Mr. Scarisbrick &c : as I went I called at Mr. Bowers at 

Aintry there being a Saile there. 

Feb.=nd. Mr. Aid: not being well my Wife I and Doughters 

went to Ince to prayers. I sent James Williamson to 
Garswood to see S"^ W" Gerard and to Mosburgh to 
condole Coz : Molin : for y^ Death of her Husband. 

Feb.ioth. I drank at Mr. Cottoms (at Liverpool) with Parson 

Brooks and his Brother &c : I drank at y^ Wool-pack w"" 
Mr. Hamer, Mr. Rigby of Sutton Hall, and Apoth : Livsey. 

Feb.J3rd. Mr. Aid I dyed. I helped to lay him out and took 

charg of his best things. 

Feb. 24th. Pat: Hardesty prayed for Mr. Al : in his Chappell, 

there was a pritty large Congregasion. I sent my Cart to 
Leverp : for Meat and Drink for Mr. Aldreds Funerall and 
went to his Hous to see part of it carefully taken care of. 

Feb.25'h. Mr. Aid: was Buried in the Harkerk there was at 

his Buriall or at least in the Hous the Famoly of Ince, 
Parson Wairing, Mr. Cottom, John Rose, Rob: Bootle, 
John Blansherd &c : 

Mar. 5th. My Scrvauts went to John Johnsons at Night to turne 

their Pancaikes and be merry. 

Mar. 13th. Mr. Lockard came to supply in Mr. Aldreds place till 

an other came to stay; he lodged here. 

Mar.ietb. Mr. Lockard went hence to live at the West-Lain-Hous. 

Mar. 23rd. Mr. Chisleton D' Ferniough &c : came to my Lodging 
(Golden Talbot in Chester) I advised with him about 
Mally's eyes and mine and about Fannys Laimnes. Coz: 
Butler and I made a Viset to S' Hen : Bunbary, we 
drank there with Mr. Semor Chalmondeley &c : 

of Crosby. 231 

I paid Mrs. Acton and the Sexton the Buriall Dues Mar. 26th. 

for Mr. Aldred. 

Mr. Sadlor brought me a' Silver Tobacco Box on w'^'' April 2nd. 
he had engraived my Crest. 

Fanny rode out behind me I enquired of Richard Apriuth. 
Renold &c : for Seed Oats. I set som Kidney Beanes in 
y^ Hot-Bed, in Order to rais them early. 

This entry is given in full because it is the last, and with it 
the Diary abruptly closes. 

Gilbert G. Walmsley, Printer, 50, Lord Street, Liverpool. 


, V < H - lui i 'm i k , '^ii'ir(r , fif t i if i M ip mj ii r i * uu it\ \ t „iM >M 0i^ ,